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mɪchi @havenily Australia | d ♡ tcc

🇻🇳 | valorant bottom fragger | gift me things :D

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@iamnotfloxkins BRO WJAT @ursungirl ur so pretty ily @ursungirl THIS IS SO CUTESSwidepeepoHappy
Retweeted by mɪchi @daiseehue MY MOUTH DROPPED @daiseehue OH YM YGODbudget misa amane 🍎
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@futiIee @heavensentdante um @heavensentdante HIIIIfit
Retweeted by mɪchi @pastel_4ngel i'm both tbh @am2tired what wait @ursungirl IM CRYING @n0tbuni my friend showed me dms how she was begging him for an og i was like cmon @n0tbuni YEAH SHED DATE people from com specifically for that reason its actually bizarre how she does without getting embarrassed @n0tbuni IDK WHAT SHES DONE BUT she keeps making new accs n begs people for ogs so i mute every acc PFTT @abstraccted AWW HIIrawrr 🦖
Retweeted by mɪchi @vixzenz ur so adorable baegood morning cuties (say it back) ❤️
Retweeted by mɪchi @tiyanaisdead HEYYgood afternoon :3
Retweeted by mɪchi @yourstaka i love ur makeup @yourstaka U LOOK SO GOODcan’t stop thinking of u
Retweeted by mɪchi @si4rra i need umissed u
Retweeted by mɪchi @senctie i get like 7 daily but it's cause i'm in gcs. @senctie DAMN @ugh37248 THANK U BABY @vampahri U GET ME @baobaeda thank uuu @wyruei ilyysm @jelloannaa THIS IS SO CUTE @jelloannaa MEEEE
@lumbogg u get me @kttygfz THANK U WIFE @foreplay i love u @pawsrcute THANK U ANGEL @afkings MWAHH HEHEB @mmilktaeboba KISS MEEE @yourstaka thank u my love @rizulol I NEED UUU @zoubuo SAYS UU TF @hwospitaI hey lol @ang3lirl all uuu @afkings THANK UU @m2ntara SAYS UUU @maribebii MWAH @roseuyrei thank u sm baby @PinkGoat2 THANK UU @daiseehue UR SO CUTE @Imakemiracls STOP @kirarigf_ i lov u sm @azelyuh I LOVE U @straycat_jpg hii imykanye looking better mentally than me rn
Retweeted by mɪchi @Brananaxx OH MY GODTrying to get your attention 😜
Retweeted by mɪchi @HEYHIKARl @ZCZCZCZC16 @LisasbackYAY I LITERALLY HAVE @HEYHIKARl @ZCZCZCZC16 @LisasbackYAY I HAEE EACH TIME @HEYHIKARl @ZCZCZCZC16 @LisasbackYAY this is like ur third time asking. @_88_ @LisasbackYAY BRO @ZCZCZCZC16 @LisasbackYAY NO @LisasbackYAY why this shit gettin likes 🔥🔥The excitement might be too much for Anya 😅
Retweeted by mɪchi @soizanami MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL @childishblonde LMFOAOA @Imakemiracls @LisasbackYAY STOP MAN @evanWASD yea @Imakemiracls @LisasbackYAY I HATW IT HERE!!!! @myokaga thats a real nice msg thank u for being so kind to them ur so nice @myokaga OH MY GOD @vampahri my baby so cutePosting myself on national boyfriend day so y’all remember what someone who doesn’t cheat looks like 🫶🏻
Retweeted by mɪchi @popsmokenjoyer get me out @778hyun u shoukd be @myokaga get they ass twin @ricesoos DAMN @maribebii omfg i love this song sm @hwospitaI i'm way too tired for this. @myokaga i cant get no peace round these parts. @LisasbackYAY like whatbro @aiddns @crvingangvl LMFAOOOOO
@tiyanaisdead I LOVE THISgoth gamer kitty ears LMFAO
Retweeted by mɪchi @ang4lheart they wanna see us suffer @jelloannaa PRETTY BABYsparkles!!!
Retweeted by mɪchi @yourstaka ONE CHANCEwhen i see u i go go nuts
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