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Comic from Queens living in Brooklyn. Watch my Netflix special “Warn Your Relatives.” I have great hair.

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Yay!!!! Congrats! reminded in these moments of this bit by @harikondabolu about ppl talking about moving to Canada. ‘Nobody’…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluA plan for the Washington Redskins. Keep the name, change the logo! LOVE hearing ⁦@harikondabolu⁩ talk about the nuances behind the representation reckoning in tv right now.
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A flag is a symbol. A mask is a protective garment. Not the other way around.
Happy Independence Day or as the Native Americans call it..."THE DAY THE WHITE PEOPLE WHO STOLE OUR LAND CHANGED THEIR FLAG" #4thofJuly
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluToday, we celebrate the day a group of colonizers told another group of colonizers that they alone wanted to exploi…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluREAD THIS NOW. episode! @MrEmilyHeller joins to judge jokes and rile up Wings fans. @harikondabolu on creativity, diversity an…
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Maybe they’re racist because they all got conned by a “Nigerian Prince.” if you can still name your baby “Karen” after all this, aren’t you also a “Karen”?
I need to have less sugar. My body is a Shirley Temple.Share this with parents! “love means never having to say you’re sorry,” then Trump REALLY loves America.ME: The people who don't believe in masks should all live in the same place & deal with the consequences. @dapwell say New Yorkers are mean and unfriendly but we wear masks, we social distance, we stayed home without complain…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluThis generation is better than ours. wants to have less COVID testing in order to lower the number of positive cases. This is consistent with his…
LIBERAL PARENTS: Send your kids to my Social Justice Re-Education Center/ Romper Room, so I can brainwash them befo… is what true freedom looks like. for anti-mask Trump supporters to start sticking forks in toasters & pouring water on electrical fires beca… picture is also the perfect metaphor for Trump supporters.
Hey All, @ChipotleTweets workers deserve safety protocols, better work conditions and reasonable hazard pay. Let th… you don’t think white privilege is real, then why are you worried about eventually being the minority in America… the state is allowed to have “collateral damage.”Barefoot outside, shoes on inside. I will never understand white ppl
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HARI KONDA-TROLL-U just catching up with THIS mess too. A former Cards Against Humanity writer, a Black man, was COMMITTED when he…
Retweeted by Hari Kondabolu @Paula_tikz Sick of waiting for others to tell the truth.
I will if he promises not to pour water over it
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluMy partner & I have decided to NOT eat our baby’s placenta. We will be making no further statements on the issue…’m on @waitwait this week with @Faith_Salie & @MoRocca... and special guest @DonCheadle! would be an amazing day to arrest the killers that murdered Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluKEEP THE PRESSURE ON!!!
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluI couldn't be more proud of my friend @harikondabolu. His documentary The Problem w/ Apu jumpstarted a conversation…
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PS FREE @ColinMattis_Is & @UroojRahman_is! Lawyers of Color that the Trump administration is trying to imprison for… The Simpsons using People of Color to voice minority characters. All it took was 30 years, a documentary, more… Simpsons is still the most cutting-edge show of the 90s. remember when @harikondabolu made a doc about this and instead of making the change they joked about it in an e…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluThis is a good step. But I wish they had taken it when @harikondabolu had called them out explicitly in his excelle…
Retweeted by Hari Kondaboluhey remember when they did that shitty joke about it when @harikondabolu brought this problem up a couple years ago…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluWhoa. is @debtfreedenae holding my words after Eric Garner’s murder. Sad these words are still relevant today. much ⁦@waitwait⁩ fun with ⁦@petersagal⁩ ⁦@harikondabolu⁩ ⁦@MoRocca⁩ ⁦@BillKurtis1⁩ ⁦@robertneuhaus⁩
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluMust see, especially now. Also: Beyond Apu, pretty much *every* character of color on THE SIMPSONS is voiced by a w…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluAs part of #AntiRacismSunday and #SimpsonsSundays, I’m watching Hari’s amazing documentary this Sunday at 7:00pm PT…
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This is America & it breaks my heart a little more every day. recently shared this on a call - growing up with the Simpsons MOST desis were asked if we worked at the Quickie M…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluIn light of recent news re: Big Mouth, it might be worth watching this.
#FreeUrooj #FreeColin #BlackLivesMatter #southasiansforblacklivesSo if a cop kills A HUMAN BEING, it can take weeks for charges to be filed (if ever). But if a COP CAR burns, the F… must be worth more than gold since it’s so much harder to get.Amazing. Hahaha. phrase “Blue Lives Matter” says it all. These dudes think they are a separate race.Dad in 1982... and me in 2 months. :) is not important, but I just found out that one of the officers who tortured Elijah McClain was on my high sch…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluSome comedians need to be reminded that women are human beings. They live in a damaged, juvenile, man-baby echo cha…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluI LOVE THIS!!! @kondabolubros podcast producer @TimBarnes451, everybody! Proud of you, my friend!
There is so much hurt and horror happening right now and because of that I have struggled to share my thoughts abou…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluThe truth isn’t always clean. If you think politely lying is better than screaming the truth, you’re a fool.When the movie about the protests & rebellions gets made, can we please make sure the screenwriter is Black?Voting is important. There’s a reason Republicans don’t want you to.POC: Yo, that shit is racist! WHITE: It’s just a movie/ TV show/ book/ song/ any piece of media! 10 YEARS LATER..… Owl, how many months can the US quarantine before reopening way too early? hardest thing about this moment for me is knowing that there are so many George Floyds out there. It's hard to…
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STRAIGHTS ARE FLAMERS! you’re a male comedian one thing you can do is tell men to shut the fuck up when they are saying hateful shit ab…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluWomen in comedy are forced to deal with an entirely different and additional set of challenges as their male counte…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluThis Saturday, 8.30pm UK, sometime in the afternoon in the USA, other times in other places, The Bugle will once ag…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluSaw a lot of immigrant Dad pictures on social media today. Anyone else wish their father kept some of those old clothes. FOB Chic?
Am I right? has nothing to do with Father’s Day, just literally needed to put on a mask to buy pancake mix the other day a…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluHappy Father’s Day to my father, the only man who regularly buys Michael Jordan Cologne.’s the mangoes 🥭 🥭 🥭🥭 season people!! 😀😊😊 Just called a family meeting to enjoy them together 😀😊.. @harikondabolu
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluCOVID-19, TRUMP-0
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluThat time Tracy Morgan gave me advice. From my @Netflix special "Warn Your Relatives."
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Just took a COVID swab test. Is it normal for the cue-tip to touch your brain?That time Tracy Morgan gave me advice. From my @Netflix special "Warn Your Relatives." READ THIS...ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE SOUTH ASIAN. Rest In Power, Ravi Budhu.
Just so we're clear, white people, firing Aunt Jemima & giving us Juneteenth off are not the frontlines of defeatin…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluSat with @wkamaubell & @harikondabolu about how for some time in the south...field trips to black stuff were often…
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Aubrey, my mom is dying of COVID, I’m watching it right now on Facetime. The palliative care team says her bed will…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluThe National Anthem would not sell any copies if it wasn’t required listening.Can’t wait for Trump to find out he can’t fire the Supreme Court. #SCOTUSI hope what we’re seeing in the United States is a much needed historical correction.When Black people are murdered by white people, older racist business gets settled. Dylann Roof kills Black people… me if I'm wrong, but Matt Gaetz does not have Black children... or any children for that matter. He is upse…
@AoDespair Thank you. My new life’s goal is to ask Tom Fontana this question.Dear @AoDespair, I know this Homicide question may be 20 years too late, but does Bayliss go to jail or does he kil… mood. Photo credit: @harikondabolu
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluDonald Trump, a reality show star “billionaire,” is President. You are not allowed tell anyone to stick to anything anymore.DID WE NOT LEARN THE ONLY LESSON FROM JURASSIC PARK???THIS IS A BAD IDEA.
My main worry with abolishing the police is whether we want those kinds of people wandering the streets.Law Enforcement should not be a family business.
Straight people are more FLAMBOYANT than gay people! To watch full video, go here: #Pride people like to both weaponize & defang Martin Luther King & his legacy. about why I left Australia as a creative is in this 2 minute clip. PS Josh Thomas used to call me racis…
Retweeted by Hari KondaboluIf the police did their jobs, everyone woud trust them. Ain’t no song called Fuck The Fire Department.
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