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hasanabi @hasanthehun Istanbul, LA, NYC

i stream everyday on - for thirst traps and anarchy my ig is hasandpiker // business:

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@Yassuo sameHAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! SUPER SPECIAL SPECTACULAR SUNDAY STREAM WHERE WE WILL GET A SNL SUNDAY RETURN W/ ELON MUSK! TH…’m looking at houses w family and let me tell you, this is nothing like watching house videos on witchtok @MoistCr1TiKaL oh absolutely.
BACK TO RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE WHERE I TRY AND NOT FILL MY DIAPER IN FEAR OF SCARY GIANT MOMMIES (FINISHING TODAY?) ANDREW CHANNEL 5 (ALLGASNOBREAKS) VID JUST DROPPED LETSS GOOOOO todayNEW: @hasanthehun is here to break down the week’s news. @WallachLori joins for a helpful look at the patent waiver…
Retweeted by hasanabii hate to admit that i am actually excited to see the nuclear cringe the elon episode is going to be. sunday will be special.everyone needs this and also, allah attack on me and my community's time for 8ft tall goth vamp mommy.
DAVE CHAPPELLE WENT ON ROGAN OHMYYY @MoistCr1TiKaL that’s how i got to be 6’4running late. doing business deals at the bank. will be live soon. @hutchinson i’m always sayin thisIt’s not just unemployment benefits. The government is doing a lot of things to help Americans right now that may p…
Retweeted by hasanabi @GenePark oh i absolutely am. cant decide if i should do it on pc or ps5 thojust found out i have a new clips account in the hasanabi clip industrial complex and this mf already has 84k subs…’s fridaynvm what is this story telling, i get suspending your belief for certain things but there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense here.watching yasuke and it's actually good so far, esp the first big fight sequence with the flylo score gives me some samurai champloo vibes. @TSM_Myth whos the one on the bottom left, need that info for research @dubsteppenwolf you should be in jail @39daph wtfTHIS IS UNACCEPTABLE
NEW 90 DAY COUPLE JUST DROPPED! DARCEY AND JESSE! WILL THEY FIND LOVE? WILL THEY OVERCOME THE US IMMIGRATION RESTRI… of o d d that joe manchin and joe biden still act like these dudes have any interest in compromise'm going to be on lovett or leave it w/ @jonlovett at 11am, so my stream will be starting at 12pm pacific instead! @ZacharyDiaz @Twitch i will literally train like rock lee going forward to be able to dunk againidc what the reasons are, if i see a decomissioned escalator i am using it like it’s stairs.We ran into @MayorOfLA last night and asked him questions about why he’s publicly said that he’d meet with @BLMLA b…
Retweeted by hasanabiif you’re a thinking unemployment pays too much, perhaps you should start thinking that you pay too little ?people talking about how spicy it is don’t realize i snack on hot peppers w my mealstakis fuego should be made illegal it is cracki know it’s thursday everyone. i’m just saying what i’m excited for.giant vampire mommy fridayfinished shadow and bone. that’s how desperate i was for a new show.Love him or hate him, he does have a point here
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ASUELUS LOAN SHARK MOM WANTS THAT $1000 AND HIS SISTER WILL BEAT HIS WIFES ASS FOR IT!! 90 DAY IS ON BOYS GET IN AT RICH PEOPLE TIKTOKS MY GODDAYCARE IS LATE BUT OPEN!!!! WERE TALKING BIDENS EARLY PROMISES OF RELEASING VACCINE PATENTS, FEDERAL JUDGE VACATES… IM SAYING IS WE DONT KNOW WHATS DOWN THERE IT COULD LITERALLY BE THESE CREATURES OR WORSE, A FLOCK OF MARLINS T… is literally why its so dumb to even attempt to go in the ocean btw. this will happen irl. do a “day in the life” video everyday except it’s in real time and i will yell at you during it.this is exactly how i live. @ByYourLogic he also probably was a gateway drug for many posters when they were michael cohen ep is up btw @9_volt_ @PoliticalJM7 theyre stans but w a 401kHere's Joe Biden in 2020 explicitly promising that he would waive vaccine patents as President.
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Hey @theneedledrop, we are on national strike here in Colombia and it's getting really violent. They are killing ci…
Retweeted by hasanabiDAYCARE IS OPEN!! WERE TALKING SMOL BEAN JIMMY CARTER, CONSERVATIVES MALDING OVER BILLIE EILISH (FOR NO REASON) AND… @ruinsol nah fuck thatit’s wild how little i am afraid of the biomes i’ve conquered in subnautica. i will literally throw hands w fish rn @gossamerangel each their own i guesskinna surprised the girl made a play to go viral on tiktok instead of having sex w ben affleck
asuelu and kalani RETURN post marriage w a new baby in the oven. 90 day reacts are here again the new john oliver and then THE ASUELU SAGA MAKES A HEROIC RETURN TO ANYTHING ELSE THATS IN THE NEWS IMAGINE NAMING YOUR COMPANY MICROSOFT RATHER THAN MACROHARDi do have a pic of myself from hs- cameras were invented!! @REALMizkif @hasanthehun:
Retweeted by hasanabiSCHOOLED: Episode 2 📝🍎 We have a STACKED show for tomorrow!! @AustinOnTwitter @JackManifoldTV @neekolul
Retweeted by hasanabiSCHOOLED is LIVE!! 📝🍎 Tweet what streamer you're rooting for during today's show using #OTKSchooled GET IN HERE…
Retweeted by hasanabiYO IM LIVE AND ITS MONDAY FIRST I'M DOING A ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER TYPE COMPETITION WITH A BUNCHA STREAM…'ve learned so much from dhar mann videos. like the most important thing in life is to get rich and buy a nice car… Bartman, white guy in PA who illegally voted for Trump on behalf of his dead mother, gets 5 years probation…
Retweeted by hasanabiyall really gotta stop sending me sweets in the pobox. i ate way too much sugar late night and now im wired in bedthis is a video made by the CIA as part of their recruitment drive. look at the language used, and the t-shirt she'…
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@codyko literally watching it rnjust found out about dhar mann and wow. game changer for reacts.i watched "the whole truth" starring keanu reeves last night. this is what happens when there are no movies and you… @daveweigel technically you have streamed multiple times.
@ConnorEatsPants @brookeab samebtw i do not trust marlins they grow so large, and today i found out they throw themselves into boats to stab fishers w their face knife.for the record thalassophobia or whatever it's called despite not being in the dsm V is not an IRRATIONAL fear. it'… deathly terrified of the ocean & seas for the massive depths that exist, the scary creatures that live underwate… lit a russian diplomat on fire at dulles airport, went to jail for it- and was allowed to do one last mission to… @jakenbakeLIVE boomer powerwatching the latest tom clancy movie starring michael b jordan w my family. it starts in syria and they’re fighting russians. @ByYourLogic @intellegint looking fit king
#NewProfilePic #slayqueen
Retweeted by hasanabii was gonna make fun of this person but at least she puts more effort than trump adlibs @vivafalastin gonna be on stream later soi am a 29 year old man who is about to put black nail polish on. this was a worse decision than agreeing to get waxed on camerawhat should i ask him ?michael cohen (trumps ex lawyer) wanted me to go on his podcast. so i’m doing that today at you dumb cokehead. you loser. this guy's addicted to blow hahahhaha [cohost brings up my xanax use] none of…
Retweeted by hasanabi @nlapi jesus christ this tweet.I couldn't decide on a background, soooo have both instead. #HadesGame with @hasanthehun bc he actually beat Hades
Retweeted by hasanabiwe will always defend KEKW- rest in peace king.
it's finally here. 90 day reactse is back. time to watch two incompatible strangers fight to dismantle the american… STATE OF PLAY ? MORE LIKE PUPPY PLAYokbuddy later today...'s address was pretty solid. however it's the follow through that matters. promoting real policies beyond offe… @Charalanahzard people ask why i play hades on the switch WhEn i CaN pLaY iT oN Pc?!?! and its because theres nothi… @Asmongold finally.lowkey these old ass people are getting a solid workout on those knees constantly getting up to clap