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@Sudhir_Nayar 🙌 🙌 @stefanifrim So glad we could be there for you. 🧡 @jacquefruit Thank you for the suggestion! We will share this with our team. :) @fmmmzu That's right! :) @HaarWee Thank you, Vihar! :) @Steve_Mem We're so glad to hear you're excited! Welcome to our Headspace family, Steve.❤️ @R12155760 @andypuddicombe If your mind wants to wonder while meditating let it wonder, then slowly bring your focu… @nnnaaaay 🤗 🤗 @claudiaquinn 😍 😍
@jkbehniwal @arixlaylonie @OUHSDfreshfood So good!🤗 @arixlaylonie @jkbehniwal @OUHSDfreshfood What's your favorite content? :)Do-anywhere exercises for every level with Olympian and trainer Kim Glass. Get the boost of energy you need to reac… @christina_phi Yes! The Wake Up is a daily bite-sized video experience that we replace every 24 hrs with a new bran… @GigglePhoenix Incredible! Here's to more days of health and happiness to come. Keep it going! ✨ @SelenaStanUK @SpotifyUK Send us a DM @HeadspaceHelp and we can help you out, Selena! @SamGoose3 That is such a great suggestion! @GoatJacobs Thanks for sharing that beautiful landscape, Henry! 😍 @dellabanks69 😍Put down your phone and take a moment. Look up. Observe the sights and sounds around you, indoors or outdoors. Be present.✨ @ULHTWellbeing @EyesNurse We love to hear what you're enjoying! 😊 @EyesNurse 🧡 @twentysomeskin @calm We're here for you when you need us 🧡 @Rachel_Novick Let us know how you go and where you stand on it 🤗Where do you meditate?👀 If you need some inspiration and tips go here: @tskbenjamin 🙌 ❤️ @TinaCAnthony Thank you, Tina! Glad to know you're enjoying them. 😍 @JordanBitterman Hi Jordan! We are always focused on delivering the highest quality member experience. A frequent m… @e_phoenix_ That's right! It's important to not force things, if your mind wishes to wander, let it wander. ✨ ❤️ @DevMachette_ What a lovely plan. Great view by the way 👌 😍 @maggiemoontarot You couldn't have used a better phrase. We totally agree! ❤️ @cesar_ahm 😍 😍 @EmmaOConnell Sounds like a great plan to me! ☀️❤️ @urstrong We couldn't agree more! ❤️ @PROMISE18347345 🤗 ❤️ @xussam Thank you! ❤️ @Tin25863405 💤 ❤️ @JennyAHansen Couldn't agree more! 😍 ❤️ @merakimeera @varungolster @andypuddicombe Congratulations on those 100 days! Keep up the good work. ❤️ ✨ @April_Squared So glad we could be there for you. Keep up the good work! 🧡 @isfazio Hi Isabella! That is a great suggestion! We will share this with our team. Thank you! :) @blul0tus ✨ ❤️ @missmullin17 So glad we could be there for you. 🧡 @gog3tcreative @andypuddicombe Thanks for being a part of the Headspace community, Ben! We're so glad to have you a… @BangBangSparkle 😉 🧡
@cdsw725 @mattwallaert How would you like to see us improve? Our DMs are open.😊 @mattwallaert 🧡 @MissVant Happy dreaming.😴 @HozNoz @HeadspaceHelp This is a bug, please try a reinstall!We've created ambient music and lo-fi beats to help you focus. Check it out now. how you can benefit from sleep meditation? Increased and better sleep can lower levels of stress and impr… @RubenxOcean 🙌 @nomdepremed Welcome (officially) to the Headspace community! 🧡 So glad to have you! @svenkatesh382 Hi Shruthi - unfortunately not at this time, but it's a great idea! We do offer the Group Meditation…'re here to be a resource.🧡 @olarclara Unfortunately not at this time! @AnthonyArcherSt Either or works! @EvanEdinger Love the feedback, we're based in LA. If you're ever around the area send us a note! (post-covid) @0rca_whale @AmberSpong We do offer some of our sleep content on YouTube, you can check it out on our channel. :) @twell24 @andypuddicombe As you should be that is commitment! How do you feel?✨ @_OmarAGonzalez Nope we mean accepting what we cannot change, and changing what we cannot accept. @LaurelLu @threepress She's brilliant, we are so lucky to have her!✨ @iamrebeccalogan @SpotifyCares Send us a dm! @olarclara The family plan is available worldwide.😃 @VinnyThome Send us a dm, we got you!The more we become comfortable with what is. The easier life becomes. #WednesdayWisdom
@ryanmarkparsons 🧡 @MrsBackhausWMS That's always a nice idea. Happy meditation!🧡✨ @AmberSpong Appreciate your feedback! We'll share with our team! @HardworkTRAV Aww, YOU are the best!😍 Thanks a lot for being part of our family❤️ @KaneBriggs @YesTheory Of course, may you please send us a DM? We'd be more than glad to help you @psgbah Welcome to the Family!💗 @MachineGunYorki Hey there! Send us a DM @HeadspaceHelp we would be happy to assist:) @jannellmacaulay @andypuddicombe LOL! We're sure you did great🤭 Thanks for making us part of your and your son's life💘 @ACC_GlenWin Yeeei! We're glad to hear that🤩After meditation, take a moment and check in with yourself. After each session, try to take a moment to notice how… @stanners1807 @FoxRoshanne @LDRGN_ @ward6strokeunit @janice83598619 @BTHFT @janice It's super exciting to know you… @collsbeans @LynnLyonsMSW @allthings_at @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @MHFirstAidUSA @TrevorProject @NationalCouncil… @emkburke Hiding under a weighted blanket with one of our Soundscapes 100% recommended!😍 @rianasingh_ @shlokafc You know we're here for you!🧘 💗 @Jeff_MFT @actionhappiness @andypuddicombe We're so glad we could be a resource.🧡To seek happiness is natural...we could even say healthy. But to look for it outside of ourselves, as though it is… @Chris_Alex Hope you're enjoying some of the music! 😁 @UddhavParab263 Maybe take time away from your device.😉 @taurusgodmother We're here for you!☺️Ask yourself what can you do today, to set yourself up for a better tomorrow. #TuesdayThought
@liriosin @eliza_pow @HeadspaceHelp Amazing, so glad to hear 😅 Hope you both continue to enjoy it and thanks so mu… @thevelvetundies 🧡 🧡 @Interventi0n_ We're so glad you're enjoying it 🎶 You can find out more here: @jooooshhell @madlib So glad you're enjoying it, Josh! 🎶 @walkerpaul90 Happy to help! Send us a dm! @NikkiBogopo Love this! @micespiders Sounds delightful, silence in the garden ☀️ 🦋 🌻Seek out a little silence in your day. You deserve it. #MindfulMoments @JohnRRayner We're here for you, John! 💪 @annalynnegarcia Thinking of you.🧡 @TylerLPearce @ChooseMuse @calm 🧡 @MaryAnneDuggan We're delighted to hear you've started your Monday with Headspace 😊 Hope you're off to a great start to the week! @LogicalArthur @HeadspaceHelp Send us a dm, we can investigate!Join former monk and our co-founder @andypuddicombe for one of his daily reflections on Radio Headspace: @Ahackss Hi Alison, may you please send us a DM to follow up?