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@ij_ford Living that twat lifeUpdate: he was in fact taking the piss. Plus ca change as we posh cunts sayThat’s the last time I offer a choice between almond and soya milkIn today’s episode of being English, a handyman just asked for two spoonfuls of agave nectar as sweetener. Fairly s…
Yep, if your vagina has the power to infect the masses with a deadly airborne disease
Decently sure jabs were mandatory for the vast majority of my education or was I tripping when the school nurse hel… becomes the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for widespread use
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@MattChorley @TimesRadio Bridget Jones’s Empty Diary
In the culture wars The Pogues just dropped an a-bomb far as I’m concerned Christmas was already cancelled @GeorgeGreenwood @billykenber I would love, is for Jürgen Klopp and some of the club’s most senior players, say Jordan Henderson, Mo Salah &…
Retweeted by Harriet Marsden"Visitors will have noticed a raft of changes to deal with the pandemic ... But being transported to a new world is…
Retweeted by Harriet MarsdenA lot of people are going to do whatever the hell they want for Christmas Day, regardless of the danger. That’s jus… @LucyInTheSky22 I’m honestly on tenterhooks waiting for you to finish this season @mortimer_rin @rhiannonlucyc @AliceBG_ @RottenInDenmark Oh my god what is your problem
Yeah see this is what happens when you axe all the good reporters @xtophercook @JonnElledge I am personally offended not to be the first urbanista on your radar @BethRigby @SkyNews In fairness, only knobs go to Oxford Street @tomjrowley @secondmentions closely followed by "Yuletide"Things that are empowering and also oppressive: underwired bras @rhiannonlucyc @AliceBG_ Hahahah this is amazing, and we’re mocking them for not knowing what a Sloane ranger is @rhiannonlucyc @AliceBG_ Haha no you're right I haven't, but I mean that male style of journalism @helenalexlock Hahahah savage @SamMunnery @legsidelizzy Can we also include people who watch stuff on their phones or listen to music WITHOUT EAR… @yngvlgrn I can’t even get guys to read my texts let alone Foucault @hattiehattie Don’t look, bring snacks (something plain like Jacob’s cream crackers), drink much coke and no alcohol afterwardsChicken run voice: They’re organised.... to inform you there is some sort of pigeon conference happening in F park @steamedhamms Mute it all on TwitterThis is excellent advice @ChrisBennion_ Cum from awayWatching the Labour party for the past five years like propose a national pact: let’s all vote GreenIt is a dependable truth in my adult lifetime that no matter how recklessly the Conservatives are laying waste to t… Keir Starmer says he has “taken the decision not to restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn”. Situation will be kept “under review”.
Retweeted by Harriet MarsdenSoftbois online be like @ClareWilsonMed I’ve sort of overdone it on that :S#mutinyofmums @djknowles22 Meh, this is just student 101, do better @Danaiolos And that’s coming from someone who wraps a slice of cured ham around a carrot, dips it in aoili and eats it like a lolly @Danaiolos No offence but I think you should be arrestedIt is only 09:19 and I’m already depressed about how shit homemade lunch is going to be, will I even sit down today… @JulietKinsman Sounds like a case for @juliathelastI’m still laughing at this, I may have actually pulled a muscle laughing
@opinion8ed_dyke Look I’m a human being there are limits @glennebrey Dealers choiceSuccessfully managed a wank over Joe Wicks @KateEGuest If I believed in cancel culture I would want the Cut cancelled for thisNo I’m sorry I need this to go die, there is no coming back from this for The Cut, and I’m not even just talking ab… all my years of reading truly offensively bad tripe I can safely say we have reached peak Utter Shite and it is… anybody told her where her vagina is humbly beg to differ cat is judging you for your terrible takes someone please explain what drug mozzarella is code forSee also: “:..but it is nearly impossible to ignore when the person who used to pluck ingrown hairs from your bikin…“One of the earliest memories I have of Ivanka from before we were friends is when she blamed a fart on a classmate… @patrickkmaguire @MattChorley @timesredbox You... you commissioned Bill Nighy??? @JonnElledge MountbatteneexhaustschenOh amazing, now we can get voice perverts along with picture perverts, what breathy hell will this unleash @Twitter Here’s the thing though: we probably said nah for a good reason @henrywinter Awesome now do one for sportswomen #swotyEveryone: Can we have an edit button and no Nazis? Twitter: Behold, the gift of impermanenceHave we not already conclusively established that Twitter and Instagram don’t play well together, and that neither… need to familiarise yourselves with the screenshot function @JonnElledge It’s ill-conceived Snapchattery. It’s “hello fellow kids” in social media format5,000 words on how Snapchat killed the tasteful nude. StatSnapchat taught an entire generation the false premise of unaccountability and impermanence, also it ruined sexting… byline brag I’m afraid, this time giving my thoughts on why girl power won out in the end at number 10. Tha…
Retweeted by Harriet Marsden @estwebber @timesredbox Outstanding @estwebber @timesredbox This headline should win an award. Cookie for the sub!I've been over and over it in my head* and honestly the best thing I did this year was get my wisdom tooth yanked o… is cancelled
@ChrisPJGodfrey Australia! This is both obvious and obscureHe’s the chancellor of the exchequer and you couldn’t even get a proper chair with a back, Jesus Christ
Coronaspeck is the name of the game @sianharrisonPA Amazing!! As you should be. But what do we do about sore bums please god are there padded pantsWhat fresh hell @Alexk8111 Urgh. The only thing cheeky about Nando’s is how much they think they can charge for crap chicken. This… @Alexk8111 Not sure anyone could ever describe me as bubbly but we live in hopeJust call me Princess Butt ButtSo I guess I am a Cyclist™ now, suddenly have an urge to be very smug and never signal @sw1a0aa Absolute scenes as I flew past my neighbour and shouted for him to bring me back some cheese from the shop… isn't an achievement to most people and also nobody cares, but I just cycled all the way around my park withou… only most breathtaking grifters can reliably jump on someone else's idiocy with a higher level of their ownOJ: Yes Diane Abbott fucked up but what about Hitler? You racistsSuch a joy to publish this brilliant column by @clarebalding in today’s @ST_Sport on women’s football weekend. On o…
Retweeted by Harriet Marsden @patrickkmaguire @TimesRadio GWANNN @stephenkb Did he have to brief out that he was doing a hand grenade, please lord I beg you let that be true @stephenkb I have been practising it in front of a mirror all morning and it still looks like I'm doing a flamenco Olé! @AllieHBNews Exactly! Since when did we all go around throwing conversational hand grenades like it's the awkward turtle of the 2020s?!!The absolute funniest thing about the Dom Cummings had grenade gesture is that you'd actually have to *know* it's m… hammering some hapless nitwit on Brexit is an extremely 2017 vibe and I for one tune in purely to see whether… you won't believe how regularly I say on Slack: "Sorry, that was my cockatiel on the keyboard, I'm not having a stroke"My number 1 political belief is that spads should be allowed to punch MPs and also vice versa, just get all the agg… overriding sense in this piece is of a group of utterly self-serving, disconnected weirdos who weren’t punched…’t work out what is the most ludicrous nickname of this story - mad mullahs, David Koresh, or Princess Nuts Nuts…
Wow imagine being Boris Johnson’s daughter right now @DaniLyn0419 Nudes