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I write: Twilight Zone, Miracle Workers. Used to write: Corporate, SNL. I do: Whose Line, Last Day of School, Heather&Miles, Hebecky.

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@BoomstarPrime @UnusualVideos Oh godalso, it was not made by the person who posted it so i do not know the origin of the image and reverse image search gives me nothingi did not make this, but i laughed when i saw it big into celebrity dunks but being who you are and changing your avatar into a character known primarily for su…
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@InsanityPlee You want 700 states? I don’t know how many states you want @GregorKoomey I have stamps; this is an international thing and I need to make sure I don’t fuck it uphere at the post office, where it takes an hour in line to get a chance to press a touch screen that allows me to put my letter in a slot @sno_per Agreed. There should be 500 states (since the lines are arbitrary anyway), and each new state should be ge… @InsanityPlee I said I was happy, I agree with you. Land is more important than people. Land needs rights. And if t… @drskyskull That ain’t badA More Perfect Union would be one vote, one person, except by people we mean dirt roadsThis democratic concept is also why Labor Unions count the votes of cafeteria tables as 300 peopleHere are the states with fewer people than Los Angeles County. Proud of my America. I’m glad that 87 trees in Nort… Electoral College is an ideal system of democracy. Because as we all know, physical space should have more vot… hasn’t been a shooting for a few days, let’s hurry up and politicize guns while we’ve got a window hereWHAT ARE YOU BUYIN’ WHAT ARE YOU SELLIN’ @HVole His quote, not mine @FernieCommaAlex Lol you think there are more presidents
Zero followers, A+ tweet @phlounderpo115 GET 8 @HVole there’s no way that dude won’t get re-elected
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbellthe most insane thing about the democrats’ refusal to pursue impeachment “because of the upcoming election” is that… @phlounderpo115 GET TWO EXTRAhello, I’d like to rent an apartment in Star Wars land please(Reconstruction also makes it harder to detect recurrence in some cancers).This is, in part, why I did not get reconstruction. Cancer isn’t fair, and neither are our options after. Everyone… men
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @NateSilver538 Write your own bits, Nate. @KokoBWoke Yes, on Hulu @theJoeKlein ok I’m in @ArmyTopKick Recovery is over! I’m back to boxing and doing shows and living life! @theJoeKlein No. Is it good @KokoBWoke No, I have watched it since it started — just watching the 2nd season as it airs. @theJoeKlein Perfect. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever watched in my life, and the action is incredible.HAHAHAHAHAHA this show is perfect is the best sentence ever written by a human being @Bilmartighan Wasn’t there already an investigation at that point? Why does Mueller’s appointment change his presidency?The interesting thing about the Trump quote, “This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked,” Is that Trump seems to…, all wars end because everything on Earth is America. And then nothing, nothing else changes, nor bends toward justice.It’d be no different from the way individual states in today’s union are allowed to restrict access to women’s health care.Would the new International States of America have to change their women’s rights? Why? We do business with Saudi A… is a science fiction prompt, obviously.)Thought experiment: Tomorrow, every country on earth announces that they are America now. What truly changes?No wro… @Introverts4Pete YepWhat will happen when an outsider comes to town? Unlock "A Traveler" now on @CBSAllAccess.
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @darian_beharry The Mueller Reportnew album art (to everyone) do crimes Everyone: (mostly) we uh, maybe shouldn’t do the crimes the president said to do @realDonaldTrump Sir, your car is over here. Sir. In the other direction? Behind you, sir.Season Premiere of @cwwhoseline begins On Monday June 17th. Got a great season ahead, including new tapings from th…
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Wow, a gay candidate for President? Awesome! He must have an extraordinary sense of compassion for other human bein… @ActuallyBerg Yes, it’s ... re-activated, but alive is a questionable conclusion? @nasaltla Why? This hurts no one. The end.I’m hosting an event at The Last Bookstore in June! Get tickets now for a Q&A with myself and Kathleen Hale, for th… @ActuallyBerg let’s talk about this had a dream last night that the entire democratic and republican parties disappeared it was being covered in the… @doughboyspod @Gabrus @nanglish GodNever forget, America is the country that renamed French Fries as Freedom Fries because France didn’t support going into Iraq. @danforthfrance Ughhhhh I must delete @danforthfrance Fucking Apple!
I took this photo as we were leaving #NotreDame about an hour before it caught on fire. I almost went up to the dad…
Retweeted by Heather Anne CampbellMayor @PeteButtigieg on the Notre Dame fire
Retweeted by Heather Anne CampbellQuit the bad job now. Call an old friend now. Travel now. Create it, make it, write it now. Tell them you love them…
Retweeted by Heather Anne CampbellHe’s delighted. “All my life, first time Heather.”Uber driver to me: (in shock) Heather is a lady name?!I love Star Wars.This is just a video of a human being liking a thing and being moved by it. Ashley is afraid of someone making fun…
@johnny_neill I don’t believe they induct anymore, but they gave me a scarf and a sweater a couple years ago. @EnsGDT Heartbroken.There's such an inexplicable abstract terror and sadness to things crumbling that you took for granted would stand…
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @realDonaldTrump You think you’re the expert of everything, and you never have any idea what you’re talking about.… French fire services say they are "not sure" if Notre-Dame fire can be stopped
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @dawnweiners But also, being that we don’t know if there are any casualties, this tweet feels a little callous. Ye… @dawnweiners I can not tell if you’re joking❤️ (I took these in November 2018) to @lemondefr, Parisian firefighters can’t reach the flames as they are too high for their hoses to reach…
Retweeted by Heather Anne CampbellFor context, when Notre Dame was completed (1260), Paris wasn't _that much_ bigger than the Île de la Cité. This is…
Retweeted by Heather Anne CampbellI can’t believe what I’m looking at. Hasn’t Paris had enough tragedy. Just fucking terrible.Of all the places I could go in the world for my birthday last year, I chose Paris (and Harry’s Bar)- because it re… those who haven’t been to Notre Dame, this building was enormous. The scale of the fire that you’re looking at is impossible to fathom.Fire coming through the stained glass windows. Nearly a thousand years of history going up in flames. Completely he…
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbellthe whole roof is gone, the spire collapsedThis is such an insane loss, it’s incomprehensiblebreaks my heart #NotreDame breaks my absolute heartHere's a live feed from Notre Dame of the cathedral on fire, from an eyewitness in Paris: doesn't look good!
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbell @Theirenewhite It JUST started; firefighters just arrivingHorrible #NotreDame
Retweeted by Heather Anne Campbelloh no no no no @ohtheOTP no, but I’m still waiting for my official holiday @DadHasADD @slashfilm @paulscheer @LeslyeHeadland @Ethan_Anderton @timarno But that doesn’t tell the audience any i… @slashfilm @paulscheer @LeslyeHeadland @Ethan_Anderton @timarno What’s the fastest way for Luke to convey that he d… @paulscheer @LeslyeHeadland @Ethan_Anderton @timarno @slashfilm Rian was given a bunch of mystery boxes, and had to… @paulscheer @LeslyeHeadland @Ethan_Anderton @timarno @slashfilm I think Luke’s attitude is a payoff of everything i…
i am a national treasure @TFMSW Right so ... imagine my disappointment when we don’t get to choose any of them.