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Mass. Senate Passes Bill To Boost Mental Health Care Access are a couple of articles that are worth reading — from housing to health, these stories use data to explore ch…
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Cassandra Tanner Miller went through all the correct steps to inform Illinois authorities that her abusive ex-husba…
Retweeted by QuianaTelling male friends 'I love you' is a muscle guys need to flex every day, by @jeffperera #HuffPostOpinion made me cry. With pride. Thank you, Mr. Jones.
Retweeted by Quiana“The Story of YOU: Meet Our Members” by cyndie spiegel owner brings mambo sauce to masses fulfilling dream she, late husband envisioned | WJLA know of this because my grandfather was a survivor. That shit was so sad. They had little boys who were mentally…
Retweeted by QuianaNot okay no no no. Heart breaking for this young mans family community until everyone is safe from senseless viole…
Retweeted by QuianaFeelings are not facts, and they will pass if you allow them to.
Retweeted by Quiana“You obviously didn’t get my memo. Black?” “Oh I did but when a bunch of privileged white people get together dre…
Retweeted by QuianaMattapan Shooting Victim Was High School Senior, Expecting His First Child – CBS Boston Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color via @vice
I’m always amazed by how medical textbooks will drop a: “Black people are more likely to develop...” “African-Ame…
Retweeted by QuianaInspiring Young Black Women to Know in 2020 | POPSUGAR Celebrity years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving th…
Retweeted by QuianaI decided to stop complaining about the lack of #BlackHistory resources and do something about it. via @mamademics
Brooklyn entrepreneur launches black-owned champagne brand - New York Daily News children killed in Haiti orphanage fire - CBS News We Not Gon Do During Black History Month Is Endorse A Known Racist For President Jalaiah Harmon does the original version of Renegade dance that she choreographed in her Atlanta bedroo…
Retweeted by QuianaSo, you hate socialism, ya say? If you make $50,000/year, $36 of your taxes goes to food stamps. $4,000 goes to co…
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Pipeline Protests Cause Widespread Travel Delays Across Canada - The New York Times
Delta CEO Ed Bastian: Passengers should ask permission before reclining - Business Insider your kids have active shooter drills in their schools? I sat down with @boston25 to share my thoughts:… Is Bloomberg's Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass? To Be A Better Spouse via @amiyrahmartinTrump’s words used by kids to bully classmates at school - Washington Post 38-year-old woman disappears in Dorchester, police asks for help to find her via @DorchesterPostThe Photograph Is The No Trauma 'Black Love' Story We've Been Waiting For via @shayewyllie
List of Grants for African-American Women to Start a Business | OwnHers®️ Vashti Harrison, Author Of 'Little Legends' : NPR
why would that baby do that why not just grow somewhere else
Retweeted by QuianaEven if the methods are new, sowing the seeds of doubt, division, and discord to turn Americans against each other…
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Bestselling Author @MindaHarts Started Out Delivering Phone Books | Black Enterprise via @blackenterprise
Retweeted by QuianaThirty years on, I remember the hope we all felt watching Mandela’s release from prison. The gift of a new way of s…
Retweeted by QuianaFor Simone Archer-Krauss ’19 and her team at @NextGenAmerica New Hampshire, the #NHprimary2020 isn’t about the cand…
Retweeted by QuianaTHIS. IS. HAVING. KIDS.
Retweeted by QuianaTHIS is why guns do not belong on school grounds. When a 17-year-old tried to leave school for a dentist appointmen…
Retweeted by QuianaNetflix Unveils Premiere Date, Photos for Madam C.J. Walker Series ‘Self Made’ To Outlaw Discrimination Based On Ethnic Hairstyle Passes First Hearing – CBS Denver’re voting, family. Local elections State elections Presidential elections Our votes matter. That’s why voter s…
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Why Some Black Puerto Ricans Choose ‘White’ on the Census Erivo Commended For Insisting To Stop For Black Journalist On Oscars Red Carpet #shadowAndActBlack-Owned Rideshare Looking To Be a Safer Alternative for Women and Children Cherry feels the ‘Love’ with Oscar win via @SunTimes
Retweeted by QuianaDeAndre Arnold Wears Dreadlocks At Oscars For Hair Love
Stop Calling Them Soft Skills; They're Essential Skills - Trevor Muir 2020: What to Watch for Tonight at the Academy Awards Ways For Your Child To Develop A Positive Attitude | The MOM Trotter to get a VIP tour of the @NEBoatShow this Sunday, running now through 2/16 at the Boston Convention (cont) destroys custom-made instrument, says Malian musician Ballaké Sissoko Are All the Women CEOs? - WSJ New Books About Inspiring Women For Black History Month | A Mighty Girl
4-year-old dies from flu after members of anti-vax Facebook group advise his mom to use thyme and elderberries inst…'s first "Trauma Spa" seeks support in Boston Need To Realize That Black History Is American History Extra Fees When Flying Spirit Airlines | The MOM Trotter mom, 34, dying of colon cancer has a message for you - News - - Portsmouth, NH The Howard University Alums Making Puzzles For Black Children – BOTWC
Did you know a black woman by the name of Dr. Shirley Jackson created caller ID because she didn't like when people…
Retweeted by QuianaJust How Relevant Are the Oscars in 2020? Wellesley's Michael Jeffries Weighs In | Daily Shot | Wellesley College's #Oscars2020 weekend! Time to check in with @Wellesley's @M_P_Jeffries and hear his thoughts on this year’s no…
Retweeted by QuianaThe word for today is “nuance.” You can have a critique of Gayle King —though folk should actually watch the whole…
Retweeted by QuianaCornell dean to become Simmons’ first Black president - The Boston Globe Lessons From Mom - WELL Insiders Trolls. You really think I look like "Mr. Clean" ? Please. He never looked THIS clean. Sorry not sorry my unap…
Retweeted by QuianaBoston School Leaders Propose Adding Social Workers, Custodians, Family Liaisons In 2021 Budget via @wburedifyWho are my black women public speakers in New York? I have some things I can’t do schedule wise, but want to pass y…
Retweeted by QuianaFrederick Douglass spoke of the pervasive liberal racism of the North and I'm curious about your modern take on this. 2/2 #AskMarcNU Quiana · @HarlemLovebirds  7th Feb 2020 from UberSocial Android To your point abt Boston being diverse but seg… your point about Boston being diverse but segregated, and needing to "turn it up in Boston," what is your (cont)"I wanna live in a world where justice doesn't look like punishment." - @marclamonthill on prison reform at… No Computer, This Teacher From Ghana Would Teach Microsoft Word To Students On A Blackboard Program Will Provide Home Visits to First-time Parents seek help locating missing 34-year-old Cambridge woman
Letting Go, and Learning Fast: How Adapting Skills Will Fuel Our Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution | Jenn… the pleasure of working w/the @oprahmagazine team on this #hearthealthmonth story for @FinnPartners client…
Retweeted by QuianaThe Chinese Doctor Who Tried to Warn the World About Coronavirus Has Died via @viceBeing A Strong Black Woman Is Killing Me! MA @MomsDemand and other GVP allies advocated for 3 bills this session and all 3 have advanced out of committ…
Retweeted by QuianaIssa Rae Is Building an Empire: Inside Insecure Season 4 and More FACT CHECK: Trump’s claims in his State of Union address | PBS NewsHour #TRUTHMATTERS“She’s a MOM!” is a really weird criticism of women acting/looking sexy. How do you think many of us became moms
Retweeted by QuianaTo Trayvon, on Your 25th Birthday via @@TheRoot
LOLOL another awesome thread by my sister, this one is about #gunworship "God: Is there anything you’re willing…
Retweeted by QuianaDr. José Celso Barbosa: First Puerto Rican, Afro-Latino To Earn Medical Degree In U.S. via @latinlifeofclGoogle finally discloses YouTube ad revenue and it's mind boggling via @MashableWhy Black Women Are Aging Alone via @ozy‘Uncomfortable’ White Women & What’s Hiding In Plain Sight of the most popular misconceptions about black history is that over time, America has gradually become less rac…
Retweeted by Quiana98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit Isn’t the Average Anymore - WSJ Countries Every Black Woman Should Visit | Traveling While Black - Oneika the Traveller great use of your next hour: Double-check your voter registration and ask two friends to do the same.
Retweeted by Quiana5 Self-Care Methods People Are Practicing In The Election Year you think the #IACaucus delays are bad, wait until you hear about what happens in black or brown precincts acros…
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Black History Month 2020: Rosa Parks by @ElisaC Must-Read Books by Black Authors Coming Out this Year via @lashawnwiltz