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i stream everyday on - for thirst traps and anarchy my ig is hasandpiker

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i think trump thinks these tests are killing peoplejoe biden and kamala harris are now live and on the podium holding their first event together. @billmaher last week for the first time in a long time. He’s totally SHOT, looks terrible, exhausted, gaunt…
Retweeted by hasanabicopmala vp, cringe liberal humor and all other kinds of news. we are now live! join am not exactly the intellectual titan, nor an astute art critic. but ben shabino is super wrong about women's sex…“Bro no” “No choice but to stan”
Retweeted by hasanabithinking about the time jpegmafia and i talked about kamala
Retweeted by hasanabiwatched midsommar last night. not surprised with what i saw, as i knew the swedish were strange people. they eat kebab pizza.kamala harris is the best possible person for the ticket, exclusively because of how deranged the kh*ve is, and it'…
trump is live and will likely talk about copmala. let's see what choice words he's got for her. is a perfect VP: someone you were told you were excited for but had to drop out of the primary before voting…
Retweeted by hasanabii'm live and talking about the DNC speakers shouts out to andrew yang, who got tossed aside like a used napkin. com… welcome the return of the second best gamer on the platform after myself"masks can give you headaches!" i debated a buncha republicans alongside twitch streamers on the @AustinOnTwitter s… what this says about my brain but last night i dreamt of joe biden reading an english translated chinese quran… be fair if any woman got wet near ben shabino, they probably do need medical care.’s current election strategy is “democrat run cities are in disarray” meanwhile they run the country.
turns out a business plan and even moving isn't enough to escape the tyranny of spectrum throttling. love to see it folks.Trump has been pulled out of the press conference abruptly, shots were fired near at 17th and Penn, secret service… just got pulled out of the press conference by secret service made, promises kept. i will now chug the thicc water on stream to complete the first half of my promise. Shapiro’s opinion on WAP
Retweeted by hasanabiis twitch prime dead? that and many other news, as monday starts a gamer american i do not fear this change. took some photos yesterday and i literally just look like dogshit. a daily feeling. @39daph one that doesn’t have the problem you’re having @39daph just turn it on again LOLthis is an extremely niche tweetluther getting knocked out in season 2 episode 3 and then golden brown playing is a direct nod to guy ritchie
Swedish meatballs are actually based on a recipe King Charles XII brought home from Turkey in the early 18th centur…
Retweeted by hasanabihello i am live and it's sunday funday, mandatory fun time starts now! @TaylorLorenz @BOASteakhouse i’ve never eaten there nor do i have a hollywood fix interview :(umbrella academy season 2 has started off great.finished full metal alchemist brotherhood and man it's a great anime, but the ending made me so sad @Ad_Inifinitum where is this. @custardloaf i am literally the worst gamer on the platform so this is a horrible standard to set.i'm absolutely shaking at the idea that people are subscribing to pokimane, she doesn't even react hard enough. lit… @Slasher @st1ngplays @misterUkelele @AustinOnTwitter @RLewisReports @MoistCr1TiKaL omfg
americans are the most cucked nation. especially republicans who make less than 250K a year who then vote for a dud… absolute psychopath is cutting the most significant funding vehicle for social security and medicare during a… walls don't work, why do we have them around bathroom stalls type beat is still claiming that the negotiations are sullied by democrats "who are trying to bail out blue states," yo… the trump presser (potential Executive Order incoming) before going on the Austin Show am live before the austin show talking about trump's potential EO later today and what the negotiations look like… ICYMI, @hasanthehun will be on the @AustinOnTwitter Royale, formerly known as the Rajj Royale, today at 4…
Retweeted by hasanabipeople have to recognize at this point that pepe isn't a hate symbol. there's an entire doc about the creators batt… @hasanthehun Hasan pay me in shingles for this new fancam
Retweeted by hasanabi @hasanthehun hasL here! My Twitch name is StephenBaggett I'll be right back! I gotta go get food. Thanks for playin…
Retweeted by hasanabiunbelievably stupid that republicans are celebrating pre-existing condition coverage, after 12 years of shitting on… time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing withou…
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trump is live from his golf course in nj. brain flattens.'m now live.i am obviously watching the dr disrespect livestream atm, will go live in 5 mins dark souls 3 on stream yesterday. fromsoftware games take the concept of easter eggs and turn it into the o… siri, which president created ICE?
Retweeted by hasanabi @rainlakuma @Chimeeera @Shekelhotep @thebenjilynn yo wtf this is why i lose my mind. cus these mfs just straight up… @Chimeeera @rainlakuma @Shekelhotep @thebenjilynn y’all literally started calling him dobby and a house slave becau… @Chimeeera @rainlakuma @Shekelhotep @thebenjilynn idk maybe cus debatelords like you will use the confusion in perp… @Bruh_It_Egg this isn’t a controversy you fucking moron. @Chimeeera @rainlakuma @Shekelhotep @thebenjilynn 1- this person still edits for me. 2- he works on his own volitio… paying them in shinglesall my editors have family members kidnapped by me. that’s why they work for free ofc. @SoloPunished it’s an easy gotcha even if it’s not true. that’s how memes turn into reality by one time i paid an editor w rocks. up randomly, can’t go back to sleep and the only thing i am thinking of is how unhealthy streaming has made me…
currently, 280K people (including me) are watching an animated wallpaper stream as donations and memberships pour i…'m keeping an eye on the doctor disrespect stream but can't watch on twitch due to TOS stopping me from featuring… at Facebook Gaming and YouTube tell me DrDisrespect has not and will not be offered a partnership with eith…
Retweeted by hasanabicrash bandicoot is a furry game and so many people refuse to admit this #stateofplaywatching the Playstation event because everyone will kill me if i don't.'m live and trying to figure out if dr disrespect is returning to livestreaming on youtube, and many more news sto… and his surrogates have gone from claiming "mail-in ballots are bad" to, "it's ok when i do it" to "it's okay… like that while my shingles pain luckily went away, now i got lower back pain. being 29 is awesome. not going to the gym is awesome. @TrueAnonPod is this pro corbyn? i’m leaning proit’s time for tomi to unblock me. you a fed who works for DHS, DOJ, or DoD? You may be entitled to a free Signal chat with yours truly. No obliga…
Retweeted by hasanabiHere’s my team: @AustinOnTwitter @hasanthehun and @Nesualol. If @TwitchEsports doesn’t invite us it’s because they…
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BREAKING: Blizzard staff are compiling a list of workplace requests for management including equal pay, fair promot…
Retweeted by hasanabiTrump is live, he actually has 2 very good executive orders, and is making concessions with the dems on evictions a… min interruption to put in a business plan, will be back asap. @Slasher @LivPosting @JordanUhl what happened to dr disrespect.this isn’t me. video with 25k likes on @okbuddyhasanhypehouse (on tik tok) got taken down because this lady filed a copyright cl…
Retweeted by hasanabii reacted to trump's absolutely insane baby brain interview on hbo.
i like that trump's new take is that only red states should be able to do vote by mail.trump is claiming that beirut was an attack. he just doubled down when asked to clarify and said it looked like a bombtrump is live on fox business before he goes live at the white house to flatten our brains considerably. about the beirut explosion, and trump's insane interview. i'm live, join!!! explore the incredibly cringe phenomena of liberal tiktok stars and try to understand why they're viral. video I received on WhatsApp of the scalr of explosion in #Beirut, confirming it was at the port.
Retweeted by hasanabitrump's literal response to a thousand people dying a day from coronavirus on the axios interview was "it is what i… trump on axios
@gootecks trump routinely claimed he wouldn't touch medicare and medicaid during his 2016 run, and then immediately… allowing states to purchase drugs from other countries actually doesn't seem that bad. it's likely yet anothe… apartment, and my electricity is back but spectrum is throttling my upload speeds! had a great two days with th… is gathering intelligence on activists in an attempt to tie them to foreign militant groups, per intel report l…
Retweeted by hasanabidonald trump wants a piece of the microsoft deal purchasing tiktok "from china" because "it wouldn't happen without… @haircut_hippie i’m not even fucking anymore
finally doing the second round of pobox now!!!!! AM LIVE (on stolen electricity, but live nonetheless)