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Son of a single mom. Born and raised in Orangeburg, SC. Fighting for working people. Running for US Senate to #SendLindseyHome. Text JOIN to 43100 to join us.

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It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican. This is about South Carolina's future — and we're going to… (But we need your help → proud and happy to support my friend @richardforsc !!! SC needs more visionary leadership in Columbia!!! @composthappened @StayHomeAmerica Hey! Send us a DM with your phone number and we can get you signed up! @evasmom6988 @naretevduorp @joncoopertweets @GeorgeWill @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump ☺️Justice John Paul Stevens was a fierce advocate for everyday Americans on the Supreme Court. He fought for the leas… hospitals are closing and our kids are saddled with thousands of dollars of student loan debt. South Carolinian… on @chrislhayes right now! Tune in and join our movement to #SendLindseyHome👇🏿
A midnight encounter in the U.S. Capitol Building showed me what this election is all about: giving HOPE to people… @KNBsparkle Happy Birthday!!"Donald Trump is a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. He doesn't represent my party. He doesn't represents…
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonIf today's news tells us anything, it's time for fresh leadership here in South Carolina. With your help, we can…
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Congrats to 3 great SC Dems!’m so grateful to my grassroots supporters for the unwavering support ! But @eyeofthegoddess this is absolutely am… @eyeofthegoddess @Geechie4Kamala @MarciajResister Oh wow!!!! This is amazing!He's not the person I used to know either, @MeghanMcCain. It's time for this "Lindsey Graham 2.0" to go. He's no lo… this? What a difference 3 years makes. It's time to #SendLindseyHome. Pitch in NOW to bring leadership w… today's news tells us anything, it's time for fresh leadership here in South Carolina. With your help, we can… @realDonaldTrump @LindseyGrahamSC #SendLindseyHome ➡️ can donate to @harrisonjaime here:
Retweeted by Jaime Harrison"Donald Trump is a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. He doesn't represent my party. He doesn't represents…
We have laws but we also have hearts. It’s time for fresh leadership to bring back basic humanity to our enforcemen… do care, Senator Graham. And your apathy is disgusting. These are children and families seeking a better life. Th…
VP Pence and @LindseyGrahamSC have seen the atrocity first-hand, and done nothing. Character matters, values matter… faith teaches me: “The stranger who lives as a foreigner with you shall be to you as the native-born among you,… and unacceptable. These are folks looking for a better life for themselves and their families. We can…, Twitter! I once again would like to use your powers for good! Last year, with the help of @HoarseWisperer and a…
Retweeted by Jaime Harrison @rorosaunt Soon!!! Thank you!!!
Susan Collins just teamed up with Trump-favorite Lindsey Graham to raise BIG money to spend against us.…
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonHappy Birthday to the amazing @MPowersNorrell !!! Thank you for your friendship and for all you do for the state!Lindsey Graham just started working with Susan Collins to raise big money to defeat me and @SaraGideonME. But we're… my friends outside of SC you may be a little confused by the tweet... those of us in the state know exactly what I’m referring to.Let’s learn from the mistakes of others- NC has historically had one of the best higher ed systems in the nation. R…
Help #SendLindseyHome! Apply for our internship >> is crushing it! Meet one of our kick-ass new interns, Stella 👇🏿 @NikkiHaley @hboydbrown He he... y’all are funny! 😊With all due respect, these comments should be repudiated and shunned by all parties. @TreasurerLoftis’ reference t…
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@tangentsafari YES WE WILL!When I’m Senator, I will fight every day to make sure all communities have clean and safe drinking water, we prohib… it's about protecting our South Carolina coastline. While Senator Graham's working on a better PR strategy for…’s about safe, clean, drinking water. 41 small utilities in South Carolina have exceeded lead levels. The people… the environment isn't about improving your image or winning an election. @KassandraSeven @DeVos1990 Thx @TrishMayhorn1 Haha... thx! Black man blushing... ☺️
Help! We can't decide! Vote for your fave and keep an eye out for our new merch 👉🏿 violence against children is one of the most horrific and vile crimes and must be prosecuted to the fullest… is a true testament to the vibrancy of the American Dream! In this country, regardless of your back… you, @ericswalwell. Every day, 100 Americans are killed by guns. We all must follow your lead and work to fin…
Say it louder for the people in the back: 📢 NO OFFSHORE DRILLING IN SOUTH CAROLINA 📢 Proud to have joined hundreds… also made a killer Low Country Boil over the weekend! Used *almost* all local ingredients... 🌽🥔🍤 (Shrimp… Wars fate ➡️ frozen in carbonite by Jar Jar Binks... Real life fate ➡️ sent Lindsey Graham home, fight for S…
What we do here in South Carolina over the next 5 years will determine our future for the next 50. Can you chip i… to our consecutive world champions! Now #PayThem !!!
@RoxEK1954 @Lakers Probably one of the old ads... will make sure that is pulled. @RoxEK1954 @Lakers I announced on May 29th...Yup! Go @Lakers !! #LakersNation #LakeShow
@taylorjeannesea I know folks from Orangeburg have to always help y’all but here ya go... “Shortcake is breadier -…’m victorious!! Defeated ⁦@EvidenceProf⁩ at Quiddler! #4thofJuly In 2015, I had an opportunity to sit down with @harrisonjaime on #ChairChats . Great conversation about life,…
Retweeted by Jaime Harrison @AngelaKouters @ziekster We have a cheddar chive biscuit recipe that is amazing!!! @BluesRoyals I didn’t show you all of the vanilla bean ice cream That I added after the picture... 🤫☺️ @DemDivaCooks Yummy!So we had storms that disrupted my grilling but they did not stop me from making one of my #4thofJuly favorites...…
Absolutely incredible listening to @harrisonjaime tonight. Such a powerful message filled with hope! He’s what our…
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonThe #4thofJuly seems like a good day to finally end the debate: a hotdog is NOT a sandwich. 🌭🌭Ms. Bookie taught me about the value of hard work and to believe in the American Dream. 🇺🇸 I was a poor kid in Or… #FourthofJuly — and Happy Birthday to my grandma, Ms. Bookie! 🎂 The story of why I call her Ms. Bookie take… @PhilBaileySC Haha!!!
@mentnelson I can’t wait to meet you! You and your artwork epitomize the immense talent and greatness of South Carolina.Wow! This amazing!!! @mentnelson this is great! of former Washington Interns are now weeping... 😭 candidates for Senate across the map have been crushing it on Q2 fundraising, with strong online & grassroots s…
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonI'm joining @HallieJackson on @MSNBC this morning at 10:30 ET ⏰ to talk about the energy and momentum we're feeling… @QuintinOnCamera Looking forward to updating our interview Quintin!
.@harrisonjaime has broken the record for the most money ever raised by a Democratic Senate challenger in South Car…
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonOur average donation last quarter was only $26 because folks like you chipped in to help #SendLindseyHome and fight…'m taking a quick break from thank you notes (👀 that giant stack of letters) to thank all of YOU. Over 42,000 folk… @bradyqg #SendLindseyHome 😁👍🏾
July 4th my Father will be turning 95! he is a WW2 veteran, we are trying to get 95 people to send him a birthday c…
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonWE MADE IT 🥳 with 49 minutes to spare! Cannot thank #TeamJaime enough for all of your incredible support this wee… @Maggiemclean35 @LindseyGrahamSC Thank you! @Charlie24492595 @petro21805 @ChalieFor @Chas10Buttigieg @amyklobuchar Done!Hands up if you're ready to #SendLindseyHome 🙌🏿 🙌🏾 🙌🏻 We've got *3 HOURS* until our first major fundraising deadl…
Can you chip in before MIDNIGHT to help us get to our $100k goal? → Carolina needs a leader who will fight on behalf of working families for better health care & schools—I'm exc…
Retweeted by Jaime Harrison @5thGenCaliNativ Definitely understand and appreciate the support... do it when best for you and your family! Really appreciate the support!I’m in! Will you help?
Retweeted by Jaime HarrisonWe got *SO CLOSE* to our goal last night, but we're not quite there! Midnight tonight is our first big financial… a night, team! We blasted past 🚀 our initial goal, and set a twitter record! I can't do this without you, an… hour to go, and we just crunched the numbers... ⏰ This grassroots movement won't 👏🏿 quit 👏🏿 and we are *SO CLOS… about @harrisonjaime & his incredible story. He is running against Lindsay Graham.
Retweeted by Jaime Harrison @dwhitti7771 We have lacked visionary leadership that could help give those young folks reasons to come back. It i…'all are insane! We just hit our $75k goal!!💥 Thank you thank you thank you. We have *two* more hours until midn… @douglaskeane YES!!!!And that's my story. I’m ready to fight if you are. 💪🏿 Together, we’ll stand up for working families, our healthc… @twit6615 incredible. I cannot thank you enough. *This* is how we build a grassroots movement to help the working…