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I write: Twilight Zone. Used to write: SNL, Miracle Workers, Corporate. I do: Whose Line, Last Day of School, Hebecky.

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Tonight, @nickwiger and I are gonna talk about Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker Video-Game for an upcoming episode of… @ejscott I take her out right before I cook every timeAny questions/comments re: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (or licensed celebrity games in general) for a new ep of…
Retweeted by Heather Anne CampbellMedusa in her throne by Reza Sedhi
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @FWIII I do every time @Kim585 @WSJ “millenials killing the twitter joke market”things are not “getting worse” they are, and have always been, badwatching when they see us, and I can confirm this has been hellworld since the dawn of time @LeeClark801 Thank you for your help, Lee. I hope you have a better night. @curakster I only have hardwood floors. @dougphil101 I never catch her in the act. She disappears for 30 seconds. @savemeaseat_usa This makes sense, thank you! @HerbMarselas It does ☹️. Even if it’s just a sandwich. Also, she goes into the other room to do it, so it’s not fear-based? @joekellyjk47 Hahaha. No fire alarms. It doesn’t even have to be cooking, it can just be making a sandwich. @pr3ttywarrior I walk the dog *always* right before I cook, trying to get it to stop this.Honest question for dog owners/trainers: Whenever I cook food, the dog goes to the other room and pees on the floo…
@willhoerter @WSJ Since you didn’t bother to read the article, I’ve highlighted why your reply makes no sense. You… and gentlemen, Neon Genesis Evangelion will be on Netflix in 5 days.
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @WSJ “Millenials destroying the housing market by constantly eating avocados” or “Baby Boomers surprised that destr… Father’s Day @FernieCommaAlex @nickwiger Thank you I looked these up and I’ll take them @KyleOrl @PAXGSN @SusanArendt @DanAmrich @kobunheat God that’s gorge @nickwiger Nick do me; I don’t know Simpsons @MikeDrucker @roywoodjr livid they ruined tifa from final fantasy 7 by giving her a nose
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @kaa_skk Thank you very much!
@caitiedelaney What happened here? Is this a failure of the State? @TheDweck Fire EmojiFFVII remake not going the way I expected
I think more than the FFVII Remake, I want the FFVII Remake SoundtrackGUH @googergieger “a bit” is an understatement it’s an unfinished, depressive mess that sometimes actually becomes incrediblein a week, i will watch episodes of Evangelion the way they were meant to be seen: streaming on a phone in the back… @NintendoAmerica you owe me thisPleaase complete the roster Watoad Wayoshi Warincess Weach Wasolina
This picture is more cyberpunk than Cyberpunk 2077 will ever be
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @sonicflare_ Loopy kookClimate Change is the number one problem facing civilization. Deepfakes is the number one problem facing politics.… was fast
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbellwhen you’re the kind of person who has trouble distinguishing fiction from reality, and believe you have a personal… kids with swords, marching through the mountains unguided, dying en masse, while the words “this actually h… @SithHounds I know the Tetris theme by heartI hope Chernobyl’s success on HBO — 8 million viewers — teaches the rest of the networks that nothing can ever be c… love it when my President looks straight into camera and says laws don’t apply to him and “the fbi is wrong” @steveshanyaski Steve Jobs Jurassic Park The Last Jedi Titanic Annihilation @RobSample Thanks, I loved the original and wish I could get notes from Serling
“hi I have the prime minister of Yemen on the phone with some interesting information about trump’s opponent” (Two… the White House from any country, hell, say you’re from “Brexit” with oppo on Biden, then tell Trump’s team yo… @dubblejubble there’s too many people, there will be no currency; only violenceimagine not even knowing what killed you; just running or hiding and then sudden black. that will be collapsethen there’s the people who think they’ll live for a while in their basement, not realizing that the wildfires will…’t wait till all the gun fanatics live for a total of one more week than everyone else, because the death spiral will be random and fasteasily the best thing about the fact that twice as many plants have gone extinct than animals (and we are definitel… best part about saving money in a bank is that when the power grid goes out and I cry “but I gave you my money”…’t wait till financial/climate collapse happens so I can act out my apocalypse survival fantasies for a total of… isn’t just an experience of sight and sound, but of mind. #TheTwilightZone 🌀 #TheTwilightZoneFYC #CBSTVStudiosFYC
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @necrosofty Yes, it feels like a job with no rewardI don’t understand Animal Crossing I will play it again, ok What is the thing with Animal Crossing I keep trying it… most popular social media networks each year, gloriously animated Read the whole story here:…
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @timothybarnett please see me in my comedy office, you can not keep speaking up like this in class @timothybarnett nah, 170,000 people think it’s funny so I’m good but please, keep doing science on jokes @BillyKumo @sasuraiger Is this a KoF dating sim? Or are they all gay in this one, so it’s like, for girls?Doug Bowser said Animal Crossing: New Horizons might have been able to release in 2019 but Nintendo wants to provid…
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @5amSaint1 Yes. I had one and sold it on eBay @xxMagnanimousXX @MetalJesusRocks @polymegaHQ @RetroRGB Awesome, thank you. @xxMagnanimousXX @MetalJesusRocks @polymegaHQ @RetroRGB Thanks!be playing FFVII remake in my late 50’s @MikeDrucker Such a bad week to take up Mother 3 again. @xxMagnanimousXX @MetalJesusRocks @polymegaHQ @RetroRGB YouTube or just anecdotal?This really happened @MikeDrucker God I know @MetalJesusRocks @polymegaHQ How minimal is the lag?Existenze
@reck_speculator @nickwiger @HDTGM @HDTGPpod Yes, it’s a spin-off. Same network.not providing healthcare to 9/11 first responders because it was too expensive while simultaneously spending billi… @timothybarnett Sorry teacher, this comedy writer is going to have to give you an F in understanding jokes @necrosofty Oh no i haven’t watched it yet This game is basically the entire reason I got a @polymegaHQ. To play Panzeer Dragoon @iFollowMirrors OH MY GOD I MISSED THIS2019 I can’t tell you how many good feelings I associate with Crystal Chronicles and how much I’m looking forward to Crystal ChroniclesI don’t understand Animal Crossing but I’ll get it againPanzer Dragoon Switch and I’m Just Having the Best E3This thing I do is becoming a thing @Sketchcraft @ibogost this is me, very @AshleyEsqueda please take my salt as well @DustyMuppet_ some would consider unnatural22 years later #FinalFantasy #FF7R
Retweeted by Heather Anne CampbellWhy did I NEVER consider that Rise of Skywalker maybe refers to Luke coming back from the dead? @BillyKumo i hope that list includes pac man @philmparsons i lost 4 years of my actual life in actual time to final fantasy xi so I don't fuck with xiv @Ryancantsing MOUTH HARP bwanga bwanga bwanga bwanga bwanga @BillyKumo I DON'T REMEMBER MY CHILDHOOD EYES ON ME MOTHERFUCKER WHATEVERBALAMB GARDEN IN HDfixing this for all time goin' to the moon everyonejust shove this game in my ears shit finally