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Indie game dev studio currently working on the 2D metroidvania game #ProjectOverride. Founded on April 9th 2019.

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Happy #screenshotsaturday everyone! #ss Lots of small fixes, added newer attack additions, like blocks/grazes, to…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @ArkanyaGame @DubniumGames Oh yeah!! @frozen_helm Why not both 😊 @ancalabro @CodenameMallow I haven‘t seen one of those booklets in years! Nostalgia 😍 @vivavolt Good job! They look like good units to play around 😋
@rivalrebelsgame @LabsSkull @polyblockstudio @DuskTactics @GamesSudo @ToastyTheGame thanks mate! you too :) @LabsSkull @rivalrebelsgame @polyblockstudio @DuskTactics @GamesSudo @ToastyTheGame Yes! :DWe missed follow friday but hey, why not do it on saturday! @LabsSkull @rivalrebelsgame @polyblockstudio @IndieWorldOrder @OutlierSocial This looks like so much fun!!😱#IndieWorldOrder Project Linkup Friday! We are stronger together! Drop a pic/clip of your project below. Please he…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @punyrobot That is one floppy fish right there😍ima hit you with my fish. #screenshotsaturday #GodotEngine . ragdolls, not quite what i wanted...
Retweeted by Healing Bullet GamesThe soundtrack for #TANKNAROK is finally available on Steam! ..and it includes 2 bonus tracks which makes it 10 am…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @LabsSkull @Diaelffin @stevecourtney79 @15AFAME_ @VPGFam @RazorsEdge_org @RazorsIndies @stewie55uk @robsgameshack Great #FF @Diaelffin @stevecourtney79 @15AFAME_ @VPGFam @RazorsEdge_org @RazorsIndies @stewie55uk
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @ArkanyaGame This is a lot of progress you made there! Great job!:)Here's a little side-by-side of how Arkanya's visuals have progressed over the last 8 months. By the way, we just s…
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@EarlySunGames Looks awesome!!Jet Pack #gamedev #pixelart #scifi #shooter
Retweeted by Healing Bullet GamesFun fact 004: #Conglomerate451 codename, during the prototype phase, was ‘Project Gibson’, in honor of William Gib…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @DuskTactics hell yea!! Looks great!!We have BLOCKS! #WIP #Wednesday Attacks can be blocked if unit has a shield equipped. Block Chance & Damage Redu…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @foxenIsland this looks wonderful!Where I'm adding full controller support I've finally got around to improving the digging mechanic. Also I've reall…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet GamesGuardian or Azikiel? 🤔 Which one got under your skin more and was harder to beat? 😈 ➡️ Eldest Souls on @Steam:…
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@frozen_helm That’s a lot of tomato sauce! 🤔😆 looking forward to the animation!!Hello everyone! Changed my Steam page banner. What do you think?😊 Into A Dream is a story-driven game about family…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @MeltingParrot @WoodstockPro LOVE the atmosphere!!! 😱😍Working on this creepy forest. Lots of weather and an underlying fear... #gamemaker #indiedev #gamedev #dapgame
Retweeted by Healing Bullet GamesPeople always complain about programming and I don't get it. Programming is so easy for me. This is exactly how I w…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @GarrettSavo What better way to move than hammering yourself forward?! 😆>> DESCENT #3D #art
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @MrMorrisGames What an awesome premise, love it!!! ❤️My first #PitchYaGame! Haiku is a cute small robot exploring a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has infected…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games🏹 introducing: the archer yet another unit added to The Song of The Fae for the bard to bend to their will…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @vivavolt Love the pose! 😍👏🏻
@FireTotemGames @ancalabro Ue you gotta kneel longer and pray much harder @ancalabro We make create a 10 step guide on how to social media😂 @ancalabro Before posting I usually kneel and pray before the gods of indiedev for 10 mins.
@RaisingDeadGame Such a good lucking game you got there👀👀Blood particles are now interactive! It's time to get messy. 🩸😱😍 #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @liamtwose I think this really depends on the game. Some games are perfect if they go on for hours (100+), others a… @afk_mario @DesignerFlex This is pretty cool!Making a tetris platformer with a 🐸 for this month. #screenshotsaturday #pico8 #gamedev #indiedev
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @ToastyTheGame Sorry to hear that it had to come to this! I really appreciate the honesty and the decision you made. Keep it up
@grifkuba @dogofdayz23 @uncle_wart @h1ghscorez @JohnRobertMatz @gamemistresseu @Farelle20 @GsDaProduct @DubniumGames Glad you enjoy them! I can just return the compliment @DubniumGames Thank you David :D @LabsSkull Thanks! Gotta add some glow to this area still :DThis week for #screenshotsaturday we wanted to show you a little sneak peak of what's next for #ProjectOverride! 🤖… @rivalrebelsgame @MayaGames4 @AmadelliMusic @DubniumGames @AllenCayn @Ro_Deo @bluegoogames @15MinutesOfGame Epic #indie artists👏🍄 @MayaGames4 @AmadelliMusic @DubniumGames @AllenCayn @Ro_Deo @healingbullet @bluegoogames
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@iPixelGames1 @DubniumGames @DuskTactics @ancalabro @IntoADreamGame @polyblockstudio @vivavolt @BelowTheStone @BelowTheStone @DubniumGames @DuskTactics @ancalabro @IntoADreamGame @polyblockstudio @vivavolt @iPixelGames1 @LabsSkull that is such a good movie! @LabsSkull haha thanks ! Didn't know you know Italian :O! @DuskTactics @DubniumGames @ancalabro @IntoADreamGame @polyblockstudio @vivavolt @BelowTheStone @iPixelGames1 @TheDreadmill @SnoutUp @jamesvanas @polylabs1 @DubniumGames @smaex_official @ChainReactGames @_denis_art @tomtusk @TomasPalazzi Thank you so much Tomas :)!!! @IntoADreamGame @DubniumGames @DuskTactics @ancalabro @polyblockstudio @vivavolt @BelowTheStone @iPixelGames1 @rivalrebelsgame @DubniumGames @DuskTactics @ancalabro @IntoADreamGame @polyblockstudio @vivavolt @BelowTheStone @ancalabro @DubniumGames @DuskTactics @IntoADreamGame @polyblockstudio @vivavolt @BelowTheStone @iPixelGames1 first prototype of our quest system is done! By adding quests to a #metroidvania game we want to enhance the ex… Friday Time! #FF @DubniumGames @DuskTactics @ancalabro @IntoADreamGame @polyblockstudio @vivavolt @LabsSkull @Diaelffin @stevecourtney79 @15AFAME_ @VPGFam @RazorsEdge_org @RazorsIndies @stewie55uk @robsgameshack
@iPixelGames1 @LabsSkull Very much so! Is it randomly chosen out if a selection of rooms or is it generated from a seed?:) @DubniumGames Haha! Nice!
@partyinpangolin @snackodev You are welcome! Really love the idea of the game☺️ @LabsSkull It definitely is! I also love the tiny detail of the knobs turning :DGamers!! We want to support and raise awareness for some cool game #Kickstarter campaigns! 💎 Comment with a link a… sure to check out and follow this awesome event and @SUBOTRON in general!! If you love games this is your pla… @SUBOTRON We had such a great time last year! Definitely will apply again :) @iPixelGames1 @LabsSkull YES! Secret rooms is just what I thought would fit this game perfectly and here you are al… key, open door, enter the special room and back, done! 🥳 --- #gamedev #indiegame #indiedev #unity #indiegamedev
Retweeted by Healing Bullet GamesOnly 20 hours left to support this wholesome and cute Kickstarter campaign! 🐈💕
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @ancalabro God I love every gif you post of your game! I can see all the love you put into this :)3-hour online testing session last night. Online play is getting very solid! Highlight moment here - Green proves t…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @DubniumGames it looks dope! Love the different heights! Is this a random pattern on the stakes or are they the same? :)This weeks #indiedevhour is super #wip but here is a very early look at the fence that will eventually be used in t…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @DuskTactics This looks really great :) Good job!It's already #wipwednesday aka #WIP #Wednesday where I try to visualize my mostly invisible progress, haha. The to…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @LittlePixelGame I really love the blood drops! The add a lot :DSlowy building up the 𝗔𝘁𝗺𝗼𝘀𝗽𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 of the New Area. Added some 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗹𝗲𝘀 and New 𝗘𝗻𝗲𝗺𝘆!! #madewithunity #gamedev
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @IntoADreamGame This really looks awesome! A lot you can make with this :)Hi #indiedevhour! Playing with some shaders - GrabPass. Not going to be used for this scene, but looked kind of coo…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @LabsSkull The spawn animation is on point!! What a great game :D"Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you" 🎵🎶 #BPrototypeGame
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @polyblockstudio @thegameawards This realy is an amazing game😍🥳The fast-paced, frenzied blastathon, #TANKNAROK is out on Steam NOW! 🥳 You can get @thegameawards winning title h…
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @MikiMortis Haha! I remmeber when I first played it a few months back😍 all the exciting new things and awesome villagers @MikiMortis I feel you! Enjoy the journey😋 @FireTotemGames @MaxLCreative @polylabs1 @JoeyPrink @LabsSkull @aawesomestudios @dirtypawsstudio @MerlinnSound @iPixelGames1 That is true! Keep it up my friend😋 @ancalabro You should definitely give it a try! Death Roam To Canada is a ton of fun since jt combines hack n slay…
@rivalrebelsgame Interesting shader right there:D @IntoADreamGame I personally would use black but as @TomasPalazzi suggested make some adjustment to make it fit better :) @ancalabro As for co-op I really enjoyed Death Road To Canada! For versus my best bets are Towerfall and Super Treasure Arena @CozyGrove @subliminalman This game looks so pretty! Love the idea:)Cozy Grove is blessed with world-renowned natural resources, like... leaf piles! And wooden sticks!
Retweeted by Healing Bullet Games @iPixelGames1 I usually don’t see such a zoomed out version and seeing your game coming together slowly is super ex…