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Mike Rufail @hastr0 Dallas, TX

Father, Husband, Owner and Chief Gaming Officer @Envy @DallasEmpire @DallasFuel.

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Took the ladies for a picnic at the lake today. Life is good. I can’t wait for us to get into our esports seasons i…
@SethManfield Nice work today Seth𝔼ℕ𝕍𝕐 𝕍𝔸𝕃𝕆ℝ𝔸ℕ𝕋 Not done showing what we've got! Our quarterfinals match VS @Sentinels is starting very soon. Tune i…
Retweeted by Mike RufailAnother Rocket League Grand final for @Envy. This time in the @RLEsports RLCS Grid. Best team in the world.
@HoganFrazier Hey, I'll take the back to back NA titles and the streak they've been on. Still looking strong! I fee… League still crushing it #TeamEnVy
@INTELCallofDuty #LAHoodies I'M JOKING! Nothing but respect. GL LA! @CODLeague Welcome back to the CDL
Retweeted by Mike Rufail @Predator_USA @NVIDIAGeForce Straight beastmode#defendthethrone
@tarik We just couldn’t get it right for a while in CS like we used to. Finding success almost everywhere else. App… @MidgetMatty98 @kuben_tt Thanks for the kind words.To @kuben_tt: You are a fantastic professional to work with. Your next organization will be lucky to have you.I want to thank @kuben_tt @Envy_Nifty @CalyxCSGO @MICHUcs_go @ThomasCS__ @LEGIJAcs for the big efforts recently. Al…'s be honest, we haven't performed the best in CS for a while after being former world champions with our great… confirm that last week, I had to give @kuben_tt the news that we were unfortunately releasing our current CSGO…
@dekay @NaToSaphiX @DylanHamer6 @Bubzkji Happy to join you. All of us at Envy love CS and we have a legacy there. W… @dekay @DylanHamer6 @Bubzkji Well, ignorance is bliss. @dekay @DylanHamer6 @Bubzkji Happy to hop on a cal with you sometime Dekay and walk through the real economics. Let… @dekay @C9_Fanboy We are evaluating all of our options at the moment. Things change. Lots of variables heading into… @MattWhitehouse_ @C9_Fanboy @dekay Far more value in operating an Overwatch team right now. It’s not even close @C9_Fanboy @dekay There are many reasons why other orgs won’t sign them either. The economics are pretty busted rig… @MattWhitehouse_ @dekay Nothing is free my man @dekay Look, I don’t expect you to understand. All the best. Will talk more about it soon. The honest truth is that… @dekay I can buy lots of better things for far less money, doesn’t mean I have to buy them. @dekay I don’t expect you to consider cost and a balance sheet when operating a team, but think about what assets y… @dekay @Envy Actually, operating almost any CS team is lighting money on fire right now. There are no underlying as…
You could say we had a decent 2020 💰 (via @esportsobserved)
Retweeted by Mike RufailLast one out of the office tonight. Goodnight everyone.
@xDodgeO Man, this sucks. We didn’t produce these as an org, the league did through their channels. I’ll pass this…
2020 | One Step Back, Two Steps Forward
Retweeted by Mike Rufail
Hell of a run @geNet1x. Top 3 in WSOP main event is no joke. Congrats! may never be able to replicate this piece of @Envy. Thank you for everything @MickiePP
@RyanFoolz @FraNChlS @Envy @geNet1x @WSOP Part of the Envy Gears continued legacy for sure. @THUMP3R_ @Envy That was a special winBest of luck to our guy @geNet1x as he will be representing @Envy at the @WSOP finals today!🃏
Retweeted by Mike Rufail @Envy @geNet1x @WSOP Let’s go! Congrats on the sick journey from Gears finals to final tables.
@CJNEW001 Merry Christmas CJ! Thanks for always working so hard brother. It doesn’t go unnoticed.
@Methodz @Envy To many many more brother, cheers. 🥂Taking a little break here from gifting on CashApp to spend some time with the family, but will get back to it late… @Methodz @Envy Only joking brother. You had one of the sickest clutches of the inaugural season. Good seeing you st… @Methodz @Envy If I send you cash, maybe you can buy your gunskill back @RBigShot26 @Envy @Crimsix LmaoI obviously can't help everyone who responds to me here, but will help as many people as I possibly can. Take care everybody.Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you. 2020 has been pretty rough, but better times are certainly ahead.… is the best Santa by the way @CrimsixMerry Christmas and happy holidays to you all. The @Envy family is closing out 2020 with great strength. We are g…
@sidrocus @Muddawg Happy to talk to either of you about it sometime. I’m not a pro, but could definitely point you in the right direction. @CVGrin Honestly, investing in the things you love and know is a good place to start. Just don’t get married to eve… @FalleNCS Covered calls are a great way to trade safely if you know what you’re doing. Sending positive vibes for your positions. 🙏 @FaizevBeg Maybe one day there will be some exposure on the public markets. It’s still early days for the companies operating esports teams. @CJisTuF What a breakthrough that would be. I’ve just started to learn and hear more about monoclonal antibodies. L… @blakeir @FEhrsam @matthuang @paradigm Wasn’t knowledgeable about this until I read through the article. What a pla… @CJisTuF Nice dude. Congrats, thanks and much love. @CJisTuF That’s where I was leaning. Was having a conversation today about AI and blockchain being major future gro… @CJisTuF You must have had great performance if you’ve held through btw. @CJisTuF Trying to decide between ARKF or ARKG for a new position. Need to do it quickly apparently. @_Cawww My safety net will always be a dividend portfolio with a DRIP @_Cawww Even I have fallen victim to chasing short term gains. It’s certainly a problem and one I hope more investm… @Clayster Ah... happiness. That’s all that matters. Have fun with it brother. @Chrissao_ @DallasEmpire @Shotzzy Hope you enjoy the gear dude. Thanks for the love. @Clayster That’s a sick return. If you opened on stream, even more return. I’m guessing that was lucky as hell though. @Clayster That’s not a bad haul. @itmeJP Should I go back into the closet? @Clayster How does that translate into dollars? @TvabLuR Ok, maybe not easily, but it is a ripe market. Won’t last forever. @TvabLuR This is all good advice for people who are beginner investors or want to passively invest. It is also good… @GokuEscapePod Read a lot, watch a lot of tutorials, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, don’t trust everythi… @TvabLuR I don’t consider myself a professional investor or trader yet, therefore I don’t give much advice, but wou… @Xrs3naL Maybe. Have a few ideas. @alexxx1161 Agreed @TvabLuR Oh man, can’t knock people for trying, but you are right. Casual investors can still do well, but it’s a r… feel like I just came out of the trader closet. Feels good @AciDicGamerz Times your full on entry PERFECTLY! Lol @AciDicGamerz Bought in October and have averaged up (which I rarely do on options) a couple times in November. Straight beast mode. @FroZn @KraZeRtv I still think starting on Webull paper trading is the safer way to learn @cashfIo @kix4r I bought a good bit of metal in April. The real stuff. @KraZeRtv CRSR calls printing and they sponsor us at Envy. BIG W! @NDominator @CJ_Johnson17th @fullauto11 Smart man @cashfIo @kix4r Buy gold? @Enable Print print 🔥 lmao @xlJGMlx Probably ran a little too hot too early, but maybe warranted. Outside of trading some options here and there, I avoided. @CaseManGG Going to stay hot @Wheres_Creeper 🚀 lol @kix4r There are plenty of other places to make safe investments right now. To each his own! @GoldenGoob AMD has been HOT @WeebersTV Lol nah, didn’t play that one @RoninOCE Start with paper trading (fake money) on Webull and start learning. Treat it like it’s your real cash. Th… @MeeboEsports Webull for day/swing/options, Merrill for DRIP portfolio, TD for a couple OTC plays and Robinhood for YOLO options. @kix4r The top on a lot of blue chips is the actual bottom this year. @OwenMRoe Holding NVIDIA from $136 and averaged up a bit over the years. My top performer.Just curious, how many of you are trading or investing in the stock market? I have been investing for about 10 yea…
Welcome to @Envy! the @Cloud9 Charity event! GGWP to everybody we played & we'll be donating all our winnings to charity <3 Thank…
Retweeted by Mike Rufail @EnvyReport @Wizzrobe @C9Mang0 Let’s go Wizzy!!! @GGBreakingPoint @Crimsix Devs would be shorting you like 25lbs if this was your avatar.
@GGBreakingPoint Yo @Crimsix, you good bro? @LouisLD_ Thanks for making me look good @HiTechRedneck3_ @PrimeGeoff @JakeSucky @Envy Thanks, we’re just glad you enjoy it. That’s all that matters. @benjiz77 @r4ja_ @JakeSucky @PrimeGeoff @Envy Not against it at all. I think it’s great. Non-match specific enterta…