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Hazelgee @Haze_gee United Kingdom

Freelance artist, commissions open. ☕️ Tea owns my soul (Though my cat would argue joint ownership)

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The apothecary 🌿
Retweeted by Hazelgee @CrystalSully I'm so sorry for your loss, sending you hugs xx
@Nozomi_Mats Ahh this is beautiful! Lovely work :)I finished it! A chibi style drawing of my WoW hunter with her wolf pet😄
Retweeted by HazelgeeEye-eye. All done.
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I've said it before & I'll say it again: What makes me love this iconic performance is that at literally no point i…
Retweeted by HazelgeePumpkin party! A little continuation of an older artwork titled "teamwork" C: Wallpaper size available on my Patreo…
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@CarmenSinek We've got a family of about 30 sparrows in our tree, those lil chonks are SO LOUD at about 7am and 6pm… @galacticidiots Oof yes, the pain is real!
@zarahsultana Absolutely this, please, already!
Hello #PortfolioDay, my info about commissions can be found here: Always happy to chat ove… @danbarker A fraction of that given to SecretCinema etc would have helped give our local, useful, public hub of a T… bruising day at the theatre today as all staff were called in for a meeting about our future. Feeling so sad that… @artofmaxinevee Beautiful!The Visit 🖤🍂 #witchtober
Retweeted by Hazelgee @ArtByEmilyHare Love this! :)Blinky Grutton ❤
Retweeted by Hazelgee @JulieMarsonMP And yet you sold us all out by voting AGAINST preserving our food standards. Seriously, what a dece… @JulieMarsonMP How about a chlorinated chicken instead of a turkey? Seeing as how you voted on the… @CarolineLucas Check what your local MP did here, be woefully unsurprised by their inadequ… @friendly_farmer What a surprise, @JulieMarsonMP voted for it as well. She absolutely toes the party line in everything. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Une petite Goblette
Retweeted by HazelgeeMy first ten Creep Along masks! Thanks to everyone that’s let me know how much they’re enjoying them so far. I have…
Retweeted by HazelgeeSome images from my personal project, don't want to say too much about it yet, but I hope you like them!
Retweeted by Hazelgee @JonDunham Really stunning, beautiful work! @HackedOffHugh It's sickening. Please follow and support @GoodLawProject who are trying to hold them to account @BorisJohnson Truth twisters 🤬
@CatchCarter_Now I've been storing it like a precious treasure tbh, I really do need to get it up on the wall with… @CrystalSully Congratulations! :D
@foxfeather eeee! so exciting! :D @cjjmccray @ukhomeoffice Agreed and reported. @AJuryArt Gorgeous colours! Beautiful work! :) @LaurenWalshArt I'm so sorry for your loss :( sending virtual hugs <3Prowling around the empty nighttime suburbs with headphones on, trying to figure out if this tree in someone’s yard…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @lomenar_art Thank you! :)
@SamSantala This is sooo good! Really love itToss a coin to your Lich King 💀💙 #Warcraft #HenryCavill
@Richard_Kadrey I keep coming back to this piece today, thank you so much for sharing it! <3If govt tries to shut up the do-gooders, the lawyers, the human rights advocates, the teachers, the environmentalis…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @bauerpower @yoshisquared @Procreate Beautiful! :)This is my favorite Halloween image and I WILL POST IT EVERY GODDAMN DAY UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH. art by Peter D…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @Richard_Kadrey Ahhh, their expressions! This is perfect! :DOk, I know I’ve said this before but THIS is the best campaign ad I’ve ever seen. 😂
Retweeted by Hazelgee4 down, more to go. I'm excited for where my inspiration to retro-reimagine characters from another favorite IP wil…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @QuelFabulous Awesome work!
A little something spooky I’m working on for @MonthofFear & my next @everydayorig (launching Oct 9th 10.30 am)
Retweeted by HazelgeeWhat if i tell you that those pinks and subtle oranges are actually cold greys? uhuhuhuhuh 15 mins colored sketch…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @Ikorus92 *squints at screen* sorcery! Looks gorgeous! @Namaslays @NaarielArt That is the creepiest of creepy shit. Ugh. :(
@Metzgirl He's done a great job, references are essential for improving :) I always use them
lil buddy
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@CatchCarter_Now @Warcraft Always happy to chat over ideas :) Feel free to drop me a line anytime, I've got a site…
Commission piece 🧡#Warcraft #commissionsopen
Every once in a while, I go back to look at @nicodelort's art, and I sit here for a while in absolute shock and awe…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @CarmenSinek @nicodelort woah, those are incredible! @CaraidArt So atmospheric, this really is beautiful <3 @Xaphane Ah thank you so much! <3 :)Once again thinkin’ about the giant western red cedar trees that washed up on La Push beach in Washington and how v…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @jannaphia @Katchdraws So beautiful'Aposiopesis' What are we all but a sentence left unfinished. For my grandma 🌿
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@TylerWalpole @LaurenWalshArt Was going to quote this too💡🌈 #wip #art #illustration #fantasyart #angel #religiousart #digitalart #hierarchyofangels
Retweeted by Hazelgee @awanqi The colours in this are so inspiring, the use of blues and pinks is just beautiful <3 @peacheybun The hair... the haaaaair! *swoons at all that detail* beautiful work :)💜 #Warcraft #commissionopen is a much-requested guide to how I paint gems! I use #Procreate5X but the theory applies to any medium (1/2 of…
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@iriscompietart What a teeny floof hoover <3 (thanks for sharing I needed that this morning!)
@MissAmethysa Go for it! :) I tend to get halfway through them and start flailing about in a style crisis and never… @JeremyWilsonArt @cagle_evan Such brilliant artwork... Just... #1 and #2 available for pre-order. Main covers by @cagle_evan, Variant covers by me! This will be legendary!…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @tintanega Oh my holy sh*t these are stunning! @D4YBREAKER Wonderful colours! :) @SolaLka1 Thank you so much! :) @karrah_e @grantabbitt Same here! *fistbump* ;) @karrah_e I've really enjoyed the learning curve on it so far, Grant Abbitt has done some wonderful youtube vids ab… @chirunax Thank you for the artshare opportunity :) @KaylaKowalyk @chirunax Really beautiful piece that bird @karrah_e Yet to attempt my donut, yours looks brilliant ^^
Retweeted by Hazelgee @BBCPolitics @BBCNews Such a brazen liar. The arrogance of the man. @JulieColibri Beautiful work! @andreajenkyns When you want to type a response but it would be too full of expletives to be shareable. Simply put,…
@bedupolker It took a while here on this slow machine for the second pic to appear... absolutely worth the wait ^^ @JennRavenna These really are stunning @DanWatsonArt1 @kimsokol Really nice work!Oh Harpy She knows she isn’t the same as the other crows, but follow them in hopes to be a part of their murder on…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @LaurenWalshArt So sorry for your loss <3 @c3rmenDraws Squee! :) @AngelaRayner Exactly this. So sick of it. @QuelFabulous Your art always makes my day a bit brighter, just sayin' :)1/So hard truths time for me. As I'm inching towards 45k followers I notice (ESPECIALLY on political matters of bas…
Retweeted by Hazelgee @zoeragez I found therapy eventually useful when I was in a similar spot, please do keep reaching out to your docto…
@D4YBREAKER @Tief_In_Plaid This is fabulous! Love those eyes!dark ranger Isadore for @Tief_In_Plaid ❤️ #worldofwarcraft #Warcraft #warcraftart #commission
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@Batchakemino @Warcraft haha! perfect ^^ @c3rmenDraws Oh that otter! 😍quest
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@cheersitskatie Congrats! ^^‘Knullified’ Variant cover for Captain America.
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