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I tweet sports. #SoxMathChamp 8/24/18 #MoncadaArmada™️ I exposed @OldTakesExposed on 2/12/18. Officially a #HahnBot.

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2020: IN 2019 going into 2020: @HashTagWhiteSox when the #Barves get eliminated
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmadaDeath, Taxes, #Atlanta sports choking away series/big leads in games. #Braves #Falcons
THAT PASS INTERFERENCE IS A JOKE AGAINST JAYLON JOHNSON #Panthers #BearsMore like Joey Slye-tly to the right. #AmIRite #Panthers #BearsWhich MLB executive should get credit for the amount of teams they helped build these MLB Playoffs? See thread belo…
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmada.@GeorgeSpringer @STR0 @TimAnderson7 SOON. #WhiteSox @Tonyk101010 And they have 1 hit off him thru 5 2/3 with 66 pitchesKevin Cash is in his own head again. #Astros #RaysUpImportant poll
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmadaRick Hahn - #Athletics - Chris Bassitt, Marcus Semien, Frankie Montas. #Padres - Fernando Tatis Jr.Mozeliak - #Padres - Pham, #WhiteSox- (Not Signing Robert), #RaysUp - Randy Arozarena, #Braves - Marcell Ozuna,… MLB executive should get credit for the amount of teams they helped build these MLB Playoffs? See thread belo…
@KevinCo49451891 Nah people hate Joe Buck cuz the crowd thinks it’s “cool” but it’s lame. He’s been part of some of… Buck is an awesome announcer. The idea that he hates your favorite team is hilarious. #Braves #Dodgers @rbenjamin84 @STR0 @TimAnderson7 Interesting.... @rbenjamin84 @STR0 @TimAnderson7 Would you prefer bauer?Nomar Mazara would never. #WhiteSox @NWI_Steve @MrDelicious13 Beef clearly has a strange definition of “fun” @MrDelicious13 He’ll be over 33?? The moment he puts on that #Whitesox uniform you know his career will die.Most electric batting/pitching combo in 2021? 👀🔥 @STR0 @TimAnderson7 #WhiteSox @puppy_trades 🔥 any chance can you give a similar update for $RKT? Or nothing has changed?
@AaronLemingNFL How’s that working out for him? LolWhite Sox SHOULD hire Alex Cora or Hinch. Owners often don't do what's logical. White Sox Twitter is phenomenal.…
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmada @puppy_trades This is so good man. Thanks for the analysis.José Abreu and Tim Anderson have been named Sporting News 2020 A.L. All-Stars, as chosen by a panel of A.L. executi…
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmada @puppy_trades Hey @puppy_trades can you give an update on $RKT? It’s been lagging these last few days. Thank you. @Schweintime1 If he would’ve signed with the Sox on the one year deal the Sox would’ve lost their second round pick, aka Jared Kelley. @Leonard42 Vaughn will be awesome @Leonard42 In a few years when we have springer in RF and Kelley starting game 3 of the World Series all will be well.Jared Kelley will help me forget about not signing Marcell Ozuna.....Jared Kelley will help me forget about not sig… @NWI_Steve They could be the 90s Braves I think they’ll eventually win one
@SoxMach_pnoles Yeah he would’ve been nice, not sure he would’ve been a dramatic difference maker tho. As construct… could the #WhiteSox have added at the deadline pitching wise that would’ve took them over the top? Clevinger wo… GOOOOO @STR0 @puppy_trades What’s your overall sentiment with $SPY? @whitesox2021 @hawkeyefan2015 @Moncada4P @AsteriskTour @YasmaniGrandaI Lol that’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard hahaWhat does any of this have to do with AJ Hinch being manager of a baseball team? Half of the #Twins team is made up… @AsteriskTour @YasmaniGrandaI He got suspended and paid a fine. There’s much worse people still in the league than AJ Hinch. @AsteriskTour @YasmaniGrandaI @Hans55 Drafted by Sox in 1994, Stanford connection to Kenny Williams, Hahn worked for the same agency as Hinch’s a… @Hans55 Too many connections with Hinch @BNightengale SPOILERS BRUHMy guess is George Springer joins the #Whitesox with his former manager, AJ Hinch words to the #WhiteSox front office ears @BerniePleskoff lol.
Now tweet “White Sox #1 managerial candidate is Tony La Russa”
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmadaGoing to run into some characters on those teams that have also made mistakes in the past that they’ve had to pay f…
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmadaIf you’re going to struggle with AJ Hinch potentially getting hired as the manager of the #WhiteSox, because of a d…
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmada @_ms_izzy $500 by Friday, please and thank you @BobShaevel I struggled with Ricky because he was a terrible manager not because of whatever he did in his past. @bobito64 Ok but again he paid for his crime. You’ll struggle, But you’ll still root for the team and if they win you ultimately won’t care.Going to run into some characters on those teams that have also made mistakes in the past that they’ve had to pay f… you’re going to struggle with AJ Hinch potentially getting hired as the manager of the #WhiteSox, because of a d… @wischlist @JamesFox917 @NotoriousJTB @TheQumarZaman Good to see you got yours priorities in order in what makes yo… @wischlist @JamesFox917 @NotoriousJTB @TheQumarZaman I figured you’d avoid the question 😂 @wischlist @JamesFox917 @NotoriousJTB @TheQumarZaman I mean it’s a simple question. I’m sure you weren’t celebratin… @JamesFox917 @wischlist @NotoriousJTB @TheQumarZaman @_ms_izzy @DoorDash 😂🤣 @usblues23 @MrDelicious13 @NWI_Steve If the Sox would’ve traded young players for Clevinger and then he got hurt li… @usblues23 @MrDelicious13 @NWI_Steve They have plenty of cash to fill there needs. A lot of us obviously would like… @_ms_izzy That close on $RKT tho! So close to being above that 23.60 resistance.
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmada @JamesFox917 MLB exec: And then he said “he’s their number one target”: Execs: @JamesFox917 MLB exec did y’all see Bob’s piece about Tony La Russa managing the #WhiteSox? Execs: @thebennettk @JeffPassan @MrDelicious13 He’s signing chone figgins to cover Madrigal at 2B too.The more @BNightengale posts an article regarding a potential move a team might make, the more it gives me confiden… can a "journalist" say "is the no.1 candidate" and then proceed to call the rest of it opinion? Worst of all,…
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmadaNightengale*So from what I can gather, Tony La Russa wants to manage a team on the verge of breaking out and Bob Nightingale is… @FlyTheWTonight @BNightengale Lol I don’t understand what purpose this serves other than clickbaitThe most important part of this entire tweet is that part in the link that says “OPINION” #WhiteSox @BNightengale No Hes not. Stop it @BauerOutage @barstoolcarl He’s just mad you’ll be pitching on the opposite side of town. @jonmorosi He also went to Stanford as did Kenny Williams and Hinch was drafted by the Sox in 1994Who are A.J. Hinch's prior connections to the #WhiteSox? Here's a good one: Rick Hahn. Two decades ago, Hinch's age…
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmada @scottmerkin Sorry for your loss Merk. My condolences to you and your family.The #Twins employ: Nelson Cruz, Miguel Sano, and Michael Pineda. But go off son. @puppy_trades Awesome thank you 🙏🏻 @puppy_trades Hey @puppy_trades can you tell me your thoughts on $NKE @BauerOutage See you soon pal“Look at this incredible scoreless innings streak that max fri...AND THERES A DRIVE, TO DEEP LEFT FIELD, YOU CAN PU…
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@usblues23 They’re everywhere a lot of the media heads too talking about how he shouldnt be blamed for the lack of… had the talent and got out coached against throughout the year and in the playoffs against a less talented…’s people on this app still really defending Renteria. The “he didn’t have enough talent” argument is nonsense… @BNightengale Stop it @CoveysBurner @SoxMach_pnoles I think any of Hinch/Cora/Espada would be fine hires. Hinch the only one of the bunch… @CoveysBurner @SoxMach_pnoles You might get your wish. Espada is out there too lolBig things ahead for the #WhiteSox !!!
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmada @xxbabyracksxx I mean I still don’t like Correa lol I don’t have an issue with any of the other guys tho. @xxbabyracksxx You sound mad @xxbabyracksxx Most Sox fans couldn’t Careless about what Hinch did for the reason I just listed. He got caught and did his time. @xxbabyracksxx it takes is a search of my name and “hinch” on your twitter search bar to see I’ve never said anything about AJ… Rick Hahn just told Vinnie “thanks for taking bullets unwarranted even tho it’s not your fault......welcome to my world” #WhiteSoxNick Madrigal had his shoulder repaired after the season. 5-6 month recovery timeline, so he could be limited in the spring.
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmadaGarrett Crochet--the information is good. Flexor strain in forearm. UCL is clean. Will continue to progress in matt…
Retweeted by TheMoncadaArmadaSo the idea the Ricky Rentería defenders had, that he maintained a “great locker room” was vastly overrated by them… White Sox veterans felt Renteria needed to hold players more accountable, but this is the Cubs’ situation all…
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