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@sadhydra Me too, until I got the upgrade to jump off my horse. Then it’s nothing but jumping off my horse. @robowieland Yeah, I think Tsushima did a great job of silently encouraging direct action by making stealth feel a… VS Direct Combat Which is better? Which is more fun? Our arguments may be sneaky but the War will be Civi… @sassqueenamy Winning in stream is like winning 100 times.
The Escapist Show: -Spookware -Greedfall -Pillars of Eternity -Ghost of Tsushima Then in the Topics part @nickjcal @IGMoviepass Yes I’m still part of BoTW, COVID has slowed us down but we’re still talking and scheduling. You can h…
@CoryRunn @beardbrand Aahhhh, you’ve reached ALPHA HIPSTER LEVEL!!! Looks can click on this tweet and watch dave make a whole damn video game from start to finish just by scrolling down
Retweeted by Jack Packard @zacgormania “BlazeCube”
@Austriapastria I love HZD... But I still have it sitting on my shelf so I don't think I'll get it again. I'm just… @DivinoKino @nickjcal Yeah. I've gotten an hour or so in already so I'm not a complete embarrassment.In about an hour I'll be streaming with @nickjcal Today We(I) Try - Beyond Good and Evil. That's right, I'm dusti… @f5kn I watched it when it came out and loved it, but haven’t seen it in years and years.THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! “The Truman Show” is a brilliant movie. The cinematography alone is award worthy , classes…
@vicious696 @BreezeAir Yes.
@nickjcal Introducing the "Infrared Disney Home Cam™" In order to make sure there's only one person watching, Disne… about 2 hours I'll be Streamin' and @SigmaGears9 is coming by to hang out. It'll either be 100%ing Ghost of Tsus… @djdaem0n Sure, I was speaking of hindsight. My point being there’s nothing wrong with either. It’s ok to have a m… @djdaem0n I’d say our own history has some very clear black and white situations... in looking in your direction Nazis. @HaloPlayerJohn @c0dy_allen Here’s my two cents. 1. Video games are the dominant form of entertainment on Earth. 2.…
@c0dy_allen I do.For anyone who listened to today's Podcast that comes after Slightly Civil War, this is the great video I was talki… @TreyMcKinley89 I think that's fantastic. I hope my opinion doesn't take away from your enjoyment of the game. @TreyMcKinley89 Step 1 was "find them all and kill them all" what were the additional steps? @TreyMcKinley89 She lost herself the moment she left for Seattle, which remember she was told not to. This doesn't… @the_moviebob @hckleinman @BootlegGirl @mssilverstein "Donkey Kong Jr. really highlights the destructive cycle of r… @TreyMcKinley89 I don't think TLoU2 is a good "study on losing your humanity" as it doesn't show any of Ellie's men… @RustyPryde 2 skates, but on the front hooves. @TylerBoliver I'm with you, I'm an absolute sucker for the simple stuff. And(especially) during troubled times a "t… @BiohazardLeon4 "Papers, Please" might be the best example of a morally grey lead in a video game. All the drama in… @_uggleboet @TooLateJerk Yes, Witcher is a great example of a morally grey story. The characters are still engaging… @isensiel Ha, dang old Cancel Culture, it got nuance. @TheIConstable I'd argue that Star Trek is very moral. Specifically thinking of TNG, some of the best episodes were… think the article is an interesting piece of editorial. But it's quite a bit of bull hockey to say "Stories are… game VS literally everybody else. Who's are better?!?! Who's have sold more? Who keeps coming up with thes…
Clip from the Escapist Show discussing Xbox long term plan for Gamepass and how Destiny 2 is the template Also wh…
Retweeted by Jack PackardThis week on The Escapist Show it's NOTHING BUT XBOX TALK!!!! with our first guest @vicious696 Parris was great to… @caitlinblchr I haven’t seen Community. @amiantos Yeah! Spooky Clue is great!
Retweeted by Jack PackardThat’s right!!! In about a half hour I’ll be joining @YahtzeeCroshaw for his post ZP stream of Paper Mario and the… @silver6kraid wtf!?!?Wait... there's a national coin shortage too?? Does this have anything to do with the demon sperm or the murder h…
@_notearsplease_ Nice work!!! @Atomic_GodHead @theMagdalenRose Vimeo is great and I use it professionally all the time but think about the infras… @theMagdalenRose I'd say Twitch is the only one with the financial resources to compete in any meaningful way. Whil… about a half an hour I'll be streaming with @nickjcal Today We(Nick) Try: The Surge 2 aka Robo Souls @nickjcal Classic!! @bulldog666999 Yes, I’m still going to be on BoTW. Filming with a group has slowed down because of COVID.
@Bizsnes Oh man, it still makes me laugh. Your little head wobble after hitting the glass gets me every time. @FoldableHuman So far, I haven’t found the need to go wiki hunting for min/max gifting strategies. @FoldableHuman How about a “take apart”?? Hard space: Shipbreaker
HEY HEY In a couple hours(7:00pm Central) I'm a gonna be Streamin' some more Ghost of Tsushima and @sassqueenamy is… process of the scientific method involves making conjectures (hypotheses), deriving predictions from them as lo… @vicious696 Those geek squad trucks!! Beautiful.
@PaddyMcGinty9 Link has magic... Link can travel through time. @TemperTaintrum This... is the crux of my argument. @de_Novowels Any weapon from any cannon game. @BanjoBouchon Fairy in a bottle.Who would win in a fight. Link VS Doom Guy Our logic will be silly, but the War Will Be Civil.… @Junes2k Fuck yeah!
On this week's The Escapist Show -Ooblets -Ghost of Tsushima -Death Stranding -Not seeing the Next-Gen games Woop-…
@donkzrahite Thanks, but my sobriety has nothing to do with me not being on RLM. I'm only on occasionally anyway an… @DavidSnusgrop Ha, that's right. I was feeling a little sick and didn't want to spread it. @SHANEO203 @sunprotecfactor Same, standard PS4 and everythings smooth. @Decolonise Agreed, I'm really enjoying it. @Christoph_Means Clearly she's running an insurance scam... it's the little details.My favorite part of #GhostOfTshushima is the small character details they give to everyone. Like this Mongolian war… @sheshnu I think Yahtzee has improved with every book. I think Jam’s very end is slightly weak but overall I really liked it. @Justonemore65 No plans of slowing down on my part. Obviously we've filmed less BoTW with COVID but we're talking,…
Starting a little “YouTubers Who Write Books Now” section on my shelf. I’m not sure how it reads yet, but it looks… @Draivaden @nickjcal are the archive streams from the indie showcase anywhere?In about a half an hour I'll be streaming with @nickjcal Today We(I) Try: Ghost of Tsushima An Open-World-Stealth… favorite part of the #XboxGamesShowcase is not being able to find the actual live video... Just dozens of peopl…
@stonegasman @RexiconJesse According to it's wiki page, it's based off of a short story. Much like The Last Starfig…
In about 2 hours (7:00pm Central) I'll be Streamin' some Paper Mario: Origami King and @RexiconJesse will be hangin… @zanderzrantz I have not.
@UnabridgedGamer I think she's mostly forgotten about/lumped in with the O.G. For the point of this debate... there's only two of us.O.G. Lara VS New Reboot Lara Our comments will be childish but the war will be civil. Watch here!!!… @UnabridgedGamer This will bring us to fisticuffs sir.... FISTICUFFS!!!!!!!You son of a bitch... I’m in! @StephenGrillo @DOS_SkywalkR We don’t have anything scheduled, but it’s gonna happen.
@brikoblin It looks absolutely miserable... so you’ve perfectly encapsulated TLoU2.This week on The Escapist Show Dragon Quest 11 Shadow of Mordor Ring Fit Adventure And @nickjcal talks about his ex… @antzpantz @unormal That’s why I could never get into Tetris, those blocks wouldn’t fall that slow... I know who gravity works…
@Mike_IchorPunk @killerwolffilms “Curse of the Clickers” @erichber Yeah, I have the one that plugs into my motherboard but I used to use the HD60 S which is a USB 3 and it worked great.
@UnderTheMayo But you get to open so many doors!!!If you ever need a reason to not get into a comment-section debate, remember this as proof that it’s almost certain…
Retweeted by Jack Packard @erichber My capture card has a pass-through HDMI out. So OBS can still read it but the than I play on a normal monitor so there's no lag. @AllisonPregler Oh boy...
I'm streaming right now with @nickjcal "Today We Try" Halo 3... a childhood favorite of Nick's. And yes, it IS ok…'m part of 2 weekly podcasts? "The Slightly Civil War Podcast" where @YahtzeeCroshaw and I talk candidly about the… @zanderzrantz @redlettermedia Heck yeah!
In about an hour I’ll be joining @YahtzeeCroshaw for his Post-ZP Stream where he’ll be playing a Harvest Moon game…
@SigmaGears9 This is why I need you there with me... to offset the boredom that will come for us all.HEY THERE!! In about 3 hours I'll be Streamin' some newly PC'd Death Stranding and @SigmaGears9 will be hanging out…