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Son of a single mom. Proud husband & father. Lover of @Marvel, @Bojangles, and fighting for working folks in South Carolina. Former candidate for US Senate.

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Running for office is hard, but it can be particularly difficult for young families. I want to thank @TIDEVINE an…
Yup I started playing Christmas music this morning! I can listen to this Charlie Brown Christmas CD all year aroun… has been challenging for so many reasons, yet we stay hopeful and thankful. As we gather (virtually) with f…
Dirt Road PAC is about investing all across the country, and electing candidates that understand and represent thei… @SteveBenjaminSC Thx Mr. Mayor!!If you’re on board, I hope you’ll split a donation between the amazing candidates in Georgia, @GeorgiaDemocrat, and… work begins now, with the Georgia Senate runoff elections. It’s critical that we elect @ossoff and…’m so proud of the movement we built in SC. We brought hope back, and moved one step closer to a New South. Now,…’m making a big announcement on @Morning_Joe this morning — tune in!
#BuildBackBetter to Shuwanza Goff! The first Black woman to serve as Floor Director in House leadership will lead H…’m overjoyed to learn that my Yale classmate and friend Jake Sullivan will serve as the nation’s next National Sec…
When we go everywhere and listen to everyone, we will win. Even in the South. And @staceyabrams is proving it agai…
Happy Birthday to our President -Elect @JoeBiden !!! praying for you and Susan! Folks, please think of your loved ones and do all that you can do to stay safe…
Well bless your hearts...
Congratulations on your leadership re-election @WhipClyburn !!! We appreciate all you do for SC and the nation! @dawnstaley @GamecockWBB On it!!!!
#BuildBackBetter you knowingly buy rotten apples, you shouldn’t be surprised to find worms. SC and the nation deserved so muc… VIDEO: #AmericaNeedsGeorgia TURN VOLUME UP!! With @Jeff_Daniels and the amazing @THORNETTAD REAL CHANGE beg…
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“Graham also asked whether Raffensperger had the power to toss all mail ballots in counties found to have higher ra… is disgusting, sickening and criminal! This is exactly what I talked about for 2 years.... folks like Linds… @joshuasilas Dude I stay focus. Haha! In this camp we can chew gum and walk at the same time. Plus don’t mess with my football!Well... told ya about somebody else too but I’ll leave that one alone (for now)! 😉
Proud of my friend and brother @claynmiddleton ! He is a true public servant! @rolandsmartin Happy Birthday my friend!
If you have never worked in politics but are interested in understanding how to navigate the Capitol Hill and DC...… those folks interested in working in the Biden/Harris administration.... #BidenHarris2020Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating today! Wishing you Joy and Prosperity! #HappyDiwali2020
Congrats to my friends @NikemaWilliams @hoganscott18 @staceyabrams and members of @GeorgiaDemocrat ! We are proud… her appointment, Kelly Loeffler has only been looking out for one person...herself.
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonFolks, #TeamJaime is still in the fight! In the last week we’ve raised over $450,000 for the Georgia Senate runoff… learn something new everyday. This is such an Interesting article. folks!!! Please #FOCUS
@gregpmiller @BarackObama @LaurenUnderwood Congratulations my friend!.@RonaldKlain congratulations! Well deserved! #BidenTransition #BidenHarris2020
@alexandergrupp Tell that to the towns where their hospitals closed. Tell that to the students who live in communi…, thank you for pouring your heart and soul into an effort to bring hope back to SC! Rome wasn’t built in a… #VeteransDay, let’s continue to honor the sacrifices of our veterans—like my uncles Willie and Jimmy and my go…
Congrats to my friend Senator @CoryBooker for his election to Senate Democratic Leadership- Vice Chair of the Democ… to Lindsey’s new election rules you don’t have to be responsible in taking the L just claim non-existent…
When it became clear I wasn't going to be successful, I immediately called Senator Graham and congratulated him. D… @rubydeuxdetroit Already doing that! :-)I’m so close to setting up a fundraising effort to buy out Muschamp’s contract! Jeez! Dude has got to go!… now have a POTUS-Elect in @JoeBiden & a VP-Elect in @KamalaHarris ! They now need a majority in the US Senate!… @GlynnDems @ReverendWarnock @ossoff Already helping!
Let us not forget the role that my political dad @ClyburnSC06 played to get to this historic day! Congratulation… @claynmiddleton @Kcorleysc Amen! One of the best operatives in the nation! Congrats Kendall!Kindness and civility return to the White House! #bidenharis2020 to President Elect @JoeBiden and Vice President Elect @KamalaHarris ! Your election brings hope ba…
We fall down but we get up! 1.1 million South Carolinians stood up. Now let’s get back to work! We see you GA! 👀 @RevDrBarber Thank you Rev!
@BusyPhilipps Thanks for everything Busy!Folks please join me in sending a contribution to my good friend @ReverendWarnock ! Ready Georgia. Round 2. January 5, 2021.
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Received a thoughtful call from @JoeBiden last night to congratulate us on a race built on hope! His words and gest… didn't get the result at the ballot box that we wanted, but we showed courage and determination. We brought hope… polls are now closed, but if you are in line, STAY IN LINE! You are entitled to vote. We need every last one…
Got to talk to folks in line around the Pee Dee today. Stay in line, y’all. We need every vote we can get. @planetgreen2019 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾 Together, we will! @SensualGemss @ClyburnSC06 Whoo! Thank you for your vote. Go team! @wadingtoexhale @JoeCunninghamSC Thank you for your vote! Go team! @cjwibel Whoo! Thank you for your vote! Make sure to check your polling location here: @fitfaves Thank you for your vote 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾 Let’s do this! @gamelin_m @AC360 Whoo! Thank you for your vote! Let’s do this. @kerrin_marie154 Whoo! Thank you for your vote! Let’s do this 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾 Make sure to check your polling place here: @SanMurr Thank you for your support! Go team! @malcolmxrandal 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾 Let’s do this! Thank you for your support.It may be my name on the ballot, but this election was always about standing up for the people of South Carolina. I… County is out in force to vote today! This is what democracy is all about! #vote matters! Before you head out to the polls today, be sure you have your #electionday starter pack: 😷 mas…
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonMy grandparents raised me. One of the most meaningful experiences of my life was casting my vote for myself with my… @GCobbHunter Thank you!! You started me on this journey when I was 16 and I’m so appreciative!Some key information for voting today: - Visit to find your polling place. - If you have A… aren't going to bring hope back to South Carolina. We already did.’s Election Day and the polls are open. Victory is ours for the taking, South Carolina. Let’s take it. @ZackCarroll @cspain1920 @Zach_C_Amos @TravRobertson Such a tremendous team! Thank you!Just finished my last rally in my hometown of Orangeburg, we make history. Rest up tonight and get ready, y’all. family has my whole heart. There is no chance I would be standing on this stage tonight if it weren’t for Marie…
Growing up in this town, we didn’t have much. I never imagined a homecoming like this. Only in America.’s a chilly fall evening here in Orangeburg, but the crowd for our last drive-in rally is electric. Tonight, we’r… Last Drive-In Rally of the Campaign in Orangeburg! Carolina's motto is "While I breathe, I hope." But, until the polls close tomorrow, we are changing that mot… is a big one for me, folks. Tonight, join us for our final drive-in rally of the election in my hometown of Or… election will come down to a handful of votes, and we need the resources to make sure every 👏 vote 👏 is 👏 coun… I said on @AC360 last night, ballots are being TOSSED OUT in South Carolina. This is voter disenfranchisement,… job's not finished, y'all. Keep going.
The job’s not finished until we #SendLindseyHome. Made a last minute stop in Summerville on the way home tonight! today in Moncks Corner. We haven't done much traditional campaigning because of COVID, but after a few days… @JoeCunninghamSC decided to run last cycle, folks told him the same thing I heard when I wanted to get into th… on the road and proud to stand in the Lowcountry with my mentor and forever boss, @ClyburnSC06. Keep making c… @thecarltodd @PalmerReport Thank you for your vote! You can check the status of your ballot here: @FungaiChiposi @VanJones68 @LindseyGrahamSC @StephenAtHome @colbertlateshow 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾 Together, I believe we will! @HopeGreen37 @LindseyGrahamSC Amazing! Thank you for your vote. Go team! @MarinaPan08 @Oprah Thank you for your vote! Together, we can do this 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾 @CurmudgeonCD21 Thank you for your support! 3 more days; let’s do this!