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"Best way to innovate is to NOT be afraid to try new things,"@NBA's Maggie Engellenner talks about the major link b… days 'til Thanksgiving & we're giving thanks to the work in the global sports & entertainment industry we're grat…
3 DAYS 'TIL THANKSGIVING! Today we're giving thanks to @esl and @att for pioneering a new mobile experience that p… seconds of the live-action, the @BuffaloBills have used video tech and highlights to increase their Twitter…
Giving thanks to work we're grateful for continues! Thank you @ESPN for bringing us The Last Dance during a time… Fact: According to YouGov's Gaming & Esports report, 27% of 18+ gamers are engaged with streaming platforms, wi… Fact: The football segment contributed to more than two-fifths of the TOTAL global fantasy sports market share… Thanksgiving a week away, we're sharing some campaigns we're really grateful for from this year First up,…
69% of sports bettors desire betting tips and 50% want engaging editorial according to a recent HPL study. 💰 Learn… out that social engagement tho 🤩
The @MLS has unveiled its top-selling jerseys from the 2020 season.
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsThe new look for your lockscreen #WallpaperWednesday #HoldItDown
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports"This is a paradigm shift for our entire organization… a full-scale culture shift both on and off the field,"… to the first major Gaming & Esports report from YouGov, 71% of people in the United States can be conside… dreams come true since '82.
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"It finally feels like we're at a true tipping point in society to solve some of the major fundamental challenges w…'t believe we are so close to #2021Vision - join us Thursday to catch this amazing lineup of creative people! Tu…
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"I take pride in knowing as a Black Woman I have a seat at the table," Tatiana Holifield shares her perspective on…
"Authenticity is what's key," @ViacomCBS SVP Adam Steingart shares his take on changes in the fan experience from l… to GumGum, over the weekend ALONE, Football club İstanbul Başakşehir generated 💰 $282K in sponsor media v…
@psforbrands @NFL @espn @Wasserman in to hear from leaders across the @NFL, @espn, @Wasserman and more at @psforbrands #2021Vision 👀 Chills. All the emotion. This is what sports is all about. Incredible work from the Dodgers using vide…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsLooks like its not only male sports fans having a hard time with change. According to a Marist Poll, 24% of women s…"You can build yourself into a better player on the field AND build yourself into a brand off the field," says MLB…
Looks like soccer has seen an increase in engagement 👀 According to Blinkfire Analytics, from July 1-October 30, 2… of wisdom on how to approach customer communication and relationship building in business from Lori Hall (… gaming advice from @WNBA player Aerial Powers (@aerial_powers23) to anyone who is thinking of getting into es…, political activism isn't a reason sports' TV ratings are down across the board... According to a new Marist Pol…
"If you want to be relevant, you have to be everywhere," Christina Litz (@Litz72) breaks down why traditional betti… to amplify a Gaming #data point. #WNBA fans (11.3%) are... 🎮 3.0x more than general US sports fan (3.8%) 🎮…
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Thank you for the today’s feature @HashtagSports on your daily newsletter⚡️ Daily reader, first-time caller 🙏🏽
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports🎙 "Let's put more podcast content out there," Matt Wickline, Sr. Director of Social Media for Turner Sports on how…
Get access to the convos that are transforming the future of business in sports x entertainment with the Hashtag Sp…
RAD AD: Need a distraction? @oldspice recently added @Titans running back, @kinghenry_2 to their @NFL Roster as th… star @CJMcCollum is ‘ReMaking America’ through journalism on @PlayersTV with a debut featuring guest…
GREAT point made from the @NLL's VP of Marketing @KLavin20 at the recent Hashtag Sports conference on our fan engag…
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WATCH Bob Carney (NBA Digital SVP) discuss their automated processes to get content to players in real-time. And wh…
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Missed any part of the Hashtag Sports 2020 VRTL event? No problem, we got you covered! Access any session on-dema… programs and student-athletes can win together in the NIL era. @Overtime | @HashtagSports
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“Players have to understand that you can be successful off the field while being successful on the field.” -…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsTaking a minute to bless your timeline with a thread of 🔥 moments from @HashtagSports #HS20 last week… Listen in…
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The Special Olympics has launched a bold new campaign to raise corporate sponsorship. #RadAd "Your Brand Here" x… talent agencies are wooing gaming stars like never before via @HashtagSports
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Great discussion @HashtagSports #HS20 discussing importance of unique #content to combat "scroll busting" behavior…
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports @PurInstinct @lorijay @DavidjBrickley @Ericthomasbtc 💯 @sydlarge18 @Blake_Lawrence @opendorse @overtime @The_SportsPaige 🔥🔥🔥Panels, panels, SO MANY PANELS! Did you have a favorite panel from #HS20? Let us know 👏⬇️Determined words from @NJDevils | @PruCenter SVP of Marketing @FrechetteGirl in @HashtagSports panel w/ HBSE Alumni…
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports @jcorb_ @Al_Weave @jaymee_ebbers @morganweeks and don’t worry, we got you too Jaymee, Alex, and Morgan! @jcorb_ @Al_Weave @jaymee_ebbers @morganweeks It's a deal 🙌
@jcorb_ @Al_Weave @jaymee_ebbers @morganweeks We miss being there with you too, 😢 but we will back together again J… @jcorb_ @Al_Weave @jaymee_ebbers Can't wait to all be back there together someday! In the meantime, @HashtagSports
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsWhat an incredible three days of insightful, inspiring, and thought provoking panels! Walking away from my second…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsBeen an amazing few days of learning with #HS20. Thankful to be able to take part from the UK this year!
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports @jonesjeremyt @TheVFoundation 💯💯💯Unofficial word cloud from #HS20...
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsFun afternoon in great company! #HS20 #fanexperience
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports1. that’s an incredible lineup of speakers! 2. power to the players! 3. #HS20 still going strong!
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsAsked to name two NFL players good at partnerships, Michael Thomas names: - Juju Smith-Schuster: All the partners…
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports👏👏👏 refreshed and renewed after the @espnw and @HashtagSports online conferences this week. The sports indust…
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports @jcorb_ @Al_Weave @jaymee_ebbers @morganweeks 🤩🤩🤩Such an honest conversation on the cultural climate, and how each have endured working in digital for the past few…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsThat concludes our final day of Hashtag Sports 2020. 🚀 Shout out to all of our amazing speakers & guests who parti… the best for last! @jonesjeremyt
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsThe panelists picks for most successful athlete/influencer lead digital philanthropic campaigns: @DickieV 🙌…"We would rather take a guy with a hundred thousand followers who is deeply rooted to the cause and to the mission…“i was challenged to take care of me. i can’t save the world if i can’t save myself.” - @ariivory #HS20 so relata…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsEnding #HS20 with a bang! Stream our last panel now: @jonesjeremyt x @dfleming58 x…"That's not content; that's action." - @ariivory on the @WashMystics decision to protest in honor of Jacob Blake.…"It's much bigger than sports, and it always has been." - @ShahbazMKhan (@Timberwolves /@minnesotalynx) #HS20 important convo about mental health and sports social @HashtagSports (@ShahbazMKhan with a not so subtle sne…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsTune in NOW to #HS20 for an important panel surrounding mental health & sports: 🙌💚"Be honest, transparent, and vulnerable." -@lorijay Cancel culture has made it hard to admit you have progress to…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsHer name is Lori Hall @lorijay. And she’s crushing it🔥🔥✊🏾🙌🏾💪🏾. @HashtagSports #hs2020
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports“You are not going to be canceled on the whole if you are being transparent, honest, and vulnerable.” -@lorijay on… in now! 👀🔽
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsCOVID has made approvals faster. SAY IT LOUDER!! @lorijay 👏People are quicker to solve something now. #HS20
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports @STNDigital Founder & CEO @DavidjBrickley leads a panel alongside Marketing experts @lorijay & @nicoleaportwood now… safety @Michael31Thomas asks @EASPORTS Julie Foster about their decision to bring @Kaepernick7 back to… to @HoustonTexans safety @Michael31Thomas discuss the change in how organizations responded to taking a knee… conversation and insight!! 👏🏾 @ginascott1908 on moderating #HS20
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsCurious how NIL rights will impact future NFL Draft prospects? @The_SportsPaige sat down with @Opendorse CEO…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsDid I just hear the name @DiorNFLPA in the same sentence as empowering athletes? Yes, indeed I did!
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsGet insight from NFL star @Michael31Thomas, @EASPORTS' Ty Stover and the @NFLPA's @ginascott1908 on how you can cre… event companies are looking for multifaceted individuals. #HS20 as @NFLonLocation CMO @dbcurtistweets describes the acceleration of the convergence of digital and live.… is the buzzword of this panel!💡💭 #HS20 Panel NOW at #HS20🎤DROP @Blake_Lawrence 😤😤😤 #HS20"Ultimately social media is going to impact both online and offline monetization of #NIL." - @Blake_Lawrence #HS20 partnership 🔥 Excited to learn more from @Blake_Lawrence and @OvertimeZack at #HS20!
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports @ConnorVolpe @HashtagSports When the whole squad pulls up...
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsWhy @overtime? "Overtime has the eyeballs of the next generation of sports fan." - @opendorse CEO @Blake_Lawrence panel is 🔥 #HS20
Retweeted by Hashtag Sports“COVID-19 turned our product from a vitamin to a drug” - Josh Bryant of @FangageInc on building his startup at…
Retweeted by Hashtag SportsGreat @HashtagSports panel on Social Media and Sports with @Dodgers @Vikings @dallasmavs highlighting how they con…
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