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@shararehdrury This is amazing 🤩
Thank you Robert 🙌🏾
Got to hang with one of my favorite creators in the 🌍 @mkbhd. We talked the future of tech on the @wvfrmpodcast, a…
@MKBHD @WVFRM An epic convo. Thank you for bearing with my sticky notes 🗒️This week's @WVFRM podcast is an all-time episode. @hasanminhaj coming soon to a sub box near you tomorrow!…
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i’m sorry for trying to make jeopardy fun.
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No because I just watched @hasanminhaj special for third time. This man had me tearing up bro. So many poignant poi…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajI'm still not over @hasanminhaj 's The King's Jester.. the part where he yells "likes .. retweets .. comments " was…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajI know that I'm very very late in saying so, but what @hasanminhaj did with King's Jester was nothing short of incr…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajHyper FUN episode today filled with squashing old conflicts, mentorship and affirmations to love yourself. Always…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThe King’s Jester was dope and just made me miss his Patriot Act show even more. Also, I too am a James Turrell fan…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajLOVE #TheKingsJester @hasanminhaj 🦝👀
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I finally finished watching King's Jester, enjoyed the genius of @hasanminhaj. At this time, it takes audacity to b…
Retweeted by Hasan Minhajrewatched king's jester for the design
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajCannot tell you how many times the quote “LIKES! COMMENTS! RETWEETS! GIVE THEM TO ME!!!” from @hasanminhaj’s new sp…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThose that haven’t seen the king’s jester on Netflix by @hasanminhaj. You should. Haven’t caught this much feelings…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajNew comedy show “The King’s Jester” by @hasanminhaj is fire 🔥 and hands down one of the best stand ups I’ve watched in a while
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajWhat in God's mercy is this! I just watched Hasan Minhaj's The King's Jester and mind blowing does not even begin t…
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Pls tag me next time @ICC this again because it’s so good wtf!
Retweeted by Hasan Minhajomfg @hasanminhaj is absolutely killing it. this special was AMAZING (maybe even better than Homecoming King)
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj.@hasanminhaj’s new Netflix special is SO damn good.
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajJust finished @hasanminhaj’s latest special, The King’s Jester. Love your family, but never lose faith in the juris…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajYo @hasanminhaj really be dissing @Deloitte in his latest stand up!!
Retweeted by Hasan Minhajmy dad, an MD, has a DO archnemesis on the next block I showed him a clip of the MD vs DO joke from @hasanminhaj
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajPor favor assistam “The King’s Jester”, stand-up de @hasanminhaj . Eu não me cago de tanto rir faz muito tempo!
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An amazing conversation with the legendary @ElvisMitchell! out to the Patel Cartel 🏨
Got to do one of my favorite pods. Shout out to @ColinandSamir! can’t be algorithms. ⁣ ⁣ From the @ColinandSamir podcast.
Petty szn is here 🤌🏾
This is dope! We’re trending next to that show about a serial killer. That’s how you know you made it on @netflix 😎
Okay, it’s gettin’ outta hand @Malala!
Okaaaaay, so Gail asked me about The Daily Show… great @hasanminhaj
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj#TheKingsJester by @hasanminhaj was probably one of the BEST comedy specials I have seen, even if he does look like an raccoon on adderall.
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajOkay @hasanminhaj latest @Netflix special "The King's Jester" is HANDS DOWN one of the best standup I've watched in…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajWhen you watch @hasanminhaj's comedy special, you don't just watch it, you experience it, and you live the stories…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajJust watched The King’s Jester, @hasanminhaj , on Netflix, and Cory & I laughed our asses off.
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj.@MrMattWilley & team design the visual identity and opening titles for @hasanminhaj’s new @netflix comedy special…
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Guys, enough with the questions. Yes, Will Moroski (@wemcycle) is real. WARNING: Pls rehydrate after viewing these…👀 @hasanminhaj new comedy special on @netflix with my wife and we enjoyed every minute of it. Congrats brother!
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajIncredible, hilarious and such an intelligent special by @hasanminhaj on Netflix. So sharp and had me 🤣 irl
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First 15 minutes of “The King's Jester”. Jacked it from the Netflix vault. Watch before they find out 😎… Hasan Minhaj’s standup special The King’s Jester streaming on Netflix has something for everyone — persona…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajStraight 🔥 @hasanminhaj
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajBeen in a #Mets-induced depression for 24 hours. Thank you @hasanminhaj for pulling me out! His new #TheKingsJester
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThis special is fantastic. Hasan is an excellent storyteller. So much so that I literally gagged at one point, whic…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajHasan Minhaj's Netflix special The King’s Jester was absolutely perfect in its humor & storytelling. It was funny,…
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Hands down, @OldManAndThree is my favorite NBA pod. For those of you wondering, my friendship with @jj_redick is no… on attitude, Giannis, and buying your first NBA jersey. This is beautiful. @hasanminhaj
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajWhoa, this is major. The CEO of @OnlyFans is a fan. Ami, thank you for keeping our country’s economy strong during…
The reviews are in! And so are my responses! 😎 talked about enough but @hasanminhaj ‘s stage design is always A1 😮‍💨
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajNeeded a solid laugh, so turned on @hasanminhaj latest special, The King's Jester. Excellent comedy that hits some…
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The new special @hasanminhaj has on Netflix is masterful, give him all the likes, comments, and retweets!
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajFirst comedy special I’ve seen in my life but I gotta say @hasanminhaj is hilarious
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThere are very few standup specials that you can watch in one go and I think @hasanminhaj did it twice in a row (that’s rarer).
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajIf i could give a Yelp review it would be 10/10 for @hasanminhaj new standup #TheKingsJester
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajWahhhh @hasanminhaj’s new Netflix special The King’s Jester absolutely slaps 👏🏾 absolutely packed with brilliant co…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajBro the visuals in @hasanminhaj’s special is soooooooo fireeeeee!!!! But that’s really ONLY the icing on the cake.…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajWith 'The King's Jester', Hasan Minhaj invites you to witness his sins, laugh at his megalomania, empathise with hi…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThe King's Jester by @hasanminhaj is so good, you don't understand
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThe new @hasanminhaj Netflix special is incredible! His storytelling style of stand-up is uniquely his and I laugh…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajI watch comedy shows every single night before I go to sleep because it makes me sleep better…. Now this is the bes…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajI turned on Hasan Minhaj's new show and Im like "Ive literally been dozing off the last hour Im prolly just gonna w…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajI need about 10 years of @hasanminhaj specials. Next level entertainment right there
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajBro, you took me on an emotional rollercoaster! One minute I'm laughing my guts out, the next minute, I'm looking…
Retweeted by Hasan Minhajthe story of why hasan minhaj named his show 'patriot act' . . . JAW ON THE FUCKING FLOOR
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajI can't wait to watch @hasanminhaj's new special!
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThe new @hasanminhaj Netflix special is fantastic! I once had an NBA conversation with him outside…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThe Mets obliterated my joy so I'm gonna go watch @hasanminhaj's new Netflix special for a third time. You should…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajI feel at this point @hasanminhaj has just mastered the art of storytelling. I'd listen to hours of him just tellin…
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj. @hasanminhaj does it again! I thought I'll never see a better stand-up than #hasanminhaj's "Homecoming King", bu…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajBrilliant, relatable, relevant. A must watch!
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajHasan Minhaj's new Netflix special, The King's Jester, surprised me. *Phenomenal*
Retweeted by Hasan Minhajy’all. @hasanminhaj special on netflix. the new one. ok both but there’s a new one. IT IS FANTASTIC (I’m at the part w kumail rn)
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThe “Kings Jester” by @hasanminhaj is deffo a must watch top 5 show this year
Retweeted by Hasan Minhajnew hasan minhaj special on Netflix!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThe king’s Jester is a classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #hasanminhaj
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajHow much Adderall is too much Adderall? Asking for a friend. CC; @hasanminhaj, @NetflixIndia
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj“I am me, you are you, and this is us” - @hasanminhaj #TheKingsJester 💯 👏🏻
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Don’t open those DMs! @hasanminhaj
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajOur full video interview w/ comedian, actor, writer, producer @hasanminhaj is live on @youtube. This was a special…
Retweeted by Hasan Minhajhasan minhaj aint seeing heaven 😭 #hasanminhaj #TheKingsJester
Retweeted by Hasan Minhajhasan minhaj mentioned BTS in his stand-up show and had a screenshot behind him of JIMIN trending #1 on twitter 😭
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajIf y’all get the chance, y’all should definitely watch The King’s Jester from Hasan Minhaj. Literally the best come…
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj📺 @hasanminhaj: #TheKingsJester | @netflix Packed with self-aware observations & how his success & “clout-chasing…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajHahaha
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajThis special was so perfect. Hasan always nails the comedy AND the storytelling.
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj @hasanminhaj's new stand up special #TheKingsJester is further proof of Minhaj's gift of storytelling. My review on…
Retweeted by Hasan MinhajHell of a week in LA for the premiere of @hasanminhaj's The King's Jester. If you told me that @webflow, no-code,…
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj.@hasanminhaj The King’s Jester was amazing work 👏🏽
Retweeted by Hasan Minhaj.@hasanminhaj performs comedy like it's theater, building up earnest and vulnerable moments, and breaking them in a…
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