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Hasief Ardiasyah @hasief South of Jakarta and beyond

Perpetual oddball. 12+ years writing/reviewing/translating for Rolling Stone Indonesia, current position is probably fetal. Available for freelance work.

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@priscillajamail @davidbayu 2010Was reading the final issue of @QMagazine which reprinted a Lou Reed interview from 2000 in which he lamented Metal…
@perpetua @Steven_Hyden Saw them twice when they reunited, and they were great. That Zeppelin-esque second album ha… @SOREband covering @efekrumahkaca’s “Debu-Debu Berterbangan” and “Banyak Asap di Sana” with David Tarigan… a while since I put something up on my YouTube page, so here’s an audio-only bootleg of the time when Sore and… explains why Indonesians are prone to believing social media dipshits and other shoddy sources of info. The pr…“...and Aubameyang lifts the FA Cup for Ars-“
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahThe smoothest trophy lift you're ever likely to see? We think so 😉 🤣 @Aubameyang7
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah
@priscillajamail“I keep feeling smaller and smaller.” @Adriandhy“Remember that I’m a good man Just not good enough” the definitive Wolverine artist for my money, ever since I picked up issue 75 back in the day. @tristanjuliano @iamsoftanimal @ComicBookNOW Alhamdulillah diingat Mastris 😇 @iamsoftanimal @ComicBookNOW Macam Coca-Cola yang standar belum cukup kafeinnya 🤣 @Bijiganja Teman sekolah gue, lahirnya September 😂
No one will ever understand you but if you’re lucky you will catch glimpses of yourself
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahIf you’re subscribed to @AppleMusic, here’s a video of @wordfangs and @rayhannoor bumming each other out before doi…
@BeardedGenius Seen I’ll Be Gone in the Dark yet? @Adriandhy Yeah, that’s me too @B0bHardy Mine too, whenever we received a new one I’d flip right to the toys section in the back to see what new Transformers they hadIt looks like someone’s been taking “bungkus” as a hooking-up term way too literally.Computer says... your magic, @sarahcpr. @Bijiganja Dibungkus duluMy default reaction to whatever’s trending on Indonesian Twitter at any given day. want you to look at me the way Cyclops looks at his sandwich.
Thank you for keeping the secret til now 🙏🙏😂😂
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @nealbrennan Still related to Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade was on TV last night and I was reminded of the scene… that’s the case then it’s doing a fucking shitty job of controlling the Indonesian masses got the chance to wear my Daehoidar Cilbup Yrarbil shirt. time I’ve heard this being sung since the vocals were recorded in @Naifband’s studio ten years ago. 😅 of the few things X-Men: Apocalypse got right.
The wondrous thing about music is it’s so vast that you can literally discover great new artists every day of your…
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @davidbayu Ini baru sekarang dibawakan sejak albumnya beres? 🤣 @flea333 And by aeroplane you trap.
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahWorth reading for the moment Billy Crudup and Robert Plant finally meet. sad news 💜 love and prayers to Denise’s family and loved ones. Rest in Power Denise Johnson x
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahIf Optimus Prime could wear a mask, so can you.
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @ffikriawan Kayaknya mereka udah punya grup Whatsapp khusus buat ceng-cengin 🤣 @chris_ryall @BrettGurewitz Which rules out Portishead too, I guess. 🤣
Manchester United fans right now 🍾
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyahtwo garys, locked in an eternal struggle, pursuing each other across the globe forever.
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @thspcwndrr @ffikriawan Rocker juga manusia @ffikriawan Yoi. Bukannya rocker dilarang patah hati, tapi mbok ya jangan diumbar di IG Stories juga kali 😅 @ffikriawan Ternyata orangnya muka Rambo, hati Rinto jugaI have a Ludwig van Beethoven joke but it’s unfinished.I have a Michael Jackson joke but it’s bad. It’s bad. Really, really bad.I have an Avengers: Endgame joke but to understand it you have to hear 21 other jokes first.I have a Zack Snyder joke but somewhere along the way it turns into a Joss Whedon joke. @Natashaudu have a de javu joke but you’ve already heard it.start with “are you out of your fucking mind?”
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @RianEkkyP D’SigitI have a Jennifer Lopez joke but
@DanSlott The fourth Die Hard turned me off from seeing the fifth, but I think that’s basically the plot in reverse… had a joke about my lightsaber, but I tossed it away.
Retweeted by Hasief Ardiasyah @pugarrestu Ini idola yang kemarin di-WA? 🤔I could say that I have a Sir Mix-a-Lot joke but I cannot lie.I had a Red Hot Chili Peppers joke but I gave it away.I have a photo negatives joke but it needs developing.I don’t have a Beach Boys joke but wouldn’t it be nice if I did? @pongkibarata 😘🤣 @pongkibarata Mereka bisa bikin album tanpa instrumen selain alat tiup. Judulnya Kla-rinetI have a Transformers joke but it keeps changing.I don’t have a semen joke yet but I’m sure it’ll come. have a coronavirus joke but I’m distancing myself from it. have a flat Earth joke but I just need to get around to it.I have a Christina Aguilera joke but it’s dirrty.First the name, and now this. It’s a good thing Elon’s got lots of money because most of it is going to go to his k… have a joke about face masks during a pandemic. It's not funny but if you don't wear one you're more likely to get it.
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahThe new HALLOWEEN is gonna be about Michael Myers being confused that no one is out on the streets to kill, and the…
Retweeted by Hasief ArdiasyahI have a food influencer joke but it’ll make you feel like you’re dying.I have a Blink-182 joke but don’t waste your time on me.I have an Adele joke but...never mind.I have a Suede joke but it’s trash.I have a Radiohead joke. I wish it was special.I have a Weezer joke but you won’t talk, won’t look, won’t think of me.I have a U2 joke but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.I have a Destiny’s Child joke but I don’t think you’re ready.I have a J. Jonah Jameson joke but what I really want are pictures of Spider-Man.I have a Jimmy Eat World joke but it just takes some time.I don’t have a Whitney Houston joke. I have nothing.I have a Blur joke but it’s nothing special.I have an Oasis joke but you need to find out ‘cause no one’s gonna tell you what I’m on about.I have an MC Hammer joke but you can’t touch it.I have a Beatles joke but I don’t want to spoil the party.I have a Corrs joke but only when I sleep.I have an R. Kelly joke but my mind’s telling me no.I have an Avril Lavigne joke but it’s complicated.I have a Coldplay joke but no one ever said it would be so hard.I have a Green Day joke but do you have the time?I have a Bon Jovi joke but it’s halfway there.I have a Smiths joke but stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before, because then that joke isn’t funny anymore.I got a cancer recovery joke but it’s a work in regress. @KuntoAjiW @IndraAziz Pas daftar ekspektasinya A, pas dijalankan dapatnya B. SAAAAAAKIT HATIKUUUUUI have a culture joke but it’s been cancelled. have a conspiracy theory joke but you wouldn’t believe it if I told you.