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"Created in divine image, you + me I am God’s selfie and you are the best angle we are an infinite attempt at some…
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This program offers free therapy vouchers to Black women and girls and coordinates access to care with Therapy for…
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Retweeted by harron walkerg/o media laid of several employees during a pandemic and then declined to extend cobra benefits. we shouldn't be i…
Retweeted by harron walkerMatched. Can anyone match my $50 to the Louisville bail fund pwease!
Retweeted by harron walkermatched! who wants to match me?
Retweeted by harron walkerOne World is giving away ten proofs of DETRANSITION, BABY through goodreads!
Retweeted by harron walkerFor the people protesting tonight, here’s a resource on how to protect yourself from being tracked and recognized b…
Retweeted by harron walkerMatched. Who will match me?
Retweeted by harron walkerMatched. Can anyone match my 50$ to the Louisville bail fund?
Retweeted by harron walkerRashida is still raising money, and still far from her goal. Please donate and share!
Retweeted by harron walkerthat whole thread because she has 100 more followers than himmatched! can anyone else match my 50$?
Retweeted by harron walkerMatched. Anyone wanna match my $50 to Louisville bail? Link:
Retweeted by harron walkermatched. can anyone match my $50 to the louisville bail fund? 7 pm.
Retweeted by harron walker @communoah have they never been scolded by a manager for not looking “happy to be here”? have they simply never wor…’s been weird watching myself become one of those Women Who Left Journalism but 🤷🏻‍♀️read this when i woke up and it’s kind of just been haunting my whole day“What can we expect from a Biden/Harris presidency?”
Retweeted by harron walkerdo men know that womenso interesting, this trend of having celebrities interview other celebrities instead of paying professional writers…
Retweeted by harron walker @ztsamudzi think i figured out why he’s really mad actually the funniest part is that the teenagers driving this don’t understand that 25 and 29 are basically the same age
Retweeted by harron walker @ztsamudzi don’t bother lolalexa demie watching martin luther nail his ninety five theses to the door of all saints church's stop posting pics of the horribly transphobic t-shirts and coasters and instead hire my ass to write for your…
Retweeted by harron walkerWithout downloading new pics, reply with a video/pic of what it looks like dating you @josephlongo_ mom is wrong @saintknives 🥳 @draculavoice that’s what happens @Michete @degendering thank youI’m low key.... so proud of what I’m making for this show omg ;___; come celebrate the divas latinas this Thursday…
Retweeted by harron walkerthinking about how american idol invented being a simon paula or randy
Retweeted by harron walker @estradiol420 Wonderfullive through this
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Retweeted by harron walker @antimytheme just screaming “no!” over and over at my phone @antimytheme bake for seven timebears @antimytheme a bear of honey @antimytheme or bear as unit @offbeatorbit attention all enfranchised eight year oldsthis is next door to a whole foods and amazon's carbon footprint grew 15% this year... the call is coming from insi…
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@emializh all of themDid you know that there’s a PAPER shortage affecting publishing which is exacerbated by the publication of the Oba…
Retweeted by harron walkerI believe that life is so sacred. Black trans women's lives are so sacred. So please share, donate and tell your fr…
Retweeted by harron walker @lenaruthsolow i’m done forqueering queerness by not being queer
Retweeted by harron walkerliterally every service plaza i stop at i’m like “i think i’ve been to this one before”Hi, I'm really struggling with rent & bills this month. I'm a queer brown writer who freelances full-time (partiall…
Retweeted by harron walker @oliver__online wait stop @9BillionTigers 1. got me again 2. dealCeyenne Doroshow: "I find myself amazed and confused" - i-D
Retweeted by harron walker @degendering how do i comfort you while asking for their @‘s @SatansJacuzzi @june_lastname !
@supermattachine @antimytheme 🤙🏻feel like shit just want him back
Retweeted by harron walker @tom4tmr 😍 @TyMitchellxo she’s KILLING eve?? @TyMitchellxo she’s killing her, eve @emilyvdw @ArdenPod Bahahaha notedmore sex less genocidal murder please 🤗
Retweeted by harron walker @mckenziewark same, with "i live in a house with a door" a close secondmade me think about IS CANCELLED
Retweeted by harron walker @_grendan new yorkers We Both Laughed in Pleasure: The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan, ed. ellis martin + zach ozma red dragonfly landed on lou sullivan 😭driving 8-10 hours tomorrow what are some multi-ep narrative podcasts i could listen to (that aren’t s town or nice… @TamingofdeSchuh 👁👄👁cats invented showing hole
Retweeted by harron walker @antimytheme we all have needs 😪!!!!!!!!! trans man of color + his family need money for groceries!!!! venmo @/cbarajas321 pls RT if you cant don…
Retweeted by harron walkerused to be used to gross out your sister or shame rosie o’donnell on live tv, now it’s simply funthe destigmatization of slime is underdiscussed @jourdayen i'm losing my mind @erinisaway yesthat's enough feminism for todaywomen are either good or bad. and this woman? was good. @melissagira thanks for writing something that went beyond "was she good or bad"! wish i could say the same for the times @Muna_Mire this is the first thing i read today
Retweeted by harron walkerhi please boost & donate if you can this fund is going towards starting hrt, laser hair removal, document changes,…
Retweeted by harron walkerI saw Goody Proctor posting cringe
Retweeted by harron walker @jordaanblok killing eve @saintknives omg @vivafalastin many (7) people are saying thisready boots? start walking! @TheGayChingy wait are you fucking kidding mecw: violence against trans person . . . . . . . . . organizers just told me Tay Tay was shot last night—she’s alive…
Retweeted by harron walkerTifah is a Black Indonesian nonbinary person who is in need of funds to secure housing & their education. They prot…
Retweeted by harron walkerg4 needs hosts. as it happens, i'm a host! @G4TV please enjoy my my audition for #G4NeedsTalent.
Retweeted by harron walker @estradiol420 love you babe @mckenziewark wowowowowow
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