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Personal Account. 3d Artist. Black. Pan. NB. Polyam. Pronouns: Yes. 18+ only. Studio: @travellerstudio Email:

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Monthly Patreon benefits are now up! This month brings another Poor Man's Fight story, focusing on some supporting…
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @Nosferacat @TonyTodd54 now i was ABOUT to say something feral but im gonna keep my hoe self in control and just wi… @Steph_I_Will MA'AM @kirchenaere Air quotes so thick you can spread them like jam on toast
@flitzzers @wxyzdetroit They can keep right on extending it too @DibuJohnDoe *writes this down*Introducing Soapy Hands, my font designed for manga lettering. It’s great for handwritten text outside of speech b…
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈augh, i need to flesh out my studio twitter and start...actually using it 😑😑😑 why do things need doing??? this is a scam @pitbull_lesbian I love you too bbyyyyy! you ever feel like you can't do something or like you wanna give up, come to me, I am an ocean of love and posit… @jelne @jelne You can do it!! If I can anyone can lol @LodurZJ Ty!!! I appreciate you always being there supporting me!!When you can just bust out a basemesh from a sphere in less than an hour. I think I've started to get the hang of t… @BatichiKristen *swaddles you* @theKILLustrat0r Her: silent permanently bc it's just better to not speak over the soothing sound of manly voices @theblerdgurl I will never in life be okay with this lol omgA year ago today 🥰 #LivingHeroes
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈Every 2000s punk pop music video 🤟🏾
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @nolapfau Go immediately to the corner lol omg @shanejblair *obeys traffic laws* *makes sure not to violate their HOA regulations* IM A REBEL @5_ish @Shin_Eym this is incredible @shatamotov It true“Making the Rangers” written by me art by @catharticus
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @silkdisco What the fuck is wrong with their eyes @prettydarke It's on our smart tvs now as well as the console ways @ohadelaide The hugest hugs and love to you @redtriplesix @_queer_peach Holy SHIT @DibuJohnDoe I interest you in some sketches of my Half Orc sorcerer, Koth, That I’ll most likely never finish?
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @DibuJohnDoe @anaether490021 👀👀👀(respectfully) @DibuJohnDoe EXCUSE YOU??? HOW DARE 😍😍😍I know I posted this already but I tweaked Tourah's eye color and earings, and added the text version
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @MichaelisMoshu Thank you @anaether490021 for the tag! I’m Set! I’m a nonbinary artist in Miami. I like to draw OC…
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈Reference used.
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈I SWEAR I thought I posted this yesterday anyways Is it normal to fall in love with your own character???
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈close up, because why not. I really wanna do a facial version👀 but I'm all burnt out so maybe in the future
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @DibuJohnDoe @porkironandwine She's fucking perfect!? @artofprefeito Thanks for tagging me @notcharity01 ! I’ll tag @AquarismaThirst @vianerds @PomposLantern
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @DibuJohnDoe I feel you bb, so hard. Ppl default to that with me too but thankfully I overflow with affection regardless (for some reason) @Okoriart Tbf the code was never that stable in the original and I guess time made it worse lol @DibuJohnDoe Oh no! Love and affection! My one weakness! @Okoriart LOL you can't even download sculptris from pixologic anymore @DibuJohnDoe Lol I wish I could just do this cuz like I know so many of my friends who need it, "head pats, good bo… @Okoriart I do! And yeah I've had no problems with anything I haven't tried sculptris the software *specifically* tho...... @DibuJohnDoe @Clericalcleric @coach_zac87 Yeah fuck them and honestly question your guild leadership if they "try and make it wo… @Clericalcleric @coach_zac87 ...WHAT. and by money did you mean monkey??? @Clericalcleric So...we cast them into the fire yes? Aurora
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @HardLuckHero @LodurZJ It is! @LodurZJ As a horse player who wanted NOTHING TO DO With that whole deal, this felt...perfect @LodurZJ Like, I was cheering so hard @Drlag34 I was talking in the group chat how if this turns out to be for a video game I am woopin someone's assHello, Creeps! We are taking a break from social media for the remainder of December for the holidays. But not to w…
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @AtlaTheWriter Fucking HEART EYES @Okoriart @vaerkhaos (wait there's no way, NVM) @Okoriart @vaerkhaos Oh am I the friend in Question? @sethhahne @JessiSheron a lot of people find it highly entertaining, actually lol, i love lets plays, how good they… @Steph_I_Will now that WB did it, errbody bout to jump into it too lol those hbo execs like @Persephiroth Omg I'm hoping for the best for her! @Steph_I_Will Oh man when his teachers call you in thinking you're going to calm the chaos, not realizing you planted the seed lol @TerriblyBland Here I am thanking my voice assistant when she gets it right lol @JamelArt It is lol ppl crazy if they think it's all gonna be cleared up by Feb or something
I actually had no idea hbo max was *only* US based! @silkdisco 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰 @trineleader 😭😭😭😭😭 I'm crying!! @ashworksco Left|Right: the Duality of Bean @its_willyu did they basically just put a horse head in the bed of theater execs? @MattAytchTaylor yes, and I'm there with you tbhSpent the morning blowing @Okoriart mind about blender lol that was great @Data_Bunny which components? @Data_Bunny yeah i dont know your system but I'm tempted to say this is a background issue, rather than something i… @Data_Bunny have you tried doing a clean reinstallation? this is really unusual, i've used it for years and its crashed like 6 times? @Data_Bunny Wait clip crashes on you?? @OmariAkil 👀👀👀👀👀 @purpletop2 @jendrawscomics Lol it's not like this is back in the day when a wealthy eccentric will find you and hi… STUDIO UPDATE ON DEC 10TH Y'ALL
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈i made a model of my rp character! His name is Rogue, he's an assassin (i know, i know, super creative naming xD)
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 not out yet but whats coming! @IVWall Great to hear!!Really cool.
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈 @SarahSalanica !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB!! @Okoriart 👀👀👀 @flitzzers Deleted! Ty! @flitzzers Oh! Okay that makes so much sense @flitzzers Oh really? It's for once NOT about "mask tyranny"? @theKILLustrat0r WHAT?! @fatcr0wsnest HUEVO WHAT @braverun_wlh Do vitamin d supplements help? They do wonders for me when I can't get the real sun @Okoriart She's currently trying to take ME DOWN @braverun_wlh Ty! I hope you are too!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️Biscuit thinks my shoes are monsters that need defeating apparently. She's 1 pound and I wear size 15s, so you can… @MattHTaylor @sethsmithart That's what auto muting is for lol at that point make it so only ppl you follow show up lol @MattHTaylor Eventually! I wanna get there too lolwell i can't possibly read more than that first paragraph tonight, but putting this here for when i feel more capab…
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈....fuck. @ohadelaide @JaronRMJohnson of my ongoing collection #drawingwhileblack #ArtistOnTwitter #copicmarkers #SaturdayMotivation
Retweeted by H. D. Harris🏳️‍🌈