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@maxyvfx doesn't say stretched mate @urghshan BLOO @KIANDR0 @YourFellowArab im just here for my daily dose of curtco @ericdoa waiting :)(: @f6wlen how are u gonna get an account jacked by syrup smh, second hand embarrassment
me and @moi2kay are going to egg fawlen's house, who's coming? @glaiv3 :O 100% @f6wlen @slayingyas vouch, bought me fake lv loafers!! @slayingyas @slayingyas i seen this cheesecake thing that looked nice :))) @KilluaQZ i don't think he understands how makeup works @ripxjenkoo could probably give it a good go @itilica waiting, @Mxtiqe get his train ticket sorted @xmils_ pink 😼 @breezepog couldn't answer that @U1F63C @moi2kay yh @moi2kay yessir @itilica teal
@GrinYIKES @renomahm @Mustsweden vouch, musse is the nicest <3 @skyafk i don't know anyone except shan.... so i guess i pick u! @urghshan @KIANDR0_ they're only like 6 quid off amazon, if he got prime that's next day delivery as well, safeeee @uwuxtokyo he doesn’t look happy about that one @Keftyz_ that's peak @rinaeles i love this from u @JayzaeI there's an open wildcard @3ReeTV @s1rekun you're great you sherlock holmes @DeahTheGreat @sapiryy @Mxtiqe swear if he wanted to play cod he could just go out into his front yard, it's more realistic as well @slayingyas is it possible to ship a cookie? @U1F63C *inaudible lyrics* LOUD BASS, im in love @Mxtiqe @sapiryy rate that @KilluaQZ stay in school kids @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ @simmy1k #DontWakeUp @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ @simmy1k you're signing a song? to wake yeah? @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ @simmy1k is a violation, because im comparing him to you g @U1F63C @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ this? @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ moving like @simmy1k @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ nope @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ i don't lose @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ @f6wlen @KIANDR0_ he’s not gonna shag u bro @KIANDR0_ after jamz @jail3nn love$ick @fluekyy @zinxq np bro @fluekyy @zinxq personally I’ve been getting sweatshirts and jumpers off here because it fi… @fluekyy @zinxq yep @fluekyy @zinxq you giving your duo a dress code or something?
@5emit life really a movie! despicable me @AlfieFN_ chicago town pizzas are s tierhow is y'all gonna get finessed by a kid with a fortnite pfp, i'd be crying too tbf @f6wlen @JackFN_ @madisonbeer he’s tryna have a 1 pump orgasmscrims w/ @3ReeLGBT
Retweeted by harryscrims w/ @3ReeLGBT @Fevawnl they must all be men lmfao @wyspaul pussyhaha go on flex the big hawy follow, free beans, holy cash ! (yes, i am feeling very homosexual after tweeting this) @glaiv3 you just swore at a 9 year old ! cmon bro @xan8x heinz
@ghoul53814133 pain @ghoul53814133 just made my first tiktok, u not tryna see it? @f6wlen @thekidlaroi @thekidlaroi spotify streams go up 500% after @f6wlen makes tweet about him, have to say it's a W in his books @moi2kay @kyl74973692 @ghoul53814133 @be7s @moi2kay @be7s ly2 @thefader @glaiv3 this made me happy @moi2kay @be7s idk, got nothing else to do @kyl74973692 @ghoul53814133 @moi2kay @be7s @moi2kay @be7s thinking about life @moi2kay @be7s hello @ghoul53814133 @moi2kay @be7s you tryna get buttfucked? @moi2kay @be7s it's okay bro, i'm always here @ericdoa of course, come uk bruv @U1F63C I SAID HEY HI HOW YOU DOING? WASTE MY TIME CAUSE IM FUCKING 'STUPID @notpixiespt2 i see people on sc mashing up weed in their hand, that they are trying to sell ! and I just think...… @U1F63C why are you listening to this... new glaive is out @soiIlan @ch1llys it's clean but i think the orange x looks a lil odd in the bottom left, just some criticism @EnigmaMedia_ sending all my love ❤️ head up @ghoul53814133 smh smh @ghoul53814133 damn, she told me she a virgin :( @reubzyy not anymore :) @reubzyy does it fit 2 people? @_Stormbee @geekysuspects @Gr3enFN hope you don't wake up tomorrow @_Stormbee @geekysuspects hide my reply rq, it's a social experiment @savZK how have they banned you for that @Powahh_ hbd powar! @boardzy_ good shit @U1F63C sounds cool @U1F63C exwecising and you? @U1F63C heylo
@xan8x yes, if you're the editor, maybe not these other clowns @f6wlen @sabpie_ don't think you understand irony then you cheese melt @f6wlen @sabpie_ didn't see ur reply + im actually funny lol @be7s or just don't make sexual posts.....? @sabpie_ grove 11/19/20 at 12pm est cya then :)
Retweeted by harry @ghoul53814133 @_Stormbee @3ReeTV can free build! like build... but for free! @jalzy_ classic
@mirupsd that's so clean @feudds @16 happy bday ! @immigrantriz gave @OfficialAitch a run for his money