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My new mixtape Music✖️Road is now available. Link below⬇️

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Can’t wait fur @HeadieOne in Glasgow🐐
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie one looked 🤯🤯 last night. Sad I wasn’t there to witness
Retweeted by Music✖️Road
Honestly just counting down the days until Headie at SWX🤪 @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadWow! @HeadieOne brought the house down last night during the first show of the Music x Road tour at @YPlasCUSU 👏 Gr…
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadI don’t wanna hear anything else, Headie One is the 🐐 💯
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadCan’t wait for Summer Walker and Headie One’s concert 🥺
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadSo gassed to see the goat
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadMissing Headie one hurts man
Retweeted by Music✖️Road#musicxroadtour CARDIFF‼️ Next stop DUBLIN‼️
Retweeted by Music✖️Road.@HeadieOne is coming to @O2AcademyOxford on the 24th of October 2019 and we cannot wait!! If his first show is any…
Retweeted by Music✖️Road#musicxroadtour CARDIFF‼️ Next stop DUBLIN‼️ cardiff‼️ one next tuesday is the only thing i’ve looked forward to this year kmt @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadUnreal last night @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie one on a Sunday popped off #musicxroad
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadOiiiiiiii Cardiff we love you all thank you for having us today the tour has started of with a bang 🎉🎉🎉 Music x Road ‼️
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadMateee Music ✖️ Road still gets banged on a regsssss! One of the albums of the year for me @HeadieOne👊🏻👊🏻
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie one is the 🐐
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadMad night. @HeadieOne was maddd
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Headie One one of the best in the UK Wallahi.
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadReal talk I’m fuming I’ve missed Headie One in Cardiff
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @HeadieOne where u at cardiff is waiting
Retweeted by Music✖️Roadgutted i aint at headie one tonight
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @HeadieOne in Cardiff looks like it’s popping off😰
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadI think I love headie one after tonight
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @HeadieOne looked class gutted I didn’t go
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @HeadieOne @OneManagement24 for the last time thank you guys for making this night even more special, unforgettable
Retweeted by Music✖️Road#musicxroadtour kicks off in Cardiff 💥💥 Generation Gangstas is not Gangsta👎🏾Niggas Innis shit fa the perception & not cuz this how Dey feel fr
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadBig moodI see u females expect the world. So mandem start upping your standards and expecting the world aswell dont Settle for less.going to headie one tonight is a madness
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadME AFTER I SEE @HeadieOne LATER TODAY
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie One tomorrow jeeeez
Retweeted by Music✖️Road
Heated seats are essential in the United Kingdom
Headie One made the album of the year. Music✖️Road still on 🔁.
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie One did a madness on this album 👌🏾
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadThis Spurs fan is so fed up with the club that he's had to make up a rap expressing his frustrations 🔥😂
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Imagine a headie one show without ‘ ‘know better’ or ‘golden boot’ or ‘of course’ 😮Tryna pick this set list for next week nd it made me realise fuckin ell I got some bangers mateSo blessed to be seeing Headie One in Oxford and London 🥺🥺🥺 my king!
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadYesssss get it sis!! 🔥🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾 @Br3nya
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadJust when we thought this show couldn't get any bigger, @HeadieOne will be supported by Bandokay x Double LZ and…
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie one 02 Brixton is a month todayyyyyy!!! Can’t come quickly enough
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadMusic ✖️ Road Tour Get Your Tickets ‼️ @HeadieOne
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G Herbo’s Girlfriend Gets Him a Chain w/ His Grandmothers Face on it & He Tears Up 🙏🏽
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadMusic x Road tour starts on Sunday unaaaaa fucking hell mate it’s going to be a movieeeee I tell ya First stop Ca…
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie One live this time next week
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadCan’t believe I’m going to see @HeadieOne bring on the madness 🥵
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadAs if I just seen headie one coming to the diff this sunday 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadThis brudda @HeadieOne said “Jailhouse, scrambling eggs in a kettle wishing I could have it with toast”. You sir should be knighted. ⚔️
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadCardiff see u guys on Sunday 💥💥💥💥 #musicxroadtourHeadie one is due to be a mazzzziiinna
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie One was right, it is starting to get proper cold out
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadMusic ✖️ Road Tour @Br3nya @DoublelzO & BandoKay Get Your Tickets ‼️ @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie One Next Wednesday into Dublin on Thursday, gonna be some week
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie one next week buzzing
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie One is truly a national treasure 💓
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadWhere I am in the world outside is warm and relaxing still
@HeadieOne finna be a movie on 10th November in Brixton
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @highsnobiety headie one on the radio makes me happy 🥰🥰🥰
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadSorry if I come across selfish and all for myself, just been thru some shit where it was just me, so I gotta make s… ✖️ Road Tour begins on Sunday Get Your Tickets ‼️ @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadBANDOKAY X DOUBLE LZ Music ✖️ Road Tour Get Your Tickets ‼️ @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadThe Lovely @Br3nya Music ✖️ Road Tour Get Your Tickets ‼️ @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️Roadcan’t believe bando and double Lzz and supporting @HeadieOne what a fuckin night it’ll be
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadNow Playing Headie One - Both @headieone
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @HeadieOne has got his UK tour coming up:
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @Bandokay @DoublelzO wid me in the road 🔥 we kick off Sunday in Cardiff💥 #musicxroadtour up to a message off kai saying we’re going to see Headie one a week on Saturday. Happy Tuesday xxx
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Starting this week 🥳🙌 @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadNorth London rapper @HeadieOne kicks off the Music X Road Tour this weekend 🔥 Some dates have sold out - grab the r…
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Retweeted by Music✖️Road @HeadieOne
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHappy Birthday @HeadieOne ! 🎉🎂
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadManchester United lost to Newcastle on my birthday looooolHappy birthday man like @HeadieOne 🔥🎉
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie One showing his lawyer the CPS weakness
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHappy National One Day @HeadieOne Turn.
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @HeadieOne happy birthday 🥳♥️
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @headieone Happy Birthday to you! Have a special day :)
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadKrept - Morely’s Freestyle thursday 7pm. 3 suprises for you this week. Its gonna be a good week❤️💪🏾🙏🏾
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Outside is raining Kmt but it’s lit same way stillIt’s a onederful day because one just added one more year to his onederful life. National One day. #comeup headie-ing to #1XtraLive tonight? 🤪 Here’s @HeadieOne catching up with @GRMDAILY before he hits the stage la…
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadClass Saturday casually bumping into @HeadieOne in Selfridges 😂
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie One is one of the best in the U.K.
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadHeadie one just got a reload in a arena 😅😅😅🙌🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadBig set @HeadieOne boss
Retweeted by Music✖️Road.@HeadieOne did NOT come to play 🗣🔥 SSSSSSH sounding sick at #1xtraLive Watch the full show LIVE here 👉🏽…
Retweeted by Music✖️Road @HeadieOne are you even a human being at all 😤😤
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadWatching @HeadieOne bbc1 extra performance got me gassed for watching him on tour for my bday weekend 🔥🔥🔥 performance was lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Music✖️Road‼️ TONIGHT 7:45PM #1XtraLive ‼️ @wizkidayo @FrencHMonTanA @OfficialAitch @DaniLeigh @HeadieOne @Jaykae10
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Guyssss!! Ya girl is touring with @HeadieOne It’s about to be madddd! Make sure you catch me in ya cityyy 🤪🔥💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
Retweeted by Music✖️RoadNot long now till #musicxroadtour @Br3nya joining me onda road lit lit💥’s my birthday in 2 days what ulot getting me ?I got the shortest attention span in Europe Kmt