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Full of torment, thanks for asking.

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It can be hard to learn abstract concepts through example but I think you could teach sexism to an alien with the o…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinI don’t know how folks look at rampant voter suppression and say we are trying to “save democracy” and not saying we need to build one.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinLet’s never normalize how bizarre it is that we are all having to expend an inordinate amount of time making sure t…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin @herekdeckman Unsurprisingly, a pivotal hallmark of my childhood
I quit Girl Scouts in the sixth grade when my troop leaders told me that my mother should pressure her employees to… off, merriam-webster'm sick of tweeting about voting. I'm more sick of writing this than you are of reading it. Trust me. BUT: If you…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinKeep spreading this information, please. On Election Day in 2004, I joined the line in my Ohio village at 4:15 p.m…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkinafter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine i surprised my closest inner circle with…
If anyone needs tips on surviving a civil war from someone who has lived through one, don’t come to me, my solution…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkinno forgiveness ever for anyone who allowed this, or supported those who allowed this
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Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin52-48 NEVER FORGET
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
@pattonoswalt Gund Stockwell
If you must go on vacation I beg you please don’t post about it! Please! You’re not the only tired person and some…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinHard to believe how quickly “forced hysterectomies” disappeared from the news cycle.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinAlso hello? Black people are so excited to see ourselves included in literally anything. You could put us in your b…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
Dare we dream that they will grow up hugging each other and not groping us???
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinI was listening to @PodSaveAmerica today, and @JoeBiden opened by saying: "Climate change is the number one issue…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinWe have more Covid-19 cases now than when we first went into a lockdown. And yet everything is remaining open now. Cool.
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkinit is awfully nice to live in the little bit of human history before extinction and after the invention of ice cream, penicillin, and TV
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Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinIt's amazing that the entire conservative messaging machine has decided it is bored by / uninterested in mass death and mass unemployment.
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Michelle Williams made a video for Montana gubernatorial candidate Mike Cooney (whose opponent, you might recall—Gr…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin @StephenJ_Mack Amazing!!!! Big congrats!!!
am i gonna vote? yes do i wanna vote? also yes because i love a sticker
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkinmoon finally dropping the album
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkinit is so easy to simply not masturbate in front of colleagues
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin545 families. NEVER, never let a Republican talk to you about them being a party of "family values."
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Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
conservatives literally think the rest of us and especially young people want to dismantle their systems simply bec…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkinnot to get too political but i just think that if you work 40+ hours a week you should be able to afford a house, c…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin @NifMuhammad The Good Place, New Girl, 30 Rock, and Parks and Rec have all been balms for melate last night a friend reminded me of the Frank Ocean venn diagram and while I have no real take on the content h…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin @susanorlean Rizzo @amandafortini This, and you, and Tom 💛
Few countries with fascist autocrats get one last chance to vote them out. This is our last chance. Let’s do it.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinToo many Black celebrities are meeting with Trump when I need them to be meeting with Jane Fonda.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinI came into this election not liking Joe Biden even a tiny bit, and in fact furious that my party was certain to pi…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
@frumpenberg Artful by Ali Smith <3Watching Biden talk about climate change, clearly knowing what he’s talking about, digging into policy details... a huge relief.
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkinhey babe I really appreciate you taking birth control even if it fucks you up, it just feels really good on my peni…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinIt’s unbelievable that anyone has to ‘fact check’ claims like this in the midst of an historic mass casualty incide…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
Maybe we should get a group time out like that on the regular
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How it started: How it's going:
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinBlack people were 3/5 human under originalism. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinI don’t understand why they don’t just ask this judge lady if she thinks Jews are going to hell. Let her answer that in public.
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The award for today’s stupidest bitch
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A quick reminder that changing the number of justices on the Supreme Court is constitutional and colluding with for…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
What if instead of “diversity statements,” we asked people to articulate their understanding of whiteness
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinAlso worth noting: we pay writers!
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinMore honesty and transparency around first time voting! It's a huge deal and should be 1) celebrated 2) never sha…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinPete Buttigieg is out here dropping whole ass diss tracks on the President on his favorite network. Ya love to see…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinSure, yes: let’s teach our young women to say “I’m speaking,” when they need to. BUT LETS PUT TRIPLE THAT ENERGY IN…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinIt’s getting colder and darker, and it seems like the pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better. But it…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
President who phones into cable TV interviews refuses virtual debate. Ok.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinJournalists, please focus on the fact that the sitting VP did not commit to a peaceful transition of power.
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin @alauraborealis Oh I HOPED you didMaybe the most offensive part of this night was pence commending a young girl for exhibiting interest in Public LifeI want Kamala Harris to rewrite my monthly budget and teach me how to kiss and THAT, among other things, is why I w… up for Jews who do not feel that President Trump represents us, or would protect us from virtually anythingPence demanding that Harris answer *his* own personal questions when he won’t even answer the moderator’s is gross,…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinFLIES ARE ATTRACTED TO BULLSHIT MY BABESAll these women the GOP needs back are going to love watching a pasty baby man talking over two women as they repea… tell me more about these Knights of Columbusthe way pence is going to hell
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinI would like a meteor to hit himThis debate could be improved by 100 percent fewer promises to keep fracking
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinPence is the kind of man who thinks that being polite to a woman is the same as respecting a womanPence sounds like milk talkingGet “AOC” out of your mouth and call her fucking CONGRESSWOMANIT MEANS YOU OWE MONEY TO SOM-BOD-EE. #VPDebate
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
I just talked to my friend who had NO PLAN TO VOTE...and she lives in PENNSYLVANIA! I've sent her all information a…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinO uhoh are not apolitical, you are simply comfortable in the current political climate.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinMein Cough
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
"I view myself as a transitional president. It's a transition to YOUR generation. You're the best educated; you're…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinThe performative activism from over the summer has officially ended
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinI’ve learned so much by simply 1) reading people’s tweets 2) googling terms I don’t understand 3) bookmarking and r…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinSo it turns out the monoclonal antibodies that Trump is on are from fetal stem cells. So Trump is being treated/sav…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkinbehold the Democratic candidate for Governor of the State of Montana
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
EVERYTHING HE FEARS! VOTE!Here comes the story of the Herman Cain
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin“Don’t be afraid of Covid” should be the end of Trump’s presidency and the Republican Party.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinJill Biden is all of us.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinLeftist politics are inaccessible to most people because people on the left make people feel dumb for not knowing s…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinThere are now several reasons to do frequent mental health assessments: - low oxygen levels to brain - COVID direct…
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkin
The election is not 30 days away. The election is over in 30 days. The election is now. Vote early.
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinOctober has already been a full MarchRetweet if you haven’t stopped “hunkering down” since fucking March
Retweeted by Hannah Pumpkiny'know if I was just lying around sick in bed with nothing to do and I liked to tweet I'd probably be tweeting right now
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Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinDescribing the news to someone this week is like trying to summarize a season of Grey's Anatomy, and today is the e… its obvious but the possible arc of supreme court justice dies weeks before election, asks not to be replaced,…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinTHIS SEEMS VERY IMPORTANT. say a prayer for the White House household staff..the butlers, housekeepers, florists, engineers, chefs, val…
Retweeted by Hannah PumpkinI'd argue that knowingly endangering the lives of countless people in various timezones after becoming aware you're… someone please get me some shady and reading Democrats on television quick before it’s too late? Somebody in a…
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