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Fact. You can’t @Teresa_Giudice on board Valor. #BelowDeck #RHOP ladies always keep it real (shady). 😎 Happy 4th Anniversary! are overrated. Rosé is not. #RHONY #DitchYourNewYearsResolutionDay @Rachael30788664
#PumpRules fans! It’s @MusicKillsKate’s birthday today… 👏 delivers 👏 yet 👏 again @emmaroses @Highland_Gal Hi! We have flagged this with the team, so hopefully it will be updated ASAP. x @Highland_Gal 👋 it’s live! Want to watch hayu? 😘No more Mrs Nice Girl 😈 This season on #VeryCavallari
Which side is @stassi’s good side? Apparently her backside. #PumpRules message to @ariana2525 and anyone else who needs to hear this: YOU’RE DOING GREAT ❤️ #PumpRules @CabbyTez @hayuhelps can help! x @deborahanne67 @primevideouk @primevideouk are working to get it live! But it's available online and on the app in… @deborahanne67 Hey! Are you watching on @primevideouk? x😎 Cool kids only 🚫 Happy Birthday to #Kimye's baby girl, #ChicagoWest #KUWTK @auders8 @olive_simmo It's live on the app and online! @hayuhelps can you assist? x @jaymiie1992 @LisaVanderpump @hayuhelps can we help please? xx @KlouY3o It's live here! Are you watching on @primevideouk? @Lynzoola Hey! They'll be back in around March time, so not long!! No word on the Canadian RH at the moment 😩 x @KVictoria_92 @primevideouk @stassi @primevideouk can take a look at this for you. In the meantime, it's available… @auders8 @olive_simmo What device are you watching on? xWho's over #DryJan 🙄 @olive_simmo It's here! is all about will-power and self-improvement, so no, I won’t be participating. #KUWTK
Is @rhylee_gerber about to walk the plank? Today’s #BelowDeck is now streaming🚨 Sum up this season of #BelowDeck in 3 words 🚨 I'll go first: Thailand's hottest mess @fizzflo Let's get @hayuhelps to take a look! x @melbournian7 @Zn68Zena SO SOON! #HollywoodMedium and #RHONJ had a baby: Watch hayu’s newest show: #MeetTheFrasers @msRachel9 As soon as we have programming news we’ll announce it here 😘
Actual footage of me and my bestie at Nando’s 😍 summoning circle, hope this works: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯… @jackmclain is responsible for starting the drama in today's #RHOA 👀 @hl_923 WOOO! @classabstract @vivsketch2 @Ali__Munro Monday's are about to get SO MUCH BETTER! @Zn68Zena 4 WEEK TODAY! may have flown the coop, but Persian royalty are here to stay. #Shahs is back in one month 👑 @Zn68Zena Keep an eye out for an announcement very soon 😏 @InterArtsy It’s on the wish list! x @Nicolef1Penney Let’s get @hayuhelps on the case! x
Here to help you get through another week of #DryJanuary. this is how 👏 you 👏 clapback 👏 #RHOD
American Football or American horror story? Discover #AaronHernandez: Uncovered. I could invite 3 celebs to a dinner party, it’d be @KyleRichards, @KyleRichards and @KyleRichards. Happy Birthda…
#VeryCavallari is back! @KristinCav is back! Jay is back! Kelly is... watching!🚨 #TRUECRIME RECOMMENDATION 🚨 cutting room floor? Not on @Andy’s watch. #RHOD @jessicajo83 @Andy @BravoTV #RHONY will be back in a few months 🙌 @jessicajo83 @Andy @BravoTV Hey hey! Beverly Hills probably won’t be back until the spring but new episodes of RHOA…
Margaret’s ponytail 🤝 Danielle’s hand #RHONJ #HarryandMeghan need a hand adjusting to civilian life, @ParisHilton has some advice. #TheSimpleLife @Debs_view Oh no! @hayuhelps can jump on this right away! Give them a follow and they'll be in touch x @taraobrien26 @Dimaline27 You're missing out!What are you watching first? 👀 #RHONJ or #RHODBuckingham Palace to #HarryandMeghan @taraobrien26 @vivsketch2 Sorry you're having issues, @hayuhelps can take a look into this for you x @taraobrien26 It's live now! Sorry about that xx @MegsMcCormack It's live now xx @MegsMcCormack There was an issue with the episode 😫 but will be up soon! I'll post a link as soon as it's live xxGiving new meaning to ‘til death do us part. #PumpRules @LeamWinters @VH1 @TiffanyPollard @hayu THE DREAM! Adding to the wish list!
@sharonshwan @doritkemsley1 @givethemLALA No date has been announced yet but likely early spring 😘 @omar_nrv Hopefully! As soon as we know we’ll let you know! x#PumpRules is back with a bang, courtesy of @givethemLALA 💥’s back.... today is a good day 💁🏻‍♀️@hayu_uk #vanderpumprules
Retweeted by hayu UK & IrelandWho wore it better 👀? @doritkemsley1 or @givethemLALA? #RHOBH #PumpRulesI will never get tired of seeing the exact moment @capthlr realises he has to get involved in crew drama. #BelowDeck👏👏👏 Wednesday 😏 New #PumpRules is now streaming:
@tammytapshoes It will be up on Wednesday 🙌 @RachelGeeDevon Tomorrow 🙌🙌 @Dimaline27 @hayu_uk We will be watching with you
Retweeted by hayu UK & Ireland @ChelsyHolland Thank you for flagging and sorry for the confusion! The episode will be live early Wednesday. x @StokerJo @LisaVanderpump @BravoTV It will be up early Wednesday 😘Thirsty for some new shows? 💦💦💦 Hydrate with hayu this Jan. @allannnnn Once we have a date we'll let you know! xx @carlie_m24 Unfortunately it's not available due to licensing 😢 hopefully in the future that will change! x @sjladd Hey! The episode goes live tomorrow! So sorry for the confusion x @jessicajo83 @Kate_Chastain @capthlr It's a gooden 👀#PumpRules is back in 1 DAY! What are you most looking forward to this season?Celebrating #PumpRules’s 7th birthday with some messy memories 🎉 @Littlesthobo2 @BravoWWHL @vgunvalson @MargaretJosephs @BrandiRedmond @Andy It’s been on a break over Christmas but…
I think it’s time @Andy enforces a talking stick at reunions 😬 #Married2Med @Krisyt13 @primevideouk Wednesday! xxxTrying to pay attention in the first meeting of 2020 like: #GoldenGlobes anyone expects anything of me this month, prepare to be sorely disappointed. #RHOC @zoemidwinter Hey! New episodes return Tuesday! Unfortunately all past episodes expired. They are live on the app f… @RachelLBriggs @TotalDivas @hulu Love that show! Will add it to the wish list for you and keep you posted if it’s in the works! x @Nicolef1Penney @lisamacey83 Let’s get @hayuhelps on the case! x @x_Justinee_xx Hey!! Since the launch, episodes have only been up for 7 days before we have to take them down for l…
New #WWHL 🤩 New #PumpRules 🤩 New #VeryCavallari 🤩