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i stream everyday on - for thirst traps and anarchy my ig is hasandpiker // business:

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finally doing the jordan peterson master thread. let's go. IS NOW OPEN. WE'RE TALKING OPTICS SWEATY!! ALSO TALKING ABOUT ESTABLISHMENT DEMS DOING REALLY COOL STUFF LI… something weird is happening. this video has barely moved in its viewcount since last night? even after i twee… @broderick bear_fucker @solerboner only a sisterfucking inbred donkey could believe such a racist claim. get your hapsburg jawed ass out of my fucking mentions.wondering about a lot of things this morning at the gym. i wonder if not offering national help to your freshman muslim congresswoman and instead launching accusations… @abelinasabrina it’s a time honored republican tradition to shit on social safety nets while gobbling them upcan you imagine republican latino outreach in texas crying about how latinos want social safety nets? no they don’t… i wonder what other characteristic these hispanic voters have that makes them SUPER unique? you will never hear… this latest idiotic video, steven crowder (a creative arts major) tries to act like the humanities are stupid an… by @AOC.
Retweeted by hasanabiyes, everyone you caught me. i fake my voice on my ig stories. it's not just hoarse in the mornings because i'm an…’s the best mutual aid network or nonprofit for food insecurity in los angeles?can’t stop thinking about spoooderman very excited to play later great stream gamehe’s just like @CHAPOTRAPHOUSE sickos who helped me be more sick w their words in book form.jordan peterson comes from a long line of sickos who go out and write self help books to exploit vulnerable people… hilarious that these idw types branded themselves as free speech defenders, especially that clown ben shapiro w…“If you have your children in a school, and [teachers] talk about equity in class--equity, diversity, white privile… @twomad hiplaying spider man miles morales to see this nypd propoganda for myself the nypd sees "the exaggerated swagger of a black teen" watching the new dave chappelle
TRUMP IS LIVE AND PARDONING A TURKEY! how @JamaalBowmanNY gets cut off here midway through discussing the details of @RahmEmanuel’s disastrous reco…
Retweeted by hasanabiwant to point out that taking ownership of emergency relief you categorically opposed is textbook republican!i love hearing about how bolsonaro has killed 169k but his popularity has increased due to his billions in emergenc… @benshapiro it’s ofc, notoriously free to make an f35. don’t you call yourself a libertarian? @hutchinson it’s not an inability if it’s weaponizedhmmm 🤔 @Casey wouldn’t wanna leave my apt anywhere elseNot that a member of Congress needs defending but Tlaib has had an extremely public fight with Pompeo and Israel (w…
Retweeted by hasanabithis was a year ago when i’d barely get 2k people watching me play games. we’ve come a long way and i’m really happ…'s excited: It's Christmas time at the White House again.
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i guess its a concession? is so hard to understand about this? Rahm Emanuel helped cover up the murder of Laquan McDonald. Covering up…
Retweeted by hasanabivotepig cuck. real trump supporters show their loyalty by engaging in the collective action of not voting until the… IS NOW OPEN. ITS MONDAY AND WE'RE MOURNING THE LOSS OF SIDNEY POWELL, A BRAVE TRUTHTELLER WHO GOT FIRED BY…, maybe if i use “liberal twitter voice” it’ll hit differentstop. normalizing. the. republican. party. is so horny for any republican figure to just say normal things like “after numerous recounts and 30+ lawsuit… am not trending. it’s the better hasan who’s trending.absolutely wild week lined up.
Retweeted by hasanabithe last kingdom is awesome. so was barbaren. really into this rn.i feel bad everytime i rage quit the stream. probably good to take a short day. hanging out w will and murat.going to be a long 4 years
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@cwarzel charlie it has 138k likes to 4.6k dislikes. i don’t think ppl are aware of or even watching this if they’r… DERANGED SIDNEY POWELL INTERVIEW W/ NEWSMAX HAS 2.3M VIEWS IN ONE DAY ON YOUTUBE. ITS NOT JUST FB WHERE BOOMER… IS OPEN AND ITS SUNDAY FUNDAY WHICH MEANS ITS MANDATORY FUN TIME GET IN NOW. @TaylorLorenz that looks delicious tho ngl
Retweeted by hasanabihe should just buy a big ass family blanket and cough all over it to own the libs.white people love spreading diseases on purpose so this is very much in the spirit of thanksgiving 😡 @mayahiga6 @REALMizkif @OTKnetwork songbirdsdamn a domestic terrorist kills two people and suddenly white people want prison reform
Retweeted by hasanabiLiterally all Tucker Carlson did was ask for someone to show him evidence of voter fraud and now he's being accused…
Retweeted by hasanabidon't worry everyone, the gaming is over for now.
Retweeted by hasanabiDAYCARE IS NOW OPEN. WERE LOOKING AT THE KYLE RITTENHOUSE CASE AND OTHER THINGS. HOGWATCH IS BACK AND THEN PLAYING… people are saying i did not defeat the nameless king, a loser who doesn't even have a name! however i will res… @ddayen david would you like to explain some of this to my 20 year old audience and also me as well @MichaelGunEmoji seems it’s gonna take a bit longer than thatthere’s nothing funnier than thinking if there were creatures technologically advanced enough to come to our galaxy… danes did nothing wrong to uthredthe last kingdom is very goodRahm Emanuel covered up the murder of a Black teenager, Laquan McDonald, while he was Mayor of Chicago. That he's…
Retweeted by hasanabi @bertovo nah she’s too thick for clen i just wanted to add something on therecall of duty “bad ending” literally makes more sense than “good ending” - no spoilers but the devs seem kinna went wild w this one.Here's what an ER doc told me about Thanksgiving when I asked yesterday:
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trump wants to fuck his daughter and you worship him, yet you continue to spread racist lies about ilhan omar.its literally legal to marry your first cousin in the state of georgia you inbred, racist, clenbuterol-taking, qano… > Byzantine Empire Not reading the replies on this
Retweeted by hasanabiright now, racist inbred donkey's like marjorie have to keep their incest behind closed doors. this displeases them.marjorie taylor greene only wishes this awful racist lie was true, so she could comfortably get fucked by her immed… IS OPEN! WE ARE LIVE FOLKS. TRUMP GAVE A HEALTHCARE PRESSER AND WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THAT AND ALSO FUN STUFF… to be live at 12pm pacific!will and i just shot our first episode of the pod. get excited. @39daph why does that fit so well wtfevery time i see a new video of a dog on my timeline, i’m one step closer to adopting a new pupperThe recent uptick in "leftist" anti-college stuff is super annoying. A majority of millenials and gen-z have a high…
Retweeted by hasanabi @LilyPichu they look good as hell tho, what’s in the white one @taylorgarron is this one instance where the cop fucked the wife rather than the other way around ? @ByYourLogic is he this wide or is it the lense ?
i see you liking this tweet @billburr please come on the broadcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dave chappelle is on joe rogan!biden says there won't be a national shutdown under any circumstance. i get what he's trying to say, except if our… For those of you who missed it, Hasan's daycare will open at 12:30 PM Pacific today! Hasan has a secret pro…
Retweeted by hasanabii’m doing a super secret special project for a friend so i’ll be live at 12:30pm pacific sorry for the delaytraditional conservative family values on @hasanthehun’s stream I reported that officials were expecting this right around 3 am and it would be a big…
Retweeted by hasanabidid every tiktok star move to la and cycle anavar, or did they collectively hit puberty ? @sputnik_TR oha @donie damn donie on don lemon!
DAYCARE IS OPEN GET YOUR NEWS HERE! LOTS OF WILD THINGS HAPPENING BUT ITS OKAY. ITS ALL GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. SIKE J… absolutely love going to stores even cvs and shit and just stare at the the 38 different kinds of oreos - but i D…