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paige ☕️ @hauntedcorners she/her | olivia ʚïɞ

⠀ . . . still sitting in a corner i haunt.

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@Harry_Styles you’re hot @Harry_Styles DO U TIE WITH ONE BUNNY OR TWO BUNNIES @Harry_Styles HIT ME @Harry_Styles YOU ARE SO SEXYLove On Tour. Stockholm. June, 2022.
Retweeted by paige ☕️HARRY THIS ALL THEYRE GIVING US ???? isn’t real 🫶🏻 has been 1 year since Starting Line, the debut song on Luke Hemmings' solo album, When Facing The Things We Turn…
Retweeted by paige ☕️why was my feet pic last year so sellable BIRTHDAY STARTING LINE @hrrysrouge me @SLIPAW4YLUKE deactivate @SLIPAW4YLUKE ALSO 2?????!!!?!?$/&-&-&-9 @SLIPAW4YLUKE REN?NAUR
THIS ONE. @SLIPAW4YLUKE PLSme and my mom were arguing so i decided to eat upstairs but my dinner isn’t fully heated up 🧍‍♀️YEAHHHHHH CALL HIM OUT“Why did you put your dad all the way up there and you’re down here?” “Because it was hard getting tickets” “Oh…sor…
Retweeted by paige ☕️ @AbigailLFTV HIetsy girls get to fucking WORK. i want his exact shirt in a baby doll tee.
Retweeted by paige ☕️hit me is such a softie helping a fan propose to her girlfriend at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, Sweden - June 29 (via @augustshome)
Retweeted by paige ☕️Love on Tour - Sweden ❤️
Retweeted by paige ☕️he is so pookie ☹️’s stay winning ARE THEY EMBARRASSING US. heart t shirt i love him.his outfit. i cried. colors 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🫶🏻 runtime for Don't Worry Darling is reported to be 2 hours and 2 minutes long - (via The Irish Film Classificati…
Retweeted by paige ☕️wait is ootw abt h??!! picture is the reason i’m a slut @saigonluvr deactuvate @ungodly_fm you’re an only child arent you.last year was literally such a slay @hrtbinnie are you giving birthWHAT IS HAPPENINF WHAT DID I MISS HARRIE DRAMA SOMEONE PLS EXPLAINA special one for you 🤍 Tune in 7.4 at 8pm ET/PT on @NBC @peacockTV #MacysFireworks
Retweeted by paige ☕️orgasmic this ruining my mental health or making it
i hate summer @hrrysrouge AGH. @hrrysrouge I DONT KNOW HOW TO ASK MY MOM I AM GOING TO SPIRAL OSTFGi would literally buy tickets for someone to go to a 5sos concert with me and convince my mom they’re my irl @hrrysrouge ☹️☹️☹️ @hrrysrouge i want to so bad like i physically cannothow do i tell my mom i wanna buy concert tickets when my birthday was 2 weeks ago“when you are young they assume you know nothing” 🤝 “i was a kid but i wasn’t clueless”THESE ARE LITERALLY MY FAVORITE TIKTOKS EVER THIS TO AMNESIA IS SO FUCKING FOUL I AM ON THE FUCKING FLOOR. @GOLDENXICARUS woopi hate the title 5sos5 with an absolute passion like why did they’re dating bc i’m dating amelia @hrrysrouge HELLLLLL @hrrysrouge they would never survive in harrie twt NAH @hrrysrouge this is literally like their first fandom and it shows so bad like i beg they need to grow up
Retweeted by paige ☕️ @hrrytchalamet NO @Harry_Styles this fit was a slay @Harry_Styles from the top make it drop @Harry_Styles kick meLove On Tour. Hamburg. June, 2022.
Retweeted by paige ☕️gpod@mormingi feel violent. being mentioned on Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts with Billie Eilish on the @latelateshow - June 28
Retweeted by paige ☕️👁 ❤️ ❔THE SCREAM I JUST SCRUMPT @hrrysrouge i remember it all TOO wellmy literal bi awakening was losing my roblox virginity to a girl 😍🫶🏻why do i feel bad for myself for going to bed 3am/4am every night when it’s summer..stalking people is my favorite thing ever @mia_maldonadoo you truly are my bestest friend @mia_maldonadoo sobbing on the flooromg i love paige so much like she seriously puts a smile on my face so easily EVERY . TIME . WE TALK . LIKE .
Retweeted by paige ☕️ @mia_maldonadoo DEACTIVATW RN @mia_maldonadoo MIA @iiHugMar NOi have been procrastinating buying 5sos tickets for MONTHSdicks are actually so scary
so real thoughts just joe and bash spamming kits q&a on insta with questions about themselves😭
Retweeted by paige ☕️i think y’all need to call y’all’s therapists @SLIPAW4YLUKE ren i am so so so sorry @Ashton5SOS we love love love you @Ashton5SOS i love you beyond words ashton your health should and will always be a top priority sending much love <3stranger things really coming back on friday then leaving again for the next 20 years thats crazy
Retweeted by paige ☕️no y’all don’t understand “when everyone believes ya. what’s that like?”thinking about how there has always been a twitter time where i look back and im like i miss that era sm but twitte… @AiwSlut i gasped