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@StealthJT @mattpugs @AudioTechnicaUK @tchelicon Solid mic @AnarionKayto Dual mobo 👌🏼 @MacPenMedia Haven’t had any issues and I’ve been using my 5d as a webcam for almost 3 years.
Saturday stream is.. delayed. Orthrus is mid surgery right now 😎 Maybe tomorrow? I’ll keep you posted. it just me or is it the people who are most vulnerable to Covid who are being the most careless? Haven’t seen a…
@MagiKnightMan @MagiKnightMan Yeah I made a whole video on it.. 🤨 @artumongaming Gasp 😲One day there will be a shared blacklist between game devs. Anyone caught cheating in an online game will be perman… @Nokokopuffs_ Nice try. I hosted you with 976 viewers and you know it.StreamBeats just hit 2 million plays 😬 @cadaver_x @MorganPaigeLove @SamCWoodhall We’re pretty nice, just not to each other ✌🏻 @RyalstOne You might need a ground loop noise isolator. I use 2-3 in my rig on a bunch of aux connections. @Tubadude_25 @The_Hancho @MorganPaigeLove You sound like a whiney, little baby and I’m feeling a strong, instinctua… @RyalstOne Do some troubleshooting. Plug headphones right into the aux connector out of your interface and see if y… @RyalstOne Then hold off. I’ve never used the A50s but I’m pretty sure it’s also analog. The delay might be coming from somewhere else. @RyalstOne It’s entirely analog from mic to headphones. Any latency is going to be sub 10ms @DadBodGG @SamCWoodhall confirm?? @cadaver_x @ytcreators @lilsimsie Same
@Jayy_Kage You’re* but thanks ;)I haven’t seen a single negative comment on my video about my income as a content creator. Sometimes internet peo… @MartinWongPhoto Your poor room mates.. @The_Hancho @MorganPaigeLove I’ve been known to punch the occasional baby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @EnigmaAMC Yep, definitely Ryzen. 100% @EnigmaAMC For streaming? Ryzen. No questions asked. More multithreaded power, lower cost, and not sure what your f… @matthewkheafy @atrox13tv @SykoPlayz @Projectlgd No, that’s always been there. Discoverability won’t be a real thing until they make it easier to browse… @RodraMiss Did you watch it tho? 🤨 @AbardantPilot93 I don’t recommend hashtags like that. I’ve never known anyone to scour the internet looking for sm… @AceLyken @SamCWoodhall Haha, I wrote that 👌🏼 @atrox13tv @SykoPlayz @matthewkheafy **Best friends with @matthewkheafy @ConstantCanada In the discord. There are Dropbox download links @heyglorie @XVLNGHOST @Liight_G Yep, hired a producer. I’m not that talented 😂 @Not_EvanV @elgatogaming @Mortem_Gamer No permission needed. Do whatever you want with it, homie. @deneskosztyuk @SamCWoodhall has one on his channel. Here you go
@TechnoTimLive It won’t be for at least a couple months, my dude 😆Peek* ... twitter edit button when?? @sleepius definitely needs a release with more mid-high energy tracks. First things first, this lo-fi playlist… @AngoStyle Noon 👌🏼Ngl, this Animal Crossing battle royal mode looks absolutely fresh. Most creative take on the genre I’ve seen. @el_malkom Can’t wait to add more music then 👌🏼
@HemsleyKeston @SamCWoodhall Hope you hit them so hard with the banhammer that they felt it over at Mixer @TFretful @GavinFree 😐😐😐 @TheReaLitos GoXLR, absolutely hands down. @brodaci0us How long will you be streaming, bud?
@j7mez1 6:30 PDT, my guy @PowerGPUcom That bpm match tho 😉 @MeelayyB On YouTube? Can you send me a screenshot of the claim, including the claimant? This is the first time som… @Gitanos151 👀👀 @Kendaric_Imahso @Throggy2 You didn’t @ everyone, you’re just not allowed to post links in the general chat. No w… @Spambrah @imp_stout @pironious @SamCWoodhall That’s not how we did it. I hired Sam as an editor with a set rate pe… @Kendaric_Imahso @Throggy2 ..yeah no, yours was for spamming out to the entire server that you’re going live on twi… @avalerbon Pokémon Red.. so much Pokémon Red Thanks homie. Congrats on the improvement. @mattylarusso @Jesmartin96 Y’all gotta stop arguing with this person. I blocked them 2 days ago because they aren’t… @MisterOmega_ Ima be honest with you, I thought you were going to hate my response 😅 big respect for that. I went a… @MisterOmega_ The only way to make progress is to assume you are the problem and try to figure out what needs to ch… @ConstantCanada I like usb for being digital. With line out, there are more variables. You might get some signal in… @Gfroosh1 My Schecter is my baby. Thing plays so smooth.
@EG__c22 もちろん (^-^) @jonathanbcruz1 What are you capturing? @jonathanbcruz1 I’ve never used that card before so I can’t give a solid recommendation. I’ve had a bad experience… @TakeOnMike Thanks for making it worth it, homie. @TakeOnMike @Zekwas1 Haha I meant to send that gif to you but Zekwas magically swiped the reply tweet 😂 @Vraxooo HahahaSome of you never learned to use Google Translate and it shows @Zekwas1 @TakeOnMike @EposVox @Steggy Y tho?ヘンタイ means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. @Jhuderis Dude, it’s inSANE. Just started it yesterday. @TheRetinaGamer You’re insane, dude. I wish I had the time that I’m sure you had to dedicate to developing that skill. Good work. @DaggerT8702 I love that one. It’s so chill. @RavagingSavage @SynrageGaming @Jesmartin96 And if you just want to do it for fun, that’s great. Do your thing. Suc… @RavagingSavage @Jesmartin96 @mattylarusso Yeah, it’s literally never happened. Like most of my videos are the exac… a winner of the PC giveaway today. Enjoy it @Ezrasion. This has been an amazing week since StreamBeats laun… @CafeBrewz Love it. I’m sick of banning the same person over and over for spamming penises in my chat just to have… @gtuckgaming
@FBananapants Right and wrong exist. Saying something is impossible while other people are doing it is objectively incorrect.Btw I’m not hurt by this comment. I’m super grateful for how positive the response to this video has been. This is… seem to forget that I had about 10 viewers a little over a year ago.. It’s possible for anyone. But if you… @Ezrasion Congrats, homie. Enjoy that beast of a PC.Just a reminder. No stream today. Instead, I’m giving away a $2k gaming/streaming PC to celebrate 1M song plays o… @JayzTwoCents @Bulthizarro @TheNobleHex @ImaSnakySnake @YouTube ‘Preciate you, bud 👌🏼 @JayzTwoCents @Bulthizarro @TheNobleHex @ImaSnakySnake @YouTube Yeah guys I really don’t need you to defend me. I o… @SeparatedMiles I’m working on it. Facebook is the only one giving us issues. @Scrappyy101 @Yaankss1 Already unbanned, homie. Links get auto banned to make sure people aren’t turning the community into thei…👀 StreamBeats hit 1M plays today.. 👀 1M plays in 8 days.. That’s absurd. I’m so proud of all of us. Thank you for… @JayzTwoCents @YouTube You know what, that’s fair.
@HemiolaPhunk Is it not supposed to look like that? @Bavo_Knol Appreciate the help. When making videos you have to balance getting every detail right with making the v… @hoodiefiend @ProtoFPS @discordapp @HzrdEyes This is.. beautiful @JayzTwoCents @YouTube Thinking of streaming soon, huh? Hit me up if you need some setup help ✌🏻 @Gregg2G Not a fluke. Still working on this with them. Facebook’s auto-copyright “blocker” is super aggressive and… @GamerMindful Minute of the Forest is one of my favorites.