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Welcome to The Haunted PS1 a community for low rez horror games! DM if you want to join us on Discord Account run by @BreoganHackett

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Climb carefully. #Horrorgame #Indiegamedev #Sologamedev #Moyahorror #PS1 #PSX #RetroAesthetic #Aesthetic #Japan
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@BFlorry @Fighter_Builder @YerHomeBoyMofas @itchio @AmosSorri @BryceBucher If we do another it will certainly be at… favorite screenshots from the @HauntedPs1 Demo Disk game that I streamed earlier today. You can get it for fr…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @RealStuartLil @itchio Legitimately it's a secret you have to search for. @RealStuartLil @itchio Bet you're fun at parties ;) Seriously though there's a way to get to it in launcher if you…
NEW GAME 👻 "EXTRA ORDINARY" 👻 - Catch ghosts - Collect ectoplasm - Battle exploding goats - Meet demons (and yes th…
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@LazHimself @ConsoleMonster Drop us a DM and I'll give you an email.So the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc has a game about Killer Ramen, and also a super secret game hidden inside the launcher…
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Streaming some @HauntedPs1 demodisc. Come over and share the love:
Retweeted by HauntedPS1New video! The first of many parts of the @hauntedps1 demo disc!
Retweeted by HauntedPS1this algorithm is the poetry of capital; we require semiotic weapons #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @true_ranbee @itchio Sure go for it.
PlayStation inspired 'Haunted Demo Disc' is a glorious thowback to old-school horror games:
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Quick demo running on actual Sega Saturn hardware! Using @HauntedPs1's maskot on a Sega console? I know, blasphemy.…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1The old tapes contained footage of someone wandering a forest. They were not alone in those woods. #gamedev
Retweeted by HauntedPS1This is Jaska. Jaska hopes you can warm a sauna with him. #Sauna2000 @HauntedPs1 #gamedev #indiegamedev
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@HauntedPs1 also this clip from one of the games, erasure, is extremely cool because it got so colorful that my str…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1i wanted to share my vod of the @HauntedPs1 demos stream bc it's still on my mind... 100% 2020 goty material. i hig…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1HEY KIDS, DO YOU REMEMBER.. DEMO DISCS??? The Hainted PS1 Demo Disc is a collection of spooky demos. This is gonna…
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This weeks round of Haunted PS1 Demo Disc games is here ❤ In part 2 I play: IN SOMNIO SNOWY CASTLE NEKO YUME So…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1The demo for Effigy, a FPS by Ann Arbor developer @ludodrome, is now available for free on the @HauntedPs1 Demo Dis…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @98DEMAKE YOU GOT THIS! First Winter is now free. Go play it.
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @TSKNew999 Really I don't understand why you want less free horror games but it would be unfair to put a set number… @TSKNew999 The amount of free work we did is also not something I think is fair to expect more than once a year. We… @TSKNew999 Hey, the reason we went so big is because this is about giving a voice to the community and this is what… should check out @HauntedPs1 this stuff is soo cool!
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @HauntedPs1 @itchio I got chills already. Had to do this as legit as possible!
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Time to Finish the Horror! @HauntedPs1 Demo Disc Part 2! #BSo7 #WickedNation #BMB
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @caravanmalice Hope you don't mind, I RTed because I thought our followers would like this.OK FOLKS. david lynch / twin peaks game jam done in person at Twede's diner, /the/ diner.
Retweeted by HauntedPS1ICYMI, I wrote about the Strange Substance of @colorfiction's incredible @HauntedPs1 title --
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I played @colorfiction's outstanding, aggressively surreal Ode to a Moon and loved it. It's in the recent…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1.@colorfiction’s surreal contribution to @HauntedPs1 impressed the heck out of our resident low-rez horror fan.
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @Neurobew @NecotheSergal Except for the "tru gamer" achievement for never playing easy mode though right? ;POn today's episode, RE:BIND and @BreoganHackett hold a seance to communicate with the spirits of the indie marketpl…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1sky #gamedev #indiedev #indiegames #lowpoly #madewithunity
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @tipsheda @critterdust @rebind_io Am doing a sneak. @critterdust @rebind_io s e c r e t b r e o g a nMore #indiegame progress again, 3 new assets, cannot wait until they are all done! #indiegames #IndieDevsUnite #psx
Retweeted by HauntedPS1In case you don't know, I'm Breogan, I run this twitter and started the Haunted PS1. I had an amazing time on this…
@OtherworldTV We're thinking about it. Nothing guaranteed but there's a pretty okay chance we will do another for 2021In case you somehow missed it we released the demo disc 2 days ago! @HawkerenYT Well 2020 only released a couple of days ago so there's nothing set in stone for next year yet, but it'… though I had a preview of one of these before release and when it hit its mark it was a fucking TRIP and I…
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The first devlog for the survival horror FPS game that I'm currently working on (which is still very early on in de…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1I had the pleasure to play 17 Indie Horror game demo's all in one sitting, and it's all thanks to @HauntedPs1's 202…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1This is the collection of games I streamed last night! I extremely intensely recommend it, especially to game devs…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Killer Bees is out on the @HauntedPs1 Demo Disk 2020!! Now featuring an easy difficulty mode for casual players! Wi…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1If you got into my corner of @HauntedPs1's demo disk, I'd die to hear your thoughts on it. Spent the last year lear…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Uh oh it's another batch of screenshots from my demo for the @HauntedPs1 Demo Disc (OUT NOW!) for…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1December 1st 2019. My journey to warm sauna 2000 began. @HauntedPs1 #Indiegamedev #gamedev #hauntedps1 #sauna2000
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @Alfredont_ @itchio addition to being available on @HauntedPs1's Haunted Demo Disc, we now have a standalone version of the demo for…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Going live to play the @HauntedPs1 Demos that just came out 👀 also I got a cool hand
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Ever since streaming the Summer Spooks Jam last year, I've loved everything that's come out of this community, so o…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @achebit We should be organising a jam in march or april. If we do another demo disc it wouldn't be until next year.
Haunted PS1 Demo Disc is a free anthology of ominous oddities, out now
Retweeted by HauntedPS1The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc gathers up 17 low-poly indie horror treats - plus it's free and out now on PC
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @z0mbief3tus Not that haha @Guiche99 @itchio @tipsheda @NatSpectrum @Castoreh @ModusPwnin No that's not a spoiler 💖 @Castoreh @NatSpectrum @ModusPwnin 👁️👁️The whispers of a dark malevolent spirit can be heard, writhing beneath the surface of the Demo Disc. Through the c…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1I mean, you DO know there’s a secret on the Demo Disk, right? Right??
Retweeted by HauntedPS1I shared this yesterday, but VERY excited for the HAUNTEDPS1 DEMO DISC
Retweeted by HauntedPS1If any of you find the secret we'd love to hear about it, just don't spoil it for anyone please <3What if @slimyswampghost 's Cartoon Cat met Boofie?
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Wow... Absolutely astonished by the reception of the disc in the first 24 hours. Thousands of likes and retweets, m… @gkjogu We'll let you all know when the submissions open for any future ones. Won't be soon though we're all pretty… Heat's Demo is now on @HauntedPs1's Demo Disk project! As always, the stand-alone WIP…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1キターーーーー🥳 It's here!
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Pls I need my shitty internet provider to come fix it in the 1 foot of snow outside.
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @hairycodemonkey Looks like a well deserved smoke to me.Wow, the @HauntedPs1 Horror Demo disk was AWESOME! Played through all 17 games on stream! And, I enjoyed almost eve…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Finally dipping into the @HauntedPs1 demo compilation. I want to play everything fully. Everyone involved with this…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Sauna2000 First 2 minutes. Did you find the axe yet? HauntedPS1 Demo-Disk 2020 out now! @HauntedPs1 @moyahorror
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Phew, today has been wild! It's been amazing seeing all the support we've gotten on the demo disc. I'm now complete… the Demo Disc has been officially released you can now also play -In Somnio- separately over here:…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @HolyMothraOfGod Best bet would be to individually pay for projects the developers off the games or organisers are… @Aro_Maito Well then it wouldn't exactly be a secret now would it?gotta love the layout of tweetdeck making me accidentally RT the wrong tweet..The Haunted PS1 Demodisk 2020 isn't actually a disk but it is very haunted
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @MooglyRidge I think that should be okay. (Might want to double check with @AmosSorri though) @HolyMothraOfGod A group revenue share would certainly mean we could at least make this PWYW. @JosepFranqueza Yes it's allowed for everyone <3
Holy shit! You made it guys! It's like a surreal scary dreams anthology! A truly unique experience!
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @dead_dreams_dev <3 congrats on your release btw!💀DEAD DREAMS💀 2D story-rich, horror game inspired by SH2! 👄 Every puzzle, creature and story element has a meanin…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @HauntedPs1 Also, a huge thanks to @BreoganHackett and @BryceBucher for putting so much effort into this, as well a…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1The @HauntedPs1 Demo Disc is out! You can play the timed demo of #DreadDelusion, as well as 16 other incredible g…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1Reminder to check out RE:BIND's brilliant coverage of the disc. You should check out of their other articles too. T… @ModusPwnin 👁👁👁👁 👁👁👁👁 👁👁👁👁 👁👁👁👁 _ @Static_and_Fire @itchio We posted a thread about this (and some other common questions) earlierThere's a secret...Did the #globalgamejam2020 with @AmosSorri creator of Sauna2000, one of the game featured on this demo disc, you sh…
Retweeted by HauntedPS1It's finally here!! Go check it, it's awesome! Congratz to everyone involved here, so many good games!
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @rclarke look at that a wild ghostly streaming in the daylight? @HauntedPs1 you guys...this demo disc 🖤🤤💀
Retweeted by HauntedPS1 @Liberrrrty There might be on some. You'll have to try on a game by game basis