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It is true I work for a living, but believe me that is a coincidence.

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This is like Pipilotti Rist meets Sophie Calle
@likaluca In BK that’s called an ‘editorial meeting’They’re all insufferable. Burn everything.
Looks like the mandatory Bhangra policy is getting some pushback (via @anildash) happy for Bernadine Evaristo, who’s a wonderful writer and teacher, and has mentored so many younger writers in the UK #BookerPrize2019
@PriyamvadaGopal I lived for a few months in Venice Beach and there used to be a yoga studio with 'No Sanskrit!' in… new DreamWorks movie uses a map of Southeast Asia that contains the Chinese "nine dash line" that annexes basic…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruUpdate. The machines are listening. Ryoji Ikeda has activated the fax function on my printer. Warms up, gets ready… tell him about Austrian school economics @gr3gjsmith I have this somewhere. Thx for reminding me @harikunzru You can do worse than mistaking the world for music.
Retweeted by Hari Kunzru @samamidon Will check it out nowYou know you've maybe headed too far into minimalism when you think you're listening to Ryoji Ikeda but it's actually your printer humming.
The dear leader in no way caused this and the strength and statesmanship of his response is unparalleled in our his… official - the situation on the ground is deteriorating rapidly in Syria. Extremist Turkish proxies have advance…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruWow. The SDF has upped its toll for the number of ISIS relatives who escaped Ain Issa camp to 785. In reference to…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruTurkish state-backed media hails a “successful operation” to “neutralize” an unarmed 35-year old woman working to u…
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I don’t know how to describe Giuliani’s response to my follow up question so I’m just going to include a screen sho…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruI am going to RT this until it gets the recognition it deserves reading from @gabrielwinant not just for people on the left picking their way through the Sanders/Warren… 45’s rationale for abandoning the Kurds (and probably facilitating a resurgence of ISIS) is low temperatu… upsetting for the author, Jennine Capo Crucet. Midsommar and it turns out to be about Prince Harry having a bum trip on his dad’s organic farm
I’m not alone in questioning the award of the Nobel to Handke psychogeography of Charlottesville is quite something. to @jenniferlcroft OT’s translator, and to @FitzcarraldoEds who have quietly been publishing future… @harikunzru Welcome to 2019.
Retweeted by Hari KunzruYes. Which makes him a bizarre choice guess we’ll now relitigate various previous Handke prize scandals. You can read about what happened after the 200… guess the Nobel committee’s appetite for scandal hasn’t been sated. Handke is a good writer but the politics of h… literature Nobels - 2018 to Olga Tokarczuk and 2019 to Peter Handke. I was on jury that gave OT 2018 Man Booker…
With President Trump's announcement that he will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, we no longer have just…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruBetrayal any Turkish invasion of Rojava will be a NATO invasion of Rojava. Any genocide they carry out will be NATO…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruErdogan announces attack into northern Syria has begun.
Retweeted by Hari KunzruI suppose I should have worded this poll ‘harder to resolve’. I think the corruption of the US executive has greate… bad situation in Northeast Syria is about to get much worse. Sources tell me that US officials have just informed…
Retweeted by Hari Kunzru2019 really is the year of the sad little performative tweet🎥 The latest from the #Turkey / #Syria border as Turkish troops and artillery take up positions. Despite internatio…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruIt’s from this wrote this in July 2016, during the election campaign. I think this is what is at stake now country’s constitutional crisis is more serious?Hello, a few notes on impeachment. 1) Yes, its a political process so criminal rules do not apply exactly, though…
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Me: "Finally my research can inform public debate" First Q: "The lead singer of Limp Bizkit just TikTok-ed that Tr…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruSorry to drop the Tangerine Trujillo into your TL if you were trying to avoid him but even the most venal Republica…, what is social class
And now a word from our sponsor just the dismemberment of journalists, torture of dissidents, imprisonment of women’s rights activists... @gregorg $27m pr budget weirdReuters hack gets a paid luxury vacay and KSA gets to bury the memory of Jamal Khashoggi Zuckerberg, another important endorsement for Warren to this eccentric bot there is not a single trait, good or bad, in which my tweets do not score higher th…
@JamesFlint Off the internet! @iwhosee Topre RealforceWe owe it to the survivors of #Grenfell to make sure the conclusions of the report don’t get buried @authoramish Not until September 2020. Publishing lead times are long!THREAD. One thing not to overlook in understanding the significance of the texts is that in addition to soliciting…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruMaking trouble in the town @_iamalik Yes
@monsieurharry Yes but it’s a secret @jo_rideout Yum @BackspinPromo I wish. The platform was proprietary. There is a text only version that I may be able to put back in…! @marktwain876 That’s rightI wrote a book. your fooling around Better think of your future Time you straighten right out Else you’ll wind up in jail JUST IN: Rudy Giuliani tells me he will be attending tomorrow night's Yankees playoff game in the Bronx with Alan Dershowitz.
Retweeted by Hari KunzruLegal proceedings for ‘sedition’ launched against 50 prominent Indian artists and intellectuals for writing an open…
BREAKING: Bill Taylor, top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, wrote that he thought it’s “crazy to withhold security assista…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruI think Kendra may not want Torsten to ritually rape the bridesmaids but then again who am I to judge Africa Center in Harlem - where we went to hear ⁦@MaazaMengiste⁩ talk tonight - is going to be amazing. Uzo Iw…
"We're looking at near raw bribery." Interest groups, including a foreign govt, book and pay for huge blocks of roo…
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Apart from the usual mix of chaos, cruelty and stupidity, the most chilling thing about this story is Miller’s purg… other news, my great great uncle is getting some recognition for his contributions to Indian civil society. Hap… edits on my novel and looking at the accounts of the top 25 TikTok users. I think I am now ready to move to a remote mountain hut.Battle lines being drawn. *Definitely* time to break up Facebook Home Office is really determined to turn the UK into a backwater mean, think of all the people who you could go on vacation with and you choose Seb Gorka. Banging on for the whol… the most ridiculous of the clowns still seem to have status in Trumpworld
Do I have to do this now when I publish a book? Or is this what people do when they like a book? Pls advise that’s 100% normal procedure Leeds Kristin Anderson Jill Harth Cathy Heller Temple Taggart McDowell Karena Virginia Bridget Sullivan Ta…
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Brexiters accidentally winning the referendum
Retweeted by Hari KunzruOff with his head is a kind of karmic hilarity to the fact that in order to protect Trump, his staff centralized the materials…
Retweeted by Hari Kunzru @ProfessorShaw @moorehn Yeah, dad. OK. I’m on it.
If it’s a nightmare for us, imagine what it’s like for @BCDreyerAlso, poor use of the apostrophe from The Whistleblower see Trump’ is doubling down on his trademark hyphenHere's how Glasgow Prestwick Airport has been quietly editing a section of its website aimed at foreign military cu…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruKansas autofiction: I reviewed Ben Lerner's The Topeka School for @4_columns
Retweeted by Hari Kunzru @dizzylimit @helpmeskeletor Maybe, maybe not, but I’m intrigued that this picture was released. The impossibility o… telling you the white power hand sign is a mistake and *anyone* could accidentally do it is a white supremac…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruJohnson spoke for free at Arcuri’s events. Keynote speaker in 2012 Milo. kiss emoji
So there has to be some insane collectors market for Aphex Twin promotional chocolate coins and I will be able to b… there is a scrap of sanity left at the @nytimes, this piece by the genius @petridishes will kill the Hillbilly E…
Retweeted by Hari KunzruMike’s time in the barrel