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"Democracy is as much about the doing as it is about gathering preferences. It should be a way for a population to… cats auditioning for Tales of Terror, 1961. © Ralph Crane/LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images"The Constitution's lack of an affirmative right to vote opens the door to the burdens we see today: the lack of a…"Voting has been fragmented and contested throughout American history. It’s not actually the case, that the Constit… the house looked like a horror-movie trailer, the barn was the full-length feature. When a visitor described the…"I’m far more concerned with the ignorance of the powerful than the ignorance of the people." @astradisastra"If we want a public that’s more enlightened, we have to invest in things that go beyond voting. We need to invest…"Becoming informed requires time and resources that millions of Americans don’t have. Even if you can find the time…"The United States has the problem of having come first, and much of the Constitution is the result of speculation…"I’m not sure whether there’s a moral obligation to vote, but I do think there’s a moral obligation to construct a…
"The real moral imperative is that those who have the power and privilege to construct election systems must do so…"Saying 'People have died for this right, and therefore you have to vote' doesn’t do justice to all of the things t…"Until people vote, we do not know what the opinion of the populace is. Public opinion surveys are not a replacemen…"There are many people for whom nonvoting is neither a political stance nor a symptom of moral failure. It’s just t…"Millions of America’s laborers are moving the gears of society while the chattering classes debate politics on Twi… of hours that Texas state lawyers have spent litigating voter-ID laws since 2011 : 12,400 near Stonehenge, where acoustics favor listeners in the inner circle, found a flute made from a huma… of Americans who would support testing presidential candidates’ cognitive ability : 67 students’ word choice in describing marijuana intoxication follows a progression of impairment from “nice”…"The morale of the culture is revealed by a common menu of the characters to be admired or deplored, as well as the…
"A broken democracy such as the United States cannot survive four more years under a demagogue president. If any pr… on Labour and antisemitism"The thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." -William S. Burroughs"The willingness to utter verbal formulas on command—and to revise them under correction, if necessary—is closely r… after @Harpers first introduced me to the idea that politics could be, not just important, but INTERESTING…
Retweeted by Harper's MagazineTo distract you from America's obvious shame, a story about the secret shame of the French Riviera, and lemons. amount that five states have spent implementing voter-ID laws since 2006 : $36,000,000’s lemon festival attempts to reclaim the golden years of its golden harvest—even though the fruit used in it… of the vulnerability necessary for transformation is the recognition that I am, to a great extent, a mystery t…"How can I know what I will find relevant about a work before I have submitted myself to the experience? I don’t th… presence of lithium in drinking water lowers suicide rates; living at high elevation in the American West predi…"There is talk in the press of sex cults and orgies carried out in the stink of what made them possible. Fluttering…"The ideological division of labor in honest reporting is new in this country, and it is ominous.""When I use relevance as a filter for determining what books to read, I’m failing to make myself available for an a… observers can identify photos of white men and women convicted of crimes and of priests convicted of sexuall…
"Trump understands a truth that more seemly public figures are innocent of: a voluntary apology, the effusion of sp… today can accurately classify teens in video interviews from 2006 as “anime/mangas,” “druggies/stoners,” “emo… to believe that art is irrelevant if it fails to reflect the life we want for ourselves and the world we want t… people ask me whether I think we need more queer stories with happy endings, my answer is always yes. We need… @shyascanlon @GarthGreenwell"The #MeToo movement set a precedent for the Black Lives Matter escalation. In both cases, the pressure was turned…“We are not telling you how to vote,” the letter read. “We are just informing our tenants what WE will do according… landlord of a trailer park in Fort Morgan, Colorado, sent a note to his tenants claiming that rent will be doub… discovered tissue in the human skull that could be either salivary glands or an entirely new organ, in t…“If Biden makes it, I believe there will continue to be great pressure to stop the migrant caravans,” said Ana Vane… investigation began into the identity of the yearbook staffer responsible for listing a member of an Indiana hig… European Parliament rejected a proposed ban on labeling plant-based foods as burgers. Paraguay, seven dead migrants were found inside a shipping container that originated in Serbia; and Danish aid w… U.K.’s test-and-trace system directed people in Sevenoaks, England, to a nonexistent mobile testing site. were set in the toilet-paper aisles of three Walmart stores near Waterloo, Ontario, and Austria’s postal serv… North Dakota Department of Health encouraged those who have tested positive for COVID-19 to do their own contac… appearing in public with Band-Aids and black-and-purple bruises covering his swollen hands, the 78-year-old S…“Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States has defended the dignity of human life everywhere and always… United States joined Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, and Uganda in signing the Geneva Consensus, a document… President Michael Pence, whose aides were at the center of the flare-up, did not attend the Senate vote that c… second coronavirus outbreak hit the White House and led Trump’s chief of staff to declare, “We’re not going to co… Rochester, New York, Susan B. Anthony’s gravestone was outfitted with a plastic shield in order to prevent damag… NYPD officer was suspended without pay after he was filmed arguing with a passerby and using his police loudspea…
In New York City, the group Jews for Trump caravanned through Times Square, blasted the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.,…“Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States has defended the dignity of human life everywhere and always… officers were filmed confiscating PPE offered by community activists outside an early-voting site in the Red H…“We believe in law and order. They believe in feelings. So if they feel uncomfortable with a rifle, they’re going t… security forces have killed at least 56 peaceful protesters who were demanding the end of police brutality… a new president is sworn in, they gets told a lot of secret stuff - launch codes, backup plans, etc. But one o…
Retweeted by Harper's MagazineCourt documents revealed that the Trump Administration has not been able to reunite 545 migrant children with their…"The Republicans no longer constitute a party in any intelligible sense: they forfeited their stature as a rational… by which mainstream newspapers cite organizations that oppose climate action more often than those that supp… before Lebanon’s financial crisis and the pandemic, two thirds of refugee families lived on less than three do…"A broken democracy such as the United States cannot survive four more years under a demagogue president. If any pr…"Donald Trump's nature is to sow chaos and trust that chaos is his friend.""Calling someone a racist in 2020 inflicts as sure a wound, with as light a burden of proof, as calling someone a C… of Americans who think neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump would make a good president : 1/4
Portion of Americans who admit to not relying on the news sources they regard as the most trustworthy : 1/3 of Americans who have yet to complete a census form who say they would refuse to answer the door for a cens… of U.S. adults who think it is probably or definitely true that the outbreak was planned by “powerful peopl… after finishing this. Irreverent, witty, tragic
Retweeted by Harper's Magazine"This is what I value in all the art I love: not a set of arguments and conclusions, not a message, but the shapes… @SethTisue @astradisastra Lots more wisdom to be found here in the full conversation featuring @astradisastra"I can read Sappho across millennia, Yukio Mishima across languages, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie across continents, an… if the prospective nightmare of Trump disrupting or ignoring the election goes away, the enemies briefcase wil…"To believe that art is irrelevant if it fails to reflect the life we want for ourselves and the world we want to l… 1977 Congress passed the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which empowers presidents to sanction coun…"It’s about the symbolism, the cultural meaning, the shared understanding that we can perform a commitment to one a…
“Alchemy” is a mystery word whose popularity is growing: you need the alchemy of protest to fight systemic racism.
"The protests this summer led to conversations about antiracism across America. And the sensation of living between… of Americans who have become billionaires over the course of the pandemic : 24"Why is this the right project for this moment? these applications often ask. If I had a question like that on my m…
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"There was something exciting about returning to books that asked something of me. And they rewarded my investment…’m Having Trouble with My Camera deep on the meaning, utility and future of the vote with some esteemed thinkers and @Harpers.
Retweeted by Harper's MagazineAnother strong story from @wesenzinna, from inside an experiment in police abolition by activists and houseless peo…
Retweeted by Harper's Magazine“'Systemic racism' suggests an involuntary, irremediable complicity in oppression for which every white person is a… of Americans who have yet to complete a census form who say they would refuse to answer the door for a cens… of U.S. adults who think it is probably or definitely true that the COVID-19 outbreak was planned by “power…"Of all the not-quite-right things that people think they know about Gaddis—that he is an obsolete postmodernist, t… by which Republicans are less likely than Democrats to say that health officials are handling the pandem… the president decides to ignore it, the Constitution turns out to be “no more than a gentleman’s agreement.” the event of a national emergency on the grounds of national security, the president would have more than 120 st…
"Trump, never troubling to disguise his disregard for the law, is clearly no hypocrite. His evident lack of scruple… factor by which countries led by men have had more COVID-19 deaths than countries led by women : 1.9