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The Twitter Hashira | Unapologetically Uncensored | Top ??? for #RESPAWNRecruits Job’s not done. | CC for @GodSpeedES #ZOOM

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for those that need it be honest, you're the only one i've ever spent this much time and effort on.
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsAin’t no way @100Thieves started a 50% off sale today. Welp, who needs to pay rent anyways. @JoshhSMH She’s a 20, men ain’t shit @RESPAWNProducts Working, streaming, sleeping, repeat tomorrow 🫣I feel like Glimpse of Us is 2022’s Inside. Remember when Bo dropped that on us? And knew we were all in pain? @KingDylpickle ARF ARF ARF ARF WOOF WOOF WOOF GRRR GRRRR BARK BARK BARK BARKwhat is happening today bro. this is a weird ass timeline rn for me.Dude. I’m in the bathroom right, listing to Panic in my earbuds, and some guy comes in whistling along to THE EXACT… @RESPAWNProducts This is the scariest tweet I’ve ever seen in my life. I gotta get off work ASAP and get back on the grind
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsWhy the mirror at work make me so lanky and wiggly. What is this. I’m scared of this picture. the score but we’ll say this: Onions: 6 - Ryan: 5 Had a decent win streak going, but frick me man, them boys strong today 🧅gonna pick up some new hobbies/interests, throw some stuff my way so I can see what sticks 👉👈ⓘ This user just wanna sit in front of the ocean & listen to the waves.
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsI will get used to waking up at 4am everyday just to ruin it on my days off LOL gmThe 3-4 hour streams are probably going to be whats regular when I work, and then I’ll try to get our 10-12 hour on… @Cerabis205 Thin is better, I stand by my point.maybe an unpopular opinion, but, Oreo Thins are the best Oreo 🫣 @quinnleaf You did FINE, i sandbagged the whole time, I’ll get better, trustThanks for the stream everyone! Huge shoutout to @PurfectLioness for the raid, and ty @quinnleaf for the games, sor…
me getting ready to place thinking I’ll get lucky 🤡 Live now twitch // hashiraslim @RESPAWNProducts @astridrodrii me rn. @Cerabis205 LOL no but like, since there was still a small reset to MMR, and I ended bottom of Silver 1, I’m assumi… @Cerabis205 no. am not good. will not place gold.Stream in like an hour-ish? Just gonna eat and change rq. Where am I placing?I’ll go live as soon as I can after work, finishing up placements then planning some stuff out for the future 😁 any… @RESPAWNProducts You already know the moment I get off work I’m goin home and grindin 😤August is right around the corner, got something planned for the whole month 🤫Oh man my phone dry asf this early taking my break. I had 1 message LOL I know it’s Saturday but guys wake up 😂twitch chat is not the place to vent/trauma dump (unless they say otherwise!!). it could be very triggering to the…
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruits @hamrocks21 You too! 💙 happy Saturday!🌓 good morning 😊 twit, don’t stay up too late without me 🥺 I miss my late night grindersPros and Cons of this new work schedule: Pros: I get to start stream an hour earlier! 🙂 Cons: it’s 7:30pm and I’m already in bed 🙃ended stream a little short 🤍 had a friend who needed a shoulder, I love you guys, I’ll be on tomorrow to wrap up m… has been incredible to watch this year and we can't wait to see the winners. The next cut in the c…
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruits
LIVE, i love you guys twitch // hashiraslim @RESPAWNProducts #RESPAWNRecruits @Cerabis205 @WATCHHOLLIE @SnipezOutz @GhvstGG @NinjaDonuts @sleepycribb i love u 🤍 @chloe_randall20 @WATCHHOLLIE @SnipezOutz @ItsMePhip @E2WStrongz @NinjaDonuts @GhvstGG @shotbyalexa3 @sleepycribb @kaylanotbitcoin 🤍🤍Apologies to anyone who speaks to me for the rest of the day, I am exuding so much confidence rnTOP 750 We are competing, but we can still be friends right? If you see this, lemme meet you! Hi, my name is Ry… @RESPAWNProducts unfortunately didn’t go for it last year, trying to get all the way on the first try 🙌I’ll be live tonight. Pushing aside any of the other stuff that’s been stopping me as much lately. I know what I wa… @Untamedcupcake @RESPAWNProducts LETS GOOOpeep the new header 🥹 @RESPAWNProducts Born ready baby, LETS DO THIS THING. #RESPAWNRecruits 😤 @kingnandoo @RESPAWNProducts See you in the top 10 king 👑 we got thisI want to thank everyone for supporting me. You guys are the reason this is happening. Top 750 is nice, but, jobs n… @kingnandoo @RESPAWNProducts W @pedrode1998 LETS GOOOOWE MADE IT TO THE TOP 750 of #RESPAWNRecruits!! I love you all so much! This is only the beginning 🤯🤝
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsLETS GO YOUR BOY MADE THE TOP 750 #RESPAWNRecruits also shoutout to @HashiraSlim for making top 750 too!!…
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruits @Spryxi @RESPAWNProducts LETS FUCKIN GOOOOO @RESPAWNProducts LETS GOOOO 🥳🥳🥳 GUYS WE MADE IT. TOP 750. THE JOURNEY STARTS NOW. @LightningCasts Top 750 goes live today… to every single person that makes it, and every person that has been goin… tried to stay off twitter for the most part last night, but I broke down into tears when I heard the news. So m…✌️ I’m done, goodnight.
@sleepycribb 🤍🤍🤍on June 12th it'd been a year since I've started streaming its been a wild journey but thank you to everyone who's…
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsokay guys I stopped playing league of legends a while ago, when do I get my maidens @sleepycribb I believe in Sleepy Supremacy 😤 proud of you man IlysmOddish takes a sippy sip
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsThis screenshot says a thousand words... #RLCS
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsboutta listen to the entirety of Hamilton because I have no other downloaded songs and I have 3 hours left of work 😎 @RESPAWNProducts honestly I just want @JG7tv to roast me in rocket league 😂Im going to be working when the list goes live, I know that for a fact, my nerves are already at the max. One more… x SlimeRancher hahaha
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsfade's prowlers in valorant when they target you
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsuh oh. It’s 2:40am and I just woke up.imagine I somehow woke up to 500 🫣 (let’s be honest, it’d be a miracle) goodnight twitter @riotgames, can I have gun buddy pls? @RESPAWNProducts Top 750 Top 500 Top 100 Top 25 Top 5 And then @pedrode1998 as the winner 😎first solo queue comp game of the act
:) live on twitch 💚+♻️ twitch // hashiraslim @RESPAWNProducts #RESPAWNRecruits @infernowolf24 well, come say hiY’all ever just be hearing shit when you’re home alone? @pedrode1998 @RESPAWNProducts I’m seeing this on my break and crying 🥺💙 thank you man, genuinely.If I don’t make Top 750 I will be telling myself I was 751 just to feel a little better 💀Good morning 😞 haven’t even started work and I just wanna go home and sleepdude- Twitter. Day 1,051… Who’s trying to Bang?
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitssomeone pls $hashiraslim
@RESPAWNProducts I need payday to hit right now so I can mount my monitors 🤑* keeps playing alone * 😔 * then you ask to play * 😍
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruits @the_realRossy_V BRUH LMAO jumpscareDon't mind me just blessing the tl 💙
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsif anyone wants to add me btw since im nonstop playing, feel free 😁
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruitsFUCKKKKK i forgot about the cuts on my arm jeeeesuss CHRIST that hurt just now. Anyways, hi twitter, u guys are all hot @RESPAWNProducts 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫just be a decent person, that’s all I ask. @SnipezOutz nice. are hot still right…? did my cat do me a favor orrrrrr…?If you’re having trouble looking for rallies or protests in your state, message me so I can help! #RoeVsWade #RoeVWade
Retweeted by slim #RESPAWNRecruits @RESPAWNProducts @ShareOnHover agreed. 🪑 @RESPAWNProducts Seeing this post this morning made my stomach do a backflip. I’ve wanted this for so long now, the… is already sending me into panic, we either celebrate or we cry, there is no in between 😵‍💫