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@howtodressvvell pada kena blockchain gara2 u ckckckck @DiajengLrst Happy birthday Mba!! <3 have a great one!! @keossss nga ena ya tom :/forever always @amanittaqa kono band gummy wa, grandma sponsor no tokyo day, oh christmastheir latest release flops though lol im sorryya Allah pengen nonton Code Orange @menramenramen kayaknya gitu wkwkwkwk @amanittaqa tossss wakakakakkeren uga w di block banyusadewa
these are my drawings for reference ya! i don’t trace
Retweeted by sāsh @Iegalalien Ewthank god none of my mutuals are following riley reid.This still has me dying
Retweeted by sāshSame @joey_sasso
@amiramau Naon maneh @_pleasantliving openingu ga yabaissune... ikitakunai.... wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww @sashimimahaI @nadjanameera kwoowkowkwookw“Other than us, there are so many legends out there in foreign countries. I really truly hope that after this momen…
Retweeted by sāshcalling parasite overrated and overhyped is a hate crime
Retweeted by sāshMe opening Twitter. #Parasite
Retweeted by sāshim kinda sad but i look kinda pretty today ngl2020 is the year i finally pay attention to my brows again @missaned love u nedderzzzzzzz <3 @_pleasantliving otsuotsu. kikai ga areba kotoshi mo raibu de deatara iissuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei swear all japanese have the same romaji handwriting
@SterlingVicent @BoyzIIMen End of the fuckin rooooaddont send me long text messages because that means i have to send a long text message back to reciprocate the energ…
Retweeted by sāsh @_pleasantliving Otsukaresama brian
Retweeted by sāsh @epdarkstar @Ndifrek31427752 Consent.
Retweeted by sāshcapek migren偏頭痛半端ない 頭をナイフで刺したい... @m3gumiii thank u my bb mega! <3I’m just so sick & tired @praying_mathys Oui oui @concubine__ ラブ ユー! @praying_mathys ヘイ!hehehe its totally ok 😉dude this fucking migraine better stop fucking with me its been a whole ass month... @missaned can u send me these ;( @zefonith Gpp aisy aku aja ngetwit pake bahasa yaban terus kok... :(lov u @orchidpoison My Malaysian friends said Indonesian Milo is the best lmaoooo @zefonith hehehe lov u#NewProfilePic @orchidpoison lmfao clown @kelixman HEHEHEEIve been using this handle for 11 years now... i should probably change it hahahahah @panda_nprbw This is so cute!!! :o thank you! @wayahrajasa Tyyy 😊 ur on a date with florence pugh
Retweeted by sāshめまいがやばすぎて吐きそうなった。 明日仕事終わったらちゃんと耳鼻咽喉科行こう。(なぜか親に耳鼻咽喉科行った方がいいって言われたw) @desitaegi Lmfao clown
cannot believe this needs to be said in 2020 but genuinely making fun of your friends comfort characters and intere…
Retweeted by sāsh @pennyshitman Tokyo?I h8 it here疲れた。 疲れすぎ。 死にたさ半端ないw short visual reference of how to act whenever you see twitter's drama in your timeline:
Retweeted by sāsh @ngemtot lucu bgt wakwkwkwkSilahkan 🤘🏻🙏🏼 Trailer untuk Sebelum Iblis Menjemput Ayat Dua.
Retweeted by sāsh @Timobros I’m in木村花は2ショットのみございますで!!
Retweeted by sāsh @GRESAIDS Youre so cute!!!! @halief @TH6TV @LaLaChuu Dr episode 20 aja. @animacultism kamu tinggal dimana Nina?? Okeee ayuk main!カップル用イチャつきストローの真の使い方分かった
Retweeted by sāsh @animacultism Ayo main yuk Nina!!!
am i the only one who thinks @animacultism kinda looks like me???Why does this bitch sound like an English-dubbed anime bener yang pakek kaos Power Trip minggu ini @Bijiganja Nanya ke hansip ya @kelixman Bar bar3 weeks w/o coffee. Caffeine withdrawal is real. @dofflzla LOML @dofflzla KOK MIRIP SI DENNIS????1?1?Arrive. Raise hell. Leave. @dofflzla @cellosux @peceleve Anjay #cellamanyai hate e**n m**k so much @mashirodion I know :( his endless love and devotion for starting line is amazing lmao @b0tel_ ke ostrali kan :(((( melipir dong plisssGa ada yang mau bawa Chon ke Jakarta ieu teh?Retinal migraine huh that explains why Ive been wanting to stab my left eye with a knife so fucking bad latelyyea bitch
Retweeted by sāshHow does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? @the__1993 hadehi.. cant.. stop.. laughing🐳💧
Retweeted by sāsh @kawawakim legENDARYwe reflect on miscommunication and misunderstandings and missing each other too much to have had to let go
my man looked v cute today?????¿¿ @AkuDennis Kadal bunting @nadjanameera u gOt me FeELin’ LikE a PsYcHoOo @kelixman Whats a good muscle relaxant I can get anywhere¿Ive been having this persistent migraine for 2 weeks now. Last week my doc prescribed me w Ericaf but it didnt do s…
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