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harleyquinnsmrj @harleyquinnsmr1 from parts unknown

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@KraziRenee Love that game, I still need to get the good ending though @ThatKevinSmith just finished Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. So great, thank you. What a great story, warmed my heart.… anyone that missed this... CHRIS WILL SING A COVER OF THE NUMA NUMA SONG FOR 1000 SUBS ON @bitchute OR @YouTube
Retweeted by harleyquinnsmrj @Playroth Just started this last night. Amazing so far❤🖤❤🖤 @NBJackLopez I played so much doom, can't wait for the new one @TheWorldsOf1 I love xcom never finished it, but I hear that's normal lol @Keybladehero28 I might give that a go right now @FireflyBWG Nice choice!!! @DannyBentley15 I don't remember dialogue as well as thr city layout. I can set it in my mind so clearly @OGStarwarsAB @Frayedendsofmy1 Yes please @GabyRod40736394 So just slap strangers, honey ive been doing that all my life. @DannyBentley15 Oh, wasn't that an amazing feeling. I did the same... hundreds of hours later I realized I was still playing lol @MartinMSmith1 Cool thanks! @GabyRod40736394 What, is that real? Where can I play that @GinaDaly02 Same @DannyBentley15 Either really @SteampunkGhosts Great game @MintBlais Never, not you ❤🖤 @MattNGames Im just going to play games, this isn't a statement lol @pecisto Need a tissue because a stranger doesn't like who you like? Lmfao @Noahfred13 No game time @WWEREALONE Even when healthy Sasha Banks can't compete, she's a dumpster fire, full of dogshit on a hot summer day… @Noahfred13 Pfffff @ShotGun_Prodigy Nobody, just going to gameLater bitches @KingSlayer1886 @SJCLIS Then this isn't for you then...smh @_baconwrangler_ @KazmatixGaming Nice thanks @KingSlayer1886 It's a great continuation of the story @ShotGun_Prodigy Xbox, playstation, steam @ShotGun_Prodigy A girl who discovers she can rewind time. Saves a friend from being shot, then has to deal with th… @ShotGun_Prodigy Really? Go play it, it's brilliantSo if you really enjoy Life is Strange, go out and read the comic!!! Starts a year after the destruction of Arcadia… @Tom_E_56 @DarrenConnolly_ @AlexaBliss_WWE I got Becky, but.... @AveanaX I agree, read the comic if you get the chance @chicharlichi Love that game❤🖤 @MikeKnoxComedy @HonourableHappy Tried that, graphics are great but the controls suck toast corners
@PatheticLoserAB Stretch first lol @Walk_With_Joe Im the same, no worries @S_M_Phoenix @WWEREALONE No worries, nice to meet you. @WWEREALONE @S_M_Phoenix Done and done. @Y2John84 It's way tougher than I expected @PatheticLoserAB SorryHotline Miami: I Don't Know What I'm Doing... @DepthMm @NokturnalMisfit Excuse me while I head to the ps store lol @MintBlais Ive never had poutine, but it sounds and looks like the greatest thing ever. Im about ready to get a passport and a plane ticket. @DepthMm I love Fear, missed stalker, what platform can I get that on? @DepthMm @NokturnalMisfit Nice, thank you! @Halloween_1014 Brilliant, made be smile @maineman5656 Except you have to get naked to pee...ugh lol @DepthMm Does it get better after the first 4 hours? @RetroAddict86 @Kier_Johnson97 I agree, I miss the banter @RetroAddict86 Wood chipper? @HarleyJokerfan5 @JohnCena Things are hard, but when you have millions of dollars, you can pay people to ignore it… @WWEREALONE ? Lol ? @BeardInTheBox @maineman5656 It's so bad @mickimoley @MartyWolfHausen @MartyWolfHausen 🤣😂😜👊 @MartyWolfHausen I didn't say the belt was for the pants lol @MartyWolfHausen Chick needs a beltMom jeans on adderall xr...I hate people 😳 @ShotGun_Prodigy @diamond_I3itch @BaronCorbinWWE Just that pic and asked if he had a frowny belly button lol @LORD97A1 It's official, this is book two. The story is awesome. It starts a year after Arcadia bday is destroyed a… @gaffer101 Nice, thanks @LORD97A1 Great game, the comic is great too @SigynX1 @TechnomancerRPG Cool... not cook...smh lol @SigynX1 @TechnomancerRPG Cook I'll check it out, thanks @sprayermanJJ Love that game, broken butt whole is also good @SynthToy Great game @OlBuddyCreates No, but... @eyeofjanthir What's rimworld? @OlBuddyCreates Love that game, would you kindly? Gets me everytime @SigynX1 @TechnomancerRPG What's it on, I've never heard of it @NokturnalMisfit Is that the spiritual successor to Ico? @NokturnalMisfit Is plague tale the daughter taking care of her brother? If so I just started it just week. Im real… @evilgenius780 Im actually playing through Warriors now. Never played Crystalis though🤣 @DbWrasslin @GavinHorne1 Great game, I loved Beyond 2 souls too, but after the first hour of heavy rain, I was too depressed to… @Halloween_1014 That's a new level ive not seen before lol @LateralusNoose Great game!!! Underrated for sure @BabyBlizo Ive seen so many videos of people hating each other playing overwatch, I've kind of avoided it😳🤣😂 @GavinHorne1 I played some of it and it's depressing asf... never finished it @EmpyreanFlaw I played a bit of it, I kept backtracking and then the flood of fall games got me distracted. Maybe I'll go back to that @GavinHorne1 I loved bts too, and I'm the same with lis2, I played the first episode and haven't gone back to it ye… @Rainbowarior17 @Bendy Love that game, still run through it sometimes for funsies @Weeeeee711 Played through that, was surprised by how good it was @Y2John84 I tried to get into that, but it just made me want to play sim city @YourDadYoda Love that game, played through it several times @GavinHorne1 It's so good. It's a year after Arcadia bay is destroyed and Max starts phasing uncontrollably, sendin… @evilgenius780 Any time or system... from nes to present day @ShotGun_Prodigy I still need to start that too lol @Christraint Really, I'll check it out @MartyWolfHausen It's like Harvest Moon right? @GavinHorne1 Love those games so much ive started reading the comic