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yes @fuckitlwt he didn’t ??? i thought he played the new songs back to backthe audience needs to know📱”When people used to ask what I’d see myself doing in 10 years, I didn’t imagine I would be carving a pumpkin in f…
Retweeted by irene @flickerlightsup best friends 😌he really said “veerle from twitter u know I love you right” BITCH I LOVE YOU MORE
Retweeted by ireneharry’s livestream will be at 2 am i hate it here @HSHQ @iHeartRadio yes !!! my brand 🎄 when harry sings lights up during the special christmas livestream’m not like the other girls doing a livestream in his home and singing his hits and crhistmas songs at least 2020 is gonna end on a good notechristmas really is the most wonderful time of the year 🎄 way harry really might be doing a livestream but no one believes it yet we’ve been fed too many liesharry will finally be doing a live and sing christmas songs i’m 🥺🎄✨is this an actual live thing or prerecorded from last year cause i don’t believe anything until hshq posts it complete collection of harry styles’ bad songs
Retweeted by irenei know it's illegal but someone leak the demo happens, tour will happen before we get the watermelon sugar vinyls anyway.
Retweeted by ireneSO PROUD OF YOU!!! @LiamPayne @dixiedamelio Naughty List is on repeat since midnight! This song is amazing ❤️
Retweeted by ireneone thing by one direction people’s lives, bodies, souls and voices are sacred and beloved. Queer love should be celebrated at all t…
Retweeted by irene @bedroomflicker i made this a sticker on whatsapp @LiamPayne @dixiedamelio christmas came early 😌🎄the christmas season has officially started in this household
the possibility he could've been trying the filter on the toilet is sending me tbh content i'm still on social media for @NiallOfficial @RikkeS88 the audience needs to know what your favourite song of his new album is?that was something else 3 years since i camped for harry’s london show and ended up second row for muna and party at the back for har… 3 years since i saw harry in london 🥺
Retweeted by irene’s such a power move for liam to have a collab with a tiktok influenceri mean she duetted the video while i was just chilling’t he talented tomlinson king of listening to his fans @NarrysMedicine_ was begonnen met 6 en toen bedacht ik me toch en nu zijn het er maar 4🚩| Louis’ merch team will be expanding their shipping locations to include South America and India within the next…
Retweeted by irene @joolieentje niceeee @Emmi________ i got it at a hobby store here in the netherlands and same only working with a different palette caus… on my alternative harry cardigan with a view 🥺 billowy shirt he wore? Those floral trousers? Steven Stokey Daley is the brilliant designer behind the best lo…
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📝| “Harry Lambert [...] did a call out for students for an editorial [...] He replied saying that I wasn’t right fo…
Retweeted by irene @hs_habit i think they might keep NA like that and maybe add SA after that. then AUS, asia and maybe eu as the last leg. @fireawaytiena gefeliciteerd!!!gonna buy a fish tomorrow @CAR0LINAKISSY it’s the “as much as i like harry styles” for meI miss all of this more than I can even explain
Retweeted by irene @harrysenigma @ladygaga 👏👏👏ABORTION IS BASIC HEALTH CARE! ⚡️ Today I waved both my pride flag for those who can’t and a poster inspired by one…
Retweeted by irenenever thought i would say this but i truly miss queuing for a concert and camp out with people that i don’t know bu… @Louis_Tomlinson Morocco, Egypt, South-Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, India to name a few 😊
Retweeted by irene @TeamLouisNews @wallschelsi @LTHQOfficial I'll get more info on this ASAP. Anywhere else?
Retweeted by irene @bebeslouis wow okay thenthe way i was talking about how they needed to do black hoodies with the red walls writings on the back a few days… MERCH! Available for a limited time only. Lyric drop two.
Retweeted by irenehonestly my thoughts and i don’t have a shrine just a lot of fine line copies laying around and the amount is quite… up . but english isn’t my first language and no one asked in the first place so we’re’s the “i’m devastated that we missed each other” and the “so sorry we missed each other” but also the “p.s. i fe… think this might be my favourite fan encounter that wasn’t actually a fan encounter with harry like i’m genuinely…
Retweeted by irenewatch me tidy my appartement every day just in case harry’s car breaks down right in front of it and he needs somet…’m gonna tattoo the p.s. i fed the fish on my foreheadp.s. i fed the fish fed a fish a while ago harry was feeding a fish update 2011 with this account 🗿 flashback
Retweeted by irene @NiallOfficial hoping for the best but expecting the worstKerstoutfit nodig? In de @ZiggoDome shop verkopen ze nu One Direction merch items, waaronder deze kerst trui.…
Retweeted by irene🚨 Harries opgelet! @Harry_Styles staat vandaag met zijn nieuwe muziekvideo voor #Golden in de Trending 5. Vanmiddag om 17:00 op XITE!
Retweeted by irene @harrysenigma i can confirm @louismyjoy this whole thread is a bunch of theories put together. harry has a lot more control over what he does than people think he does.thank you liam for feeding my love for christmas with yet another song 🎄 @tpoglouis really depends on the movie !i know it wouldn’t take long but 36 days ??? that’s fast one is for you @Ashton5SOS @Luke5SOS
Retweeted by irenezayn could literally sing any song and still sound great @almimighty yes
i'm harry using gold detectors in music videos BESIDES golden
Retweeted by ireneI voted with kindness in July. Twice. Kindness lost. 3 months later we have a revolution that is starting to look l…
Retweeted by irenethinking things @folkwhoreharry i’m gonna laugh and not cry about how much i miss those days, even the rats sleeping outside with all of usAfter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
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Retweeted by ireneAfter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… WITH KINDNESS
Retweeted by irene @KoneruKFab 👏After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Retweeted by irene @hs_habit same time but make it 2022 @jefezoff hi jeff where are the golden vinyls
Retweeted by ireneThanks @Harry_Styles, you’re #golden. We should all vote with kindness. @TheHarryNews
Retweeted by irene @sunflowervol1d love this ! VOTE WITH KINDNESS
Retweeted by irene @MarlaUpdates i love dashDash the model here to tell you all to go out and #votewithkindess ♥️
Retweeted by irene @dependonIou no liesIf you’re 18+ and eligible to vote in America... please use your voice and VOTE.
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