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Mark Healey @HealeyParera Storrs, Connecticut

Head @UConnHistory | Latin America | Cities | Environments | Disasters | Politics | Book: The Ruins of the New Argentina

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So, turns out, the most personal thing I ever wrote on the internet is this: an Op-Ed about the failures of the T…
Retweeted by Mark HealeyIt actually exists
Retweeted by Mark Healey“A revolution that distances itself even one centimeter from its people is a revolution that becomes fragile”: it w…
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@rauchway Ack! It really did feel entirely out of date, and now I know way. And I also have to figure out who on my… looks incredible.
Retweeted by Mark Healey @_TimBarker And there is a metric ton of this stuff on autoworkers in São Paulo, although there the result was not… @_TimBarker The relevant work on this question is Jim Brennan on Córdoba, as he has a similar take on the speed-up… @_TimBarker This is intense, and also interesting to put in dialogue with work on, say, Italian or Argentine or Mex… @crampell Not just most STEM programs, basically all PhD programs. This will destroy US graduate programs across all fields.So...I just scraped new State Dept data on student visas (F-1's), and it looks like student visa issuance fell by ~…
Retweeted by Mark HealeyNew motherhood without maternity leave was challenging. When I heard the conversation lauding Coney Barrett for how…
Retweeted by Mark HealeyI do believe the @rauchway alarm has been sounded. is ⁦@chrislhayes⁩ from 2004, and I think it still applies!
Retweeted by Mark Healey!! @AlbertsonB2 For these guys, it's all been downhill since Turtles @adamkotsko Thank you, agreed, especially the digital pets. @lavueltablog @MarkRiceHistory @BaruchCollege @Baruch_Weissman @Baruch_CTL @JCBLibrary This is really great, tocayo, thanks. @spectermatt Though as my brother-in-law helpfully pointed out, it is not entirely clear what exactly our heroic de… @afrikaner @ErnestoSeman De ninguna manera: Sand Hill Road en Palo Alto es el Canudos al revés de nuestra delirante actualidad. @DrHealeyBird Never has there been a greater Zoom, comrade brother! @LuisaFerAF @guprofbc But somewhere out there there is the one mythical grad student who makes $1.6M, as we were sa… @srodriguezrey helado en la heladera me pareció menos poético, qué te puedo decir.Llegar al fin de un día muuy largo y acordarse que en la nevera hay helado y un dulce de leche casero, producto de… is just saying “next week things should free up a little and not be so busy” over and over again.
Retweeted by Mark Healeyhow it started how it’s going
Retweeted by Mark Healey @hfranqui @jjponcevazquez Yup
Two gay penguins with a reputation for trouble stole an entire nest of eggs from a neighboring lesbian couple at th…
Retweeted by Mark Healey @kwinnyk ay @jon_dettman @guprofbc There's also the part where they count tuition waivers as income, because why not? @josephmhclark @jjponcevazquez The Lebron James of TAs @llchristyll @jjponcevazquez Yeah, it is the "average" part that makes zero sense. @valdezmj @historyrocio Home office today and most days. In the before times, I rode my bike to work, but since all the show… seems, um, wrong? hours at the computer today so far for this Zoom Stakhavonite. @noahtoly Thank you! @noahtoly What did Piper do? @lwinling This card's not for turning (over)Nightmare fuel. @Dan_Beeton @bretgustafson @NACLA @PabloAStefanoni Agreed! @Dan_Beeton @bretgustafson @NACLA @PabloAStefanoni Well, there are *certain* folks who might want it... @JoseItzigsohn Y hay palabras mayores! @Dhamdur17 Ash borers have come and gone, tree swiftly and completely died. @ebohos or BSAP for short @jnthnwwlsn Still very encouraging! @jnthnwwlsn Early voting in NY doesn't start until this weekend, no? I'm a little confused about what the CT numbe… @jnthnwwlsn And then there is New York, shambolically bringing up the rear. @varsha_venkat_ This had better get a like from Cronon himself. @rfloh If you think NACLA are coup apologists, I don't think we are actually part of the same reality. Good evening. @rfloh Not only do you completely misread the article -- which I translated but did not write -- you get my own pos… @gabrielwinant I, for one, did not anticipate that Noah Smith would be doing accidental promos for your book. @rfloh Maybe you should read the article first? @TheCorollary Cada día se superan.The power of metaphor @shannonmattern All soy, all the time. Both about the Paraguay/ Brazil/ Argentina cluster. @profmusgrave That seriously feels like six months? two years? ago. Also the entrapment contributed somewhat to his loss, no? @bretgustafson @NACLA @PabloAStefanoni Fair, and I don't think Pablo would disagree. Whether seems clear, it is th…
The great @ProfMSinha with @prof_gabriele & @varsha_venkat_ this Friday! @RSGAT Well, Lawrence LIvermore Lab experts make bombs and they are technically staff of the University of California, so...Current Bolivian Minister of Public Works quashes rumors of fraud: "Don't get carried away by memes, let's know ho… @kevinbaker I'm not sure I like your prophetic side, Kevin. @DeGolierThomas Indeed, not really "analysis" at allAnalysis is one word for this, I guess. 🤦 @TJBreen Through some mysterious alchemy, your correct observation led me back to this banger Deadline Nov 1 @epopppp @VBivar Sometimes Ross can be good, actually. @LDBurnett I was thinking the same! Have finish a tenure letter, a video lecture and an external department review… in metaphors: the beautiful woodpecker avidly tapping away at what was until two months ago the most glorious… @LDBurnett Not to pile on, but look who has written a Good Take, our favorite descendant of a Connecticut governor @Ferodelga @srodriguezrey En Miami es masiva, sí. En otros lados hay más apoyo de lo que podrías esperar, pero nada así. @srodriguezrey @caterinack De nuestra amistad conservo un inmenso respecto por su obra, varias citas precisas, un p… @caterinack @srodriguezrey (no se de dónde salieron tantas comas) @caterinack @srodriguezrey Algo, mucho, de eso hay, sin duda. @portenhacastiza @MartinSchapiro_ @srodriguezrey Y a los otros votantes trumpistas, ¡ni te cuento! @caterinack @srodriguezrey Mala mía, culpo a la bronca que me da su entusiasmo por este tipo que maltrata todos los… @caterinack @srodriguezrey @srodriguezrey Otra trampa gusana, if you ask me. @florwillk it started/ how it's going (evil political jingle edition) @florwillk I have no doubt that she is speaking the truth about how the industry made her think about and see her o… @DearSplenda @DearSplenda DudeComing soon! so much to @VictoriadeGraz1, @Footymac, @moshik_temkin and host Sergio Luzzatto for a splendid inauguration… @arschipani @AnriaSantiago @PabloAStefanoni <me sonrojo> @PabloAStefanoni Un placer y un honor! @pashulman Or, relatedly, the emergence of Mexico's resilient two party system in the 19th century from a fight bet… @Dhamdur17 Entrismo del mejor @nikifab77 @NACLA And to @PabloAStefanoni for the fabulous piece! Funny how a lifetime of thinking can enable you t… @profmusgrave Tell that to recalcitrant senior faculty who refuse to pull their weight in service or teaching (a st… bene: key translation advice provided here by my great friend and neighbor Martín Mendoza-Botelho, previously… @Esquizodio 😊 @diegovonvacano #PuedeFallar dice Charlie Table @LAURAantiCOVID No lo digo yo, lo dice @PabloAStefanoni. Pero el sacar más que en 2019, nos dice algo ¿no?The MAS won a decisive victory, despite Evo and because of Evo, opening a new era for Bolivia lesson, kids, is that what you say online can come back to haunt you ;) @atrubek @pashulman @yayitsrob The Sonic-Berlin hypothesis @pashulman @atrubek @yayitsrob Apparently what the fox says is "you have shamed your ancestors" (Danish and Norwegian, in this case) @pashulman @atrubek @yayitsrob A certain lamentable Swedish (?) song needs to make an appearance on this thread. @Dhamdur17 Please tell me this is how you start every Monday morning staff meeting.