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Tom Whyman @HealthUntoDeath Gateshead, Northumbria

Philosopher and writer. Writing a book on hope for @RepeaterBooks. Mostly post about how much I love my tiny son. Email:

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Joined Twitter 12/5/10 @AmeliaHorgan The big problem with existentialist ethics is that it is capitalism. @mattlodder Why would anyone in the UK need to go to the circus, we already live in it.Taking full responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people by doing absolutely nothing. @deontologistics There's a paper in that @WilliamABooth No need to faff around with job applications presumably. Set for life. @deontologistics That's really interesting and makes a lot of sense @deontologistics A big part of it I think is that the text lacks any clear sense of it's own importance, Sellars ju… @deontologistics When I taught it to students I ended up concluding that it was just horribly fudged together, poss… looking at my bookshelf, I suspect it might be 'Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind'. @chrisschuringa What is it about him? I just can't put my finger on it. @ambientGillian It is! @multiplebears This I maintain would be one of the best things about monastic life.Whatever the most difficult text is, it's not by Hegel because he's just telling us things we all already know from… @AlldrittOwen Idk I just find it hard to get any purchase on his prose. It's like I just drift off halfway through every paragraph.For me the hardest things to read are by Bernard Williams. I know this isn't the answer but I find him very hard to… @polyoni Beats the clowns we have in power now am I right folks (no seriously our world is being strangled by gerontocracy)Unironically I think I would have been an absolutely great medieval monk. That would have really been the life.I would become a monk, and stun my peers with my novel readings of Plato and Aristotle, cribbed from half-remembere… Starmer pivoting his policies to appeal to 'hot tub man', a (literally) floating voter soaking calmly in a hot… loony lefties on Twitter spend all day long talking about the pandemic but the fact is, in the hot tubs of Hamp… @lastpositivist No because then the writers would need to come up with a new characterWhat happens to a doomsday cult like QAnon when doomsday never comes? @HealthUntoDeath looks to the 19th century fo…
Retweeted by Tom Whyman @lowlives1 They would be cancel culture gone too far and would risk costing the Dems the election lolI love that the US centre's 2 biggest heroes are apparently (1) a man whose actual ideals were fiercely & brilliant… pleased with myself for coming up with this american gothic edit
Retweeted by Tom Whyman @Natalan You'll have to read the article to find out!Wrote about what will happen to the Q movement now their rapture didn't come to pass - using History. @seanbgoneill (Which obviously is coincident with getting everyone who is remotely vulnerable safe from the virus). @seanbgoneill Yeah I guess my take is that COVID is not simply a threat to individuals, it's a threat to society as… @seanbgoneill Interested to think through the logistics of doing a combined system of prioritising based on need an… @AmeliaHorgan "But schools should be the priority over pubs!" Not when it's perfectly safe to open beer gardens bef… @JeremyDunham14 Benjamin? @JeremyDunham14 Wittgenstein? Nietzsche? Kierkegaard?Labour Campaign To Learn Nothing At All sun will make our crops prosper if we show it sufficient respect.
Retweeted by Tom WhymanRealised that what I find most chilling about this is that Sir Keir Starmer talking about "the right to rest breaks… @christapeterso @lastpositivist Imagine all the dunderheads Socrates owned whining about their 'academic freedom' a… instance: the Labour party gave our own graphic designers time off during the making of this image, bringing a… @themadbrewery I mean in fairness we also spent ages when we held the labour leadership blaming the labour right...…
@newsphilosophy @QCassam @philosopher1923 Thanks for linking!One day soon, we'll find out who the leader of this "Labour" party is and have him removed @LorenParry @pdkmitchell I think direct from Repeater if that's possible? Otherwise I don't have any strong views e… @pdkmitchell I got to specify the exact design for my cover and they just made it for me lolFeeling under threat by anti-liberal policies and ideas such as the anti-woke citizens advice service and calling i…"Hi, is the anti-woke Citizens Advice service? I'd like to report something I'm annoyed about online. Yes I'll hold… @ourcatastrophe Punishing the general public for existing, maybe funnelling some resources to the already rich. @mmegannnolan Thanks Megan @mmegannnolan Did anyone try to endorse it with the quote, "You should be desperate to read this book! Act now - and buy it!"Bad luck Baudrillard Abramovich hearing that you don't have to run your football club by spending hundreds of millions of pounds o… @MediocreDave Idk I mean I guess I read it as a sort of "ah screw it let them leave" re Scotland and Irish reunific… @MarxmanHart Dominated by London and run by right wing ideologues according to the imaginary whims of mythic provincial racists.This is why we need northern independence though. Can you imagine how normal an independent but monolithic England… @R_J_Chapman @mood_adrift In a manner of speaking lol
@AlexanderJBoyd So many things we value won't be able to survive thoughSociety as a privilege only affordable by the rich.Imagining the post-covid future where people who can afford 'health passports' are able to go anywhere and do whate… @rozya He's five foot tall nowCat's learned to open the living room door and I'm really not sure how. Iggy knows how to open the door too but tha… my finger back and forth in front of Peston's face to get him to follow it with his eyes and then bopping… behavioural scientists discovering that our leaders are more likely to be the ones who promise to most aggres… @Arbeit_Fish Aren't these just metaphors though? The meaning of terms is not fixed at their origin. Also doesn't th… Tories deciding that their sole point of electoral appeal is 'we're not woke' (and it working) is proof that th… @HrryBtlr @tomvictor As far as I understand from watching bourdain this is basically what everyone in every Asian c… @pdkmitchell *watching doggerland sink* so much for lexit @danhancox I just love this shit though. Who cares if it's complete nonsense. It makes me feel at home.Drumming @inthesedeserts You moved here WILLINGLYWoke peace force so obviously the other little boy in the mirror is a different baby. But when I stick out my tongue he sticks ou… @olivianerys Yeah they should probably read up on what the SNP think of trans people imo @mattlodder Ah fair enough! @mattlodder But that's my point - it used to be that. Now it seems to be something else.Is it me or have the right wing press in the past few weeks started using the word 'woke' as if it refers to an org… but unironically are literally two Dakotas solely because the Republicans wanted to game the senate back in the day. DC and Pu…
Counterpoint @moshspace Interesting description of some of the biggest fucking idiots going @johncarlbaker The number one source for Hegel news @johncarlbaker It's a good paper that!Join @HealthUntoDeath and his panel of guests on Time Out of Joint for a discussion of the politics and culture of…
Retweeted by Tom WhymanA professional philosopher, let's call him Brian L. No that's too obvious. B Leiter. @edjeff Going to delete my original tweet because people keep telling me this and it's one of my favourite beers @joshfarrington The Nigerian Guinness is differentVigilante vaccination squads NOW @corbynsgirlf @darren_cullen @N_B_Project Will take a proper look when I don't have a toddler squeaking next to me. Thanks! @corbynsgirlf @darren_cullen @N_B_Project Interested to know more about this Hidden Civil War thing @nkulw Sabbatai Zevi in 1666:No one quite realises it but Britain is currently in a state of civil war. On the one side you have the government… government continue their campaign against the general public this is the wrong way round in terms of how wild and unsupported their respective conclusions are likely to… @mattlodder Loads in gateshead aldi this morning. And I found some in one of the halal grocers the other day. Not b… @CharlesOJ You could probably swap capitalism with 'power' and the text would read the same. It's just his critique… @CharlesOJ (3) The other thing I learnt from teaching CR is that it's probably misleading to think that capitalism… @CharlesOJ Everything else might have been worse, but for Fisher it is clear that capitalism is also not good. So t… @CharlesOJ (2) For that reason, "every other system has failed" doesn't work as a response. That's the rhetorical m… @CharlesOJ if it does resonate, no amount of graphs are going to convince you otherwise. At least then Fisher is pr… @CharlesOJ (1) You're right he doesn't really give evidence. I taught this stuff to my first years last term and it…