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It’s laughing then crying for me 😂😂😂😂😂 your parking fines. @StunnaMontana @chriswifty @Hasz_Olami Bro for sure Ramadan will be done. We go do big stage abi? @PrinceNoNation @EllzNoNation 🇹🇷 @PrinceNoNation @EllzNoNation Both of you always had a good vision. DAY NEW JORDY 🍒 CHERRY B OUT NOW!! PRODUCED BY @iamnewmachine
Retweeted by Harry Pinero @_NOMICS 😂😂😂😂 @FlexUTD with sense know it wasn’t you Paul. Lose Mourinho will answer for his war crimes one day. - missed drugs test - 8 months Sturridge - betting - 4 months Barton - betting - 18 months Townsend - bett…
Retweeted by Harry PineroThe good, the bad and the ugly You decide who is who on The Zac Djellab Show! Live now:
Retweeted by Harry PineroAppetite is garn, I can’t even go for a second round of food 😭
@SPARENO1BOOST Lost a real one 🤲🏿Arsenal vs Man Utd in the Europa league final would be the greatest and worst day on football Twitter for either fans. @poetscorneruk That’s my hero he can do what he wants 😂Paul Pogba x Edison CavaniHow much they pay? @DAMNSHAQ My slime 💚SERIOUS MONEY TALK!!!! NEW FILTHY @ FIVE - @specsgonzalez @MargsMT @harrypinero
Retweeted by Harry PineroThis week's @Filthy_Fellas Filthy @ Five episode 😂 The best organized, unorganized shitshow masterclass performanc…
Retweeted by Harry Pinero @DAMNSHAQ @jordyinit @zeroshub_ 😭😭😭Henrie, Maya & Elz 👏🏿 @jordyinit @zeroshub_ My boy has changed 😅Me and Giroud casually doing keepy ups today. Yeah man this life is lovely. Alhamdulillah 🤲🏿 @TegoSigel @Savage_Dan_ I think that’s what it was lol @Savage_Dan_ @TegoSigel Honestly I don’t know what happened 😂 @Corey_jamesx Canny believe it 😅Double homicide is actually wild man.Chuckie has to be one of the strongest interviewers in the podcast world. Top top interviewer. Any young presenter…
Retweeted by Harry PineroWe gotta make noise again. St Vincent needs out help because yet again the biased media aren’t making the world awa…
Yeah game’s gone. it’s time to sell.Emre Can causing Dortmund problems yet again.Liverpool should be level. @NicoleHolliday Mandatory!Pep not starting Sterling is brave imo.Jude Bellingham.😂 😂 more than half this shit ain't making the edit but this has been a hilarious afternoon @Filthy_Fellas
Retweeted by Harry PineroDay 2 ✅ Alhamdulillah. @sajkebab @Filthy_Fellas I mean you could say that 🤔Recorded my most unserious episode of @Filthy_Fellas ever today. We are sick 😂😂 @poetscorneruk @Whitb_xx Poet it’s outrageous @Whitb_xx Nah how can she say sorry after 😭 @TomMoutchi Would make my year you know Tom.Can someone just give me the black Off-White AF1’s please?!🥺🤲🏿 @FazeMiyake I’ll be honest Brighton was the worst one, i done you a favour. Have great day too bro! @FazeMiyake 😂😂Tip for non Muslims: Please don’t say you feel bad for us because we are fasting. Ramadan is a sacred and blessed m…
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@AdamJSmithy Can’t compare to anything Smithy! @crazzzyyyguyyy You know 😅PSG ain’t good man.That feeling of your child smiling when they wake up and your the first thing they see. Priceless.Oi Skribz 😂😂 chose maximum violence tonight. is RUDE! @anxxxiia I could say the same, got tired towards iftar but we go again! @OfficialSkribz How he is doing this is baffling me.How was Day 1 of Ramadan for you guys?🚨 HUGE UPDATE INCOMING🚨 Joining @AlexScott on the 27th of April as co-presenter of the #LFA21 is social media sen…
Retweeted by Harry PineroBoxer and author @Lawrence_tko and entertainer/content creator @harrypinero join us live on April 20th!🙌 Tune in t…
Retweeted by Harry PineroRamadan Mubarak my brothers and sisters, may Allah gives us strength to complete this blessed month of Ramadan! ❤️🤲🏿
Star Gyal
That shootout was BRAZY! #LineOfDutyBeautiful goal from Arsenal.Just before Ramadan, it is well 🤲🏿 @_NOMICS Roy geh sense.BACKSTRAP TUH BUMBASEEED! 😂😂 add the excellence of Paul Labile Pogba to modules for schools.POGBA BALLED OUT. NDOM IS LIL BRO TO HIM.
Retweeted by Harry PineroGame done, what’s everyone on? #21IsComingFrederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos i’m sorry, my emotions got the best of me. @FlexUTD I screamed. @TundzLegendary Can you imagine Harry Kane up front.Honourable mention to Gunwood, first time pin point delivery for El Matrador.EDISON FUCKING CAVANI! @StevoTheMadMan 😂😂That was a MASSIVE save from Hendo.Oh get out Stevo 💤 believe i’m the jinx of Man United. @buckotb Buck you never comment on my tweets 😂Hahahaha and he scores 😂😂😂 is from Burkina Faso about Brazil.Players heads have gone, Ole needs to use that as momentum for the second half.Pogba is honestly out of this world. @InceHernandez Happy birthday brother 👊🏿David Moyes > Pep Guardiola @temzclipstar Bruv it’s mad 😂Come United with him when the seasons over, i’ll cover travel expenses. Keane and Micah Richards were excellent signings from Sky. @_Mitch_1 Bro he was in prime form 😅I don’t think a player has single handedly won a league like van Persie did for United. @_NOMICS Skated 🏄‍♂️Dave - Titanium
@officialAvelino our convo today‘ PANDEMIC ‘ OUT ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS !!!
Retweeted by Harry PineroWhen it was a just a dream getting on!I Remember X coming to find me on d-block in the county pen and asking me was…
Retweeted by Harry Pinero“According to my sources…HERE WE GO!” @FabrizioRomano reveals the truth behind the internet’s BIGGEST rumours - in…
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This DMX vs Jay-Z freestyle battle still one of the most legendary moments in hip hop RIP DMX
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