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hasanabi @hasanthehun Istanbul, LA, NYC

i stream everyday on - for thirst traps and anarchy my ig is hasandpiker

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twitch is back now down
Retweeted by hasanabii'm already losing it and we're not even 1 hour in. god my neighbors don't know what i do for a living wake up every morning in a state of panic that i definitely have coronavirus.Watching @hasanthehun discover VR has been some of the most fun I’ve had on Twitch in a long while, easily worth st…
Retweeted by hasanabi @Sanchovies @RealAlicopter leh-bow-ninwhen you are playing vr chat but hear the call to prayer sounding
Retweeted by hasanabii love vr thank god i had @pokelawls as my sherpa to guide me thru the treacherous waters - will be playing alot more tomorrow
where's mike pence's 15 day slide?trump is shocked that louisiana numbers shot up from a time when testing was inaccessible. which should be instruct… is 100% treating this pandemic response shit like a tv show, talking about ratingstrump shifts blame of the failed corona tests over to the cdc, wonder who cut their funding... hmmmmalways great to see how hard we simp for our corporations, to the degree that trump refused to invoke the dpa and w… talking about insurance companies waiving copays like we're at their fucking mercy should be incredibly radicalizingtrump is now claiming that the easter opening date was "aspirational" and that "nobody knew how bad it would be til… reopening of the economy has seemingly been pushed back to june 1st now. let's see what happens in the next few…'m confused by trump when he claims he'll offer corporations incentives to eat and expense at restaurants bars and clubsIf capitalism is so great, why does it need to be bailed out by socialism every ten years?
Retweeted by hasanabiit's trump presser time. many ratings. corporation executives good. back to work poors! incredible and unbiased video about the systemic failures coming to light during the coronavirus pandemic Twitch Chat Will Be With The New Ban Implement.
Retweeted by hasanabithis is fake news, i am live right now. and very much alive. i'm live and talking about how dupont has poisoned america for years among other things @seanvid my criticisms of capitalism aren’t about what made my life worse. my life is fine (i admit this everyday).… @seanvid yes, any sort of structural criticism means i should stop working within the system, cmon sean you can have a better take than this @hutchinson if joe does to trump what bernie did to joe and it will get him owned.anyone in los angeles with index controllers that wouldn't mind letting me have em for a little bit? it's impossibl… irony of course is that they’re doing the charity to buy this kind of good will (and tax cuts). it’s fucking gr… @dsonoiki by your projections will you be polishing mine like this when i’m in a similar financial position? bigger the brain the more you defend billionaires giving back crumbs in charity, that’s now deemed a necessity… watched the gentlemen and then dark waters last night and man, they were both very good. @JordanUhl @ndrew_lawrence yes it’s uranus.This truck maneuver by @hasanthehun is one of the most alpha things I have ever witnessed in a video game.
Retweeted by hasanabiif BTS gets Coronavirus the stans are gonna find a cure within 24 hours
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"I have a responsibility to do my best... to do everything I can to undo oppressive structures, oppressive construc…
Retweeted by hasanabihe literally said he was against gay marriage in 2008 during the vp debates where he agreed w sarah palin. liberals… know a boss fight when I see one.
Retweeted by hasanabithis is just fucking insulting to people
Retweeted by hasanabiI don't know how many times I need to say this before Congress will listen, but taxpayer money should be used to ba…
Retweeted by hasanabithis person just found out how rich billionaires are. if your friend who made $75,000 last year gave $33 dollars to a coronavirus charity and then wouldn't shut… @JordanUhl holy shit you’re caked upA judge in Alabama issued a decree to release all people in jails with bonds of $5K or less and got a lot of pushba…
Retweeted by hasanabiwhy is everybody baking @Asmongold that’s a trucking man right there 15 kills 490 dmg hell yeah brudderThe @Twitch ban update is one of the more severe a social platform has implemented. If you ban a person, they can n…
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after popular demand, cod with e-girls is back. @hasanthehun 😂
Retweeted by hasanabias the us passes 100K cases of coronavirus, we tune in live to Trump from the whitehouse telling us that we don't r… into the MASSIVE corporate relief aspect of the coronavirus neetbux package. trump is now signing the 2T$ relief package.Here's how Belgian media is describing the U.S.: "In a country where most workers receive meager unemployment benef…
Retweeted by hasanabilotsa news to cover, from boris gettin the ol rona to everyone getting on neet bux. a chat with friends
Retweeted by hasanabiBORIS JOHNSON TAKE IT ON THE CHIN BRUVwatching sean hannity do phone sex with trump live on fox news, i'm glad he's getting some actionwhy does no one ever ask trump why he kept minimizing the imapact of coronavirus if he knew how bad it was back whe…
we're now #1 in the world for corona cases, best number ofc, we have the best corona cases. watching trump try to d… and Border Protection quietly requested 1,540 military personnel to assist with border enforcement, citing…
Retweeted by hasanabi @IntentSemantic i think a barbara lee moment is what some people were expecting, but it seems like there wasn't eno… more i read about this, the more it looks like post 2008people are mad at david dayen but i’m afraid he’s right. idk what kind of political capital bernie had to completel… @MikeIsaac its much better.To clarify, $1200 checks are ONLY going to some w/social sec numbers, NOT immigrants w/ tax IDs (ITINs). Thanks to…
Retweeted by hasanabiSanders, Warren, Brown, etc. all voting for this is off on a number of levels, but among them: They say that they'r…
Retweeted by hasanabi @oneunderscore__ wrong. it’s drip. his pants are too baggy tho.stonks are up tho 📈 the market god is pleased doing 10+ streams everyday since even before the quarantine started, and im feeling real fatigued, and cranky.… @39daph need egirl buff plsHe did it. Bernie just saved millions of people.
Retweeted by hasanabiFeel like we’re not far off from CEOs having their employees buried alive with them when they die
Retweeted by hasanabilmao i have 8k rn, i should run for president sasse is such a fucking dipshit and openly stating his disdain for the working poor - how the fuck do people vote for lizards like thisbernie is absolutely popping the fuck off on the senate floor rnalert!!!!! bernie is live on the senate floor atm
JUST IN: Sen. ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ says he is prepared to put a hold on the pending Coronavirus legislation if the GOP…
Retweeted by hasanabi @alexnpress let allah guide you through these troubling times @alexnpress jacobin cia confirmed @JordanUhl fight mejoe biden's out here trying to urge zoomers to stay indoors and be covid-19 free so he can get back to smelling them asapThe fact that Cardi B flawlessly covered the topics of privilege, out of touch celebrity culture, flaws in Trump's…
Retweeted by hasanabiwatching joe biden address zoomers through a teleprompter. it will be funny no matter what. @hasanthehun
Retweeted by hasanabinot a fan of biden but this looks hysterical. nearly identical to “trump derangement syndrome” which definitely bro… @Sodapoppintv @airbaldwin thank you soda for telling me that hiring egirls to play video games w on twitch would be… @JordanUhl you really can’t be alone rn @hutchinson @Nesualol we’re all playing solos separately today and they’re calculating our totals from our best games today i think @airbaldwin to be fair it was @Sodapoppintv who suggested itwe should jail ceos and politicians. is maybe a radical idea to deal with some of the pressures our healthcare system is facing: All private hosp…
Retweeted by hasanabitoday i’m playing in my second ever twitch rivals for call of duty warzone along with @hutchinson and @Nesualol. ho… Pittsburgh garbage collectors refusing to pick up, claiming they are not being protected and deserve haza…
Retweeted by hasanabiBeltway: Bernie should just go away Bernie:
Retweeted by hasanabiOMFG @Ask_Spectrum ARE YOU KIDDING ME I HAD A CONSTRUCTION CREW IN HERE TODAY IT DIDNT EVEN TAKE FOR LONGER THAN 9… two egirls to carry me in cod like a baby. quarantine is going well. can watch if they didn't refresh man thinks more people being able to vote in a global pandemic is cheating.