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VGM, harp (@MateriaColl)! Art on @shouganairu . Official business: email harpsona[at]gmail[dot]com (日本語OK)🇺🇸 /🇯🇵 (she/her)

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Hey today would be a great day to, if you're in the USA, check to make sure you're registered to vote:
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile) @FirahFabe @1caaake Ooooh! One trick I learned a while back is using old rice works well for fried rice! If making… @SHIMSHON_GAD Baccano! @bisoulovely HOLY MOLY! Forbes 30 under 30 is next I assume? Congrats!! @HetreaOfficial Was fun but let’s go back to 1!
@SamanthaB_Harp 😭 💕I know this isn’t even remotely harp or video game related but uhhhhhhh?????????? for the inactivity lately! Have been accidentally overworking on my day job but I’m excited to record for some collabs this month!
Alright, here's my thread of weird shit in the Final Fantasy games. Let's GO 👇👇👇:
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@_nabeelansari Shadow Queen slowly taking over 😖It’s been 3 days and I still have the final boss battle music (phase 2) from TTYD in my head...
@HetreaOfficial Omg... uhhh 4 @Fumi_chun Omg yes! I still play from time to time!
@ThatGuyinaMask I think I will! But I’m not sure if I’ll do a full cover considering how much I love the original (… @myish_irl @FredrikHathen Yeeeaaah I feel like I subconsciously ignore video game and anime character ages by this point 😅 @FredrikHathen I guess when people are expected to save the world between ages 13-17, 35 is middle-aged? 😅 @FredrikHathen Omg what?! I guess I didn’t think much of it when I was younger but wow JRPG ages usually don’t make sense 😂
@VioPatti Liking the complimentary color notebook and mouse in particular haha @VioPatti Oooh looking nice and clean!What an amazing game! Beat it today and wow I did not expect the last boss to be so cool and difficult 👑 @milkykau Omg the original is already perfect I don't know if I could do it justice 😅 @OtaConnor That'd be fun!😭
@Kellzallday Not sure if it’s true but FYI: @kuraine I just found out about Gurumin a few weeks ago when someone shared a battle track! The music was fun and the game looks super cute! @subversiveasset 41352 right handedSerial Experiment Lain was an experience
@Seselis625 I...
@MasaeAnela 99 regular and maybe 70+ incognito?
@MayaComposer Thank you! Fingers crossed it’ll be soon! @DurfeyLee Ah no it’s okay, thank you! I’d rather you donate to a bigger cause 😊 @Nehapolitan One I’m thinking of, if I were to name, is Artemisia! A real historical name, but more so because I’m… @Nehapolitan Ah I haven’t! I feel odd giving it a name but it’s definitely fun to think about!Omg I might be able to buy the harp this year 👀 (I’ve been renting it for like 5 years) @_nabeelansari Ahhh thank you! 💕 @TaintedSMeats This was such a cool thread! And your voice is so nice 😭 Thank you for sharing!Adding some Totoro into the mix (this time with a karaoke backtrack) @CatBaronAle Thank you 😊 gotta remember to hydrateI always go back and forth on whether I like my voice but hope y’all enjoy and do your own karaoke tonight/today!No one asked for it, but have a karaoke clip (no backtrack)’s Ghibli karaoke night 🎤 @purpleschala How do your hands not disintegrateLRT Yikes yikes yikes 😬HEY GUYS SUPER IMPORTANT PSA TO ANYONE PROTESTING OR A WOMAN : There is currently a serial killer targeting women…
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Helpful Rebuttals for Racist Talking Points I found this guide and figured it would be helpful to share. Many of…
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile)Okay I said I was going to make that covid charity album but at this rate I might just release the single 😖 Anyone… The name of that room in my grandma’s home was the “Generations of Great Achievements” (GOGA) room. @SamanthaB_Harp Question! Did you have anything under the harp or was it just on the grass? (Beautiful arrangement as always btw)NEW MUSIC VIDEO Alfyn, the Apothecary from #OctopathTraveler! ☀️ Relaxing #harp music from the Riverlands to start…
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile) @DS_Music394 We did online! But I thought there was a local option...Good haul today playing co-op with my brother #Bayonetta2 #NintendoSwitch inventions that would not exist without black women: a thread
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile) @TeddyWynton Oh I much prefer this lick
@kaldannan That’s a close second for me!Although I grew up with short grain white rice, Jasmine rice hands down has the best fragrance imoRice cooking is one of the most comforting smells 🍚a song, with the ever-amazing @harpsonaTweets
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile) @TeddyWynton @everydaylouie Aquarius is a great title! No pressure, but definitely looking forward to more collab vids in the future! @TeddyWynton @everydaylouie This sounds so good! Really appreciating these relaxing vibes right now. Left a title suggestion on the video @p_enporo I know a Kaoru who goes by Carla since so many had difficulties saying her name, so I can definitely see 4kids Karl...HEY YALL! I'm in urgent need of a new harp ! Support a Black Trans Woman Harpist! Please help me raise 50k! Share…
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile)So this is just a small reminder to myself and to other BIPOC out there that if you feel like you’re not doing enou… had an entire small room in her home dedicated to displaying all these achievements. Certificates, newspaper cl…’ve been fortunate enough to listen in to a talk by Ijeoma Oluo today, and her words “Your very survival is resist… grateful my workplace has given us the day off to focus on Juneteenth! Hopefully everyone here can take some… the last few months I have been OBSESSED with this phrase I call the 'mitsuda lick'. It's a specific melodic ph…
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile) @ayusheknows Glad you enjoyed! Sorry it was a little rough (all first read throughs are haha)First look at the new Tournier book (I’m a bit rusty), you were a harpist 😭 @kuraine So beautiful! Have fun with the weighted keys!
@RyanLafford This one in particular is light weight and carbon fiber so I’m not as worried about wood damage! Also… @RyanLafford It is indeed NOT fun... This is specifically why I’ll hopefully also have a travel friendly electric (… much as I love the harp, I do not love how painful it is after a few days of not playing 😖 @heybiji I’ve been watching through Rayearth for the first time lately! This art book looks so nice ✨Hi gang! I'm not on twitter much right now, but because several of you have asked for my take on the question, "Was…
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile) @HetreaOfficial 4! And good luck with the move! @VioPatti Oh the piano still haunts me @VioPatti Perhaps some bad childhood memories/frustrations in exploring the castle?? 😅 @ayusheknows Luckily it hasn’t gotten to me lately! Just hoping more people start thinking about this and reflectin… 7 artists will arrange, record, and produce a VGM cover EP in two months. It’s time to meet the…
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile) @ayusheknows Yeah it’s so sad that this is such a thing and that it brings up more feelings of erasure/invalidation… @VioPatti I love how RPG-y the background music in the anime feels! I’m excited to hear more in the upcoming episodes 😄 @VioPatti I watch an episode a week with some friends so we’re only on episode 12, but I’m enjoying it so far!Apparently the track is called 追手せまる! (the part around 1:38 on is what's used in the episode)The bassline is so good ;o;Very obscure request, but if is any bass guitarists wants to cover the background music in episode 12 of Magic Knig… this gem in my harp photos folder @ayusheknows It never jumped out at me as bad before. Has the word been used somewhere else in a racist context? (L…
I guess makeup is also a factor (I only use it for polished videos and I happened to have it on here)Found this photo from a few years ago! Any multi-racial folk here feel your perceived race fluctuates a surprising… of the many videos for anyone unfamiliar: not expect to hear a re-arrangement of the song used in the old ゲッダン meme while working today 😯✨ A THREAD ON THE HISTORY OF JUNETEENTH ✨
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile)今日はクレラップとも目が合ってしまいました。 洗濯機とクレラップと私 #家とコラボ
Retweeted by Harpsona (Nile) @thunderesque I’m curious how they score for composition! I’d also like the rule of thirds to be considered 😖 @purpleschala @IsrafelCello I feel blessed every time I see another video with you two playing 🙏Do you mind that I’m also posting piano improv/sketch videos occasionally? @konpeitopanic @SupremeSRL BEST GIRL ✨ @cottonsprout This is such an underrated anime! He’s so cute in your style 😭 @JoeSua4711 Ooh that does sound really fitting!