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@notcrypticno @Yuhuuur Just in my province we’re stupidJust had Mimosas at the airport without having anything to else first @KSI AYOOOOO @ripbrowardevil 🥷retweet to scare a pokemon unite player
Retweeted by Haunter 🇮🇹🇨🇴 @razau__ Me when it’s Chic Fil A Friday @AubieAnderson @Huebuecue @notcrypticno @ripbrowardevilAMAZING NIGGA!! KUZMA GONE
Retweeted by Haunter 🇮🇹🇨🇴 @j4zzyko Need her more than anything
YANKEES GOT A ROCKET LEAGUE TEAM NOW? @silvasalavisa 🧎‍♂️ @silvasalavisa Clairo bro, i need her @Chriiiztopha @JoeyTheSuperJew LMDAOOOOOOOOO such a better trainer than Ash manChillin @CrypticNoHoes I got tears in my eyes rnSydney Sweeney.
Retweeted by Haunter 🇮🇹🇨🇴 @closetofofo We have arrived @notcrypticno Rip bro, I just flew over to bring some hookers to his crib too @ivek202 Yeahh that's my province pretty much lmaoo @pravypatty How does that make any sense bro LMFAOOHELLO??? WHAT THE HELL BRAH @notcrypticno @MohamaadS_ WHATTTTTTTTT @Hamboggy Wowwwwwww @timmyshakes Yeahhh I see it a 100%, Pokémon really has taught me some of the realest shit in life it’s crazy @timmyshakes Mewtwo dropped the realest shit of all time and it went above my head when I was a kid. I finally understand what he meant @sahilinho shitttt this is the best video on the internet dick @SavinTheBees Hanging out @ClutchRodgersss Shit is hilarious man LMFAOOOOO @ClutchRodgersss @HUMBLEPlE the jets on, maybe it’ll make it more tender?
Retweeted by Haunter 🇮🇹🇨🇴 @skamiotis Arby's effectOmggg this was so closeeeee #PokemonUNITE #NintendoSwitch @LazasBautista WE HEREvince mcmahon gotta be seeing this large samoan kid and nutting he's got cash IN HAND to sign him right now
Retweeted by Haunter 🇮🇹🇨🇴 @timmyshakes LMFAOOOOOOAren't you glad that you reside In a hell and in disguise? Nobody yet everything A pool to shed your memory Could y… @calipotato I shot tons of potra 400 over the last few months I got like 10 rolls of film I gotta take to the lab to develop LMAOO
@calipotato It looks so niceee man what film stock did you use @ltsCamo @lanche LWTS FOOOOOOBob Odenkirk is in a stable condition after being hospitalized for a "heart-related incident”. “Bob and his family…
Retweeted by Haunter 🇮🇹🇨🇴LETS FUCKIN GOOOOOOOOO @notcrypticno @Neffthinks ffs 😂 @Airidbutsecret I shoulda hit elite last night if i didnt have some joe mamma team mates brah @Airidbutsecret I’ll hit Elite today We will be balling @Leopard100T I started watching it too after he talked about it few nights ago this is eliteTed Lasso best show of all time I’m convinced @IcyVert Breh you Lowkey look like Cure nowWHO GOT REBECCA NUDES Lasso might be the best show of all timeBro why @closetofofo Looool nahh I just had to remind people thatgreat video 👍🏾
Retweeted by Haunter 🇮🇹🇨🇴HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @privjakku Yeahhh i had two monitors and a full PC up there for a while, and it all fits pretty well depending on how your PC is @privjakku Yeahhh it’s almost 75 but I can fit everything on it and still have plenty of space @privjakku 74 inches is good @sllekP Yeahhh that’s very true, everyone always says that that you gotta be around people you trust and in a good… @TraSh__Legend YESSSSSIRRREEEMST Is the best time zone on the planet btw @sllekP Yeahh sameee I’ve heard it from other people that I know. Haven’t really done any yet but I’m always curious about them @312DARIUS__ Oh no @sllekP Nahhhh I’ve heard stories, would be fun to try one day tho @sllekP Yeahhhh it looks like a DMT trip LMAO @sllekP It looks amazing brother, I love the Triquetra side of it it looks cool af @sllekP sic mundus creatus est @ClutchRodgersss Cut your nails brah @oppkilla2001 Happy birthday goattt @BlackJohnnnn YESSSIRRRRRWHAT NOOOOOOOOO, hope he's well man wtff
Retweeted by Haunter 🇮🇹🇨🇴 @SippingSemen @lemidog LMAOOOO I was making the thread in between my classes when I was bored af, I did yours just as the class started so I had to @lemidog LMAOOOOOWhy does Allen look like a big toe in this picture
2021 @MohamaadS_ Trust the process @notcrypticno I cant believe it man, literally didnt hit anything LMAOO @notcrypticno NAH there is no shotttt manIf Liverpool get Chiesa omddd @Nabyllionaire I deadass did the same thing just nowPosted up @312DARIUS__ You got this man, good luck!!!Im so close to Elite on Pokemon Unite but i get queued up against some brain dead mfs sometimes man @Shanden1022 @silvasalavisa whats wrong with you man