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Haunter @Haunterx7 Strawberry Fields Forever

There's no rules. The Beatles, Pink Floyd & John Mayer stan account #TheBoys #TheMob

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@stonehouseabby Yeahhh I saw it's like 30 again on those days smhhh, hope the weekend is sunny tho gotta go camping
@stonehouseabby It's about to rain LETS FUCKING GOOOOL😈😈😈 Italian gf reading this
Retweeted by Haunter @KSI @miniminter That shit be bussin? @losdeemix It really iss!! You mix mayo and ketchup together and it makes a fire combo too @toughchances @wydstepbrOoke BRO WHATTTTWhy does Thiago Alcantara look like he's just won the US Open after defeating Novak Djokovic in straight sets?
Retweeted by Haunter @Sazclose Your find as he'll. I won't you @JasminePatil2 @jeangaultierr He ran over my dog as he was yelling racial slurs at me :( @humbugmv It was this one, it's great @humbugmv Love their music, I watched a documentary about them recently and it was kinda sad loolThey got a video of Allen from when he was a kid now?! @Boltslol Beating United in a CL final would be sooo crazyy @LazasBautista David Villa masterclass against yall, i aint forget that @SamManlol @LuTzzIol Ok? @stonehouseabby My neck gonna look like this tomorrow morning if I do that @stonehouseabby I've done that way too many times now LMAOO. Everytime I take a bath and listen to music with my he… @stonehouseabby Maybe I should try putting a mat underneath or sumn, think that'll work tbh @goodbeanaltalt They can keep that 5 milRest In Peace Robbo @CFC_Ant More like the one putting the funniest tweets out @stonehouseabby I just tried to sleep on the floor and my back started fighting for it's life. We removed carpet fr… @stonehouseabby Really? I might try it tonightt tbh, melatonin already popped for tonight too. It says it's going t… @stonehouseabby Me neither, I've had to pop some melatonin to fall asleep for the past few days there's no other wa… @Willbpriv Lucky ass mf, i'd literally suck dick for it to rain for a few days @stonehouseabby Abby I've had enough bro, this last week is has literally made me fight for my life. My fan been on… it doesn't rain soon I'll lose my damn minddd MF GOT 23 DISLIKES IN A GC
Retweeted by HaunterYANKEES 9-7 RED SOX SMD FROM THE BACK @RedSox
Retweeted by Haunter @_rockrob Feeding this mf the fish or using it as a fish bait @oblabeatles Bob Marley because I just love reggae music. Reggae just makes me happy instantly tbh. His songs like… @oblabeatles Mayer mostly cause of his song Who Says but I also love his voice and his lyrics are out of this world… @oblabeatles Mostly The Beatles, John Mayer or Bob Marley tbh @jeangaultierr finished the first episode and I'm already hookedddd @herfeels @KSI lemme get a big smooch oh the lips fam @boxzeppelin I went in like 99% sure I was going to buy a Fender American pro start but I came out buying a Classic… @boxzeppelin Squire has a range called the Classic Vibe and they're really good. I got to play different basses and…
@jeangaultierr Real mfs got the curved up/down @gentlm4n Word Colin, imma start it rn @RawDogg209 Worddd, i saw it has good ratings too so i'm probably gonna start that rnAnyone watched Dark on Netflix? I wanna start it but idk if it's a good show or not @losdeemix What am i seeing on the TL? @leahdb98 or practicing something for days and getting it right suddenly @leahdb98 Finding new music that you like after going on a dry run for days/weeks @NotAirid @Classify I love LOTR but I had more fun watching HP im ngl @Classify You aint sneaking in no where with that hip yet bro @emilypintooo Woahh holyyy shittt @yeezykagekira @LaurenLozboz @lemiwrap Gaming during the day feels weird to me mann idk whyyy, i've never really played games during the day @lemiwrap I do a lot of the things I need to do in the morning so I just feel to lazy during the day @JhbTeam LMAOOO I was so pissed when this happened. Fuck Daisy still @Struggle_Tweet @Froste you're here yet again LMAOOOanother brick in the wall pt.2 - pink floyd
Retweeted by Haunter @lewnair @jack cause it would be funny @_rockrob I usually all my physical activities during early morning bro. I went on a bike ride today at like 6 am.… @jordanfisher Factsssss @dxukkaj I just watch random shit on Netflix and youtube bro for like 5 hours LMAOO @_rockrob Playing games during the day just feels so weird to me bro I'm ngl @dxukkaj I cant play games during the day man, I can o only play them morning or night idk whyWhat the fuck do people do during the afternoon bro? I swear I cant do anything from lunch till I've had dinner, what do yall be doing? @AubieAnderson @_A113N 5 grandkids manThis man @_A113N WYLIN YET AGAINN @HarryButAverage Yup I hope that shit gets deleted from everyone's phones LMAOONever liked Rooney but him on the covers always went HARDD @Willbpriv We had to read the books last semester and do a project. It was really fun to do that too @Willbpriv LOTR movies are one of the best movies ever made imo, they're really long but fun @Airidbutsecret You have no clue how much I love this video man LMAOOO @CFC_Ant @TristanGHill @Classify Same here brother. HP was amazing man @Willbpriv Never watches SW but the LOTR & HP are amazing manJust finished “Your name” and wow it was amazing and the visuals are so good
Retweeted by Haunter @dxukkaj Melon water @cursedpeep It's been that since the start wym @cursedpeep Awww you didnt have to post our pic 🥺 @venusinfcrs @notchaselyons looking good here brother
Retweeted by Haunter @Airidbutsecret Worth a shot regardlessHorrible to hear the amount of pain in Pulisic's voice as he comes into the tunnel
Retweeted by Haunter @losdeemix I remember Ava watched it on stream once and i was dying bro LMAOOO @losdeemix Thuganomics LMAOO bro you gotta watch this video, it's fucking funny af⁦@Aubameyang7⁩ on ⁦@TroopzAFC⁩’s insta live. You love to see it. 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Haunter @Leo__ffs This is it bro LMAOO @Pommeofficial Happy birthday Pomme!! @ShinyBMO Real shitttOverthinking hours @stonehouseabby Frrr need it badd @jakkusmile Idk man @CrypticNo Stop hating ❤ @johnnn_3211 Happy 20th birthday John. I hope you have an amazing day man @Willb3250 LETS GOOO WILLLL @TristanGHill Stop clowning our money bro, that jawn smells like maple syrup it's LITTT @stonehouseabby @stonehouseabby Off game today, we winning the shit trust @stonehouseabby Already picked Lakers last week, cant change it now @CrypticNoOne @gandhu_ @CrypticNo Ayooo chill @stonehouseabby Nah fuck all dat, #EdmontonStingersUP