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Hayden Dingman @haydencd San Francisco, CA

"Games Journalist" is the derogatory term they use for me. Usually at PCWorld, occasionally at PC Gamer and elsewhere. Always tired.

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Palm Springs was a pretty cute film.
Anyway, yes, ban cars or at least drastically reduce their presence in cities and normalize pedestrian/cycling thor… does this New York Times article think Uber's cars come from? @frogsquadron @jimrossignol Seconding Islanders. It's like Townscaper but slightly more directed/game-y.
Gamekid, a Game Boy emulator I built for the Playdate. A hobby project to learn about the handheld console of my ch…
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @philrowen I've been reading a lot of Agatha Christie lately and half of them are incredible and the other half are…
Ennio Morricone walking up to heaven like: terrifying & beautiful Cathedral's of Zdzisław Beksiński (1929-2005). They appear to be made of cobwebs & bones…
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Ban fireworks.
@BlaneHumphries @AsaTJ @FraserIBrown That's true, it is a public event now. 🙃 @FraserIBrown I'll definitely be visiting if my government (and yours I guess) ever gets its shit together. @deaco2000 @jeremy_peel So proud of you as well mate. I don't know fuck-all about football but you've been killing it.
@jeremy_peel I'll miss the Paradox Con crew more than anyone else I think. Just following @deaco2000 out the door though. @JonBolds Miss you too. If you're ever DMing long distance let me know, I'd be honored to play a session with you. @AutomaticZen I'll just have to do it as a party trick now.I've got a few more weeks and a few more articles to write, but it's time to do something else. In with one console… was the Last of Us 2 discourse that did it. (Joking.) (But maybe not joking.)Hey friends, some news: I'm leaving games journalism.
@Yedois Yeah, I can think of a lot of dream features in that vein i.e. being able to swap architectural styles (as… @rshunter88 It's super basic (at the moment, at least) and yet I've spent almost two hours with it already. @Yedois I think people/traffic would be a nice touch if it's possible, and I'd like some more control over the grid… @Donski3 Just for you, bb. 💜 little seaside towns all day long. Nobody screaming in pain. Nobody getting stabbed in the throat. True art. is my GOTY 2020.
A friend once warned me the studio they worked for was contemplating hiring a private investigator to follow me aro…
If you need something pleasant and soothing, go to your Racial Justice indie bundle on Itchio, find "Just Rain". It…
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Ellie, having read 15 notes now about the Scars faction making life miserable for the WLF: "Wow, who do you think murdered these people?"The horses in The Last of Us 2 don't even have shrinking testicles 0/10
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @michael_regan What can I say? Rockstar set the bar high.The horses in The Last of Us 2 don't even have shrinking testicles 0/10 @AutomaticZen I bought it at Target today. I feel like the era of "needing a pre-order to get a game on release day… least they picked a good Pearl Jam song.Ah, we've finally reached that part of the generation where games come on two discs, I see.
LIVE VIDEO: The "West Coast Port Shutdown" Juneteenth rally is underway at the Port of Oakland.…
Retweeted by Hayden Dingmanin 7 years of retail (GameStop) I was only verbally assaulted/threatened *once* and it was by an off-duty police of…
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @SPNKr @pretorhunter @Michael_Truly @barryjneely It's a pyramid scheme I run where instead of making money you just get rid of keyboards. @pretorhunter @Michael_Truly @barryjneely @SPNKr You should've just asked me. Chances are the one he's going to sen… american dream is to make a lot of money with computers and then to never touch computers ever again
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @AutomaticZen Damn dude, I thought you had a sick back tattoo for a second. @michael_regan Same. I think EA is smarter than that but you never can tell.EA Play 2020: Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay, the return of Skate, and not much else by @haydencd
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OH SHIT SKATEI mean whatever, arena shooters are all derivative. But at least call it "Rocket Paradise" or "Cirque du V2" or something.I still can't believe this studio just took the old Quake mod Rocket Arena, didn't even change the name, and was like "We made this."Josef Fares is like "What if David Cage, but fun?"Twitch chat. My lord.Hey. Hey you. Titanfall 2's on Steam. @brockwilbur Over and above the police state ramifications, it's clear this is a ploy to both drive down unemployme… can't. recipient on @CNN few mins ago: “This is not a long-term solution. Trump could choose to rescind this program…
Retweeted by Hayden DingmanBREAKING: Christopher Columbus statue at San Francisco's Coit Tower taken down early this morning. This is ahead o…
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Game Industry Arguments Calendar: J: DLC bad? F: Review scores? M: GDC, too expensive? A: Dark Souls easy mode? M:…
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @jdlugosinski Ha, I wrote the article so it's more "I MEANT WHAT I SAID!" Cheers! Happy to spread the jizz gospel (… mean, I can, but.I cannot believe we're talking about reviews and review scores again. @jdlugosinski Actually..., at the intersection of white violence and black pain, is about unwilling martyrs. The people they were, t…
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @screencuisine @beelzerob @screencuisine Ha, it's the genre of music from the Star Wars Cantina scene. Not joking, that's what they called it. Jizz music."Things Would Get Better If People Cared About Other People"
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FUCK. (Sound is mandatory.)😮 is available if you're interested. Resolution options seem a bit busted at the moment but damn it's cool. game Genesis Noir has one of the coolest (playable) intros I've ever seen. I've literally never seen anything…'m no @screencuisine but I did my best impression. get to take Labor Day off for the first time in eight years.Watching Upload and it's like "What if The Good Place but trying too hard?"
A 70-year-old man in Seattle survived the coronavirus, got applauded by staff when he left the hospital after 62 da…
Retweeted by Hayden Dingmanjust told by the head of the Atlanta Police Foundation that 19 Atlanta Police officers resigned over the weekend: "…
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @HalfTangible I blocked you because I could. @HalfTangible You don't pay for a membership at a public library you dipshit.people at protest have been distributing masks and disinfectants one million percent better than the government did…
Retweeted by Hayden DingmanThis reporter was threatened, assaulted, and had his bike stolen and its tires slashed by violent protestors defend…
Retweeted by Hayden DingmanPlease keep the Last of Us discourse coming.
@austin_walker I like it most when they phrase it as "making sure I understand," as if I am an unruly child.CAN WE WAKE TF UP
Retweeted by Hayden DingmanProtesters in Atlanta shutdown an interstate after the murder of Rayshard Brooks by police. #RayshardBrooks
Retweeted by Hayden DingmanBlack Lives still Matter even though you’ve decided to stop tweeting about it.
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @FuzzyDoug @somepurplestuff @Jamyz6 @pyschicaxolotl I literally am a working writer, you goon.The estimate is now that over 100,000 people came together in support of #BlackLivesMatter in Paris today.
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Future Games Show finishes off a big not-E3 day with more must-watch game reveals by @haydencd
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @grmartin But there were actually three separate shows today technically, which is why six hours long. @grmartin It's been my favorite show so far this year. They tightened up the pacing a lot during quarantine (since… @grmartin Send help, I'm dying. @grmartin Literally six hours in.This presentation for Blankos Block party just explained the concept of "seasonal content" and...surely we're beyon… @yumecaty Better title, imo. @slatermaus Enjoy purgatory, I guess. @slatermaus We're clearly talking about public libraries, but thanks. @SixBitProxyWax Very excited for you to tell me whether 2600 BCE or 1600 CE came first. PC Gaming Show 2020: These are the new games PC enthusiasts need to see by @haydencd
Retweeted by Hayden Dingman @dgkimpton @understatedove1 @globaldr0wning @RvLeshrac @albedoa @Paganliam @Mcstronghuge And if you think any "redu… @dgkimpton @understatedove1 @globaldr0wning @RvLeshrac @albedoa @Paganliam @Mcstronghuge You are just a fount of ba… is really fucking cool (and not just because Evan occasionally edits my articles). PC Gaming Show's really leaned into the quarantine format and I'm fucking digging it. More of this, please. @HeyDmart It looks very pretty. @alixjmc That's not what the tweet is about though, is it? @RvLeshrac @albedoa @Paganliam @Mcstronghuge Again, nothing to do with my original tweet.People replying with "But libraries pay for ebooks" or any variation thereof completely missed the point of this tweet. @LukeDaniBlue You wrote a lengthy thread that had nothing to do with what I wrote at all, but go off.