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@yoshi_sudarso Dang that’s an old video. It did a lot for the start of the channel, though. I’m still super new t… @Warren_T_Bishop That’s facebooks automatic system. It’s super overzealous and they have no way of whitelisting. Th… @GibiOfficial Same
@Doomslayer_PR Weird feelings = best feelingsSometimes I think you guys like StreamBeats more than you like me.. And I don’t hate that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @TwitchWldfyre Oh how the turntables.. @Exstii Totally overkill but awesome. I love having two drastically different povs @JaredDines This tweet is cringe @Clayy_Schroeder SIMPLY DO IT, CLAYPromise me you’ll be at the next oneWe should all be at TwitchCon afterparties right now.. @KristoferYee Bro I was joking. Y u gotta do me like this
@TheMavShow Dolphins are dope as heckBrain is mush Switching to unsocial media for the day. See you guys tomorrow. @RahamimovS Nobody says it’s not important, we were just saying it’s not important for streamers (who are new to au…
@TBNRkenworth Stop dividing by zero @HandlinItGaming no uYo, today’s stream is a charity for Tourette’s Syndrome. I’d love it if you supported just by watching, but any d…
@jadephoenixfire Pretty typical UMG trying to claim other people’s music. Did it give you a time stamp or any indic… @seePyou My nickname from my 3rd grade teacher was the absent minded professor. Daydreaming pays offPeople should daydream more. @jeep_zombie The capture card can’t encode your stream. The only time that encoder actually works is when you’re us…
@Lurn @JFest This was my face for the whole second half of the YouTube video.Here is the only mention of Advanced Pass-Through on their product listing (on Amazon). is an update to EVGA’s big capture card mistake from this morning’s YouTube video @ManYurkanin Dump her @LeirielTV MVP @SamCWoodhall Sorry guys. My fault. #givesamaraise @benstillwell @Tiger_Nemesis How dare you @robbieproducer I still prefer my person lo-fi playlist, lol @nicenswiftly You’re awesome, but go ahead and use it in whatever way is most convenient to you. I’m all good over here. @nicenswiftly Same way any artist gets paid. The streaming platform pays out a tiny amount every time someone plays a songStreamBeats launched 6 months ago and we’re closing in on 100M streams fast. We have to do something dope and kin… @Emzia @msigaming If it’s a 3090 expect me to show up at your door in about 15 hours @TheNorthTrooper @RectWizard @MoreAmor Samelul partnered with SoundCloud less than 6 months ago.. now they are banned off the platform. Not gonna lie, I’… @InkandIron7 It worked.. but I have no idea what song that is lol @koringul Sick, I think I was number 100
@pauldespawn Looks like wholesome to me @StayAwakeGame @Loenrbtw @KristoferYee @sabstea @ElToritoRojo Mutings are automated and they don’t have any kind of whitelist options. It happens with all non-copy…
@theCarlaMarie Oh, those are LIFX Beams. I can’t seem to find them anymore. I think they might be discontinuedleaking the original undoctored footage of @HarrisHeller covering one punch man
Retweeted by Harris Heller @theCarlaMarie These guys? of you have never been an introvert and it shoooowwws @TheMavShow @katestark Is @InkandIron7 See what I did there?Low maintenance friends > @collossuss Yeah, go out of the headphone jack on the mic into the aux input on the headset. Should work in theory. Let me know @stevenspohn A game isn’t dead if you love playing it. It’s a just a weird thing to say in chat, in general. @collossuss That’s not specific to this mic, that latency happens anytime your signal has to be converted to digita…
@lommaern StreamBeats Lofi @MacraeWilliams Plz do Such a wholesome design choice @websta114 Fite me @A1exWo1f_ Hahaha @spinexgg It’s safe from DMCAs everywhere. However, Facebook’s automated system is super aggressive. People get the…
@theRoyBorg 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Congrats! @nbHolidayDoc Oh it’s far from perfect and I’m all for finding solutions to stuff like this. This tweet was just di… @GoldenboyFTW I’m super confused by the responses. Doesn’t SBMM 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘵𝘦𝘤𝘵 casual players? It prevents the casual play… @annafunk @YayKaewynn Did you.. build a room inside a room?? @MrDylanButton1 Wow, so wholesome @PTXofficial @scotthoying Happy late b-day, my guy. Miss you guys a ton. Snuggle that pupper for me.Btw, if you missed it, this was recorded live on stream at StreamBeats’s new head producer, @ry4n_k1ng’s home studio Such a fun stream @augrizzz I record directly to my camera (or in the case of my bmpcc 6k, to the usb-c ssd that’s connected to it)StreamBeats.. Anime? @ry4n_k1ng @scoobydrue Schecter* oof @MrPriceless14 Facebook’s automated music protection system is super overzealous. I have a conversation with them a… @vonspriggan Not currently looking for artists at the moment but send some tracks my way, homie. Reply to this with a Spotify linkYo @Ninja, glad you liked the StreamBeats Lemme know if you’ve got any feedback 👌🏼
Forgot this. Ima pro streamer today coming from the temporary StreamBeats Studio Makin music with @ry4n_k1ng @Steggy @Charalanahzard That sounded meaner than I intended @Steggy @Charalanahzard This is why Kenzie calls you Spaghetti Well, that and not being able to remember your name @seriouslyclara Yeah.. I use my wife’s.. It’s amazing @itsLMND @SamCWoodhall @TwitchWldfyre Oh sick!The most challenging part of Among Us is having 9 friends
@Ossy_Pix_Az Ngl, she looks like she knows @royzoga So wholesome @_DomGaming @rajivdhall Brb, copyright striking you for singing my theme song @Lewna_Tsuki @That1JakeGuy SameStreamBeats is also safe on Twitter.. Js ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @lyrics4n You didn’t have to do that to him..
@FoxezNSoxez I swear if you hit that no button you will RUE the day! @madeyewlook I feel like this one would be worse me something more stressful than being in your underwear and realizing the FedEx dude needs a signature. You cant. @Brettinabox This sentence is a train wreck 😂 @Ryan_Ryalst @JayzTwoCents Your bar is too high. I wish people understood the difference between your and you’re.
@ThisRandomDad When I used the c920 I wasn’t able to import it into NVIDIA Broadcast AND into obs as separate sourc… Samsung Z Fold 2 just landed at my doorstep (I think). You guys down to unbox it on stream? @EposVox @robertoblake @NVIDIAGeForce I share the BEST links @EposVox @NVIDIAGeForce @EposVox @NVIDIAGeForce I’m just gonna leave this here lul sex is great but have you ever, like, flipped your pillow?