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WIRED, Empire, Guardian, GQ, BuzzFeed, VICE, Esquire, The Art Of Neil Gaiman. Must Watch on @BBCSounds. Writing a book about death.

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I love how @vickipepperdine is essentially just wearing that chair
On the latest Must Watch podcast... 📺 @nickjfrost tells @hayleycampbell how he narrowly avoided getting shot in he…
Retweeted by Hayley Campbell @eleanormorgan @ladyhaja @monicaheisey “Reject the premise” for me @eleanormorgan neither of us were short on face either🎙️"You could’ve died in my flat is what you’re saying?” 🗣️"Yeah, maybe part of me did!” #5LiveMustWatch’s…
Retweeted by Hayley Campbellliterally me just bought the new and in colour edition of From Hell. It's a beautiful thing.
Retweeted by Hayley CampbellA very wise man.
Retweeted by Hayley Campbell
@neverwear 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍a moment of joyful infection, a happy and hopeful gift of death, when I am compulsively looking up the stupid things I look up on the internet, I think of this perfect…
Whoever photoshopped the infinity gauntlet behind the pot plant has lived this.
@itsJuliaHardy ugh. How boring of him.Melville does SAD lamp sponsorship
@OnTheArrow @DeathRef @cendeathsociety Troyer Elders 😍 @sianharries_ My mum used to do this with me at the dinner table when I was 15.I don't want to go full Annie Wilkes but we have to stop this. Put the cabling back, Monty.
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@neilhimself obviously. @eleanormorgan is it better than my cat bed? @maxjohnporter IDEAL @maxjohnporter excuse me but what @BrydieLK milo is all about texture @thedailybumbler @GoshComics @natmetcalfe Yup. With me. @thedailybumbler You mean make him go to the post office? You can’t be serious. (Ordering from @GoshComics is as cl… @Andr6wMale He looks like a musketeer. 😍Speaking of From Hell, I’ve always considered this a perfect dedication. @Andr6wMale I’m sure seeing your drawings from 30 years ago and the various mistakes you made (even ones only you c… @Andr6wMale He hasn’t just coloured it, he’s fixed drawings, continuity, gone back to the script and done things th… on this here: me. ❤️ does this one. page always makes me go “oof.” finally have a copy of the From Hell Master Edition coloured by @ecampbelldammit and it is lush. Look at it. @PhilipNByrne @therealsinead oh I'm absolutely no help
@cr3 ohno @cr3 Did you have big plans for your potatoes? @cr3 what a delightful thing to come out of a vicious crimewho among us hasn't accidentally got our dick out on zoom🚨 Must Watch podcast is now up on @BBCSounds 🚨 Hayley and I debate the accents in Bly Manor, and whether anyone w…
Retweeted by Hayley Campbell @MelanieBlakeUK everyone knows the best boyfriend is Steve @MelanieBlakeUK @TherealNihal @scottygb (Sex and the City is on Now TV, just rewatch that like I do all the time because I have no shame.) @MelanieBlakeUK @TherealNihal @scottygb Melanie, you need anything but this. @ladyhaja hannah they used to do these great olives and now their olives are shit @PhilipNByrne @MobyDickatSea a whale is not short on face either
@NickdeSemlyen unspeakably envious. @NickdeSemlyen I love him so much. I cannot help it. @NickdeSemlyen Have you seen Perfect? A perfect, excuse me, double bill. @NickdeSemlyen NICK IT'S GREAT HOW HAVE YOU JUST SEEN THIS
@neilhimself ! @jabberworks omg double fleece @fuzzytypewriter big fan of these completely heartbreaking pet photos @darrenrichman I think @ClintJEdwards needs to see this. @thedailybumbler 100%why do I find the little knot at the front of Monty's waders so heartbreaking lady on Gardeners' World lives in a 4th floor apartment in Warsaw and is showing us the special balcony window…
sure jan
@darrenrichman 20 years ago? I think you'll find it was 10. @MaxJLHardy I used to use the women's pond on the heath for screaming under water but now it's full of literal sewage so that's off @MaxJLHardy oh never catharsis. I will destroy myself before this is over. @MaxJLHardy I've got rage that I'm pretty sure is affecting my face veins but other than that it's just silencevery hard to type out stupid little words into an idiotic little document when you're not a psychopath in the world right now isn't ithow do you become less filled with boiling rage? I feel like trying a new emotion.
@Tweet_Dec are you ill @Tweet_Dec is this a new packet or have you inexplicably saved some for another day @eleanormorgan @ladyhaja do
@GuyLodge @CasparSalmon also you just get to touch the knob more and who wouldn't like that @Tweet_Dec we thank you for your service @Tweet_Dec have you ever been to ikea and found the bags of funsize daim bars? they should literally be illegal. @CasparSalmon @OpinionsAreGood it's just a bit....american. @OpinionsAreGood @CasparSalmon just is I'm afraid @jeremypgordon holy shit the ballsSay goodbye to "give me the confidence of a mediocre white man," say hello to "give me the confidence of a book edi…
Retweeted by Hayley Campbell @simonblackwell @rhodri The grit bit is the best bit. @simonblackwell @rhodri Watching Monty Don harvest and store his elephant garlic (the fuck is elephant garlic) is t… @CasparSalmon They make a great noise (and smell!) when you break them (at Muswell Hill roundabout) @CasparSalmon manuals are more satisfying when you crack them and also you won't have to embarrass yourself at hire… #5LiveMustWatch Reviews of: 📺 #EmilyInParis - @netflix 📺 Adult Material - @Channel4 📺 #Enslaved - @BBCTwo &…
Retweeted by Hayley Campbellthis is how the transcription service transcribed the long piss (mine) at the end of the interview tape (it was ver… @gideondefoe cc @eleanormorgan @TherealNihal @scottygb @HelenSkelton @PINsykes not even so bad it's funny, just bad in a limp and lazy way. thing that hasn't stopped during the pandemic is me reporting all press releases as spambarf
@awardtour I like these horns @awardtour gladys, daryl, and barry. @hcjewell hannah it is still late march for me @EnglandMonkey @TherealNihal thank you! @TherealNihal @scottygb the person who wrote this tagline did grow up on ICQ and MSN Messenger and has slipped through a joke or the… @GinBroguesHats it's not a cage, it's a wee house where tiny birds can lay their eggs (aka an observation cell where I can spy on them)ever since I bought a birdhouse (two weeks ago) I have had this song in my head on an endless loop
@AndyRileyish @simonblackwell @Nick_Pettigrew I was the year of the comet. There were at least four of me in every class.hashtag world mental health day, when all the biggest bitches of the internet tell us to hashtag be kind @john_self A running gag in Portnoy's Complaint that I loved more every time was that whenever his father entered t… @john_self What a book. Still haven't watched the movie to annoy myself, which is rare for me. @samparkercouk I'm exactly like Jacobson. I love it but am not sure if it's terrible. It's an obscene, mad story ab… he couldn't do it. He could not fucking die. How could he leave? How could he go? Everything he hated was here. @petefrasermusic save yourself
@NickdeSemlyen my boyfriend took this, the only CD in my car, out of my car because of how I drove when it was on.
@PhilipNByrne also a skeleton in the background if you look closely