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👀 realised I have a deep seated fear that access is gonna just disappear after everyone's vaccinated and back to…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanGive someone some bread today. If you don’t got no $$, give somebody some bread 🥖🥖today. If you don’t have no food,…
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✨🏅✨Eugene Goodman ✨🏅✨"The greatest defense long term against climate threats is to educate our students." - @MiamiSup
Retweeted by Haven ColemanI know that this is a tiny thing, but I love that Nancy Pelosi had an all-female security detail today image from:…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanYesss!! Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! 🙌 safe next week journalism friends✨
it's like half of your teachers saying school shooters have a point
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@MichaelEMann You are being ableist. I’ve been newly diagnosed with severe Tourette’s. When I was younger you used… WOMXN 👏👏👏 Shout it, for the men in back... 🙌 look at the United States of America
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Join us on Thursday 1/14 at 1pm ET for a listening session on how schools can adapt to the impacts of…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanI’m stunned after watching this #60Minutes interview with @SpeakerPelosi thinking about the fact that her young sta…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanTake some deep breaths with a little Yosemite National Park nature for a few moments
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this tweet was supposed to be a joke 😭
Retweeted by Haven ColemanWe can not let a president get away with leading an insurrection against our government. Impeach HIM! ‘What’s the…
✋🛑✋Doom scroll break. ❄️🐕❄️ @RepDianaDeGette Thank you, Rep DeGette.One of the perks (sarcasm) of getting deep into climate work and progressive activism is learning who the narcissis…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanPerspective ✨🌎✨ tried to overthrow our government, LAUREN!!! Colorado! Collect this trash ASAP. She freakin REEKS of sedition. of Colorado’s electric utilities are now committed to 80% CO2 reductions but 2030! 🙌🏽 Looking forward to the…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanRunning a 2024 campaign without socials, Mr. Trump? Nope. #YoureFired
A student today noted that he has a sibling in middle school and he is worried for her and all the turmoil that’s s…
Retweeted by Haven Colemanno arrests, just vibes after a long day of terrorism 😛
Retweeted by Haven ColemanWhat we supposed to do when Mr. Rogers ‘look for the helpers’ is BS? The President begged for this! Police let them… 15 year Black girl was sent to juvenile jail for not doing online homework.
Retweeted by Haven ColemanFor those perplexed by this tweet:
Retweeted by Haven ColemanAnd you thought "Taking A Knee" was too much!?!
Retweeted by Haven ColemanAs a former United States Air Force officer, I protested the Iraq War on Capitol Hill. (Peacefully) I was beaten a…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanI remember walking down a dirt road with babies and grandmothers at Standing Rock where we were met by a row of arm…
Retweeted by Haven Colemanto make it here without dying is the epitome of white privilege
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As the cowards and losers played out their GI Joe fantasies, true Patriots and brave heroes were INSIDE the chamber…, white supremacy americas
Retweeted by Haven ColemanThis is terrorism, nothing elseThis... sister can’t remember much before covid times, and me and my 12-yr-old sister can’t remember much before T… can help climate science! Volunteers needed to transcribe weather observations taken on board US ships during…
Retweeted by Haven Coleman"Good leaders are always at the ready, but not always at the front." - @staceyabrams
Retweeted by Haven ColemanHappy Birthday to my little sis, @TheTinyDiplomat! She’s done a ton in her first decade and she’s not slowing down.✨ community - we have a chance now to meaningfully advance our agenda in a way we haven't in a decade. Th…
Retweeted by Haven Coleman👀 (waves hands all around) is our warm up, our dry run, (so punny🙄) for what the warming world has in store for…
So what did we actually “learn” today? We can grow up then fix the crisis. So like it’s not a crisis. And adults st…, Haven’s 6th grade sister here. Soc Stud class 2day was on CC: Teacher: Our Gen screwed up, so now it’s you…"I need an Indigenous President and a Black Vice President before I'll believe in change" Artist, visionary and adv…
Retweeted by Haven Coleman @DrKWilkinson Happy HAPPY Birthday!!! Bet we can guess what you are wishing for when you blow out your candles today! 💕You got this, Georgia. Go vote!
@laurenboebert Clean air and water, access to healthy foods are actually some of the most basic human rights. 🙄
@GretaThunberg OMG 18! Happy Birthday, Greta! 🍰🍺🧁Hope you have a really amazing year! Miss you!
I ❤️ Colorado
I just want to take a moment to shout out my ride or die homie and colleague, @jnoisecat. This #DEBFORINTERIOR Cabi…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanBREAKING: 1,000,000 Georgians have voted early in the Jan 5 Senate runoff election.👀‼️🗳 Covid-19 relief, health c…
Retweeted by Haven Coleman54th Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior Deb Haaland!!!! WE ARE GETTING THERE PEOPLE!
2020’s family has fought for years to bring change and awareness in her honor. Thank you, from us kids with asthma… the #ClimateCrisis is doable, BUT not w/out grit. @GinaNRDC has grit; gets the urgency/scale, prioritizes e…
@jessicalawyer2 Thank you Jessica! You’ve been there for me since I first started my activist journey, thank you fo… @PhaedraPezzullo Thanks Phaedra! Amazing principles. I’m gonna save this. 💕 @Tamaraity Gonna print this and put it on my wall. Thanks Tamara! 💕 @zeepersthewrtr Thank you Z! @positivelyabbie Thank you 💞From one of the bravest souls out there @havenruthie we can learn so much from you!! Keep being the amazing you.
Retweeted by Haven Coleman @jaimenack I’m trying. Your support means everything. 💕 One of the hardest things is thinking I’m making everyone else uncomfy.Haven, thank you for sharing yourself with the world - both your climate activism and your Tourette’s. I hope you d…
Retweeted by Haven Coleman @maria_m_town Thanks Maria! It’s really scary to put it all out there, but it’s better that people know. It is crea… @frias_daphne Daphne!!!!! Thank you for being here for me. I know I can always talk to you. I hope your doing good. ❤️A lot of kids who are in the activism world feel things deeply. We put all of ourselves out to make changes. But th…
Retweeted by Haven Coleman @jordanjustright Thank you Jordan! 💕 Your support mean so much to me, I can’t wait to see you when this pandemic is over!! @TayAndersonCO Happy Birthday CHARLIE!!! @EricHolthaus Cool. I was born in MHK. My family is from there. And they are STILL the Indians at MHS. @EricHolthaus Did you grow up in Manhattan?
Prognosis is anyone’s guess. #Tourettes is usually at its worst around my age. 1/3 of youth outgrow it, 1/3 have ti… does this mean for my work in the climate movement? You tell me. In the end, it’s up to everyone else. I can c… are genetic, usually, but the environment affects them too. From what I read, know about my onset timing, and… are my tics like? I have simple + complex, motor and vocal ones. Complex comes out as clapping, blowing kisses…’ve learned so far: As long as I don’t feel emotions, I'm good. I can mask a little, but when I stop holding the t… take back some control, I get that I'm going to have to tell people. So here we are. Hi, I’m Haven, and I have… only way I can hide now is to actually hide. Leaving the real world is pretty easy during a pandemic. And it’s… over the past 3 years, I have started to have issues, making me hide.Then 2 months ago, these weird things h… get good at hiding parts of themselves that are embarrassing or they hate. It makes life easier or buys us t…
UPDATE: We have raised $6 million (!) so far to help jumpstart the Jan 5 Senate runoff elections. Help keep up the…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanOk, now it's confirmed that my 12yo is suddenly LOSING his adult teeth due to vasculature issues 9 months after Cov…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanInbox: the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment has just declared racism as a public health crisis.
Retweeted by Haven Coleman @dianaberrent @Survivor_Corps I’m at an actual online HS school and my 12 year old sister is still online, but our…
Wake up, America. #COVID19 does affect youth! Adults failure to lead and listen to science has consequences for us… @dianaberrent @Survivor_Corps OMG. No. I’m so sorry, y’all. He doesn’t deserve this. No kid does.She's not alone. @xiyebastida @israhirsi @xiuhtezcatl @vict_barrett @alexandriav2005 @jeromefosterii @em_magining
Retweeted by Haven Coleman✨science wins✨
@havenruthie Voter protection remains a huge issue for Georgia, along with #GOTV. Check with groups like @LWVGA &…
Retweeted by Haven Coleman @havenruthie I’ve been a monthly donor to @BlackVotersMtr - am going to increase that contribution! Also thinking o…
Retweeted by Haven ColemanIf you already know how you’re helping Georgia drop it in the comments ⤵️New, verified transition team account:
Retweeted by Haven ColemanGeorgia’s Senate runoffs are only 2 months away. We all need to be thinking today about how we can help. we don’t get a full weekend to rest. Oil and gas aren’t waiting for Monday... #propaganda