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Hales 🇺🇦 @HayMartinn

♡´・ᴗ・`♡ self proclaimed semi-professional comedian. @twitch partner

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@zachwyd_ 4hrs of driving through corn fields🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 @MuzFN @SoloDoubleJ then he waddled away, waddle waddle. @SoloDoubleJ just listen to the duck song @0gsyy i was gone this weekend. got home not too long ago. just needed a short mental reseti have never been so sad to be home before.
@Roxburghxo @XyIIem @iLxke aren’t u 5’1 and a virgin ? @MosMeeJR i’m 5’10 bb <3 u can be my lil step stool <3 @MosMeeJR nah mf i’m taller than you dwfuk it guess my height (wrong answers only) @jacobcavern @wahoooopunch thank you so much for saving my cat from that burning tree even though you knew you were… @MuzFN meow
@takeafliqht @MosMeeJR NOrip to all the bugs that die on my windshield today
@cupofchaii heck it im down for whatever @cupofchaii do u need a roommate🥹 @Farmerlucas_ i would simply cry @DdotPat but then i have to pay them and for gas @MarkyWap it was just over like 3/4 a tank not even a full tank🤮 @0gsyy send me money to fill up my gas tank and i’ll calm downlmfoahagshcwhydoesitcost$85tofillupmygastank @ttaran_ it’s bc u tagged me w/o anything before it. repost w something before the @ bc then it will show up on TL and not as a reply @ttaran_ STILL HARD STUCK @jacobcavern BAHHAHAAHpanda choncc x ashe combo😈 what ur zodiac sign is what tactician do u use on tftgoodnight goobers @OKenziee hales stream effects
@Claritys_ @Laiys_ thanks @haymartinn @Laiys_ @MosMeeJR accidentally ate an olive and want to die now. but streaming lateri feel a different type of way listening to guccihighwaters @Tyedar we have lindor herevalorant 5 stack with a certified e-girl and her 3 simps
Retweeted by Hales 🇺🇦 @MosMeeJR hits radiant and forgets his friends. fr e-hater.
literally so blessed😭 i can’t wait to have all these sweets🤍 tysm to everyone who reached out and gave me new sugge… @leeohimself might have someone @leeohimself not all of them :/ or it’s months shipping time @MosMeeJR @takeafliqht @turntdais @GavanFX ^^^^ @owithacamera MY PERCY PIGS PHIZZY TAILS OLLIE YOU OWE ME @LegitISC honestly it’s been years since i’ve had english sweets but i like any chocolatey and fruity @itzmilxs @LegitISC idk if i can ship drinks to america from EU @LegitISC my dms have been flooded that they are gas since that tweet @nxnotv @LegitISC nope not proper ones. if you want shit american versions yeah go for it @LegitISC we do but it’s shit tbf. same with our kinder eggs. they use different chocolates here @LegitISC and jaffa cakes i’ve been told are gas so apparently i have shit taste in english sweets so lmk what you think i should get @ohdoggx @humzazx @GroovyCa yes @humzazx @GroovyCa ^ compared to any chocolate from EU it’s so bitter and dry. i’d rather shove cadbury eggs up my… @GroovyCa @humzazx they aren’t the same. trust. @MosMeeJR sick text you cunt. @ohdoggx @humzazx ajjajajajaja nämä ovat niin hyviä, mutta minulla on suomalainen perhe, joka lähettää minulle makeisia lomille @humzazx not available in us :/ @MosMeeJR ok i’m down @LegitISC nah american sweets are so shit. i miss all the sweets from EU @Dety0 oh my god i’m just fucking coming to EU again @Matiqeee @itilica are we splittting @0gsyy no but like text me if your serious i have a fucking listi am begging someone from England to send me a package of your fucking chocolate. i will literally pay for all of i… morning from my pretty kitty<3 @AaronHasMoney waddaheck @TheLapua @Crocs i have a jiblit of lighting mcqueen on my crocsgoodnight🤔 does a girl have to do to get a @Crocs sponsorship fr🫡 @Laiys_ hmmm unfortunate @Laiys_ when’s ur bday @Laiys_ drip szn
@MosMeeJR @GavanFX it was on breeze he swung from back pillar in mid @GavanFX @MosMeeJR “mid is clear” *gets chamber op’d from drop* “maybe mid isn’t clear but he wasn’t on my dart and… @GavanFX @MosMeeJR BECAUSE YOU SAY MID IS CLEAR WITH 2 PUSHING A SO I SWING FROM B AND THEN ITS FUCKING FIRING RANG… @GavanFX @MosMeeJR no u wish u had my game sense mr “mid is clear” and then 3 fucking swing me from pillar. @MosMeeJR i’ll teach u my ways @Matiqeee @wessyio @legitpriv mf is vouching for himself😭 @wessyio @legitpriv @Matiqeee that’s fine us tall girls don’t want to be w you eitherJJK0 is coming out on fucking dvd before they’re putting it on crunchyroll. i will h*ng myself. @Matiqeee @legitpriv 5’9 and 3/4 so basically 5’10 @Matiqeee @legitpriv LMFOAHSVSHSNS HAHAHAHAHHAH @Matiqeee @legitpriv i don’t follow i want the screenshot @DallinTheHokage @Crunchyroll suddenly i love mondays @Clyfen_ i’ll oink @0gsyy can i use this as a tax write off ? @DdotPat @0gsyy u guys love meneed incentives for a 96hr capped subathon🫡 @PinkCBJ yes mommy @imnotjho JOIN ME AND JIHO @Preavai i have accounts silver-dia2 @jiho_c come play
@OKenziee i’m omw!!!! @MosMeeJR how’d u find this pic of me @zachwyd_ kayo before kayo was added @Wilds nocleaning 2day. (yea actually, send motivation pictures) morning @iLxke didn’t u get carried to diamond @sellenahs yes mommy @Preavai ur blockedguess who i main