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Hasief Ardiasyah @hasief South of Jakarta and beyond

The Inept Manchild Formerly Known As Rolling Stone Indonesia Associate Editor Hasief Ardiasyah. In between steady employment at present.

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@kamga_mo @RizkiaLaras_ Tapi enggak punya uang bisa menghasilkan materi lirik lagu buat sealbum 😂After being used to seeing @DimasWisnu behind the lens for @SFTC_, it's a bit weird seeing him adding guitar muscle… almost exactly three years since I last saw @L_alphalpha perform live. Good to see them play songs from the ve… this dipshit in the flood and see how much he enjoys it.
Had the pleasure of seeing @sunnygho add colours to the cover art for X-Men 7 back in October. Happy to report the… @hasief @listentofeast Cerita suka dukanya bikin buku itu banyak banget. (Kalau ada yang sticker-nya miring, berart…
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahBack when @listentofeast was a small band but with big enough ambition to put together a book that expanded their v… @Bijiganja
@Natashaudu @ffikriawan Natasha Tak SetujuThat Phil Collins prank is truly magnificent, and I highly recommend you read the full account of it in his memoir,… @theKTB That would be a good article, incidentally. "Which artist were you aware of but not into back in the day, a… @NickRoche No wonder, especially since most if not all of you started off as fans. Even in these franchise-crazy ti… @NickRoche No worries. Pretty sure I’m not the only reader who fell for it! 😂 @NickRoche I'd never been a toy collector as an adult, just buying the comics and DVDs of the G1 cartoon was enough… @NickRoche The best decision Hasbro made in recent years was putting out new action figures of the characters that… @jroberts332 And did they really spell it "your" instead of "you're"? 🤦🏻‍♂️ @jroberts332 Oooh rumbled @theKTB Then you might be interested in their comeback album Cause and Effect. Written while Tim Rice-Oxley was hit… @theKTB That would be @mrmattbiffa and @ciaraelwisWHY IS HE CASUALLY HOLDING A SNAKE Last Syrup Dragon... Sho’Nuff!
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@ekaannash @paulwellerHQ Mengutip Tears for Fears di "Sowing the Seeds of Love": "Kick out the Style, bring back the Jam"Scorching solo by @juleslynch, whose second album Mane I had him autograph and ship to Indonesia six years before h…
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @supermanmeludah @ffikriawan @ryobodat Bakal susah nafas sih kalau main di situ sekarangHad a few ideas over the past couple of days about things I could create that some people might be interested in.… @wahyuacum Enggak sepenuhnya sesuai selera, juga sedikit banyak berdasarkan persepsi media yang bikin daftar serupa. @wahyuacum Pablo Honey, The King of Limbs, Hail to the Thief, The Bends, A Moon Shaped Pool, Amnesiac, In Rainbows, Kid A, OK Computer @MARTIALS_ Lusa kali bang @magruderjazz Yang pepperoni pizza mestinya pakai saus alfredo tapi gue lebih suka saus tomat kalau pizza, jadi gue…
And here's @djmartinculture's version of "Hunter" by @annacalvi. the latest issue of @QMagazine. I only found one guy from Bali on YouTube covering "Hunter" by @annacalvi, so… you can answer this about yourself...good for you. @dimasario Tergantung skala yang diincar. Kalau sekadar "Album Terbaik Sepanjang Masa Menurut...", ya siapa pun bis… @agunsux @i_frank @Bijiganja @deathrockstar Dulu gue beli box set DVD dan Blu-Ray This Is Spinal Tap demi dapat min… by who, exactly? @RaissaFaranda Bisa dijadikan lirik pengganti buat lagu Hindia yang "Mata Air": "Jika pacarmu sibuk nonton MU/Angkat tangan" 😬 @ochiewz Bisalah buat mengobati kerinduan pada Pizza BarboniAlways on the look-out for good wood-fired pizza. Beer Hall did not disappoint. @rayhannoor @christiantoario Berangkat tidak? @matosman With Green Day opening for you 😂 @diaswidj @rayhannoor @christiantoario Penggemar setia harus ikut menderita di saat klub sedang susah 😂 @christiantoario @rayhannoor Kabari kalau jadi, tiba-tiba jadi ngidam apple strudel 😅 @rayhannoor @christiantoario Sekalian belajar ikhlas lah 😂 @christiantoario @rayhannoor MenarikTrue, you can't blame the governor for the heavy rainfalls we've been getting lately. But what you can do is blame… @dimasario Tapi gue harus akui kalau daftar yang RS bikin dulu juga ada kelemahan serupa dalam penyusunan. Sebagai… @dimasario Menarik, dari segi merupakan hasil diskusi lima teman lama. Tapi kurang bisa dibilang komprehensif karen…
@TMCPoldaMetro Terjadi kemacetan di depan MRT Cipete arah Pondok Labu karena jalan banjir dan mobil-mobil bimbang a… @i_frank @Bijiganja @deathrockstar Liam Gallagher kecewa pas dikasih tahu mereka hanya aktor. 😂 good way of supporting your favourite band is by not embarrassing them because you harassed some random person on… @KuntoAjiW @petra_sihombing @salpriadi_ Apalagi ada drummer rusuh yang jadi MCA fascinating read about how Black Sabbath was really a jazz band at heart. there's a proposed bill that is regressive, repulsive and intrusive, I'm not surprised that this party is… @nabun Ada: @BestCoast Reading it just now it's like they got your last name wrong, went back to the top to start correcting it… it's flattering that people still cite Rolling Stone Indonesia's 150 Greatest Indonesian Albums, it was by no… perks of having your song's co-writer also perform at the same gig @petra_sihombing @salpriadi_: perks of having a partner who can sing and is familiar with your work: for why @rendypandugo is playing piano instead of guitar now, the answer is somewhere in here: @rendypandugo has shifted to piano on his new Chapter One EP (out now!), it was fun to see him jump in and a… fun time at @MusiconFriday's Panggung Gembira last night featuring too many names to mention here, so you might a…
@ffikriawan Gocek yang berdampak ke kocek 😩Why do musicians freak out if something happens to their instruments?
@matosman Ha, very true! Well I hope all goes smoothly for your book tour, looks like it’ll be fun! @matosman I suppose this isn't the best time to mention they had to play Coachella without you in 2011... 😅Male violence against women & girls is a pandemic. Don't believe me? Please read the latest femicide report. It mak…
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @deathrockstar Tapi dulu suka kesal sendiri pas intro lagu ini muncul di radio atau MTV karena gue kira itu suarany… @deathrockstar Nah ini yang apes pas Jakarta Pop Alternative Festival di mana Netral dan Pas Band mendapat sambutan…
It still blows my mind that someone had the idea to make a chicken sandwich using chicken fillets as the bun. And… @deathrockstar Haha. Lagipula tahun segitu Foo Fighters masih band gurem. Walau isinya Dave Grohl dari Nirvana, dia… @deathrockstar Anggota Pas ada yang bilang enggak jadi karena itu? Mungkin salah paham kali, kayaknya itu bukan hal… @lucywiryono @steakholycow Mauuuu @lucywiryono @steakholycow Gue 😬 @Natashaudu @ANGGRAINIMELINA Tanda cupang yang bikin transaksi ini golIf your partner takes away your independence, chips away at your self-esteem & makes you feel like you are constant…
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @Natashaudu @wordfangs @rayhannoor @Enricooctaviano Hindia dan Lomba PSTo love someone means to support their hobbies and to accept their flaws rather than changing them into someone the…
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @wordfangs @rayhannoor @Enricooctaviano Hindia dan Lomba Gangster
It would seem "At the Door" was a bit of a red herring or just to let people know The Strokes' new album won't be a… it's like all proposed regulations from the Indonesian government are part of an ever-escalating series of H… Decisions is now streaming everywhere you can think of. Listen. Watch. Enjoy.  Video…
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahGood article, good introduction to the wider world. It should go without saying, but this is what music media shoul… @devadevadeva @foals Dari Everything Everything ke Jagwar MaNew guy on bass for @foals' tour.
@ashofficial @TowerDublin Looks like @darthmarkh is really putting the tower in Tower Records. As if he wasn't tall enough already...! 😂If any of you are interested, please hit me up through DM. I am humbled and is seriously thanking anyone who is con…
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahI'm not asking you to do this for free. Just maybe not as much as it should be, regretfully and again I feel terrib…
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahPhotographer + Videographer/s wanted. Let me be straight here. Due to lack of monetary budgeting, I won't be able…
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahThis baby koala just lost her mother & the vet gave her a stuffed koala to comfort her & when she sees it, she reac…
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahMusic allows us to touch the heart of another human being without ever even meeting them . To anyone who creates that magic I salute U X 💜
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahA reminder that Mark Hoppus is the only original member of Blink-182 still in the band. (Travis Barker didn't join…, musician, producer and music pioneer Andrew Weatherall has died aged 56
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @idgarirang Masih mau ajak @diaswidj main drum kalau begini kelakuannya? 😂"Kita krunya feast" Terdengar: - suka gulung-gulung kabel - kurang tidur - kang debat sama vendor/panitia "Kita ti…
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @mrmarkmillar What's your favourite Asterix book?My new obsession is buying up all those old Asterix hardcovers we used to get in libraries. I loved all those Europ…
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @idgarirang Mungkin di Periplus? Tapi kebanyakan isinya majalah impor, jadi kurang tahu apakah mereka jual Tempo ju… @idgarirang Majalah apa dulu