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hats @Hattiethepirate London, England

Illustrator and dinosaur enthusiast.… Liverpool and London based 💖

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@notcorry I feel this massively. I hated my accent growing up. Meseyside isn’t known for its beautiful tones. But a… @itsbinkybee We in the North call it “Dr Squirts Yum Yum Foam” @MessieSchmit Fucking hellI don’t know how shading and light works. I read about it and try and copy but in reality I really don’t get it so… @heatherlime OH MY GOSH IS THIS SOME WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS ART?! 😍I’ve never been more inspired by a piece of art in my life. This is the highlight of my 2020. I’ve been laughing at…
@ElliotExplicit I KNEW IT proud of the boys. This brill sketch made me chuckle a lot. Also can confirm after knowing matt for over 6 y… @ClaraVulliamy Sounds delicious! 🥰 @10000Hawks @Sydsnap I feel thisThis thread was inspired by @heatherlime , thank you for providing me with knowledge of these amazing stickers.Both good souls, hosting excellent parties just makes sense to me favourite always nakey wrestle baby @10000Hawks Haha!My fave little witch vibes @10000Hawks Sure sweetie. Sure you are 👁👄👁I’m kermit. That’s all I’m gonna say about this one one may not hold up as well for obvious reasons, but xanthe is the only person I know who would rock this colo… excuse to share my favourite picture of Matt is the sticker that inspired this thread pals as 1980’s Halloween Muppets stickers - a thread: @its_jessico What Alt-J song is this from? @TheSonicScrew I can’t get over that it doesn’t exist now! My brain is like “cool promo for this rad show coming out” @ClaraVulliamy @kewbookshop @HarperCollinsCh Absofruitly! 🍎🍐🍊🍋🍉🍇🍓🍑🍒🍍This is the coolest idea for a show I’ve ever seen. I want to see this so incredibly badly. What an amazing concept…
I would like to smooch the fish boy @ClaraVulliamy @kewbookshop @HarperCollinsCh This atmosphere is joyous! It reflects you and your work so well 🥰 @LiamDrydenEtc LOOK AT HIS APOSTROPHEET!My sweet bean is going to be streaming tonight. He’s very gentle and calm to listen to 🥰 @KiahTudor I AM CREASING. Are there more of these? @EnglishSimmer @plumbellayt @reader_tia @queeneggie_ TAMMY 💖 GIRLMy two favourite people in one video? What a splendid Wednesday it is! 💖 @NICOMILKK GORGEOUS @ItsJustHedy ITS SO GOOD. one of my faves of all time 💖🐸 @its_jessico @hildewereld Thanks so much you sweet peach x @Maddyology @hildewereld Thank you angel 🥰 @KiahTudor I’ve just bought some bits from The Ordinary and will be attempting skincare other than... water and wit… I had the honour of doing a family portrait of my pal Hilde and her gorgeous parents. It’s been a while si… @KiahTudor UR SKIN IS IMMACULATE. The dewy, moonlit face of a freakin forest nymph. Who does a girl have to curse to get a face like urs? 😍I think it’s mad that it isn’t widely known/advertised that you can pay £10 a month for a NHS prepayment prescripti…
Retweeted by hats @EnglishSimmer Hahaha matey I did this yesterday! 😂💖 @CamrynAYule I think it’s like the assumption a whole family would be watching it, but it’s deffo gonna be one of t…
the gang vs bella swan being mean to charlie
Retweeted by hatsA tale in two parts. @notcorry @Dheanasaur Just a sample of the past weeks dreams. 😬 @KiahTudor @Mrheavyhand Also if people do want to change their bods that’s entirely up to them, but can we stop usi… @KiahTudor @Mrheavyhand It hit me when I lost a few stone and my “after” weight was certain peoples “before” that t… @Thelaserbearguy Why is this a tiktok hahaA friend Sent me this,Well I Think she’s a friend
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Acne & I Part II After uploading this, I’ll probably hide my phone and run around my house in a panic. But here g…
Retweeted by hatsTonight I severely burned my finger whilst saving a turkey dinosaur from dropping onto my kitchen floor. I am a parody of myself. @hildewereld I COLLECTED THESE MAGAZINES @Mad__Kev @hildewereld Thank you so much 💖This was such a fun commission to do. Hilde and her family are all such brilliant characters 💖 has Miss Piggy not been a judge on Drag Race
Retweeted by hats @ethanharv No capes @ethanharv Who can resist a bit of Roy thoinstead of being like 'omg how have you never seen this thing??' let's be like 'omg i'm so excited you get to see…
Retweeted by hats @Jon_Aitken It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to tell the difference between the two dinosaurs. @Jon_Aitken A classic symbol of equine respect. I know it well. @Jon_Aitken After the initial crash they would be transported to a hospital scene in which the boy Bratz on the mot… quite as impressive but I feel this on a level. had an instrumental version of this on my smash hits CD and would make my barbies have slow motion car crashes to… @Thelaserbearguy @RichardEGrant Ab ovo, in toto, Nil desperandum, Sine die! @Thelaserbearguy @RichardEGrant LaughableYou vs the guy she tells you not to worry about’d like to apply for the job of the designer that gets to do children’s drawings for tv and film that are shitty e… about two shows both with female POC leads airing back to back just brings me so much joy
Retweeted by hatsDave and Sir David Attenborough teaming up for new #PlanetEarth TV special
Retweeted by hatsI’m never gonna get over how much I adore these 💖’s best at being sad 🤘😔🤘
Once upon a time children would wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. One such toon from 1984 was T…
Retweeted by hatsLoving this @XantheSimmans cosplay. @yasminjohalx I’m well coming on this journey with you xI HATE HOW TRUE THIS IS ever just like so in awe of how incredibly beautiful your friends are? @aliengirlludii @hell0lucie @yasminjohalx Thank you so much 💖 @hell0lucie @yasminjohalx Where do you buy it from? I’ve been interested in getting some for ages! @hildewereld i horny.IT LOOKS LIKE A POKEMON @10000Hawks God is dead. All is MALM. @Cyarine We get all our socialising done once every 6 months and then we are good for the rest of the year 🥰 @Spice8Rack This show is the only vhs I have left in my houseA little Ghost to Ghost update x
Retweeted by hatsRex Whistler Restaurant in the basement of @Tate Britain has a racist mural called ‘The Expedition in Pursuit of Ra…
Retweeted by hats @Cyarine Feels so odd not having sitc this year. Around about this time of year I’d be seeing your lovely face! 🥰
Russian nesting spiders. @KiahTudor I’m crying my eyes out @Oh_ItsJustKim I don’t have a bell at the moment so when I approach people in my local park I have to yell “EXCUSE… @kickthepj Phil squared @GoddessAngeIina Some Elle woods realness here. 💖 Stunning @hamishsteele Brilliant! Super exciting news dude 🥰 @danstkes Horny ghouls in your area do want to shag you though. @hildewereld You look like a puppet. I just want to put you on a little shelf @hamishsteele When’s the estimated release/shipping date? 💖🐊 @hildewereld WHY WERE YOU ALWAYS WEARING GIANT CLOTHING? 😂 @MaryAkemon Mary ur too powerfulJust trying to find my rainbow connection. 🐸💖