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@BookishPlinko It's so pure! @IcemochalotOG Truth! @SWolf712 I like it. 🤷‍♀️When DOGS DON'T WEAR PANTS just started on Shudder TV. @DevonESawa @LovelyZena 👀
POSSESSOR hits Hulu on 2/1
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @_oh_freddie @trianglevinyl Ahh! Very cool!! @DwainIBe @bdisgustingpod John Hawkes is highly underratedHappy 25th to vampire favorite FROM DUSK TILL DAWN!! Show of hands (or stakes) if you're a fan!
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro[Review] ‘Psycho Goreman’ Puts Emphasis on Goofy Gory Fun, Writes @HauntedMeg
Retweeted by Meagan NavarroAs some of you know, my cousin was tragically taken from us last fall. As we have had some advancements in the case…
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @bradmiska I love it! @bradmiska Cute!! But also, Figment! @TheBabyGuyNYC Very cool! @TheBabyGuyNYC I want the poster!! @suspirialex I am so excited for whatever this project is! @Arcane_Beano I love that! @thechadmofield @LovelyZena Any movie that gets people talking this way is a great thing! I don't know if they have, but I'll ask🚨 Watch POPCORN!! (it's one of my fave slashers)👇🚨 @NicholeInDC Wholeheartedly agree and wish this was covered more. ❤️
Stay Home, Watch Horror: @HauntedMeg Shares 5 Under-the-Radar '70s Horror Gems to Stream This Week
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @FookThis Happy Birthday, gal! 🎉🎉All of this is to say that the vastly different takeaways from Emerald Fennell's debut is worth discussing just as much as the film itself.The same intro talks about how there's a broad cultural confusion in how rape-revenge films are tackled, because th…"Rape-revenge films are fluid and elastic. Despite its common association with the horror film, it spans genres, ti… Horror and 7 Films to Watch Ahead of @RLJEFilms' #Spiral, by @HauntedMeg #sponsored
Retweeted by Meagan NavarroTomorrow 👀
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @_daddydisco Love it! @ElizabethLeeCo Anything and everything must be argued here! 😂Another day of viewing things strictly in binary terms on I see.I had a dream last night that I saw My Chemical Romance in concert and woke up with "Na Na Na" stuck in my head. Happy Monday! @TracedThurman And dick trauma!
@JacobDavison_ Exactly!Just thinking about DEAD SILENCE and the untold stories behind Mary Shaw's doll collection. An anthology's worth of… @necromandrea Happy Birthday!! 🎉If you're a fan of THE REFLECTING SKIN or PAPERHOUSE -films that explore the dark side of innocence- then I highly… @HorrorNHaunted @lolofilm Happy Birthday @lolofilm! @sanslongbrake @Shudder YAY! I'm so thrilled you loved it!
Our viewers love live-Tweeting during the show- and will “ flood” Twitter tonight during “ Creature from the Black…
Retweeted by Meagan NavarroSeems like a good day to read Sutter Cane. @phantasm2 Happy Birthday!! @LeighMonsonPBF @DawnMarie404 @LovelyZena We'll pass it along! (And check it out, too)Hey! Okay! This is deeply stressful and embarrassing to do but remember about a month back when I said I needed goo…
Retweeted by Meagan NavarroTonight taught me that @LovelyZena would make an excellent Blair in THE THING. She'd be deadly as an imposter, too. @FinalExamTrivia ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤Next Friday, join us for another all-new Final Exam - guest hosted by director @SamWineman - that celebrates horror…
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @FinalExamTrivia I'm so, so sad I missed it. I even revisited FREDDYS DEAD in preparation! 😭😭😭 I'm so there next we… need to be here for yes, Terry's bday, but also Zena's ABSOLUTELY CHAOTIC energy < 3 @LovelyZena @GaylyDreadful
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @_oh_freddie Movie twin! Agreed, gives you a lot to chew on. @thechadmofield I like it but don't love it.This (spoiler) piece by @smashtraves is exactly why I don't view PYW as a horror movie. It's weaponizing the romcom… @BookishPlinko @letterboxd This is a banger collection. How do you feel about BELLADONNA OF SADNESS? @LovelyZena @LovelyZena What about Zeba? 😜
I don't know how I managed to be so productive today on so little sleep. But I'm in need of a nap. a movie to watch? 👀 Here are the movies @LovelyZena recommended this week! 🍿😱 Have you checked out any of th…
Retweeted by Meagan NavarroIt’s live!!! This ode to Kirby Reed is up until Monday!! Art by the amazing @brendohales and it will be printed loc…
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @DoNatoBomb @Immortal_Graves @Veloci_trap_tor Yeah, I'm in! @Veloci_trap_tor @DoNatoBomb It's practically impossible to turn down big dumb shark movies. @DoNatoBomb Hahahaha @Veloci_trap_tor @DoNatoBomb I am! But I'm so sad it's Nazis. Give me anything else. Like a JOHNNY MNEMONIC sequel… @DoNatoBomb This and Abyssal Spider double feature please @DoNatoBomb This is madness. And we need it.🚨Tonight!!🚨 Join us for another entry in Among Us: Horror Edition as we lie, cheat and stab our way to a winning t…
Retweeted by Meagan NavarroFatalities! I'm so pumped for this.👇 @TracedThurman There's two small sloppy details that make me think they didn't erase it. Absolutely agreed, what th… to our latest episode: #20 MONSTERS IN A HOLE! The @BDisgusting crew discuss horror TV series we miss, dem…
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @TracedThurman Do they? Or do they just do a poor job of fleshing out the character?Here it is: the most important story of my career. Did Tom Cruise bring scary COVID-19 robots to the set of MISSION…
Retweeted by Meagan NavarroJoin @_oh_freddie and @Fatty_Magoo TOMORROW NIGHT @ 6:00 PM EST for a Live Q&A on our Instagram. They’ll be discuss…
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro
@DwainIBe Oof, that one is HEAVY @DwainIBe @BDisgusting at 40: @HauntedMeg's Head Pops Over Michael Ironside’s Explosive Performance as One of Cronenberg's Best…
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @AlishaGrauso Eddie Munster would make great pals with Keats. @MichaelKenKen Hahahahaha! These are badges of honor. @darabidduckie @MichaelKenKen Truth!FREAKY Blu-ray is available for preorder! Available 2/9!
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @MichaelKenKen I wouldn't normally share negative reviews, but I'm dying at this one. "Complete, disgusting gore ri… @robsaucedo2500 I cannot wait for that location, it's so close to me that I'm positive I'll live there. @robsaucedo2500 It's so cool!! I'm a little jealous. 😍 @kimmikillzombie 🧛‍♂️🖤 @MichaelKenKen These people are absolutely deranged. @SuperYakiStuff Ready! @DoNatoBomb @GaylyDreadful @Immortal_Graves @mbmcandrews @BrowncoatAuror @LeighMonsonPBF @LovelyZena The cake is a lie.😜If you want to celebrate my birthday with me, we're doing another Among Us Horror Edition *tomorrow* at 6 PM PST! J…
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro[Review] Shudder's ‘Hunted’ Infuses Fairy Tale Retelling with Modern Realism, Writes @HauntedMeg
Retweeted by Meagan Navarro @besandler 🤣🖤🖤 @besandler @GaylyDreadful Happiest of Birthdays!! 🎊🎂Look at this doofus. 🖤 @cevangelista413 You're famous! @ElOsoPequeno I think @DoNatoBomb and I have some planning to do @thehorrorchick If it helps, I've sought out more books this past year than ever before.You know, I still really want James Wan to make that Mariana Trench spinoff of AQUAMAN. But Mira Grant's INTO THE D… @mark_steensland Yay! I'm so glad! @_oh_freddie Saaaaame. @_oh_freddie @DoNatoBomb