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In his famous speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?,” Frederick Douglass implored the audience to think…
The COVID-19 pandemic is leaving many Americans hungry, and experts at a recent forum said that legislation to reli… app features 2 tours: a half-mile walk along Meadow Road, with stories about the @ArnoldArboretum's past, missi…
In 1918, Greater Boston was ground zero for the flu pandemic in the United States. This proximity put @harvardmed s… enrichment programs can have profound, positive effects on students’ academic and social growth, but as the…
Retweeted by Harvard UniversityKeidrick Roy, a doctoral student in American Studies at @HarvardGSAS and a U.S. Air Force veteran, is hosting a vir…
Evolutionary biologist Dino Martins discusses the plague of locusts that has descended on East Africa, devouring cr… Irish fiddle tunes to Bollywood dance numbers, @HarvardChanSPH students came together for a virtual Internatio… new app showcases more than 60 plants throughout the @ArnoldArboretum, and users can read and hear detailed nar… at insights from tuberculosis research, a Harvard infectious disease expert suggests that air conditioning…
Explore the hundreds of free online courses offered at Harvard: air conditioning help spread COVID? of the coronavirus pandemic, the Harvard Ed Portal’s Mural Club had to function differently than in the pas… schools re-imagine what learning will look like post-COVID, are students being asked for their input?
Abraar Karan, @HarvardChanSPH alum, co-founded Longsleeve with a goal to create long-lasting, safe mosquito repelle… new collaborative effort has already identified approved compounds that show promise against SARS-CoV-2, the viru…
Retweeted by Harvard UniversityThe method can detect kidney cancers with high accuracy, including small, localized tumors which are often curable… Laurence H. Tribe prepares to retire from @Harvard_Law, where he has taught since 1968 cases rising rapidly in the hardest-hit states and a two-week lag between infection and hospitalization, the s…
Although the club functioned differently than in the past due to the coronavirus pandemic, students said it was sti… the Harvard-MIT Science Research Mentoring Program, a group of local high school students worked on origina… data, collected as part of the COVID-19 Mobility Data Network, shows that Americans began moving more several w…
Joseph Allen says the risk can be kept relatively low as long as schools foster a culture of healthy compliance amo… Washington Brown was the first Black computer scientist to earn a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at Harvard,… popular professor at @Harvard_Law, Laurence Tribe’s courses have influenced generations of students“We must bring our fight to racism with the same urgency that we brought to the fight against COVID-19,” Boston May… contrast to the early spike in COVID-19 cases in the U.S. that were concentrated in a few states, the current su…
Harvard Kennedy School faculty—in fields ranging from climate change to international development, from democracy t… care practices are projected to lose more than $15 billion in revenue, following drastic declines in office… buildings expert Joseph Allen expects the biggest challenge in reopening schools to be compliance by all scientists are leading a global research project that will use health and mobility data to help shape pande… a conversation with @HarvardChanSPH Dean Michelle Williams, Boston Mayor @marty_walsh said it will take communit…
The students worked with Harvard and MIT astrophysicists mentors, who taught them how to think like a scientist, pe… suggests that Americans are now moving around at nearly the same rate as they were before the pandemic began,… the first Black woman to graduate from @HarvardGSAS in 1981 with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, Deborah Washing… discovery could lead to new therapeutics to help people manage their blood cholesterol levels year, the fund sought projects using technology-driven solutions to social problems. The grants ranged from $2…
Scientists are using data from mobile devices and social media to help government officials set pandemic policy wor… these unprecedented times, @Harvard is proud to join our partners, colleagues, and organizations across #MA
Retweeted by Harvard UniversityThe pandemic has turned a spotlight on the lack of clear workplace protections, in particular for women and people… Harvard panel recently discussed the 1921 Tulsa race massacre, an atrocity often overlooked in classrooms new project studies the acute rise in anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic
A recent study found that a biomarker test is highly accurate in detecting early kidney cancer Ann Charleston is a historian trained in U.S. history with a focus on race, women, gender, citizenship, and… Kluge Prize recognizes individuals whose outstanding scholarship in the humanities and social sciences has shap… Majority Whip James Clyburn spoke with @Kennedy_School Professor Cornell Brooks just before Juneteenth of the Supreme Court judgment last week was met with relief and celebration by DACA recipients, professors, an… recent panel on the dispossession of African Americans said that there is no way forward until we truly reckon wi…
The next dean of Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education, Nancy Coleman, will begin the role in July report found that 2/3 of the total drop in credit-card spending came from households in the top 25% of the inco… Charleston will begin her role as Harvard's chief diversity and inclusion officer on August 1 2018 report found there are more than 1,700 monuments to the Confederacy still in public spaces. Historian and le…
The Artisan’s Asylum, a local nonprofit arts collaborative, has moved to Allston, where they will make medical gown… could help researchers identify or design effective treatments for COVID-19, develop vaccines, track infec… month, join Harvard students for a free, 30-minute live Zoom tour of the @harvartmuseums! Tuesdays at 8pm EDT… of the judgment was met with relief and celebration by Dreamers and supporters of immigrants’ rights across th…
In 2016, President Drew Faust, joined by Rep. John Lewis, unveiled a plaque memorializing Titus, Venus, Bilhah, and… Juneteenth, @harvartmuseums curatorial fellows have selected works of art connected to histories of enslavemen… Givens, a historian and assistant professor at @hgse, describes the history of Juneteenth, and speculates on…"Of all the Juneteenths I’ve seen, this one seems to have captured the imagination of a wide swath of individuals a… Is Juneteenth? Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. explains the origins and significance of the… examine the financial fallout resulting from the the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Annette Gordon-Reed and others discuss the significance of Juneteenth. Hear more: faculty and students share what Juneteenth means to them Krieger, professor of social epidemiology at @HarvardChanSPH, discusses how longstanding structural racism ha…
As people are seeking out books to learn more about race and racism in America, Harvard faculty members offer recom…“Hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to this country as children have been granted a welcome, al… University Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. discusses the history and significance of Juneteenth
Experts are thinking through the options as a COVID-19 resurgence appears possible in fall do we turn this moment’s energy into lasting change? Harvard experts discuss what happens next. nearly three months away due to the coronavirus pandemic, close to 2,000 Harvard faculty and staff have retur… @wyssinstitute will use its technology to identify and test already FDA-approved drugs that may prevent or trea… faculty members share book recommendations for learning more about systemic racism, white privilege, and th…
On Friday, June 19, Harvard will be closed to commemorate Juneteenth professors at the @Kennedy_School examine the nation’s uneven justice system Harvard Farmers market reopens today, from noon to 6 p.m., with safety protocols in place:… don’t people speak up more often when they see wrongdoing? @HarvardHBS Professor Francesca Gino says one reason… faculty members discuss how to begin building a more just society
“How do you spark curiosity, challenge assumptions, enable discovery, and inspire learning?”@bharat_n_anand discuss…
Retweeted by Harvard UniversityNew Harvard research finds a link between police-involved killings and the academic and psychological well-being of… and scholars from @Harvard_Law share their thoughts on systemic racial discrimination, the unequal administ… for a rainy-day (or any day) activity? @hdslibrary has turned these images from their special collections,…
Retweeted by Harvard UniversityWhy do some people fall ill from COVID-19 while others infected with the virus experience no symptoms? in Egypt during the Arab Spring fueled #Harvard20 graduate Hainer Sibrian's desire for a career as a U.S.…
Assistant Professor Durba Mitra talks about her new book, “Indian Sex Life: Sexuality and the Colonial Origins of M… faculty members discuss how to begin building a more just society HKS Library has created a reading list with resources about racial justice, racial equity, and anti-racism
The findings could translate into applications in humans, such as preventing brain injury during a stroke caution that COVID-19 disease transmission may increase in the fall and winter months
Retweeted by Harvard University“It’s brought a lot of optimism,” Professor Conor Walsh says as the Harvard science labs begin to reopen amid safet…
New research by HKS's @ProfDesmondAng suggests a direct link between police violence and the academic achievement o…
Retweeted by Harvard UniversityWith safety measures and precautions, Harvard science labs are beginning to reopen faculty members answer this question: What actions would you most like to see taken next to begin building… Jill Lepore's new podcast, “The Last Archive," takes listeners on a journey through the last century exam… faculty and scholars have been sharing their perspectives on systemic racial discrimination, the unequal admini…
Retweeted by Harvard UniversityAfter a close friend experienced rapid hearing loss, Wei Hsi “Ariel” Yeh dedicated her research to solving some of… Lawrence D. Bobo talks about the police killings of George Floyd and addresses why training in police departme… don’t people speak up more often when they see wrongdoing? One reason is the significant perceived risk of doin…
#HarvardMed20 graduate Damari Croswell plans to be an agent of change for those who are most vulnerable
Retweeted by Harvard UniversityA major new research project exploring the history of African American education has launched at @Harvard with a gr…
Retweeted by Harvard University