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18 l twitch affiliate (✿◠‿◠) // for alana 🤍🕊

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im so excited for twitchcon AHH
Retweeted by harmonee @J33BY mommy @phillysu yes @CINNAB9NNIE I’m in love w that man @tungbu11 oops @urgfkass SEE U SOON SEXY @tomi_fps she’s so cutei think it’s time to rewatch teen wolf @davidgeee_ u miss me ?alright lads which are we picking
Retweeted by harmonee @retronikkii woohoo @jenchiiii_ TCON NEXT ???? @Vlexpak okay 😜 @davidgeee_ therefore i stand correct 🙂 @davidgeee_ but are u tho @davidgeee_ ur not even going
@lliammw how do i dislike a stream @randellolaes going on sunday after tcon on saturday @JoshiAliAndres sure ig @whoisjioon well this been in the plan for tcon weekend @lliammw we lying now ? ok @lliammw liam ur making this acc a fan page of me 😜LFGGGGG see you soon disney @amokitize @eugenevlr
Retweeted by harmonee @lliammw 😁😁😁 @amokitize @eugenevlr WWWW @amokitize @eugenevlr WOOHOO @soraVAL_ keep that same energy in two weeksanyone else sick rn @jadadouangmala u won in lifeONE MORE WEEK UNTIL I SEE U SEXY MFS AT TCON @baekariibae yami @lliammw can’t do that when u play w me ;-; @whoisjioon YES PLEASE let’s go to la jolla do a bonfire and play beach ball @J33BY me personally i don’t win those as wellwish i had creators to hang out with near me 😒
Retweeted by harmonee @krysviry YEAthis hair color was fun while it lasted, new hair on wednesday :p @snowiexo aint no wayi’m tired of long distance shit. @Rayzahs @y4mikunn saturday night bonfire ??????? @y4mikunn yaaa @AndyWang_17 @SongYadongLFG @HasbullaHive @777haaan @ufc LOLLL
@nobuuval U WONT I CONVINCED DANNY NOW ITS UR TURN @divorcexo what happened ? :0 @nobuuval @killyesse LMAOOO @nobuuval them shits are mad expensive @saeulm ok sam @phoevinceolimba ur so cute @spenczz @SwaggyTav @amokitize @ctrrlz @Nighty10k @divorcexo @davidgeee_ IN MY CAMERA ROLL LMFAOOOGUYSSSS pleaseeee help me w some present ideas for guys @J33BY no. @SwaggyTav @amokitize @ctrrlz @Nighty10k @divorcexo @davidgeee_ sorry what was that ? @divorcexo @ctrrlz @surelynotsi @nodiaj1 @amokitize LOLOL @amokitize @ctrrlz @Nighty10k @divorcexo @davidgeee_ u been mommy 😈yea aint no way LMFAOOOMy Twitter Family: Parents: @amokitize @ctrrlz Spouse: @Nighty10k Children: @divorcexo @davidgeee_ via… did i dream abt him 🤨 @amokitize AHHH HAVE FUN @_de_sm_ u would make profit @davidgeee_ word @divorcexo SEE U IN TWO WEEKS
@killyesse IM DRUNKsurprise stream @ twitch .tv/hxrmoney UP ??? drunk val stream ???#drunk #livelaughlove @J33BY ur so generous @J33BY $harmoneeyang @J33BY PLEASE ME PLEASEEE @killyesse not mine @killyesse aint no way @chubsgrl FORREAL
@divorcexo OH ? @bobabenji @carharttfanboy GO WOOHOO @killyesse lemme see the hat @killyesse nope in general @amokitize SO GOOD @whoisheIen helen’s titties in my moufstop & stare
Retweeted by harmoneeboutta b a city girl in two weeks @eugenevlr can u kiss her for me thank you @eugenevlr LETS GOOOO @Vlexpak ily let’s kiss @Vlexpak imma be partying tonight :,) but my discord is harmonee #3411 @Vlexpak ME CHOOSE ME @jadeymoon come so we can kiss @Chicken_Bark me too wanna get me somecurrently
Retweeted by harmoneeMe and who?
Retweeted by harmoneei. want. a. significant. other. FOR THE HOLIDAYSbeen years and i’m still not over w what happenedTWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL I GET TO SMACK TAVS BIG ASS FOREHEADTWO WEEKS UNTIL TWITCHCON AAAHHHH
Retweeted by harmonee @YUNGPANDESAL can we date @surelynotsi i’m so sorry bb :(((( you and no one should ever have to go through that