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Came out west, and @SylviaObell’s slander is still Jersey Strong. told those Proud Boys cowards to tool up on national tv. The ceiling is Archie Bonkers’ floor.Whole Debate feels like Cheddar Bob vs White Chocolate. @_MORGasmic I know, I’m just messing around. My folks met at Del State.Delaware State’s an HBCU. 45 def meant UD. @JANEE0104 He’s about two buckaroos away from letting the hands fly. @WeAreReckless Joe by tkoIf he had one wish wants to square up so badTrump with the Jim Jones ad-libs every time Biden SpeaksEmbarrassing
@RhapsoDani Let’s gooooooIt’s a Griselda and Gary Payton kind of week
페이커, 그 이름을 담다 l Faker's Legacy 페이커, 그 모든 순간들을 G7과 함께. 페이커와 할머님의 추억 여행을 같이 떠나보세요. @faker and his grandmother take…
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Celebrated @iamsimmscity union...real G’s only
Retweeted by Kyle HarveyOut here
Reuniting with my super friends in the legion of doom today.
I thought it was Gains O’Clock? reason it should smell like cold cuts on a plane. @3rika Happy bday E @ah_vahn_tay The anthem and also the motto. smh. @ah_vahn_tay Alexa play emotional by Carl Thomasyou’re one great idea and well-executed plan away from changing your life forever.
Retweeted by Kyle HarveyMight get that feeling again this weekend. Shoutout to pandemic black wedding love.One year ago, I was outside, carefree at #ghoe. Literally everything went left after that lol.
@KLev87 👀👀👀👀👀when are we gonna see this on stream @sonii
Retweeted by Kyle Harvey @adrie_d man listenSo its on me #NowPlaying
@iamsimmscity @KLev87 I Don’t know if I’m ready for P-Valley Lev.The spirit of Uncle Rawkus is strong today.LOCATION 2: We’re at a crossroads... anyone want to show up and help us pick a place to eat? #PhillyPower
Retweeted by Kyle HarveyDaniel Cameron, your name, your legacy is going in the history books for the wrong reasons.Yes. #AggiePride @ncatsuaggies @NCATSUbaseball for anything @marascampo does. Mara put me on game and a bunch of others from day 1 at NBC/30 Rock and theG… Jax Teller wasn’t raised with hate in his heart. #RedwoodOriginal“Hey before you ask, google my g”
@b3graham All reasons that can be easily googled. I hope this can be explained, cuz this is Opp behavior.This ain’t it Prime. Barstool has no place at any HBCU.’t this the truth. We can’t break bread if you don’t throw down the detachable cover for the squad. Cali trip is right on timeFunny enough. Video games are the best form of business networking/meeting. I know some people who’ve started ini…
Retweeted by Kyle HarveyWhat happened to Vita @erinasimon IYKYK. We getting coffee over here at Verdansk. all that is holy, there's no reason hearing Jazze Pha say "The Biggie Duets!" should make me wanna fight. @TaylorInChief This is why we can't have nice things. Bots or Opps. @TaylorInChief Dammit. Thanks.My best networking gets done over #CallOfDutywarzone if we’re being honest.The boy hasn’t even reached his final form yet. past 7 months have felt like 3 years, but I wouldn’t share this time with anyone else. Happy 28th bday to my…과 @nike 의 새로운 굿즈. 이번주 목요일 오전 10시에 만나보세요. Guess what's about to come. New T1 X Nike Fanwear Drop will be availabl…
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Covington is a living breathing angry bro FB post. He’s the white guy who peaked in HS and thought their Black frie… told y’all I wouldn’t stay silent on Colby Covington’s dangerous game of promoting outright racism and xenophobia…
Retweeted by Kyle Harvey @LLaBennett The club no one wants to be apart of 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾
Out here.
Retweeted by Kyle HarveyThis is a fact!!
Retweeted by Kyle Harvey @KLev87 Oh we talking teams? felt like the heavens opened up at #GHOE when this dropped. Also I met @chasityscooper to diamonds dancing pla…
If outta pocket was on a map @SylviaObell’s the governor well. Anyone who downplays the medium of gaming is ignorant among other things. @KLev87 Like my PS5, we need the jawn in all black. work gets done faster when everyone is an eagles fan.
How appropriate. @_ShamGod 3 daughters at the age of 33. We love the trinities. at 1:48am, I’m a godfather once again. @KLev87 I feel seen. I know I wasn’t the only one who saw Magoo on hip hop evolution and had hope. @WittyAsCharged @KLev87 “And you know I had to get Stunna on the track” - said no rapper on a press run. @WittyAsCharged @KLev87 Just DM us next time your being held hostage, Keem.
@KLev87 @HarveyWins Why yes @KLev87, yes we are 1-0
Retweeted by Kyle Harvey @HarveyWins 👀 Ayo Simms! Is your squad 1-0?
Retweeted by Kyle HarveySigh. A team with no name beat a team with no Ws. I accept.
Kevin Nash x Tical. Good Friday indeed. you try to coordinate a play and ask your teammates where they are
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@TheHoopGenius I mean... @KLev87 @808sNcupcakes Lol. Go drink your seamoss smoothie while you play in traffic. @HarveyWins @808sNcupcakes I got oat milk and almond. I’m not drinking from no animals. Go to your bodega and play
Retweeted by Kyle Harvey @KLev87 @808sNcupcakes Hollywood Lev acting like he ain’t goat oat milk in the fridge though.Kelis said you took my heart beat from me this is the saddest story. Behind a Drumline. @dignitas to the FTW VALORANT Summer Showdown presented by @T1 and @GFuelEnergy 💜 @EMUHLEET @rainCSGO
Retweeted by Kyle Harvey @Str8CoolinBruh Def you in a former life. respect to the music journalists who aren't afraid to venture outside of writing about music. Lifestyle covera…
Retweeted by Kyle HarveyThe Soul Calibur wars we had. morning. For anyone that needs it. "Did you compete today?" - @karalawson20’s Blueprint sounds so much better in the fall. @brax1wnl a dirty Vandal player? 😱 📺:
Retweeted by Kyle HarveyReally happy this is happening tomorrow. Proudly gonna wear my Clemente T-shirt 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
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@Fab_Roc_ @bryonsummers @JoeMar Welcome, Blue Check Joe.@KillerMike and @BigBoi really put on for the South on Poppin’ Tags. #BP2
Retweeted by Kyle HarveyIYKYK Top Ramen and a Cup Of Noodles were a franchise. =
Another 3-0, another 30 skin codes to 3 lucky winners! Like + RT for a chance to win! GGs @LAValiant, we move on…
Retweeted by Kyle Harvey @jthowardesigns to our brother in arms ⚾️Beyond blown.Rest in power DJ. God wrap your love around the Dawson family. season. How I miss thee.I’m very appreciative & thankful to the Korean government for approving my isolation exemption application (passed…
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