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TSM hazed @hazedCS Austin, TX

Valorant for @TSM I used to do CSGO things for @CLGaming @opticgaming High Warlord Hzd - Faerlina Horde Unapologetically human.

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@FNS πŸ™ˆ @SelflessRyu like.. THE BEST @s0mcs @FNS, just wanted to remind everyone since its been a while. ENVY is REALLY good. πŸ™‰ @FNS @TSM @Subroza @reltuC @WARDELL416 @Dronecsgo @boxrTailored 🀣Faze guys are mad chill. Some funny ass banter mid match that yall cant see. Glad to have them around. πŸ‘ @TSM_Myth Valorant wouldnt be the same without you, baby. ❀️Valorant competitive ❀
Retweeted by TSM hazedGG 3-1 @FaZeClan See yall in the Shadowlands.And people are asking what happened in u haul that one round... idk, my pc just decided it was an opportune time to… the stream not catching my last two kills on the last round is a fucking TRAGEDY
@Corey_OW youre tellin me im playing a Bo5 in a 5 map pool but we got 1 map twice? IM DOWN FOR A LITTLE ICY @FaZeUpdate @KING_BABYBAY @TSM_Myth @zacklombardo Try to vote him off. @daprcs @Immortals @Shanks_TTV @TSM @Immortals Nutty, honestly. I see Reyna flash, i cry. @schwartzbruder @Immortals im not afraid to lose the boxersGGWP @Immortals 2-1 Shirts off, overtime kinda player. @Subroza Throw? @TSM_Myth off @dcopGG We all know that wont be an issue for you if you tried. @Have_A_Fungus Ye, but they were 5-10k prize pool tourny's before the 100k tournament. No reason to play those. @sp20_sp Unless Riot is like "nah fam, we run shit" 🀣 @AdmiralSnopDawg That sounds good actually. Gives incentive to play well year round instead of trying to peak at certain times. @sp20_sp Ye, but it doesnt need to be Riot.I like big qualy tournaments because it gives new/upcoming teams chances to shine. At the same time, i would like a… @KING_BABYBAY @HUYNH_CS this had me shook for hours @WARDELL416 AY FRISTANAS @FionnOnFire I wont lie, this qualifying + seeding system isnt good imo but i guess they didnt have many other options. @jessicahkim @LogitechG Ah, welcome to royalty. 🀝 @Shanks_TTV @TSM @tarik True. Myth alone has done a lot for the future of Valorant. @shroud @CLG_PewPewU we love you buddy ❀️ @Subroza @WARDELL416 @FBI @SavixIrL Youre such a chad. πŸ˜©πŸ† @Cp2fps Im an Old Fashioned kinda guy.Next match will be fun.
@Asunaa @madacsgo @OfficialAproto @aleksandarosa @Shawn12590 @TenZ_CS because of Coach @TSM_Myth . 2-0 Moon Raccoons @HUYNH_CS ur sheriff is NIIIIIIIIICCEEE @daprcs dude fr? whatever chance other guys thought they had is now gone... @leaf_cs 😎 @GODaZeD grats big iron πŸ‘ŠMy collection is beautiful. I highly recommend the superlight, yall. This thing is INSANE! #PlayToWin… @NBK @DonHaci @OfficialANGE1 @Subroza @daprcs @dephh_csgo @FNS @_PLAYERR1 @s0mcs @brax1wnl Come on over, we have a LOT of fun. @Foxie_GG @WARDELL416 @OfficialANGE1 Damn i look good there HOLY SHIT @FNS @DonHaci @OfficialANGE1 @Subroza @daprcs @dephh_csgo @_PLAYERR1 @s0mcs @brax1wnl @DonHaci @OfficialANGE1 @Subroza @daprcs @dephh_csgo @FNS @_PLAYERR1 @s0mcs @brax1wnl prob thought the same thing i…
@ShoT_UPcs πŸ™ @GATpenguin @jcStani @Shanks_TTV too big... @jcStani @Shanks_TTV @C0Mtweets @jcStani 😩 @jcStani @C0Mtweets @s0mcs @andbox_official @jmohGG @ShoT_UPcs @T1 Holy... hope hes good. πŸ™ @jmohGG @ShoT_UPcs @T1 ????????????? @KOLER1337 @yayFPS @ANDROIDX23 ... yall are like... built diff @WedidValorant on jah @Rawkus @FaZeClan tytyFor the record so they dont take this the wrong way cause i like them, i mean "better than yesterday" when i tweeted "too close". @zacklombardo @FaZeClan OFFFCCCCCCCCCCCC @HUYNH_CS 2-0 @FaZeClan #TSMWIN @TheAudrix pong pong the animation. its lit
@Poach Sorry to hear man. Hope you get better soon. πŸ™ @HUYNH_CS @MoonRaccoonsgg not even close... fristos de migos @HUYNH_CS @NRGgg no uToo close. GG @NRGgg 2-1 @daps @TSM @TSM @ArnarHrafn 🀣clearing A site on icebox
@Mooollin Promo content for sponsors aint gonna stop. 😎 @GeeRawSensei Pretty sure that isnt an issue anymore. Been using mine for months. @BluChummy Been using it for a couple months. Its lit. @FalleNCS @lelorena πŸ‘Š grats my man
Ive let some shitty people get in my head lately with stuff ive read on social media and in twitch chat. Gonna try… @burrite_ btw, do you not have my number? we can like... idk... text :)my mods think theyre gonna get paid OMEGALUL @burrite_ playin vally @WedidValorant @korydahui He asked for permission BEFORE POSTING IT and it was from a finished tournament. @effysgo @Guiiimond 🀣🀣 @agmFPS @thepamin21 I appreciate it and my bad for freakin out on the TL. @s0mcs @WARDELL416 @Subroza @kabooseCS OFFCCCCC @leaf_cs yupThis right here is the right way to do it. Dont show the names of the players so that way the strats/comps arent le… @agmFPS @thepamin21 Like i said, its not just you so dont think this aimed solely at you. Its just yours today brou… @Mendo whats worse is some of these guys are long time csgo veterans @thepamin21 too many to @, the one today is @agmFPSIn what world did it become acceptable to show scrim clips? Just showing comps/strats publicly... like what? LMAOwoke up to a skye flash