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ariel @harsh__babe chromatica, ny

daya bee-dee the diabetic drag queen @actupny ✨ she/her

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Join us for OUT AND PROUD: A World AIDS Day ACT UP Drag Show feat. a cast of HIV+ drag performers on 12/1 at 8 PM E…
Retweeted by ariel @FloridaManly No❤️ @atha_sination 2c1 @ThatOneAldo happy bday queen @atha_sination oh and jeffree star. duh. self care babes 😘 i also mute joe biden, amy, acb, rgb, supreme court, and… @atha_sination kanye, scarjo, shane dawson, james charles, pizzagate, unpopular opinion, normalize @freakmonroe ~*manifesting hml and venus*~the card is also void of any thanksgiving messaging because i work for a jewish center which mainly serves a russia… coloring in cards based on the artwork of jewish russian-french artist, marc chaggall, to put in the thanksg… best part of working in arts and education is seeing how the kids make art based on your lesson plans🥺 @Michete If Michete's number one, barbz number twoWhat is this?
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@LaNoireDe @LaNoireDe NO
Remember this when your mayor tells you they can’t create more housing or provide safer shelter for people experien…
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it's self righteous people like these without basic critical reading comprehension that make me go: "you know ariel… @maxilucy12 @RachelMComedy Way to be rude for no reason. I haven't been planning on traveling for holidays since Ma… tweeted about hating joe biden's politics and a biden fan account responded with a nelson mandala quote about not… @EvelKneidel thank you for this news! @EvelKneidel omg who's dying this time? @bidin35227251 @JoeBiden ur a bot so whatever goodnight lmfao @bidin35227251 @JoeBiden did i say i hate him because of his skin, background, or religion? no. because he supporte… @queerartbot bring back the pink stripe! @bidin35227251 @JoeBiden i'd only buy it so i can burn it @JoeBiden honestly this is just hilarious at this point @RachelMComedy Might be worth noting that this data came out over a week ago? And who knows when the surveys were d… @marxwave and ur valid"I Cut the Sky in Two" by Jordan Nassar Palestine is beautiful!🇵🇸
Looking for a way to celebrate decades of amazing advocacy in the field of HIV this #WorldAIDSDay? Look no further…
Retweeted by ariel @clichemonet I FUCKING LOVE CHICKENS SO FUCKING MUCHsaturdays are for the chicks 🐤🐔🐣🐥💛 @fatherjuanmisty SCREAMING @FloridaManly the cutest!I’m very proud and thankful to get a chance to share my story and to help inspire others as well. Join us December…
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Retweeted by ariel🌎 ❤️ WORLD AIDS DAY 2020 ❤️🌎 I’ve teamed up with @actupny and a cast of HIV+ performers to share our stories and g…
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@l0ve_line undeniably @pink_leninade @crybrarian_ and we love to see it! (for the most part!)this is real, this is me cc: @Michete
Retweeted by ariel @EvelKneidel happy birth!🥳 @crybrarian_ i remember the rabbi was once trying to read the kids and their technology and said kids these days do… @crybrarian_ lololol ok good. i actually have you and abby's numbers permanently ingrained in my memory i think lmao @nosebleeds_ was excited to see where this is and... @iamTannenbaum not artI'd tweet the pic but it's me in lingerie smoking weed and yall simply don't deserve the excellence you say "never again" not because you will dedicate yourself to fighting fascism, but because you will gate ke… @crybrarian_ omg was this me-
I meant to tag @NYCMayor but both uglies can resign :)I love this song was trying to beat the record for how many wrong things you could fit into one tweet and he won! @NYGovCuomo i think any indoor dinners spread covid... isn't it small gathering that are some of the biggest spreaders these days? @freakmonroe Venus 🐚✨ Heavy Metal Lover ⚙️🖤 @w0rmtime OMG YES PLEASE DO @w0rmtime the only thing im judging you on is the lack of frozen vegan tikka masala @poserhontas i just want to put it out there that i am still right here @Etphone11 most of it was just the generic "phone bad!" shit i've heard since i was a kid, but it solidified of my…
@jacklikesdogs yes u r waiting until u get a covid test ugh queen of community care @chickpeadrag ahhhhhh. if my dad watched it he would definitely shove it down my throat trying to get me to check i… @chickpeadrag this would totally be something dads condescendingly pester their children to watch @maoritsus aw good for u!i finally got around to streaming "the social dilemma" and i honestly can't believe people feel so snobbishly high… @maoritsus i'll take that as a no @nikinikill 🥺🖤 @maoritsus wife meMe, the SECOND after I get my corona vaccine
Retweeted by ariel @adinelis @jacklikesdogs i think jack is the prettiest person i have ever met i am the luckiest drag mom ever 💛💞 @growwyourowwn legwarmers!!!! that i sometimes pull down a wee bit to cover my feethappy bday to my bb ~but make it socially distant~ love you sunshine @jacklikesdogs 🌞✨ ur serving but also mid existential crisis ✨
@LaNoireDe damn i thought you were looking at one bedrooms @LaNoireDe i cant wait for u to live alone u deserve itAnyways gonna go on another Twitter break was back for 24 hours and remembered how much I hate it here lol @freakmonroe plz no you inspire me so much! @chickpeadrag omg stay hydrated queen :(1/ It is *problematic* how quick people are to judge how other people may have been infected by #covid19. This j…
Retweeted by ariel @chickpeadrag peeingWhat is #covid19 stigma, why is it toxic to public health, and what can we do about it? A short thread. 🧵
Retweeted by arielIt is totally understandable that people need to vent about their friends/family/followers being unsafe, stupid, pa… I'm really saying is: think critically before you post. Stigmatizing COVID only prevents people from getting te… it comes to any systemic issue, especially the pandemic, it is crucial to start at the root of the problem. We… me. I'm mad too when I see friends being unsafe. But blaming them as individuals w/o recognizing the system… I'm sick of defending people who are making unsafe decisions in the pandemic. Because yeah, they are bein… like these from healthcare providers contribute to the stigma that keeps people from getting tested, disclos…
Retweeted by arielLMAO @thatgirl409 stigmatizing going to your healthcare providers for seeking covid support is rlly not the take you think it isHer tweet literally stigmatizes going to your healthcare providers for COVID concerns. Whew. @thatgirl409 It's really tweets like these from our healthcare providers that encourage us to be honest with our co… @thatgirl409 You really need to do some self reflection and critical thinking for putting out into the public that…'m sure healthcare workers telling thousands of people that their patients "deserve" to die is really going to hel…“When I am dead and gone, I want you to know that it was a Black trans woman that bought this building for you, for…
Retweeted by arielmade some chicken friends today everybody say hi 🐔👩‍🌾🐣
Retweeted by ariel"no more kids in cages" liberals i would like a word please @ajjordanphoto yesTHIS MAKES ME SO HAPPYYYY
Retweeted by arielget a headache and super fatigued ➡️ panic that i have covid ➡️ remember i haven't drank any water all day ➡️ repeatLiberals before the election: “We’re going to hold everyone accountable and stop making excuses” After the electio…
Retweeted by ariel @VenusEnvyDrag me 😤the amount of serotonin this brings me
Retweeted by ariel @softhoneypot same!
@MissRoseRitz YOU did it at my birthday dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!