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Hayley Breden @HayleyVatch Arapahoe, Cheyenne, & Ute land

High school history teacher at public school in Colorado. M.A. Ed Policy. @Tolerance_org Advisory Board. she/her. My own views. I’d rather be outdoors. 🏕🏔🌼

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@ASebastianICCP @HistoryColorado @librarycongress @mrico_2011 I bet you’d love these photos @wagmamommandi @juliaerin80 @TooDopeTeachers Check the DMsAre you a parent / caregiver for school age kids? Here’s a poll from me: @ASebastianICCP Wow- good luck to parents and caregivers with kids in multiple grade levels/schools. @kasal_finley @thechicks Or maybe it was Paul Revere And The Raiders at the county fair. Not sure. @kasal_finley The Chicks @thechicks at the United Center in Chicago 🥳🪕🎹🎼 @MarisaEThompson 3!? Omg! We can fit a 5 gal keg in this one. @MarisaEThompson Pics!? It was a great/lucky find. @CMcGeeIII Exchanging the keg instead of recycling lots of cans makes me feel like we are saving the planet too @TooDopeTeachers You got a good one 😭 @CMcGeeIII @kasal_finley I’m partly sad it’s not a school anymore but at the same time so thankful for what they did with the building! @kasal_finley Yes please do! I would also love to go down to the Springs because there is a school building there… @ElizaEatonStern Maybe someday we’ll hang out in real life 😂 @ElizaEatonStern Oh and it was not originally a kegerator. He even made the wood tap handle himself. @CMcGeeIII Me: cooler than expected. @EdPsychMama 😍 @ElizaEatonStern Fun. My husband’s coworker who lives on a farm in NE Colorado gave it to him. It lived in a goat… was going to have a little get-together for all you Twitter friends up at my house for NCTE this fall. Until tha… @juliaerin80 @wagmamommandi @TooDopeTeachers @CMcGeeIII Just learned that 30ish% of BIPOC families, 11% of white families here in Denver surveyed want online school when we start.I know childcare is an issue. As are health and safety. But I also think it would be really hectic to switch to re…
I am not a parent or caregiver. People who are, which of these two options would be less chaotic for you? 1-start… @_mrsdefusco I’m going to dm you in a bit! @_mrsdefusco And it should be people who work in school buildings making decisions, not people who are not currently in the classroom.Learn about Los Seis De Boulder here: @MatthewJBusch I also don’t feel that teachers are fully responsible for the scores students were given this year.… @katie_eustis Haha no, thankfully 😅Judgmental glare expert: @caitteach Thank you to @samlong713 for posting yesterday. @caitteach @DianaLaura1102 @esca1226 @juliaerin80 @wagmamommandi @TooDopeTeachers I can do Mon, Thurs, or Fri next week. Info if a RMNP trip sounds fun: like we will get more info on Monday.News from Denver: “We are also considering pushing back the day school starts for students by one week to Aug. 24.… @_courtneyjensen I am not a parent but in some ways starting off fully online (with curriculum that teachers have h… local news @KyleClark provided some explanation of my district’s plans for August - math teachers, you’ll love t… I feel here in Colorado looking at big school districts across the country making decisions: can't be serious that folks are doing this press conference remotely when you're expecting us to be back in bui…
Retweeted by Hayley Breden @CMcGeeIII on making a will: @samlong713 Thank you for sharing this- I’ve been thinking about making a will all summer. @natebyr0n @vperezy @juliaerin80 They definitely inspire some amazing art haha @natebyr0n @vperezy @juliaerin80 Reminds me of when people leave bad reviews of national parks 😂 such as this @vperezy @juliaerin80 @natebyr0n Omg I love it!! Thank you!🌲🌼🐿
@SamanthaAgoos I bet a map of the 2018 vote on Amendment 73 would look strikingly similar#PairedTexts #doingmypartco take a moment to read through @ColoradoEA’s return-to-building priorities, then sign the petition if you fee… @ValeriaBrownEdu @IvoryL3710 @KaitPopielarz shared these action steps: read this piece from @D_Stieber several times, trying to find an excerpt to quote. If you have a few minutes, rea… @juliaerin80 @wagmamommandi @TooDopeTeachers The Carousel of Happiness! Not sure if it’s open these days but Nederl… @MsBranigan2 Thank you, Katy. What a painful summer. Teenagers are so resilient, but they shouldn’t have to be. 💜I’m up past 10pm and watching the local news. How is it possible that 3 of the 4 top stories directly affect my li… at 7pm. At the football field. @TonyTyme Thanks so much. I’m about 15 miles northeast, so we saw smoke but not evacuated. Always have a bag read… @D_Stieber This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you for writing.Please share and help Davarie’s family if you’re able.
#elephantbuttefire in Evergreen- smoke is visible from my deck on Lookout Mountain: @JeffcoOpenSpace Some houses around evergreen lake just got evacuated @JeffcoOpenSpace (I did not take the video; it was sent to me by a friend) @JeffcoOpenSpace Video from evergreen lake: @snarky_feminist You should let the organization who runs this PD know...Today #PrEP was signed into law by @GovofCO I am beyond proud of this bill @leslieherod and I worked on! This bill…
Retweeted by Hayley Breden @TooDopeTeachers Def a happy hour convo, not a twitter convo, haha. @TooDopeTeachers 1) too bad Health class is not a graduation requirement (or even offered) at many schools in CO 2… Denver educators who are DCTA members - your union @denverteachers is holding a townhall meeting online regardi… @DingleTeach Being a teenager right now.... I can’t imagine.Sending 💜 to the young people in our community who lost a wonderful friend, classmate, and teammate last night.
If you haven’t listened to @DianaLaura1102’s beautiful, powerful work yet.... do it today! @GregoryMichie Sounds like an excellent research/article/presentation topic. and an important issue for anti-bias… @GregoryMichie Does CPS still require Ts and police and fire to live in the city? @GregoryMichie Also: I’m definitely guilty of not living in the city where I teach. Reasons (excuses?) I’ve heard f… @GregoryMichie It’d be..... probably unsurprising. I also think it depends on how each particular city does school… @katie_eustis He does it all the time and it’s never not funny 😆 @she_veatch He says thank you 😊 gave the 🐶 a bath hours ago and he’s still resentful. @mrsjjee @ValeriaBrownEdu @Lyricalswordz Where are the purple eggs though We need more purple eggsDoes anyone out there have data / numbers / surveys on how many high school students are also essential workers the…💕we want all people to be lifelong learners💕 Listen to this wisdom from @juliaerin80 and others. @ShanaVWhite Some districts are giving families the option of fully remote school. I wonder whether this will be co… @rebelmusicteach Our enrollment has increased dramatically and has become increasingly affluent and white over the… @rebelmusicteach I feel this. I’ve been in the same school for a decade now, and the effects of gentrification on… @rebelmusicteach Homes within walking distance are way too expensive for teachers, so I figured if I’m going to hav… @ResearcherGrace @jollenelevid This is awesome- we appreciate you in UTLA so much!
@jollenelevid Thank you so much! @jollenelevid I’m in my union here in Denver. Where can I find the paper from UTLA?I just registered for this excellent series- we’ll hear from @YohuruWilliams, @DrLaGarrettKing, @ProfJeffries and m… @JennBinis We had a strike fund during our feb 2019 strike. And CTU has one, along with funds at individual school… @0perasaurus If I buy one too, can this be a game we play at the homecoming carnival event? 😂😭 @scmaestra Can confirm 😊 As the weeks pass by, my writing has improved while my speaking has ⬇️Is spending all that money on plastic dividers and cleaning supplies in order to create an exceedingly inhumane… strike: a term with which you may want to be familiar. Here’s a bit of history. 🍞🌹 When Workers Say ‘No!’:… @heymrsbond @patsy1979 The West Virginia teachers strike in 2018 was a wildcat strike: @sbrassetphoto The email was from dcta, so maybe there is a similar one coming?#leonardpeltier is still in prison.
Retweeted by Hayley Breden @mrsjjee When schools are rated “red” they get closed. ☹️ @EdsonTab @snarky_feminist have you seen this (Utah)History is more interesting and more relatable (and students are thinking critically!) if we focus on understanding…