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A monster kid from the 80s who still hasn't grown up. Will always be annoyed that Ed Wood didn't win Best Picture back in '94.

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Holy cow @kimfaul (and all the rest of you), look at this! @JPVriess Suggestions are always welcome, you know that.This is neat. Years ago a friend tasked me with putting together a playlist for his Halloween party. Turns out I ne…
Retweeted by The Haunted Trick-r-Treat-In 🎃 @20_Years_Before @DonniegRetro @ShawnRobare Amazing news my friend! Hope you’re all doing well! @weird_christmas Absolutely. The bot is new and probably needs some refining. The heartwarming comedy about aliens… @HorrorMovieBBQ I don’t remember her but now that you’ve brought this to my attention I need an action figure immediately. @DinosaurDracula You never fail to impress with your writing dude. Even describing decades-old rotted junk food, yo… @Brundle_James @DonniegRetro I know @cinemassacre has a fair few of these. I never had one. @weird_christmas Followed. I’m laughing out loud. @hojukoolander It was the same for me here. She was a crush years after the other two ladies. @erincheshirecat It was during the first year of Friends, so 1994-1995. That show, Mad About You, and one or two ot… @BloodyPopcorn Upsetting, but manageable. One of my cats was in a similar boat not long ago. Prayers for a healthy and happy kitty! @hojukoolander @erincheshirecat Remember the NBC blackout, when all their NYC-based characters lost electricity on the same night? @Spacemonkey907 Yeah, but feeling pain reminds you it matters. 🙂 @jedispyder I’ll be fine. Unrequited feelings is my M.O. thank you though. I’m sorry your experience ended so lame. @theheadknight @Spookyladyyy She knew I was having a bad week/month, and said she’d make me some. I got a hug too, and it was the… @DismalAbysmal I’m very sorry to hear it friend. I’m hoping you can latch on to the good stuff about this day and remember that. @SludgeCentral @DinosaurDracula @Newbobhead @purplestuffpod Your observations about it being like a sitcom opening… @GneissPetunia Amazing line-up here. Amazing. @Humanstein @NOFSpodcast @Shudder Love this one so much. @HorrorGirlProbs Candy corn is great. Fangoria is being so lame here. @FANGORIA This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said Fango. Red Vines is a pile of trash Twizzlers, good riddance.… girl I’m crushing on made me cookies. I’m her supervisor, and she has a boyfriend, and she’s leaving in a few mon… @BrianIsSuperRad @itsjessipashia I know that game! 😄
2020 @ItsTrashCulture Aw yeah, that’s the good stuff. @TheMike31 Have to agree. @HorrorMovieBBQ @DinosaurDracula @pastelpaperback
Retweeted by The Haunted Trick-r-Treat-In 🎃 @DinosaurDracula @KarenFlieger8 @SludgeCentral @TheLudlowReaper @slimyswampghost @slimyswampghost You’re a classy gentleman, sir. Many thanks. @midnight_pulp @slimyswampghost I prefer it to the first, but apparently saying that is a thoughtcrime. @JPVriess Basically. I’ve got one where DTV Monster Hits ends (so Disney and pop music), and the guy’s like “tonigh… @HorrorGoodies Love the latter three, what’s Midnight Hour? @tommyjoker73 Didja listen to my new podcast brother (shameless self-promotion here)? My buddy and I cover Polterge… @JPVriess After Halloween, I want to put together a compilation of moments where a VO guy talks over the end of a c… @JPVriess Aw shucks... @TheMike31 Dang, that’s heckin’ cool. @JPVriess My Classic Commercials Block, Halloween 1980s edition has several of those my friend! 😃 @FreddyInSpace Seems a bit unfair. The thing has real hair and a work ethic. @TheMike31 @jrwells82 @chickendynasty Good episode. And yes, early Rugrats was more off-kilter than folks remember. @TheMike31 Ooh, what flick is that? @DinosaurDracula @KarenFlieger8 @SludgeCentral I am fat and jolly. Seriously though, I was thrilled to help. This e…
This is at least the 7th best thing you’ll see today. @VaguelySquare OMGoshness.You need this right now. We all do. @pastelpaperback @pastelpaperback Spaghetti is great. I like Chris Pratt too. @BrianIsSuperRad @Darathus Yep. I quietly muted several folks last year because their whole shtick is being negativ… @DinosaurDracula @DinosaurDracula Where could one find one of these mayhaps? @Brundle_James Your photog skills never cease to amaze friend. Seriously. @pastelpaperback Silver linings friend. The autumnal air has arrived, I’m uploading something this afternoon, and w… @TheMorgster You are so fashionable! @JimmyRGeorge @GhostGirlGrtngs I just started a new podcast where I as a lifelong horror fan and my buddy as a tota… @SammyHain Sounds nice.Time is running out like it always does, so last night I marathoned several of my decades-old recordings with the o… @GeezerHatesYou @BrianIsSuperRad @YouKnowKoe @TheMike31 You are a weirdo, but one I very much like and appreciate. I'm glad you're here Mike. @Humanstein Looking forward to it friend! @ChannelinSpirit @PhantoMantis Oh please, oh please... @maxfischers @NatBrehmer I love this movie unconditionally. Best séance scene in any movie. @RebeccaElf1414's Ichabod and Mr. Toad is a short and disjointed feature (Toad's tale has its climax on Christmas Day, in fa… @berryquiche I needed this. Thanks for sharing. @BDisgusting @HauntedMeg Classic. I’ve got a video on my channel of Stevil and Carlsbad hosting the other CBS shows for a Halloween bash. @DonniegRetro Holy cow, nice! @BrianIsSuperRad Legit LOL. Thanks buddy. @BrianIsSuperRad I would’ve handled it differently. Let my face droop, take a moment, look down at the ground... “I… @ItsTrashCulture Seriously. They’re not even remotely trying. @lastmonsterkid @YouTube Yessir!
@TerrorificLady Tastes like a Baby Ruth. You're welcome! @ItsTrashCulture For real? That's awesome! @TerrorificLady Candy corn is great. Especially when you eat it with a handful of chopped nuts.Halloween is less than a week away. Here's a playlist full of classic ads and other vids to get you in the mood!… @RobaFett64 You and me both. But, we ARE getting a Seinfeld set! @RobaFett64 Dude, even if you hate the show it's a pretty great set. Lots of good pieces. @hollowbot46 @heykennarae @shyvioletisme You are a knockout and a decent soul. Never doubt it.Well these are stinkin’ cool. @spkyhalloween @AldiUSA No? I was curious. @jason1551 Gotta get me some of those. @jason1551 It would be perfect if that was my day, but I had to get up and do stuff. My tootsies were frosty.Turned the heat on this morning. I was trying to make it to the 1st, but I'd had all the windows cracked for circul… @ItCameFromBlog @nerfherder18 I'll always listen. I'll always share. @thestitchkeeper @SarahJoSmiley Sexy fun time without a top hat? Impossible. @BenSapatka That dude needs a girlfriend.Recorded the next two episodes of The Good, The Bad, and The Spooky. The only item on tomorrow’s agenda is “buy a g… @berryquiche @Humanstein Boom. @kimfaul Very comfy. @Humanstein @timothuney I like this line-up very much.